NameMurder in the Alps
ReleaseNordcurrent Games

Murder in the Alps is a game that will immerse every mobile user in the atmosphere of the 1930s. This game is made of colorful graphics, perfectly reproducing life’s surroundings. Rich and prosperous, when every rich person can enjoy leisure and relaxation. As you progress through, the player will dive into this story with his head. The places the protagonist will go to are lovely and, at the same time, scary because the beautiful scenery of the Alps can suddenly turn into a dark, bloody basement. Communicating with each hero, the girl learns new ways to unravel the mystery and, for a limited time, tries to get to the bottom of the truth by studying the evidence found until the villain eliminates the rest and herself.

In such an environment, each mobile user must find himself who has chosen a colorful app as a source of new impressions. There will be many of them in this virtual adventure because there are many terrible and criminal secrets behind the outward affluence of aristocratic life. Murder in the Alps is an application that will be useful to every lover of detective stories who dreams of having a more critical role than the reader or viewer. Now you can not only enjoy the twists of the plot and the atmosphere of secrets and mysteries, but you can also participate directly in an exciting investigation.

A unique and fully interactive novel. In Murder in the Alps, the story will take place in a game shell you will like. You will find yourself in the distant 30s of the last century; in those days, a man was a real gentleman, and a woman was an utterly sophisticated lady. It is here in the Alpine mountains that a chic hotel is located. So far, no one knows that a real mess will soon begin here. The plot starts when one of the guests comes to the hotel, and other residents begin to disappear. The main character is a journalist named Anna. They went to this place to relax.

Soon the other guests began to disappear. The situation is that Anna Maires, a journalist from Zurich, is resting in this hotel; she independently offers the solution to this incident: she takes a magnifying glass, puts on a detective hat, and finds the truth. In parallel with her, there are ten more living heroes, one of which is the culprit of the disappearances. The situation is heating up daily, and Anna needs to act quickly and fearlessly as a potential villain.

She decided to reveal this hotel’s secrets, but it will not be easy for her. Every day is agitated, so she must find out which of the guests is the natural killer. During the gameplay, you will be able to visit the terrible basements. You will solve numerous puzzles with any new step plunging into this story. Can you quickly solve this mystery before all the tenants are killed? Combining all the evidence and finding the killer is necessary: quite an exciting story with many intriguing puzzles and a unique atmosphere.

Murder in the Alps MOD

My friend has got the update on iPhone for the new level - forgotten momento but mine isn't working? We play it together so neither of us can do it. Amazing game and graphics no new chapter as yet installed on my ipad it's on there no response to emails sent. Energy takes too long !! I love the game but come on let us at least be able to watch ads or something but i can't spend money just to continue the game so please fix the issue for the energy taking to long to recharge cut the time or something so we can enjoy the game .. Why I can't solved the mystery in the nurse's garage? They become black when I press them. Pls fix it as I already wrote to you thru email two days ago. And I stop playing it. Way to much talking & reading. It defeats the purpose of playing games to relax. I feel like I'm at work. Also it runs out of energy too faaast & it takes forever for it to restore. You can only play the game for literally a few minutes before you can't because you run out of energy and then instead of offering ways to earn it like watching a video which that button is never highlighted to click on, they want you to spend all your hard earned money to pay for them. Even if I did itd cost too muc.

Murder in the Alps APK

Please change this stupid countdown in the searches. Ruins the gameplay and if you dont I will delete as I dont like rushing things and this game was my escape from reality till now.. It's a nice game but why are you add a timing in finding object because I can't found object in 1:30 min please remove timing from finding object.. I've been playing this game for a while now and the more I play the better it is .The story, artwork,game play , and concept are truly amazing. verry addictive! Only issue I've had is the energy takes too long to build but it's worth the wait! Great evening game can't wait to play what they come up with next! great job guys!. Please don't waste your time. Graphics, concept and storyline are all good and engaging. However, the energy usage and replenishment is all wrong, which seems like a common complaint in the other reviews. Hadn't been playing the game for more than 15 mins, before I ran out and was then informed I could quickly replenish it for as "little as" 3.09. These Devs are having a laugh! I've uninstalled, the game is too much of a cash grab. Won't play again till there's improvement regarding energy..

