NameForgotton Anne

The most forgotten lands of the game project are waiting for you. Forgotten Anne is where lost items, unreceived letters, toys, socks, and more are found. These will be forgotten natural lands, the magical world of everything forgotten. These objects come to life here, dream of not being overlooked and constantly remembered. A completely coherent animated adventure that perfectly combines a light platformer. You will play the main character named Ann; she must maintain order in these forgotten lands. She has to conquer a rebellion that could prevent her from returning to the human world.

You will be able to discover the fantastic world of real forgetful, lost objects, and each of them is a person. Very soon, you will be able to find out what each of them is hiding, will organize a conflict, and become ruthless rebels. Do not rush to choose, run, jump, and open new locations. You must do everything possible so Ann is at home, but you must try. Great music, the latest technology, and cool anime.

Forgotton Anne MOD

Played this game on Steam and it was a great experience. But it's a pity that this version does not have Ukrainian localization, unlike the PC.. Hoping for part 2 Edit : It's been one year . Still waiting for a masterpiece like "Forgotten Anne". Plz make one. Edit : It's been 2 years. Waiting for part 2 or similar game . great story, must try. clunky controls but tolerable, great music, good characters, good voice acting. a very memorable experience overall. real downside is i can't experience it for the first time again.. I love it, I got so invested into it, the controls are a bit finicky but once you get the grip of it, it's cool, I love the ending, both of them, sad but, what can u do that's life ... Kudos. Love this game The story line, character sketch, dialogues, music,sceen play was phenomenal Anne is perfect character,love her kindness!!!.

Forgotton Anne APK

Wow.. this game is so beautifully created I'm so impressed at it's film-like or movie-like cinematography. The team who made this are so talented! The animations are so beautifully done!! As an artist, I'm proud of seeing artists and developers teaming up to create a masterpiece. I haven't bought the game but the free play did not disappoint. One of the best mobile games I've ever played, though the voice lines are a bit fuzzy at times. The style is pretty nice, and the story actually interested me too. (I rarely get interested in stories). I've played this game before it's been a long time since I've been playing it. I think it was a demo that I played so I hope I can get through it ok.. Although I did not fully understand the story (my native language is Farsi), but it's a beautiful game. I hope one day it will support my language too (Just a Persian subtitle!). Thank you..

Forgotton Anne APK

It says in the description that you guys optimized it. But then out of nowhere while I'm in the middle of the game, it lags and literally froze. I wait for it to go away cause I thought it would but I realize it really just froze in place and the only way to fix it is to exit the game. It doesn't just happened one time though, it occurs at random moment and it's really annoying. It ruins the experience for me, I hope you find a solution. My phone is a high-end device by the way.... Amazing game so far, although it's very unfortunate that it doesn't support play with a Bluetooth game controller. Even so, it's sucking me in with it's charm and animation. If you want to play a game that feels inspired by the Miyazaki films, then I highly recommend giving this one a try . Love the game! The story, craftsmanship, no coding issues, ease of controls, engaging. This is a lovely adventure game and I hope they make a part 2 continuation other game Like this in app store.. I can appreciate the art style and attempt to tell an interesting story, but as a game it's just didn't work for me. Puzzles are straight forward, platforming clunky and boring, phasing is off. I really want to know what happens next, but can't force myself to jump all over the place to get there..

Forgotton Anne APK

It's gaming experience can't be described in words. Every time I play this game, makes me nostalgic..Overall one of the best game ever played.... I've barely started and already I've been asked multiple times to "rate my game". So 1 star for such desperation to alienate users.. Oh i'm sorry i didn't get to leave a feedback. Anyways, i've played this game last year around march or april and it was absolutely awesome!! 100/100 and also the story is great, for the puzzle its so hard but i actually solved it anyways hahaha its just all i can say to this game is 100/100. Unplayable on the Tab S9 ultra! Lags, sound is distorted, runs like a slideshow, horrible resolution, terrible controlling, no QA for this whatsoever. You have the audacity to ask for money for this thing?!.

The game is definitely more than amazing but I am a child so my parents will not allow to buy the full version of game.It is a very good game. This game is straight up amazing... I really wasn't expecting it to be this good when I downloaded it. The animation style is really nice and the gameplay was very immersive.. The controls are easy to use but had some slight issues but the overall experience was a blast.. I just wish that the story was a bit longer.... I JUST STARTED PLAYING IT AND SO FAR IT'S SO GOOOOOODDDDDD OMG THE GRAPHICS AND THE STORY LINE IS SO AMAZINGGG. LOOKING FORWARD FOR MORE HEHE. Intruiging story and setting with beautiful animation, although the character is a little difficult to control. Still one of the best games on PlayStore..

