NamePokemon GO
ReleaseNiantic, Inc.

Step outside and catch Pokemon in the real world! Collect and fight with others. Pokemon GO is an online game closely tied to geographic location. Niantic Studio developed the game in collaboration with Nintendo.

A series of cartoons about Pokemon stirred up all the youth of the times of the 80-the 90s; then, the idea of ​​​​Pokemon became quite popular. Logos and animals appeared more often in cartoons and stores. Many played chips with images of those same Pokemon. A whole era has passed since then. These children from the 80s and 90s are already adults, but they still remember their childhood, partly associated with cute animals created by the Japanese company Nintendo. And now, after a sufficient amount of time, the Pokemon theme has become popular again, thanks to the release of the Pokemon GO game, which has rallied all the “old” and new animal lovers. The game became incredibly popular in the summer of 2016 at the very moment of its release. Pokemon GO is designed for the summer period, so the number of players in autumn and winter is much less than in sunny summer. Pokemon GO. Game process.

The main task of the game is to catch all possible Pokémon by any means. And to see them, you must first find them. They are located in various places in the city where the player lives. With GPS compatibility, the player can navigate the game screen and catch Pokémon. The system reads the number of steps and the direction the player is walking. As a rule, Pokémon appear where players periodically walk, so it is better to look for them in areas with high traffic.

Like the cartoon, Pokemon GO has different types of Pokemon, such as water, grass, electric, etc. For all kinds of Pokemon, the world around corresponds; finding a grass Pokemon in any forest is much larger than in a stone jungle. It is fashionable to draw a similar logical connection with these creatures.

So, to catch a Pokemon, you need a Pokeball, preferably two. You can collect them from unique places – poke stops. Pokestops are displayed on the game map in the form of a blue rhombus; if you approach it and click on it, a photo of the place where the player is located will open, and if you scroll through the image, then pokeballs, various flasks with “necessary” substances and pokemon eggs will fall out of this poke stop. As a rule, buildings, infrastructure facilities, and monuments significant for the city become poke-stops. Pokemon GO. Incubators and eggs.

As mentioned, eggs drop from PokéStops. So far, the “embryos” of everyone’s favorite Pokémon are in the eggs. To hatch them, you need to put them in an incubator and walk some distance, after which the coveted egg will hatch with an equally noticeable Pokemon. Eggs are divided into two kilometers, five kilometers, and ten kilometers. From the 2-kilometer range, ordinary Pokémon of the first stage drop out. But there are exceptions in the form of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and others.

But in more frequent cases, absolutely worthless Pokémon drop out to players. Apparently, this is fate. From 5-kilometer eggs, Pokemon drop out rarer, which means stronger. And very, very rare Pokemon hatch from a 10 km egg; it is even possible to get legendary Pokemon from a 10 km egg. But even in such prestigious eggs, second-rate Pokémon come across, so you should not flatter yourself.

Pokemon GO can get people out on the street in a way that other games can’t. The same theme of Pokemon and everythiPokemonected with them was revived by the birth of this game. But the popularity is fading. And at the moment, far fewer users are playing the game than at the time of the release of the game. Perhaps winter is the reason, or maybe the developers should think about their game and bring something new to it.

Pokemon GO MOD

I never did anything to violate the Terms and Conditions of Pokemon Go but even though I got banned and I tried for Support & it's no use. Hey, pokemon go app. Please make accessible like chatting with friends, add friends through gym and Battle that gain experience to pokemon.. Epic. Update. (22/01/24) Installed and reinstalled 10 times now just today. Won't load up, won't sign in, shuts down straight away. App is up to date. Please sort it out.. This game is good but there is one problem with this game which is zorua Pokemon one day me and my elder brother were playing Pokemon in our street then in wild I got dragonite then I said to my brother he said bro it is zorua at the same place where dragonite spawned in your phone please fix problem leaving this problem there is no more problem please fix this one. Semenjak remote raid dibatasi 5 kali dalam sehari menurut saya ini sangat tidak adil terutama pemain yang berada pada daerah kecil dan sedikit player. Tolong harga RRP dikembalikan menjadi normal seperti semula 100 koin / 1 pcs RRP. Penilaian bintang 2 semoga menjadi perhatian lebih dalam perbaikan.

