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ReleaseOrube Game Studio
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Adventure Llama

An adventure platformer with pixel art and a funny main character. A mobile game developed as an adventure-style platformer with a funny main character in which you have to help the protagonist in the face of a llama to collect all the goodies on the level.

Download Adventure Llama for Android and start playing. Actually, throughout the gameplay, the user will need to collect gold items at the location. At different levels, these can be different items. For example, on one level it will be animal heads, and on another level, it will be coined. It is important to collect all the items, bypassing various dangers. Collect everything and go to the next level. Often on locations, you will need a quick reaction, but sometimes you will also have to show logical thinking.

At the first level, you will be introduced to the mechanics and controls, taking you through the stages as if by the hand. But with each level, the complexity will increase, which will manifest itself in the appearance of various kinds of dangers, for example, cliffs. All this must be overcome and collect all the golden items. The peculiarity of the game is that the lama herself moves around the world. The only thing that is subject to the user is the jump. Download Adventure Llama for Android and go on a journey.

Download ( V1.5 )

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