Murder in the Alps APK

Hate the new update. Please put it back to how it was. Hate the timer on finding mystery objects. Using way more energy than before. No fun in playing it anymore. Will uninstall if no improvement. I play a lot of hidden object games and so far this is one of my favorite games! it has a perfect combination of mystery and hidden object fun. it keeps you intrigued and wanting to play more & more. the only complaint I have is you can only play so much and it seems as if it's so little time for such a fun game! I give this game 20 stars if I could rate it that high. I hope to keep playing a lot of chapters and keep getting lost in the mystery.. This game has become worse after the update.You need 30 energies to find hidden objects in approx 2:00 minutes and you have given some props to use but they are limited,you can use them only 2 or 3 times,after that you have to purchase them.If you can't find all of the objects in a particular period of time,then you need to apply 30 energies again to find the hidden objects and the objects you found earlier will not be counted,you have to find them again.Otherwise the graphics and story is good.. I have been playing this game for a few years now & I have to say that the chapters since the release of the dada killer have been absolutely the best storytelling you have ever done. I just completed forgotten momemto & I'm on the edge of my seat with the anticipation for the next chapter!!! You've really stepped up your storytelling skills & you deserve an enthusiastic job well done! Absolutely cannot wait for the announcement for the release date of the next chapter!!!.

Murder in the Alps APK

Came back to this after many years. Not sure what happened but the energy gets used up MUCH faster than before. Reply to reply: there's a saying which guess "don't BS a BSer", you introduced the changes to suck more money out of people, especially those who have already "invested" in the game. It's far less engaging as a result as anyone can see.. I *REALLY* want to enjoy this game, it has amazing characters, great voice acting and a gripping art style, but the energy system is insufferable. I get the necessity to incite payment, but not spending money on energy when the price is that high and it burns so fast. if there was an option to purchase a greatly increased bar or even remove it entirely, I might actually have considered it, but this is ultimately a disappointing experience, and frankly unfair to the people who worked on the game.. Hey Nordcurrent, I am not able to Chapter 4 Forgotten Momento in my game, even if I have the latest version, pls fix it. Everything was going good until Gray Nature episode where the jack handle is to be attached to the jack....IT WON'T ATTACH after countless tries. Very frustrating. This is the second time I have deleted this game and waited over a year to download it again. I will be deleting it again if I'm going to be stuck at this same place much longer!.

Very fun and enjoyable game to play but I would love it if you added more energy so that some people can have more chances & enjoy the game better ! Also I love how the game save your progress when you delete it, I know that in some other game one where you cook and make food it also saves your progress . In my opinion to make it enjoyable if you can try adding more energy when you find a collectable so that you use that energy to do hints or to do the other stuff in the game & ads don't work. Am unable to finish chapter one dunno where to the photo album have been trying this for some hours now. Is getting me . It's like this game doesn't want you to play it. Fantastic graphics and story, but energy keeps getting drained in about 2-3 minutes.. I've had the game several times but didn't like it when you use up the energy so quickly and it takes forever for it to charge back up unless you stay out of the game for a long time which I've done but when I need room on my phone I just uninstalled it . Yea you have ways to get energy like a drawing contest but you lose you don't get energy . You need to find different ways to get energy that is more effective and the energy last longer in the game So we can play longer, Make changes ..

The game says new update in 2nd half of 2023. More than a month after the 2nd half of this year, it's still not updated.. "WAS" a good game , OK you had to wait 24hours to recharge which was tolerable but now its impossible to use 30 per hidden object plus the time limit just eats into your balance in minutes, totally unplayable now but not undeleteable and time to find an alternative, been a good few years but so long , au revoir. So, started playing the new Memento chapter and I have come to find that the earned energy has been reduced tremendously. I have been playing every 24 hours or so and the energy does not fill to 100% anymore. Mine has been filling to maybe 70%. Why bother playing?. The game looks and plays great, however the energy depletion/regen ratio is ridiculous, 1 energy replenished every 8 minutes while actions often take 20-30 is not realistic, I personally think it should be at least half that, if not simply 1 energy per minute. You should be able to play the game without waiting a day between activities and/or having to purchase energy for the game to be remotely coherent. The energy regen rate is my only qualm with the game, but it greatly impacts gameplay..