Pokemon GO APK

This game is the best game i ever played. I have played many games even PC games but nothing was close to this game except pokemon unite and Free fire.. There are less mokemon in my area and it's boring to play.. Sometimes only the same pokemon always, less Pokestop. Please fix it and give us more pokemon and pokestop to make it more fun, and battle area too.. Itis a very good game. near my area no raid battle is going on never. MY AREA IS LAKHIMPUR KHERI UTTAR PRADESH SIDDHART NAGAR BUDDHA BIHAR MANDIR . PLEASE DO RAID BATTLE HERE ALSO Thank you That has lacked my phone. They don't hardly listen to its fan base and now their skipping the whole 7th generation, not only that but they can't even finish a generation before moving on to the next generation with the exception of legendary and mythical pokemon. Absolutely disappointing and a disgrace to Pokmon fans as whole..

Pokemon GO APK

I like the game a lot is quite fun at times, but also, there is a bug on an account of my accounts in which the UI does not show (like nothing just the avatar and no pokemon spawning i had Uninstalled and re installed the game back and it does not work and also i cant access settings so i have to unistall the app to log to my main account) i dont know how it happen or what to do.. This game is good but don't download it because the support for small city player is not good.I have mailled them so many time to add atleast one pokestop in the game but the only reply add as technical issues or adding soon. i love this game so much but not worth our precious time.. I love the game and all, but dude the battle leage is rigged with all the bots. I also don't like how there's so many events but no areas in your state you can go to, and the fact that you have to pay for TIMED research.. I wish battling in this game wasn't a matter of luck and actually required skill. I don't understand how a Pokmon can battle against another of the same level and have a type advantage yet somehow the opponent lasts long enough to dish out multiple charged attacks before you get even one. The only time Ibattle is to complete research tasks, and when I'm first given those tasks I absolutely dread battling bc of how unbalanced it always is and makes me not even want to play.

Pokemon GO APK

Over the past few weeks I have not been able to login. I have tried everything to fix this but nothing is working. When I tried to login it send me to a different login screen.. Honestly, I'm about to completely give up on this game. I may as well be cause I can't log in at all, haven't been able to for 3 weeks.. Amazing fun game and overall very good. The reason for 4 stars is when I recently got a new phone it wouldn't let me log in. But eventually after working through it I got to log in, was still a large hassle. Dont know if this issue effects everyone. But still Amazing game, Amazing memories etc. Recommend :). PVP needs to be fixed. It's entirely unfair that if you somehow get that weak connection in a battle that you can't even attack yet your opponent can still lay cheap hits on you and able to turn the complete tide of the battle when your clearly winning. Make it so if one player gets a weak connection, the battle pauses till both have stable. It's not fair due to it one player can keep landing cheap hits and the other can't do anything.

Went around a pokestop a lot to find a pokemon and it won't show up and it -5 degrees out side freezing my face off. I love the anime and I love this game, it encourages me to go outside for a walk during the summer to go catch some pokmon! I love battling people but sometimes I can't recover my pets but that is okay! I gave this a four star because I have to use mobile data sometimes or my attacks freezes sometimes.. For some reason it says there's a GPS error and I can't play the game for days or weeks at a time... Other than that, it's alright.. The app will load to like 80% at the startup screen, and then ask me to either retry to login with the same email account, or a different one. It's been doing this for me for the past 24-hours. The issue started during the Porygon event..

1.21.24 cant log in at all all week due to battles not working after i KO a pokemon and CONTINUE to attack without the game registering i won, Niantic owes me: 5 Revives 1 Max Revive 3 Potions. This game has just become a pay to win game. More you pay the more you find and hatch stuff. Pay more on community day to get more shinies then someone else. The community is so toxic. I have been follow around town and told by players I will never be in a gym for more then 1hr because they don't want other teams to get there daily coins. Good hame overall, but also very buggy and has problems with opening the app. Just after this recent update in December, I open the app and it closes out of it immediately. Then my phone keeps telling me the app has a bug and needs the developer to fix it. I've uninstalled and redownloaded it multiple times and this still doesn't fix it. Not the only time I've had this issue, but certainly lasting the longest being almost a month with this problem.. It was ok I have a few complaints like how you need a whole lot of candy's to evolve your pokemon now don't get me wrong I love pokemon but it got boring super fast.

