NameHuman Fall Flat
Release505 Games Srl

Human: Fall Flat is based on the laws of physics, which means it will be exciting to go through it to the end. You will manage some wonderful little man who can barely stand on his feet. He will try to find a way out of various situations and visit incredible places with many of the most exciting puzzles. Explore all the places carefully and find your creative approach, which will be the key to success. All methods will be suitable for solving puzzles, meaning you must start and move forward.

Try to master the skill of parkour, as your hero will be able to walk and run, climb, grab, and move various objects. Master a variety of movements, which will become your primary task that you can easily cope with. Solve the most challenging puzzles where you have to go through 12 of the most exciting levels. Explore the area, discover something new and exciting. Play with your friends, your whole family, and also with other players. If you consider yourself the most fantastic warrior, this game project will test you to the fullest.

Human Fall Flat MOD

game was working at first but there's a glitch in laboratory level that stops me from completing the level. tried uninstall and reinstalling it but it does not solve the problem.. I jump when I try to go forward. Please fix it, and I might give the game a 5 star rating. I hate this I cannot refund it not only that THE CHARACTER LOOKS LIKE A NEW BORN FETUS MADE IT. Touch controls are kinda acceptable but the multiplayer experience is probably one of the worst things i've ever seen, insane input delay even thought the servers i connect to are hosted NEAR me.. I really hope that the devs fix the problem of the game not letting me play with other people every time I try to be part of a match it makes me leave the game so I can't play with other people it's been making me mad all day.

Human Fall Flat APK

i agree with the other reviews of this game. like the game is good and fun. but the controls are bad and the jumps are very delayed.. Finally! I got the paid version not the cracked one. There's so much maps! Controls are fine. I wish there was a slider to adjust sensitivity tho. The game runs smoothly even when I have another app playing in floating screen. However, serius optimization issues like they just made the game and that's it. Onto to next title!. Its fun but right now i cant get it idk why but great game fun umm i love it and you know its pretty good. I play this everyday when I get home from school and the graphics are the best besides for fortnie fortnie is only available on mobile ps4 Xbox one ps5 Nintendo switch..

Human Fall Flat APK

The servers are awfull, I can not play with my friends at all, jus a waste of time and money.. why i cant install the game i bought the game..... on my other phone can but on my sec phone (this phone) i cant why?. Wow, that's so much levels but the controls are good, I'm so happy that you created the jump, the hand control and joystick movement, this was really good because you created checkpoints. . Me personally I like the hand controls but not the movement controls so could you pls fix the movement controls..

Human Fall Flat APK

When I downloaded the game it's wasn't loading and it's been 24 hours and it's still not loading I think it's a scam. The game is so fun and funny I play it with my little brother and he likes it we all ways laugh at stuff when We mess up in the game or something unexpected happened good game good job . Title: Human Fall Flat Mobile Review: Severely Disappointing My excitement for Human Fall Flat on mobile quickly turned to frustration. Despite paying 500, the game's servers are consistently unstable, abruptly cutting off gameplay and erasing progress. Multiplayer is equally flawed, with attempts to play with friends failing 9 times out of 10. It's clear that the developers prioritize profit over player experience, leaving me deeply disappointed in the game's current state.. It made me buy the game 3 times before i could play disgusting and i need my money back before i bring in legal actons.

It made me delete the games I loved like gacha life and gacha club and now I'm depressed. Pls fix it.. Controls are so confusing and could of made it easier. And if the game was controller compatible it would be worth it, for me atleast.. Zero stars I brought the game and it ain't even have a gampad like any other normal game I got scammed. This game is the worst. It took me 3 hours to get to level 14 And then it didn't even save. I had to start all the way from the beginning. If this is how you want to treat your customers, you're doing an amazing job. At making everyone unhappy. Do not play this game, do not Recommend to play..

assumpta ang pangalan mo na ang kanyang pamilya eksena ng monthly dues ako simula ang pabula kasi sa kanya jeep at ang kanyang eh dba Jejomar ang pangalan mo jessisvard ang pangalan ko sa kanya ng Midjourney ID na may kinalaman ang kdjd0 maganda tumataas na. Not able to connect my friend in different server. I am from Canada and he is from India. And not able to play multiplayer together.. seriously we bought the game for playing multiplayer and that thing is not working.. The multiplayer mode is not working if I try to join it comes to home screen,try to solve this problem asap. This game can't be played by multiplayer. Everytime I try creating a lobby, it keeps crashing. Please, fix this, or I'll keep rating 1 star..