I'm stuck on a hidden objects game and have no hints left and have no way I can see of replenishing them.. used to be a really nice game with cool settings and interesting story. though there were troubles with energy system, with enough patience it was quite enjoyable. latest update added timer to searches which completely ruins the experience with the game. it's basically unplayable now. really unfortunate, cause it was one of my favorites. Cool story, nice visually, fun puzzles... but I just can't stand any game that attempts to force micro-transactions. The energy fills so slow & you can maybe do 3-4 tasks with what's given. Watch Ads for energy stopped working- and I can only take so much of that anyway... I'd rather play a short tutorial then pay a small price to unlock fully- if I decide it's worth it. So no, not worth the daily buys it wants from you & I am not willing to give.. Energy is better. But now, when I watch videos to gain more energy, it is not refilling. I watched 3 videos, and my energy level stayed at 1..

Love this game but I think the energy is too expensive. Like a dollar a minute. I settled with playing ad after ad to earn the 10 energy prize. Even then some ads are extra long or they make you watch two ads back to back. Today *I watched several ads to collect energy and never got them.. There's a glitch or something in the third part "forgotten momento" when i get to a certain part and i watch videos for energy anna doesn't show up and gives me the energy and I don't know what to do to get the game going ..cuz of course with no energy no playing. Game is great but energy levels are TERRIBLE. Runs out way too fast. And it takes over 24 hours to fully retrieve the energy. It sucks and not paying for energy!! It'll take me a week to finish this chapter and then I'm going to uninstall. Not worth waiting FOREVER for it to recharge. Lots of games to download.. I wish I could watch ads and get energy cause I don't want to spend money on this game Other than that it's an amazing game everyone should install.

Why does it cost so much energy to do one little task? I need to wait like a full day to even get one mission done then another full day to build up my energy. It's stupid. I love this game the story line, the mini game and all the hidden object scenes also the graphic and the controls are very good all the chapters are very interesting but the only problem is the energy system the energy spend in every scene is so ridiculous and after this update it becomes even worst because of the timer in the hidden object seen it literary become a headache. I loved this game because I could take my time and enjoy the process and the story. I didn't mind slow energy regarge and donated several times because it was totally worthy. The new timer system made game fast, stressful and unplayable. Whatever you told about "it now costs less energy" is a total lie. It is impossible to find all objects in one attempt with such a short timer. I hate this game now and I'm deleting it with no regrets. When will the next update be released? Eagerly waiting. It said it would be released in 2nd half of 2023 but still not updated ..

I keep getting an error during the Momento part and am unable to go forward. I'm not even sure if deleting the game and starting over will help. At this point, I wonder if just deleting will be the best. I have fun, but it's been days, and all I get is the error. What gives?. Its is asking me to update but there is no update wth Edit: Okay so I tried to play it again th was no update tho I was able to open the game thi 4 stars otherwise a 5 easily if the energy system was better as it drains way too quickly and can be annoying at times. Cop out replies of saying you wanted to make it challenging, no you didn't. You wanted to pressure people to spend money to complete the stories. No one was commenting it was too easy, needs to be harder. At least be honest, your greed gave way to a ridiculous time limit to make money. No one begrudges making money but as others said make the game purchasable or remove the time limit and use more energy again, it's preferable to being stuck. Keep your drab, insincere replies.. Why one game needs so many updates. I am trying to play by past two days it's showing notification to update but when I try to update it's not showing the option. Seriously it's irritating.

Game says to continue playing I need to update but when click that there is no Updating.this game is good but I'm not able to play.. Latest update is not available in India it seems. There is no way to download the update, even from the link provided in the Instagram page.. I downloaded it but it's older version for me and it says you have to update it but when i come here to update there is no update. I want part 4,5,6 because i complete all the levels but now i want to play more do you have any chance to create any other parts please let me know as soon as possible.

