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Terraria – as for the game project, this is a unique game developed in the Sandbox genre. It is similar to a project like Minecraft, but Terraria was set in a completely different mode and did not copy the more famous game. There are a lot of other chips, as well as a variety of advantages, that are not found in any game. Yet this world has become entirely different and less attractive than it may initially seem.

The whole gameplay of Terraria is very similar to Minecraft, but there is only one exception: a unique survival mode. Construction here has a less important role, and superb 2D graphics differ significantly from competitors. Many items will be pretty easy to find, and underground traps will not have the same shape. This game project will help you create your main character and pump him as much as possible. The game Terraria has a variety of equipment that will help you in the future. As for the combat system, everything here is very finely worked out, and to protect yourself, you will have to try seriously. Locations can change significantly, and very unusual music pieces will not make you bored.

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I love this game, I've just started playing this game in 2020 it was the best experience of my life, especially playing this game with my three little brothers, with the good work.. It's night in all of my worlds! It's been night for I believe 20 minutes I'm not sure if it's a bug but I can't do anything. Minecraft used to be my favorite game but once I got terraria now this is. Reasons are: more bosses, more items ,pretty much more everything!. It's a little to hard to use control and mining and building I'm not saying this game is bad or anything but I don't know if it's me or if it's everybody that's bad at control. still I would give it 5 stars but 4 for me.. It's pretty amazing! Playing it on Free Play Pass Trial for a month and it's been an amazing experience! I'll buy it when I can because of currency thing.. feels big in our country.

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4 stars on pc, not 5 cause you won't get anywhere without YouTube tutorials and 3 stars on mobile cause the controls make the bosses that are too hard to defeat even harder to defeat. I love the game other than these criticisms. At the same time, it's my favorite game, so 5 stars. Also, I think they've improved the controls sense then. it's fun to pla with you're friends and has a lot of thing that i still haven't got so after all it't the best game i played. Hey just wondering if you could change the update on the mobile on a pc psn if that is ok. I've been waiting for the 1.4.5 update for months now! Sometimes, there are some buttons that are messing me up during boss fights, but despite that, I get used to them, and I progressed until Moon Lord!.

Terraria APK

I love this game. Mobile is possibly my favorite way to play it. Though, 1.4.4 brought a number of undesirable UI changes and no way to do anything about them. That has produced a fair amount of annoyance for me, as I had a rather specific set-up pre 1.4.5 and I preferred that UI significantly.. I really like the game because there so much more to do. But I would like to say that I would like the game even more if for example, there were more classes or sub classes such as maybe a transformation class were you can turn into various different creatures and use their special abilities to defeat bosses and progress through the game and i would also like to be able to add mods on phone to make the game more interesting. If you can add these kind of things then I would really appreciate it.. Wow. I was 2 minutes in when I uninstalled this thing. Good luck figuring out those controls. Who designed this mess?!. I have restarted this game hundreds of times on multiple devices, I love every second of it. There's always something new to learn, it sucks you in lol.

Terraria APK

Best Game, even when I know everything and goes back to start, it's still addictive to play even when you know what's next.. Amazing! I love the style, and the game keeps you on your toes! Fighting flying eyes, and zombies? So cool! It's 2d world forces you to explore to find resources and to make a base. Which makes players want to explore! The bad part is the slow world generation. But overall the amazing game!. If mobile cannot add mod , then please make an update for the head follow the pointer when using mouse , and show the thing that player select on inventory to the player hand .. Great game and all, but there is ONE issue im playing in tutorial and every time i Save and exit the next day when i played the world was from the start so i had to Play from the start plssssss fix this problem..

The UI isn't the best, but if you hook up a ps4 controller, you can play it as if you bought it on ps4. Same great game as other versions.. The mobile version is only half the desktop version, there are no mods allowed, and it costs the same price so it gets half the stars. Now the buttons do half what they should so it gets 1 star.. The greatest game to ever exist. 600+ hours and each playthrough still feels new. No complaints, one of the best games out there to this day. It's unplayable and just a way to make you mad. You get thrown into a world where everything is 3 fold stronger then you, let alone once in hard mode. If you go into hard mode, the pirates will start to invade, and you have no defense. There's consistently up to 30 at once, and you can only kill 1 or 2 before they kill you. I'm doing it right now and have been fighting the pirates for 40 minutes, with only 45% complete. Ontop of that I physically can't stay alive for even 30 seconds..

I've been playing this since 5 years I love this game my favorite game never never get old you can play it offline or online with friends without friends there's frequent updates if you want something suggest it and it'll probably be added the creators are good there's fan recognition and lots of thousands of random things to do so fun fishing quests a little hard though.. I have been a huge fan of pixel art games. And I fell in love with this game right after playing it for little while.. oi Terraria fix controller because the mobile terraria can't recognize controller plz fix this because terraria can only recognize (I PS4) triangle circle x and r 1-2 and l 1-2 but none of the joysticks which makes it where I can't even set up the controller The game is awesome but I play with controller and since this is my only way for terraria content for my vids and streams it makes my job a lot harder so plz if you see this plz fix the problems thx. HERE IS HOW TO LOAD INTO HARD MODE: first what i did was to try normally and... yeah it didn't wotk BUT!!! i turned ALL my setting to the lowest and i mean ALL OF THEM and THEN IT WORKED the lighting mode i used was color. GOOD LUCK.

