NameGenshin Impact

A magical adventure of the fusion of the seven elements. In the interesting game Genshin Impact, the brother and sister are brought here at the start of their journey.

No one could have thought that some deity had kidnapped your twin, and you were in a deep sleep. Then you wake up in an unfamiliar place, but do not know what to do next. An exciting role-playing game where a completely open world awaits you. Explore it, visit all seven kingdoms and talk to different travelers.

Fight against the most powerful enemies, find your kidnapped relative, and put things in order in the vast world. You can just wander, solve mysteries and live your new life. It is curiosity that will open the way forward for you. Endless exploration, breathtaking scenery, and much more to help you enjoy a wonderful story. The great visual style, great graphics, and everything that happens in real-time.

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So far I love the game. The only thing I don't love is the moving control it can become frustrating at times. The game is awesome and beautiful there's a lot of adventures to do and play and many characters in the game as well and some of the characters look so good . idk but the quest are hard and it's so hard to get characters it'll take a lot of primogems so disappointed. Can't log in at all saying I need more space while I deleted every app I have I don't want to give a bad review since I played it before please help if u can fix the problems. I love playing it like it so cool. Like I love power kind of games and this is one and I just love it thanks for making it..

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I really loves this game, the new update is great, and the story line got a very good plot, I really want to thank the developer for the experience the game they made gave me, I would like to add suggestion though, I really look forward if they add PvP mode in the game it would really be something that would make the game very great and it's really better to play with ur character against really players.. Good at first but gets repetitive, hello venti have you seen my brother- no help me with this and maybe zongli can help you, zong-nope help me with this and maybe ei can help you, Raiden sho- die also while You're at it help me with this, oh sorry I don't know we're your brother is but maybe kusinaly knows, leser lord kusinaly- nope (you get the point)and what in the world was that add about traveler and the guns, three shot g shells but she shot over eight times I totally spelled kusinaly right. Your Anniversary gifts are really disappointing, even the genshin gifts that were released earlier were better than the anniversary gifts . I love playing this game with my daughter... Only thing is, I can log in fine on my PC and PS5 but when I try to log in from my phone, it says account/password error, or something to that effect. My accts are linked, I've changed my password, tried little tips I've seen in reddit forums... Nothing will let me log in from my phone and there's ample space. Any tips to get passed this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!.

Genshin Impact APK

Honestly this game is really good. I love the concept and story. I kind of just gave up on it though because I didn't know how to beat a boss.. lol.. It's really fun though!. The game is great I really love the characters I'm always excited to play this game the music is beautiful yeah idk how to give a good review but I'm really enjoying the game I would give Neuvillette a hug -._-.. Amazing game it's super fun but you have to delete a lot of stuff or else it'll say insufficient storage but otherwise fun .. Amazing game. I haven't been able to put it down. They don't immediately throw purchases in your face and I appreciate that. I wish the combat and character types were more varied..but the game is beautifully done and a great adventure..

Genshin Impact APK

I really loved the concept and everything the backstorys are a chef's kiss Although the game is hard you'll get use to it pro tip: if you have 10 dollars on you buy the welkin moon it will give you 6 thousand primogems for only 20 months and that is like around 70 wishes if you do save a few wishes which is easy in my opinion if you don't know what to do to save primogems watch videos and if you do get into a wishing addiction just make your wishes into fates byee (). I LOVE IT I JuST DONT KNOW HOw TO DESCRIBE IT oh and my last name it's a typo laugh at it if h want. I'm disappointed. I installed this game one day excitedly because on my old tablet it did not show up on the play store because my device wasn't compatible. I install it on my new tablet to find it takes up a lot of storage (wasn't my major problem) but that it takes forever to load. Then when it finishes and goes into the opening scene, the audio is SOOO glitchy and so is the video. I hope to see this become better in the future. So disappointed.. This game is trash please don't play it the company themselves hate this game so yeah go play somthing else.

I like the game, I'd love it if I could skip dialogue that's uninteresting, (which is most of the story.) It's mediocre, and has more plot holes than Paimon says her own name. I tried reading the lore to try and numb myself, but it's unnecessarily long even with sidequests with npcs that are so irrelevant, all animations keep being recycled. And why is there more detail in the artifacts and character story menu than the actual story itself?? Are these dialogues just to sell banners??. As a come back player this game surprisingly bored me too fast, retired again and changed to HSR instead since it has better QoL than Genshin, this time very likely won't come back to Genshin anymore, sayonara. This Game is Too Good, Easy to control, The storyline of the Game is so impressive And The Animation 'Ooh God!!!! Fantastic, Mind blowing etc.... And i just Disappointed for just one thing Low world level player doesn't able to enter in high world level player's world, it make's me disappoint somewhere If this will change in another upate then I will Rate it But For Now ONLY!!!. I've not played this game yet but i have high hopes Note to self : 30gb of free space required And 27048 mb worth of download for resources. I won't be able to play until I get a new phone but this will definitely stay in my wishlist .

The third anniversary reward of Genshin impact is not satisfactory. At least, for us, the feature chooses 5 stars in the standard banner. Or it's better to add daily resin like the Honkai Star Rail game, won't it?. I got this game yesterday, but on the loading screen it freezes at the last second, and it will not load. I have tried alot to fix it.. Overall it's a good game but The rewarding part su*ks, They give less and less for rewards especially when it's Their anniversary, i would give a 5 (star) for storyline but rewarding part is -1 (star). Its really enjoyable and fun but its boring to farm exp to unlock quests delete that feature and i give you 5 .

