NamePixel Worlds
ReleaseKukouri Mobile Entertainment_new

Multiplayer project where you create your worlds. Download Pixel Worlds for Android, first try to collect the most important resources and install blocks and other elements that you like.

Here you can even do farming, grow everything possible. Build not only houses, furniture, weapons, but also a variety of clothes. Trade with other players exchanges different items and items with other players.

The most important thing is that you will determine the price yourself, so you should be prepared for this. Fully explore this universe where you can play alone as well as with your best friends.

Soon there will be updates that will add a lot of new and interesting things to the game. Join the society, get the full advantage over your rivals and see how this world develops. Your whole development will depend on your actions. This means that you must do everything so that your hero develops and moves forward confidently. A great adventure that will not leave aside any player who loves to build, create something new, and enjoy it.

Pixel Worlds MOD

Before Jake left there was no spambot, dupe item and the amount of scammer were lesser than after Jake left. Now without anyone in control there's alot of spambot selling illegal stuff, Making the game laggier and makes people annoyed because of the spam. Expensive item got dupe, making every player that WORK for their money lose motivation because people can easily hacks high value items. Alot of scammer, hosting drop-game and selling restricted item/Tradeable unobtainable items. Pixel worlds is falling down anyway. And there are a bunch of hackers moderators, and scammers that don't know what they want(do anything they want). So this game deserves a bad star.. Can't create new account it said "Critical Log in Error" and for some reason I remember playing this game few years ago and after relogin all of my progress are gone; well the PVE was fun except deep nether not profitable, the aviation game only have one life, plus kinda hard to enjoy fishing and other quest if you are broke. Its a great game i love it! i play the game since 2019 or something but man there some major point tht make the game bad the lack of new update, new item, new event, and i feel like most admin and mod in this game is corrupted as hell They need to hire new admin and mod that actually ban people who dupe an item/hack the game/scam other people This are the reason why the game become less popular if they fix all of these maybe people will play this game more often. This game is so addicting and so awesome you should try to play this game!! I recommend it for ya!!.

Pixel Worlds APK

This is amazing I am just sad I have no money to buy a phoenix and also sword So I know you will never help me but I also really like this game so so much Thanks to make this game. By Gio, and also I of course I don't have any money I am a child bye. upgrade your server i keep disconnecting, if you blame my internet that a stupid tought i was using my mobile data. This game is awesome, I started playing since 2017 and made many friend in this game. It WAS very fun until the main developers quit, and the game stopped receiving updates which made the game boring and people quit. I still play it to this day because of the nostalgia and the fun I had till it lasted.. I would have given 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact that I couldn't use the ad for another daily gift..

Pixel Worlds APK

This is trash game I don't recommend this because my internet is good but it super lag I tried other app and my internet is good. I got a 3650 day ban lol... Its alright I can wait 10 years, I love the game so much, meeting other strangers, getting exciting stuff nice !!. Best game ever I'm not a bot but this game is op u should download it I swear it's amazing . You could definitely use more of a helping hand if you plan to improve the game! Kudos to those that had put tons of effort and time!.

Pixel Worlds APK

Unplayable all I get is the same error over and over again, this game used to be THE GOAT back in 2020 both on mobile and PC (pc was alot better) PLS FIX IT ON MOBILE!!!!!!!!!. Game is dead bc of dupers ive had my acc for 3 years and seeing the game die is pretty sad ngl. Very good but I can't play because im lagging but I don't care about that this pixel world very good ty jake. Very nice game but its hard for me when I made an accident by paying for race LOL but when in mine it lags with low connection, anyways good game,Good luck finding byte coins.

BRO I GOT BANNED FOR NOTHING.. NOW I HAVE TO WAIT 3650 DAYS TO PLAY AGAIN .. LIKE WHAT "TRADE "NON- IN GAME ITEMS" I NEVER TRADED ANYTHING OFF THIS GAME .. SORRY BUT I NEED A REFUND ON EVERYTHING I PURCHASED. I love the game but the problem is byte coins are hard to get and the items are overpriced and sometimes there's just nothing to do. When the ads redirects to store the game softlocks to black screen. The other issue is that when mining, it can lag with low connection even though it's single-player. Shame that some developers left. Overall this game is Very... Nice!. Best sandbox game ever we can earn gems for free by breaking blocks, watching ads and few types of gem pouches we get during block breaking, these gem pouches can be traded to other players manually or through Pixel World Exchange (PWE) good game without any lag, started 2 days ago and i am loving this game .

