NameCalifornia Escapades
ReleaseLens Studio

California Escapades is a peculiar combination of adventure strategy and farm simulator. A game for Android is a strategic farm simulator in which you will go on an exciting adventure together with charismatic characters to explore the lands of California while developing your farm.

If you like these games, download California Escapades for Android and start playing. In the game, you have to take control of a man named Jim and a girl named Emma, ​​and together with them, build and further develop the farm.

The game combines strategy and farm simulation, so most of the time, you will be extracting various resources and at the same time building buildings, improving them, modifying them, producing various goods, then products, and selling them to neighbors or the general market. In addition, the game has a kind of task that will help you quickly understand the essence of the gameplay and understand the basics of mechanics. Also, here you need to explore new territories, study new technologies, extract treasures, enter into trade contracts with allies, and everything in the spirit of a classic farm. If you are a fan of farm simulators, download Emma’s Adventure: California for Android.

California Escapades MOD

Wow it won't even load a first time.Why does it say it's for chromebook if it's not ? I see you haven't fixed anything.. Well that was a very long wait for nothing. Stuck on start up screen, so no idea what the game is like. Uninstalling.. Love the game but players need to be given more energy or have the energy costs reduced it's pretty bad as is, I just started playing a few days ago and I'm still trying to clear all the rocks and trees from my home area so I have room to put buildings. I play Sarah's adventure and that game is much better balanced than this one and you don't need to craft so many items to build, please update the game to be more user friendly.. Can't log in downloaded to other devices. Can't register either. Keeps saying "Must contain 6-14 characters. Must contain 1 letter and 1 number" even though that's what password contains. On my first iPad, you have to go to other games within the game to get stuff because it runs out so fast. Good game, otherwise.. downloaded the game it took ages to download and then it wont even start all i look at is the back of 2 people on horses very dissapointed.

California Escapades APK

I'm so sick of getting update and then the game not being downloaded again on my phone I have to delete my game and come back that way it's ridiculous if I could get a zero-star I would be giving you a zero star. The game is fun to play and meet other players but it's getting too expensive for people who live on a budget. Can't afford to complete some tasks. PLEASE DROP IT BACK TO THE WAS IT WAS....PLEASE!!! Thank you. Waited 15mins for game to load and it doesn't even go any further than the two people on horses. Very disappointed. Uninstalling it.. This is a fun game but game but there are a lot of things wrong with it . I cant update my name. I am still a guest . I cant update with other game either to get prizes i was promised. Need more ways to earn energy..

California Escapades APK

It used to be a fun game. The game won't load anymore, says the app has a bug. So developers, you need to fix the bug! And once you do that, I expect some free gifts! If not, we'll then I'll be deleting the game.. Everything I get on app it says dream adventure has ended and I can't do anything. Please take dream adventure off so I can play the game already. This has been going on for over a week. App won't even begin to open I've spent years and some good money on it .. hope it gets fixed soon and again i pay for the dang elite pass and now the game will not open at all i can't even contact anyone about it. Still not working more than a week later. SHAMANS ANTICIPATION wasnt worth the anticipation, all over in about 3 hours, ive been playing this since it first came out, and it ess great, then things started to change, having to wait 30 mins to use the furnace I've got nearly 5000 eggs, and can't get anywhere near using them now it takes half an hour!?.

California Escapades APK

Now will not log into Facebook what you to give Facebook account information and I tried to get help and they want to know how much you spent, a photo of the game and date you started what b.s. It's a good game with nice graphics and interesting story for the most part. My only real problem with the game is that at some point, the developers changed how long it takes to use the Rocket stove and Magic pot, which allows you to accumulate energy. It went from a very reasonable wait time of 5 minutes to 30 min. I have a ridiculous amount of items stockpiled that I could use to create energy if it wasn't for the change. It's obviously meant to get people to purchase but it's frustrating.. It's a gun game it's cool ya have to grow your corn for food for you and you and your animals and ya don't have to buy anything if ya don't wanna.. Keeps getting to a point where it says to be continued, and you have to wait weeks . They keep upgrading but it stays at the same point.