They want us to use many money while I can't they make the charchtars good in the beginning and then they make it a really weak charchtars BRUHH and even the primo is small amont Whyy did you do than hoyovers WHY DID YOU RUIN FURINA BRUHH and the pity and 50/50 is the worst I couldn't even win it only 2 times mabey 4 JUST RETURN FURINA TO HOW SHE WAS SHE WAS GOOD ENOUGH WHY DID YOU RUIN HEREE... great game overall even works on SD680 but somehow my game cant update due to "lack" of storage while i already have 40gb+. I love open world games, especially with a cool storyline to go with it . It's a fun experience, and I love it so much. It's so good but now the game is crashing I already uninstall and install it back but the situation is just the same can anyone help me on this matter.

For this anniversary they are throwing the bar as low as they can without getting backlash. This should be known, they don't care about their players only their wallets. This game sucks because it didn't even let me login nothing was even working with being slower than heck and by the way I'm using the iPhone 14 so I don't know why it's not being fast or anything this game sucks I hated I'm sorry for the people who made this guy fix glitches and it cuz it's being real stupid and I hate this game now play it on my PlayStation 4 but it's not working on my phone and I put in my email everything on my phone but it's just not working.. Render mapnya buat android gak stabil amatsih makin kesini. SD 870 padahal gak kentang amat dah. Pensi lama lama kalo kaya ginimah, mana spend juga udah lumayan pulak-_-.... Es un buen juego, lo he estado jugando prcticamente desde que sali y es notorio que han mejorado en muchos aspectos desde entonces. Mi nica queja sera la seguridad, pues creo que ya es conocimiento de muchos que hay bastantes hackers en el juego. Ya me pas una vez y me han hackeado la cuenta, intent recuperala pero todo esfuerzo fue en vano. Lo dems est bien, le tengo bastante cario al juego y espero con ansias ver las prximas naciones..

I can't believe that a game like this is free to play, they say that free game are the ones that cost the most, but no. You CAN enjoy this without spending any money. Personally I do pay for the monthly "blessing of the walking moon" card, but that's to support this masterpiece. Again, you don't have to pay anything to enjoy this game, just don't gamble and fall for the gacha mechanics, and you'll have a great experience. BRUH WHY DO I HAVE TO BE IN A DOMIAN FOR NY AR TO RANK UP AGAIN . AT LEAST MAKE THE TIME NOT TOO FAST ITS SO ANNOYING I KEEO DYING BRO CHANGE THAT TIME LIMIT ITS ANNOYING. Everyone should play it it's a good game trust me if you see people put one star or low don't listen to them they just don't want you to play it but really you should try this game out you get to meet God's and new places and more also do the arconquest idk if that's how you spell it but whatever if you do the arconquest you can met the God's that how you met them just do the quest and it also gives you primogems but not only the quest also chest too and unlock the statue of seven and much more.. Everything is fine, but I want wishes and primogems so I can get a 50/50 on Neuvilette. But the thing is, I don't have many of them. 0 wishes and 151 primogems. And I also wanted Neuvilette and Wriothesley so bad. Please help us genshin players..

Only one cause it's always the insufficient storage but I have enough storage Now my scaramouche cannot be played anymore. I think this game is such an enjoyable game that I played for the past two years but a while ago I decided to uninstall it and then last Thursday I decided to download it at my PC but it took so long to the point it took 4 days but until now it still doesn't download and every time it went to 85% it go back to 68% which is really annoying. It makes me impatient and annoyed. It's already Monday and I still can't play the game because of this. My internet is very stable and my PC don't haveproblem. Everything is good. Great art style and free aswell. But it consume so much of space and some quests are unnecessary. Otherwise this game is good. Seriously I have enjoyed this game since I started playing it, the downloads are super worth it when you enter the real game highly suggested if you like adventurous games.

The game itself is good. The quality, the story, the effects, everything is to the top level. But, the biggest but , is that the conversation is too much lengthy and there is no damn skip button . Like how can there not be a skip button to skip scenes. I come to chill in the game after work for few minutes to an hour and then comes the lengthy dialogues which takes out more than 70% of the time. Introduce a damn scene skip option, not everyone wants to see the story. Some wants just to grind.. Everything was lowkey lagging, it was crashing a few times after the fontaine update but the thing that pissed me was, after a long hurtful update with my own internet and not using wifi, they decided to restart my whole progress of downloading guess I'm not playing anymore. This game is amazing but the problem is that it's hard to pull a five star and everything is gone and you spend everything there's and nothing else left. So please make it easier the 99% of people were crying right now because they lose the 50/50. Love this game SO MUCHHH but tho I wish when doing story quest they allow us to co-op bc some story quest doesn't allow us to co-op unless we complete it and I had troubles completing it but tho I wish they allow us so new ppl wouldn't struggle with it.

Hi, I just want everyone to know that we are having a hard time entering the game, not because of our phone but because of the new update of Fontaine, and i'm really missing out, I hope it'll get fixed. It's so fun to play but I don't know much I'm new player . But it's so funn u guys should download and try it. Best the Game, The world exploration of every region, The combat mechanics and reaction, the storyline everything about this game is just S-Tier. What does the game think of us hard bosses meanwhile we are just new dont expect us just to get high levels.

I loveeee it, I just do, the graphics for the phone are slightly different from the graphic in pc. But it's still sooo worth it installing this game <3. The game is AMAZING. It's visuals, characters and gameplay are awesome as hell. The only problem are the rewards that are way too bad. The commissions don't give you the needed primogems for even 1 pull. The quests take too much time and again, give almost nothing as a reward. The events are cool and the developers constantly introduce new mechanics to the game. The 3d Anniversary rewards we're awful. I like it but i want Hu Tao :( i wish i get Hu Tao if i get it im so happy by the way i like it so much.

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