I like the game specially they ban peoples who are scamming, doing drop games, swearing,bullying and , etc ! Also im abt to ask is mystery boxes that is all win is forbidden? I mean i got banned before and i just need a quite answer:3. Was looking foreward to this one, once i heard of it. Sadly txt is too small to be functional game. Wont play with magnifying glass in hand lol. Games only for folks under 25 with 20/20 vision. It's hard to find a rare named world, which is understandable. But I would atleast like to use the wrench on world lock to see how many days till it decays, I think that would be verry helpfull and less irritating because people just put a lock on the world and dont even use it. Most worlds just sit there and never get used but theres a lock. So please take this into consideration because it would be useful. Thanks.. I'm sorry to do this, but I have to give it a 1 instead of the usual 5. Not even a year after I played, things went to trash, especially after Kukouri was sold to the UK. This game really lacks fun now, and I unfortunately decided to uninstall it. Things only got worse since then..

Oyun gayet gzel bir oyun.Kendi dnyanz yaratabiliyorsunuz, dnyalara katlabiliyorsunuz,trade yapabiliyorsunuz,pvp malar da var.Ama bu oyunda o kadar ok scammer,hacker varki fakat yapmclar maalesef buna hi dikkat etmiyor.Insanlarn hesaplar alnyor,emekleri gidiyor.Ve bunu bende yaadm iin ok iyi anlyorum.Yklemenizi tavsiye ederim fakat dikkatli ve uyank olmanz lazm.. The gameplay is great, fair, and fun but i am encountering problems. One time i open the app then click on something to view it, i cant click it, just i cant literally click anything, this has been annoying because it happened to me so many times and the solution to fix it is to reinstall the game, anyway the game is still fun.. I will rate it 1 star because when I enter MININGWORLD to mine I always get disconnected and my signal is strong i waste so many key. this game is amazing i got into it with 2 good buddys of mine love planting trees and getting different seeds from it definitely the best game i ever played!.

Good gameee!! It's really fun and I can make profit wls fast so I can enjoy the game. ^^ However many of my friends have quit because of lack of content(events) and items. We need someone like Jake maybe like a special mod that will deliver event or just casually live on YouTube and Twitch. Please look into other pixel sandbox game for inspiration. Also please lower the difficulty of Black Tower parkour especially on >50%. Ty I'll edit my rating later when It's getting better.. In 2018 this game was one of best games I ever played and it was my favorite one but now developers doesnt even care about this game anymore mods/admins dont ban hackers or scammers instead they ban innocent players for things they didnt even do also a lot of players duplicate items now so price of all items went hugely down, pro players that were playing 2017-2018 and had a lot of limited items lost everything they had because now these items are worth like nothing because of duplicating hacks. I would like to see a new permanent booster like a ninja or tier 8 and a car seed that would be cool have a Lamborghini in PW.. Im explain this in a few words:no potential Minecraft rip-off lag I single play trash and it requires internet for single and multi player.

It's been years since I don't play this game, when I decided to comeback, my world are taken by other player, all the stuff I worked so hard in the past too, idk how this is happened since I lock my world with world lock, 1* . Wl kalktigindan beri oyun p item piyasasi 3 5 kisinin elinde hersey tekellesti trade olayi bitti lazim olmadikca yeni islere atilmayin bildiginiz piyasadan devam. I just downloaded the game when I played and it was black screen and I waited for 1 hour and it was finally there but it crashed please fix this problem. Worst game I've ever played. All the mods are corrupt, even the developers, and the community is duplicating items while the devs do absolutely nothing about it. No wonder why the servers are going down in 2025. This is a wonderful game that had massive potential to be a great indie game. Now, it's a hellhole for incels like the mods. Plus, I got banned for 10 years for 'hacking' while I have absolutely no access to hacks at all! Horrible game!.

Too many trolls community is trash contradicting you guys saying it has a good community the game is dying mods are corrupt letting a dropgame continue but banning others for stupid reasons no new updates overall bad. I love this game so much! I used to play this game qhaen I was 5, and I forgot the name of it so I searched up space kids. Horrible in game economy as well as the games future is looking bad. There has been very little updates now. Edit: A few updates, but economy is still trash, they aren't removing duplicated items, and the moderators don't do their job.. It's a very nice game. I played it since I was 8 and I've always enjoyed it. But there are some problems. I hate how a lot of people left the game, and there's not many updates. If you see this, please join the pixel worlds community because there's not many people in the game, and a lot of servers that were super popular are dead by now, only few servers are popular..

Download ( V1.8.00 )

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