This game is worthless without the ability to spoof my location. I'm a gamer. I sit at home and spend way too much time and money on games so I don't have to leave the house. I do not go on four hour walks across town to follow routes and find gyms. I Idly flick pokeballs at things while half reclined on my couch eating chocolate chip cookies. This game has so little substance as it is but then limiting even that to the players unless they go walk for hours is missing the mark entirely.. Having a really bad day because I woke up to two unfortunate whatsapp messages, also i remembered suddenly that Saw IV didn't keep the theatrical ending and also that the movie Paranormal Activity still exists. Also I don't have anywhere to watch the Saw movies on, and also that Saw VII is so bad. But anyways, on the bright side, Saw XI is coming out this year and Saw XII is coming out next year, and also that I watched Batman Begins last night. Henry Harson is ginger. The end.. So if you're playing this for pvp, just stop playing once you reach level 20. The number of cheaters at this level is inescapable. Out of 5 battles you WILL run into someone who magically either winds up with an extra shield or the game lags at the exact moment you throw a charge move or you will surprisingly run into someone who seems to know exactly what pokemon your deploying and counter acts accordingly.. Decent, still has pre existing bugs like a sticking ball, when spun for a curve ball and released, it goes back to the starting position. Glitching gyms that im in, when clicked on, it zooms in wrong and I can't see anything in the gym. I need to re open the game entirely. New glitc, seems to be a loss of sound effects in battles, reviving pokemon etc..

I am no longer able to play as every time. I try to open the app. It tells me that it has a bug that needs to be fixed. I can't play this game anymore it feels like it's pay to win, the game bugs out on me too many times I can barely open the game I have to try to three times to open it up at all and the bugs are now costing me money with a bugs that take raid passes or a even master ball. If niantic ever sees this or any devs that look at reviews, plz plz plz add a chat in the game so u can talk to your friends for trading because its impossible to meet a lot of these people because of travel, if they add chatting itll make things so much easier if your friends list is people u cant meet in person, i have two lucky friends that i cant trade with because there is no way to communicate with them. Support team doesn't fix bugs outside of in app purchases(7/26/23)..........have contacted support multiple times & still no fix for the sending gift bug(1/21/24).

The problem with pokemon trianer club is that they don't work well that includes recovering accounts and I cant login to my pokemon go account everytime I make a new accounts and I honestly don't like people who can't understand this is not for trade I swear people who makes unfair trade is not cool remember kids always follow the rule. I can't log back in with Google play and and If I create a new account all my rare, shiny, and mythic pokemon will be gone pls fix overall its a ok game. This is the funnest game I have ever played is definitely a good game for little kids even without thinking this is a top 5 stars i don't know were i would be with out Pokmon go could you please make more things like this??. It's being glitchy. Can't start a battle at all. Also routes suck. Constantly pausing my route. Can't close the phone screen and walk the route either. You're mssing up Pokemon go.

Amazing app get a Pokemon plus plus and Pokemon sleep and using it to create a routine which I have needed to do has been fun I've gotten my family onto it !! Highly recommend. Crashes often for such an old game. Will revise if the daily incense can be fixed. Revising with more bad, stop demanding camera access, you know you don't need it.. Umm GPS tracking system is not working even though my GPS is on. So, can't do anything like catching Pokemon, raid, etc... DO NOT INSTALL 1 of the worst games out there for Pokemon fans leveling up evolving hatching eggs and everything else takes an extremely long time to do unless you play every single minute of the day your lucky if you see 5 pokemon in a day ar doesn't work half the game don't work incense doesn't work developers never respond I guess they don't care about happy customers not worth playing and recommend everyone delete to force them to update game and make it enjoyable or even worth playing.