I really like this game. I've been playing it for a long time. But, doing the air challenges, is ridiculous. It takes forever to cut down 40+ targets to collect points for the team. We need more energy too. You can basically play for 15 minutes 3 times a day. It sucks. And what add is that for when you play a video with the old man and his beaver? It doesn't let you click on it. Annoying.. I've been playing this for ages (3yrs) I really hate that they game makers keep using old lands and calling them new challenges! Update:- apparently there is an update, so I go to update it on Google play and it says there isn't an update since 06/02, so I press play and get stuck in a loop of telling me to update and that there isn't an update grrrr. Tried to open game. Asked me to install and when it took me to Google Play there was no option to install. So I selected uninstall and it took a second to uninstall then gave me the install button also only took a second to install. I knew something was wrong because it takes longer than a second to install. Tried several times to install and it evidently is in a loop and the game is no longer operative. 4/13/23. It is a very good game. The level are fun to play. The event are fun to play. The story is interesting....

Update: The bad thing is for a while now, it will not load. Will always say it can not connect to the server. No matter what internet, l connect to Great game. You run out of energy very fast, so it makes it hard to complete tasks. It also keeps restarting or freezing up during the game. Really annoying update.. Been playing this for years.. love it! But lately it's been glitching & freezing out so bad I can barely play it. Yes I tried the self repair option. Did nothing.. So I edited my rating till it's fixed ... Went to play game, and the app keeps crashing. Cleared cache and still crashing. Was working fine last night... please fix asap.. Fun game,just wish there was more ways to get energy. Takes too much to get anywhere. This is why I quit playing before..

Waiting more than an hour for game to open. If you want a headache this game is for you. Maybe it's just a joke. I have been trying to get an issue resolve for weeks now and I still have no resolution. Support will not get back with you unless you contact them again. The support team sucks really bad.. Loved the game. But after awhile it became impossible to get the necessary resources to build or make feed, etc. Uninstalled. I do not pay to play.. At first I was having fun and enjoyed playing it. But from level 14 everything changed, suddenly my energy got lowered to 51 max, when some objects require more than that. Also the requirements to produce items gets too tough. Game takes so long to load and on my phone it's clear but on my laptop the game looks pixeled and blurry. This game demands that you need to spend $$ to get ahead..

I cannot get into the game, it just comes up with the loading screen and that's as far as it gets, very disappointed!!. Hi just wanted to let you know the game doesnt work,i wish it would work agai .Your game is alsome i wish you guys can make more farm games like this cool one.. Take tooooo long to collect energy. Id rather play solitare than to wait for energy. We as grown folk just want a simple game to relax and play. It is a way to extort money. Iv given up, its not right.. Won't even download before coming to this review! Happened twice now! Stops at 75%! Was very anxious on playing this, but going to uninstall it! Big time!.

It is really difficult to play this game without having to purchase items. Energy is not easily accessible. Takes a long time to secure energy to continue playing which is frustrating.. TL, DR - Game pushes a lot of microtransactions via limited energy bar & forced item scarcity. You start off with a very limited farm & unlock different buildings/factories as you play the story mode. There are also group events called airship challenges & story events for different holidays. If you want to complete limited time events, save up at least 5,000 energy before launch. Gameplay = a lot of repetitive brush/land clearing using energy to advance maps covered in "fog". Crashes often.. I really liked this game when it first came out. Not sure why the name was changed, but the game freezes and your stuff dissapears. If you contact customer service they either don't get back to you or are very rude when they do. I have lost gems I paid for and they don't care. During the extra games it takes 40 to 50 energy to dig out one bush, making it impossible to play. It also says 1 energy point every 90 minutes, but that's not true. Can't build anything due to things dissapearing.. Something is wrong with your game, I have tried to play several times stuff pops up and I it won't close out and I have hit the fix button, but nothing happens , please help and I will give more stars. Thanks...