The game is so fun, your gonna get mad because it is hard but the building is great, the controls are easy to get used to. AND ITS NOT 2D MINECRAFT, also i hate the angler.. Maybe I am too old for this kind of fun, but for me, this game is a very low effort - trash... It's for kids, definitely not for 25+ year's old populations. The whole concept is in some form 2D copy of Minecraft, there is nothing original about this game, unique... I am very disappointed. Reviews for this game ARE NOT objective and helpful, don't buy it before you try it, use Google pass for trial first.. This game is amazing pls create more monsters because i love the monsters and bosses pls make more strong bosses and monsters. Well now it's became easier for some reason(maybe I finnaly got good) but like umm my guide e never spawned and I can't do anything..

Would put five stars, but without an external device for controlling. This game's built mobile controls are asinine. Why is UI scaling affecting button sizes. Those two should be completely separate. buttons should get their own resizing option. Instead of fixed sizes. And UI; health/mana bar, hot bar, mini map, and the three utility buttons on the top right next to health/mana bar should also get a resize and reposition option individually. why does interact and attack use the same function????. This is the best game I first look when i was 7 and I still playing it it's still the best game in my opinion. It's a game everyone should try but after playing and beating it I see they need more endgame weapons for other classes like the zenith. Very bad tutorial did not specify how to do stuff most of everything that you learn is figuring it out.

Fantastic. First experience with the game, dumped 300+hours in it in few months. Biggest tip: change your grappling hook from a joystick to a button. Made a world of difference. I found flying mounts are best options for movement. Some items don't work properly, the sniper rifle ability was useless. Plays smoothly! The fun factor outweighed any frustrating control issues. Incredible game, and the port is great alternative if PC unavailable. Helps to have a file explorer to add maps&saves.. I LOVE IT also please add the walking hand for the solar eclipse and the solar cultist archer and the bombing snowman for the frost legion also the solar cultist archer banner and tiny cell banner and the solar cultist banner. (the praying one) this took me 10 min to make. Been playing this game since the 1.2 update, and it is still maybe the greatest game of all time. It's got about everything you can ask for in a game.. Ngl the first time I play this game I really thought it's Minecraft but 2d but no iam still stuck in my wooden House and tools very complicated but still iam giving it a 5..

Love the game but i wish there was a special button for dashing since double tapping the edge of the joystick is kinda scuffed. Please please please fix controller i mean for real i can't i can't control in this game, it's so hard to walk and build , or even fight is haaaard in the oc is so easy but in the phone is impossible, please fix it. I have been playing this since the Early days, (1.1/1.2) and it came a LONG way, i have loved this game a lot. For if you are reading this comment, you will NEVER find another good 2D surrvival game.. I love the game, reminds me of my childhood. But I don't like how the button are close but that's okay!.

ooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkooookkkoooooooooooookooookkkk9oieurysueyeeu7ey36eywyee very English and good yew yes skipidi dop dop yew yes skipididi dop dop need need. Utterly unplayable. I love this on PC but the controls on mobile are absolute rubbish. The game is genuinely unplayable due to the controls, no matter what settings I try. The joysticks take up lots of the screen, yet still don't register my touch to move (it's not my touch screen- I checked). Really disappointed because the actual game is great.. Great game, just got some complicated controls on mobile. I know that may be the simplest you can get them and you can even customize them to your needs, but in the end I struggled to bad trying to learn them.. Coincidentally hours ago I was asking myself "what is the worst game on the market?" I believe I found it. The controls are unbearable as well as not being able to craft anything at all along with not being able to stay alive due to the inability to fight. Spent less than 20 minutes on here and now this is probably one of my top 3 most hated apps. Glad I got this on play pass. Even though I got this free I still think I should be payed for wasting my time on this garbage..

This is the best game I've ever played on a cell phone. In my top 10 games period. Just beat it for the first time with over 160 hours into it. Great challenging and rewarding experience. This game have terrible control and poor UI...why you don't follow other game control and clean many buttons on screen.. The game always force close after i update the game help Edit : I'm sorry it takes a long time to changes my review, I just downloaded it again and it works perfectly I love this game since middle school, this is the only game that I bought in pc and in android. I just wanna say thank you for your hardwork making this game.. Its good game bc its like minecraft But better but its not minecraft its a master peace beast game ever.

Sehr gelungenes Spiel, ist sogar mein Lieblingsspiel. Es gibt so viel, ist nur zu empfehlen. Steuerung ist fr Anfnger gewhnungsbedrftig. Also so ein tolles Spiel habe ich noch nie gesehen. Jetzt mal ehrlich, ich bin gerade dabei, es zum zweiten mal durchzuspielen!. everyone is always telling me to play this game that it's just so good. I don't see the appeal at all. it's just minecraft but worse, and I don't like minecraft. game is ugly, controls are weird. I just dont understand.. Hello I have been playing this since my play pass is still here but the time is running out so can you please make the app 4.50 dollars so I have a chance to buy it. The game is so fantastic i got the zenit and the ankh shield and the terra spark boots and the terraprisma i am close to finish all of my achievements the graphics are so beautiful the song is so good i love your game man.

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