Not able to even start the game. It says the game needs update to play, and Google Play shows no update. Please fix it. It is saying to update the game but when u click on update there is no update and I am not able to play the game. It's an amazing game it would be even more amazing if we could actually play it. It's almost impossible to play the game because of energy.. The overall experience of the game is nice but the game keeps telling me to update it but there is no option for update in the Playstore? Help me out here.

Haven't played any crime game like this before. It's interesting you get to travel to many places in the game as you progress. Cool and classical crime investigations. Although the energy needed to progress is just not enough, pls do allow the player more chances.. Pretty awesome game. I love the grahics and the music. I really like how every little bit of space is used in the game to find hidden objects, and I also enjoy that thier is no timer-I can not stand timers. But nevertheless I will have to uninstall the game because it will not load. I usually get 2-3 bars of service and with a poor connection this game is unplayable. I may one day have better service but until then I can't play it for now.. It keeps telling me that I need to update but I have already done that and still cannot access the game. I liked this game a lot but I am not able to access it even after updating?. This used to be one of my favourite games, the art is beautiful and the stories are engaging. However after the new update, the game has become mostly unplayable. I no longer find this game enjoyable rather it is fustrating due to having to repeatedly trying the same mini game. I would prefer if the game went back to how it was before, or some other change is implemented, and the timer is taken off the mini games..

I've played this game for years and after a bit of a break I came back and suddenly the energy seems to disappear much faster than it used to. Also, every time I open the app now, it says I have to update before I can play, but there isn't any available update.. Love the game but last two days it keeps saying update but there's nothing to update,I have uninstalled and install it but the same thing. How do you update the game? when I click update it takes me to the playstore and only gives the option to play or uninstall and it won't let me play unless I update. The game is good I used to play all the time but reinstalled the game it shows me to update the game and when I try to update it doesn't show the update option in Play Store I dnt know what's the problem I tried to install again and again it shows the same issue.

Edit 7/5/2023: every time i close out the game and come back to play (the newest chapter) i ALWAYS have ti download "missing content" this is the 5th time now --- watched ad after ad to build up my energy to 400 and when the game for some reason restarted it bumped me back down to only 50 I messaged the support showed them a screenshot of proof that I had 400 energy and they told me I never had it that the most I have ever had was 200 (the most I had was 700). My game is stuck because it's show update whn i started the game there is no update option..u don't understand wat I saying..when I start my game it show's update ur game n when I touch update option it shows nothing...plz fix it ASAP.... I have this app ain the latest update and yet it still keeps asking me to update the game. I've tried even reinstalling the game but it still akss me to update the game. The game is very nice, it is definitely my favorite of all time, but please fix this update issue.. This is truly, the best 'Search & Find' game that I've ever played in my life. (No exaggeration when I say that, either.) You would have to be crazy to play this one and not like it. The developers put a lot of time and effort into it. I could 100% see this game making it to individual consoles like the PS4 and/or PS5, XBOX ONE,etc.(only as long as they keep the original game made by the original developers of "Murder in the Alps".) An easy 5 Stars. .

The update is not working. When I open the app, it says " update to play " so when I click it , only the unistall and play button comes. Tried it a lot of times but it is still not working. Please give a solution or fix this bug.. I'm new to the game and just installed it but everytime I open the app it says to update the game. Please fix. The game is notifying me to update but there is no update available in play store what should I do ?. Everything went well until it needed an update but the playstore offers no update?? Tried to reinstall, to no result. V frustrating.

This game was great but it takes so much energy to play, and now it keeps telling me to update the game when there are no updates to do and won't let me play without doing the nonexistent update... For continuing this game I need to update this game but in play Store no update option is available . So frustrating . The game is superb, the plot is amazing. But 5 energy for each action? Nah, I do not like it. It's okay that we need to spend 30/20 energy on a game or cutscene, but we run out of energy to quickly And also, no matter how much I try, redownload the game or something else, it tells me to update the game and when I go to Play Market, there is no "update" button, only "play". Hi Murder in the alps won't let me update. It comes up want to continue with game you need to update game so I agree to do the update and goes to play game screen..

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