Loved it . This game had everything I was looking for . The story , a open world , offline, choices that affect the story , sweet graphics, amazing music etc. I loved everything about the game . I hope I find more games just like this one .thank you for creating this lovely game. BRILLIANT GAME It felt more like I was playing through an amazing animation. Such a great story about finding purpose and going against an authoritarian form of government. Definitely worth the price to play through a well made playable movie.. I wish I can play this , but I can't. It says this game is built for older version of Android, and I have Android 13. Please make it available for Android 13. Nice game , graphic are beautiful and game play is nice. Keep up the good work. I first started playing on my iPad and I might go back to that. I would highly recomend doing that instead. I tried playing on my PC for gaming purposes but the Audio in the beginning scene was extremely hard to listen too. It was incredibly distorted, and annoying..

I don't usually rate stuff, but bro it's so beautiful, everything. The graphics is amazing! I feel like I am watching a Ghibli studio anime. This is so damn underrated. Keep it up!. Finally finished this game in one seat it cost me about 7hrs which is like my whole shift ,i chose to stay anyways :) ,really worth it of my time ,graphics and voive are really awesome . this adventure game is absolutely AMAZING! don't even get me started with the graphics, and especially the voiced characters. I just finished the game today, and the ending made me kind of sad. there's two choices though, and i chose to sacrifice myself instead of letting that realm cease to exist. the fact that Anne ended up getting crystallized (bc of my choice), and Fig missing her, really broke my heart. I wish to see the other ending, but I don't want to use long hours just to see it.. I've tried playing this game twice now. Earlier this year (or maybe last year?) on my old Poco X3 NFC, and now on my S23 Ultra. Both times I've had the exact same issue with the audio being consistently super choppy, to the point where it's straight up unplayable. Googling for choppy audio/audio issues doesn't find any relevant results (which seems bizarre to me, as it's clearly not specific to a single device) so I'm forced to give it 1 star in hopes that the devs reply to this review..

I like their story and their characters .Their graphics put them on next level so that's why game them 5 stars. For some reason, the game keeps asking me if I want to restore a local or a cloud save after I click to return to main menu. Then when I try to resume the game, I have to start way back from where I originally was. Hence the single star for this game. Beautifully designed, hooking story. Unplayable.. This is my first time ever to rate a game, but after finishing this game it's just a must to do so. Guys you've put your souls in this project. I cant describe how much Im attached to this game, its like you get the experience to live and see life through a ghibli movie!!.. The story in this game is incomparable, every min passess by I feel thet I never want it to end. For the guys who did the voice acting especially ( Fig, anne & bulb) you guys are genius!! Forgotton land must exist! Wtng dlc. one of the funnest games I played (maybe)but the graphics are really and I will be satisfied with game.

Well I enjoyed the adventures and puzzles and journey of main character. First time playing game like this but it's awesome experience for me , now I have to search for new game . You have to try it once I can say . simply phenomenal. I loved this game from start to finish, the characters are all so interesting and the story developed into something really beautiful.. One of the best games I've played this year. This game is a hidden gemthe voice acting, soundtrack, story, and gameplay are superb. There are times that the controls can be quite tricky but I love a challenge. I think you can finish this game in about six hours straight but I took great time playing this and it is worth it. Perchance you'll release a sequel or an extension of Forgotton Anne? If yes, can't wait!. Perfect this is the type of game I've been looking for the story behind this is so detailed to the point were it's like it's, it's own show love the game highlighy recommended.

Started with a 5 but had to repost and drop it down to a 1 due the horrible clunky controls and the unreasonable time it allows you to solve the train scene puzzle where you have to divert the energy flow to each brake assembly, manually pump each of the three brake pistons, then pull the lever.. its impossible! What a waste to what could have been a great game. I was so commited to it too. . Man this game is absolutely beautiful because of the optional decision where you can decide what to say and make a different decision that will leads to a different endings! But there's only one problem because after you completed the game and you create new progress, few bugs will appear which is very confusing that's why I'm hoping for a new update. Maybe that will change my ratings to 5 stars, also who knows? I might buy this game soon because as of now I'm still on google play pass.. Fun game but a bad port, stuttering & overly sensitive controls. Should not have to play on Low quality and still have these issues on a newest model galaxy.. I only played a little bit of it, you have to buy it to play the rest of the game but that short time is so much fun to play. Apparently you can buy this in other platforms like Steam for your laptop and I'm looking forward to buy it to play the whole game..

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