It had no problem connecting to the server when downloading. WhenI want to play it can't connect to the server.. Fun game, energy is REALLY hard to come by, they give you next to none. If you're not prepared to spend $$$, don't download. And, while the storlines are cute they can be teadious. VERY tedious. Still, if you have patience. It's a fun game.. Been playing it for 3 years continuous errors all the way around crashing now it won't load for 3 days in a row I'm done. Started over for the third, no fourth now, time. Love this game. Been playing for years. Basically since the beginning..

Hi I want to know why my game are still stuck after my last update a few days ago Please HELP!!!!!! Want to enjoy the game again. Emmie. This is a BOGUS APP AND GAME ... Upon inital installation and loading of game , it wouldn't allow the game to start .... I SERIOUSLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT U DOWNLOAD THIS GAME ..... IT IS A COMPMETE WASTE OF TIME .... Love the game except the fact that you have to read too much. When I play a game I want to play not read. But other than that it's a great game.. Can't get the game to load but the few times I have been able to ay it it was fun..

Why is the app asking for allowing to photos an dmedia. No that is personal info. If this persists then I am uninstalling. Please tell me why I can't find margarit anywhere in my friends list and she keeps liking my page and sending me gifts I want to send a gift back. After 2 years of playing, I can no longer purchase any thing, No support in getting it fixed. Lost a long time player.. It looks pretty good but the game is getting stuck on this guy with a hat whistling and I try to do stuff but nothing happens all he keeps doing is whistling and I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but it is not working please fix it.

This game is really fun and you have to work for what you want. Side games are good you may not find everything you're looking for but it's still enjoyable. Keeps updating. Keeps wanting to free more space . I've got no more space left to free and it's the only game I have downloaded now . So I'm having to uninstall . It also keeps crashing and freezing .. Review changed. Newest update 10/12/22 nowhas made it so I can't even play. Just keeps saying failed. So far every update has caused issues. If not fixed soo I'll just stop playing & Uninstal. Im just starting this game but ive played loads of them. Im betting even with ways to get extra power that youll run out fast and will need to wait a day to build it back up or you will need to pay to get points. Same as all of them. Why cant someond just make a free version you can sit with your kids and use it as teaching them. But of course not all the companys want to bleed the poor to get poorer. Maybe i will adjust the rate and give it more stars. So well see how it goes for im a very true.

I am not happy as update the game and now my game will not load up so please so please sort it out as i do like playing the game so I would be grateful if you sort it out please thank you. I have the game installed on my comuter had been playing for some time, but lately with the last two upgrades I have been having trouble with the login. It will not open up, saying that it was not able to download the new data. I spend a lot of money on this game, if it is nolonger campatible with the chrome computers can I have a refund for the gems that I purchased.. After the latest update Oct.12 2022,I did the update now I'm unable to get into game,it says failed to download resources! How do I get it to load the game?. It's oct and you updated the game during a timed event. Why doesn't it work at all now? I updated but now it says it "failed to download". What's up???? I love this all time favorite...Downside is the expense.ugh.

Down to 1 star again, yet again ive updated and straightaway, unable to load at all. I too have spent money on this game an had been playing for over 250 hours. Really guttted, I stopped playing for ages before because of this. Please fix this fore as i love the game. Ps I've tried restarting my phone and turning it off and on again. The game is fun except the amount of coins(energy)required to clear areas and complete tasks! There are many gifts for the players and the energy is given in a lot of ways! But finishing tasks is a major headache!. Not happy Ive been playing this game for a few years and now I cant buy anything as this game has been removed from my country Australia no warning no nothing from you Im so upset as this is my most favourite game just finished the 3rd anniversary and on chapter 8 mountain of stars. Why did you take it away from Australia please come back Im not the only person who is upset over this move.

Download ( V2.16.0.0 )

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