I have played alot of this game and generally liked it but the "random" battle system is joke as Its more rigged than a carnival game. Also, PokemonGo Tours is screwed. If I buy it, i should play it from anywhere not just in one location across the other side of the globe or country. It almost sad as this could be the coolest pokemon game ever made, but nah just more let down.. Played for years, just a money grab now everything is an event. Fun if you want to spend like $50 a month just to keep up.. My rating has changed because remote rading should not be pay to play in any regard. Nor should the raid mon be allowed to run, nor should I be forced to use premier balls the equivalent of using pokeballs on mewtwo in cerulean cave at the end of og red/blue/green just give me a sand bag covered in petroleum jelly and we will have better luck.. I love the game but it glitches way to much and I constantly have to uninstall the game to get it to work..

Near the point of quitting this game again. Price hikes and lockouts (or whatever it is when stops give nothing and every pokemon runs away) are helping make this a much less enjoyable game. I had a shiny run away, and a dratini from a rocket leader fight run away, just to realize I was locked yet again, for God knows why. Catch difficulty has zero to do with IV's/strength (common sense with make those coincide ). There's definitely tons of "room for improvement".. The game became arduous to play since making the player have to be ontop of the pokestops to spin. Horrible customer support as well plus it's the same Pokmon spawning. Used to play while on my afternoon walks but they killed every incentive to play this game because of how boring its become and how much battery it eats up. Even the eggs are the same Pokmon over and over. Also you don't actually get a cell each time you walk a route, so besides that just being a horrible feature it's pointless. Pay to even enjoy, the game. Only other thing that this game's good for is getting any mythical or legendary pokemon that you'd need for your national dex.. If you are unable to play in a densely populated area or with a group you are locked out of the majority of raid content. And don't bother complain about it, the devs do not care..

The game is mostly good, but they lie about half the things that will be in the events and just cover it up by saying it's a bug.. Gyms are placed in locations, which complicate a person's ability to play. Two gyms are located at a soccer field in which: closes by 6:00, snow prevents access, police restrict usage, etc... Another set of gyms are located at traffic lights at one end of a dangerous rotary.. I love this game, it crashes often...but I don't want to bash the game either... I've been playing it since 2016.. I absolutely love Pokemon, but NIANTIC has ruined the fun for me and lost my business as a regular paying customer. The last 3.5 years I've played this game, I've watched a fun, mostly free game waste away into a disgusting, greed-driven game. They've raised the costs of all in-game purchases. The app constantly freezes & help is always just a bot. Not fun unless you live in big city. I just don't feel this game is worth my time & money anymore. Don't waste your time. Niantic's loss, not mine..

It's so fun you get to hunt make friends and even exirsisce ...also can we please please PLEASE have mega lucario pleassssse. Ahh - PoGo is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE NOW. Niantic recently inflated game pricing to be outrageously high in Australia. It's basically $3+ for us to do 1 remote raid. It's crazy. Everything behind paywalls. Nothing is free. Really vaccummed the fun out of the game by over-monetising. People love the game in AU, just can't afford it. Prices MUST be reviewed. Kids use to be able to afford this game, but now only those with 150k salaries, mabye.. This game is trash. They design the game to piss you off enough to spend real cash on it and then when something goes wrong that you paid for getting a refund is like pulling teeth. Niantic is trash stay away.. I honestly do love this game when it will work. I often will get a "GPS Signal not found. (11)" bar bar at the top making it to where I play. I would think it was a problem with my phone, however this is happening on multiple devices, and not all the time. For example, this morning I was playing just fine but now when I'm trying to go back to it because of the community day, it's not letting me play. I have spent so much money on this stupid game it's unreal..

I used to play this game so much. Don't get me wrong, it's a great concept, but I honestly enjoy Pikmin Bloom more. I lost interest because I have no idea what to do. All you do in this game anymore is waste time catching a million of the same pokemon just so you can evolve one. All you do is endlessly tap until you see a shiny pokemon. Honestly, not for me.. I don't know why it's so slow for me when I try to do anything. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.. For a while now it has been saying that it cannot authenticate my account. No matter what I do it does not fix I've been in touch with customer support and none of their options worked and I cannot play it due to this bug..

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