Works like on xbox but add ps controller support and add a setting for sensitivity and making a free lite edition for 1.0 and above and when hff2 comes out add it to mobile. I play this game on my phone and I find it sad that I can't paint a face on my player so I would love it if you could add this feature on to mobiles to. Absolutely horrendous This game was buggy, but once you played into it the bugs grew and grew and there were so many parts of it that were skippable and I missed out on half the storyline of the game without even trying, this game is a waste of money. DO NOT BUY. All my sibilings think the game is cool but it lags and it takes forever to download. Otherwise it's pretty cool .

This is me a few years later and yes, I need a workshop on mobile because I go to places and I bring my phone with me so if it's released then thank you support team.. Game is fun only problem is, is the ads. Me personally if i have to pay for a game I shouldn't have to see ads at all. I live this game ever since the days of jelly Slogoman and kwebbelkop but I gave it a 4 star because it has a bug that crashes my game when I try to join a online server so please fix this. Although the game is very awesome and the future I am looking forward stages of levels like if your new just a tad easier to move some things it would be amazing it is awesome and I am giving it a five-star but in the future I am looking forward to some of these things .

The hands don't stick properly. Multiplayer don't work. Character just jump when I am just rotating the camera. As a kid playing solo it's worth it but for friends not so.. 5 stars all the way one if my fav games , is that people complain about the controls but to me the comtrols are easy, absolutely my favorite game 100% cant wait for more level , I would absolutely recomend this game.. The Game is alright but I just want to say that when I join a Multiplayer Server than my buttons get slow means if I play jump button that it will operate after 0.2 sec. Even though multiplayer doesn't really work on my tablet, I would say this app is worth it. I love the levels, but I wish they could have custom levels. Overall it's worth the money..

I love this game but I have a few recommendations first is to add players usernames up there head, it sometimes gets annoying because sometimes I ban the wrong player, could there also be chat bars so we don't have to guess what someone is saying for us to complete the level, also some more accessories and clothes, and hats would be cool, the last one is to be able to make your own map and let others join, please add these, thanks!. This is trash I paid I can't play so I am at the point where I kinda want my money back because if 8 can't play it why would I want it. The game was great and the control is easy, it was a funny game (This game is laggy in multiplayer). The game is great but the thing is i dont like the grabbing system BUT it dose work at a solid fps for a amazon fire tablet 8!.

i play this app last August 2019 and i pay for it. but now when i installed it again it always says trial version on lower right. it's disgusting. I payed and it would not let me get the game then won't give me a refund 0 stars from me. Bought it thought i could play with my kids.. apparently my kids account can't play multiplayer games with play games child account. the grafics are pretty good, some levels are smooth and don't glitch however there's a few that the game glitches out and you end up starting over for no particular reason. The game would be better if this were fixed..

Every time I played this my camera spins and every time I pressed button hand button on the right ONCE OR THE JUMP BUTTON ONCE I FALL OR JUMP 2 TIMES .....So why waste ur money like make it better and easier for mobile user I COULD BE PLAYING OTHER GAMES AND NOW I CAN'T EVEN BEAT THE GOLFING STAGE it's a good game,sure. But now it's like just bad. Hey the first time I played this game like 2 min ago sens I started playing the game it was loading and then I crash. This game is very funny and I like it but sometimes it will make me get a feedback which is really annoying and I can't get the game ever again. The game WAS fun but there was not that many levels and the original let you choose the levels and not restart you every time you play.

I like the game very much its just a little hard because the screen sensitivity is very low I suggest to add a sensitivity settings menu.. I had to delete so many of my games literally 27 games just for 1 game and isn't even downloading bad game.

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