NameCriminal Case Pacific Bay
ReleasePretty Simple

A completely free project in which you will have to look for hidden objects. Criminal Case Pacific Bay, are you ready to become number one in this fantastic adventure? Are you prepared to solve the most terrible crimes, feel all this splendor, and become the best in the game project? Right now, you can find out who killed Christy Becker. You can join the local police station, solve a series of gruesome murders and break away in this exciting adventure. You must search for objects, analyze various pieces of evidence and interrogate all suspects. Try to catch all the killers, become the best detective in the world and solve the most terrible crimes.

Find all kinds of evidence, go only to the white side, and destroy many criminals. You can find witnesses, finish your complex case, and bring it to its logical end. It just takes a little getting together to bring the new criminals to justice. You will find beautiful graphics, other exciting missions, and everything that will become the most valuable for each player in this game world.

Criminal Case Pacific Bay MOD

I can't download the app , I have tried several times but I can't . Please can I get feedback from the app . Feedback on how to get the app downloaded. I play 2 other criminal case games besides this one. I'm using a small phone screen so sometimes it's a challenge. But I love these games. Jonesey is the best, he should make guest appearances on all your games . You can barely get through the missions without having to play 3-4 finding games for a star to move. It would be alot better if it gave more than 1 star to finish a clue.. I like this game it can help you with learning more about crime ,And this is also fun to put the killer in jail. I love the game, but it doesn't meet u halfway. Everything is a star. The game doesn't assist. it's just the player doing all the work too much playing just to get a star, then u will need 5 more stars that's ridiculous.

Criminal Case Pacific Bay APK

I enjoy ur decetective games. I have all them except supernatural, it won't play on new phone. But I truly enjoy these detective games . The fact that I grew up with this game before reaching my teenage years is crazy and even the storyline is wonderful, I love the games options and lore especially the characters themselves however I think the energy bars still feel little with 110 energy but overall this game definitely brought out the characters and being a part of their stories is insane.. I love this game so much. Russell Crane is my crush. I actually feel sad about the death of Frank . 8/6/23 well I've had to pack in playing as nobody I know plays these games & I'm not paying to get further into it as I feel cheated!!.

Criminal Case Pacific Bay APK

I love playing Criminal Case, but it doesn't work now on my Huawei phone, it only installs through google play :(. Best game I,for one,have ever played. Great job guys, it's an amazing game. I hope to see more of this in the future . It's a great app I love all the cases I even log in my Facebook account to save all of it but when I downloaded it in a new phone and log in my account i went back to level 2 please fix this!! I've been using this app for a year now and I want all my levels back!!. I Like and Love This Cute Game A Lot I Like and Love The Music Too I'm Glad That Is Game Is On Facebook, so I Can Play It With My Friends and My Family Too Great Job Guys .

Criminal Case Pacific Bay APK

damn, until now the login issues still haven't fixed I'll redownload and give this app a five stars when it finally got fixed (edit:) ABOUT TIME ITS GET FIXED . Awesome game, well done devs! Deserves 5 stars definitely, but I'm giving it 3 stars because of the Facebook login issue going on. I'm afraid of losing my progress without it. Please fix it asap.. Edit: they finally fixed the login issue. Thank you so much!. 2019: I cannot explain how much I love it. Excuse me, I need help. I dropped my phn on the floor while playing it and now all the cases are locked. Even the first one is also locked. I don't understand how to start again. Theres no option 2023: it used to be my favorite game and still is somehow. But the issue is, ads pop up literally after every case scene I play. And besides that, some of the stickers in my album keep going missing.. It will keep you moving ang looking. Help to exercise my eyes buy making them focus helps keep me mentally alert..

Its a fun game..the only problem I have with the game is the 1 point you get for clearing a use up your points very quickly to question suspects and get results from analysis... I really do love playing these Criminal Case games! I get really involved playing these games! Please, keep making these type of games. I love to play them!. You get up to a certain level, then it won't let you play anymore until you download another app. Please. Really wanna love this game but it's annoying in order to open next chapter i have to wait for 24 hours later or ask my fb. Despite too many ads i still enjoy this game irregardless.

This game is very owsome and good storys but why it can't connect or login to Facebook pleas try to sort this prob. Very soon. Good game but the fact that I am unable to login through Facebook doesn't make me want to play anymore. I loved the game but it's something I should report that the login through Facebook hasn't been working for months and I can not replay this from the beginning if i were to redownload it. This is the best criminal case I'm so happy I downloaded thus game it's better than criminal case grimsborough and the cases keeps u on ur toe because you don't know what's gonna happen next I recommend criminal case Pacific bay to everyone.

I have seen plenty of reviews BUT DO NOT SEE A RESPONSE FROM THE DEVELOPERS ADDRESSING THE ISSUES...trying to remain a fan plus don't you think WE deserve to know what,when,why & how much longer for a fix OR nt. Post on face book and app with details of the future of this game PLEASE BE PROFESSIONAL.. Only 2 problems. The fishdom ads won't let me exit. It takes me to the game to play. I have to close criminal case to get out of it. Very annoying. You are allowed to build up your energy and keep collecting past your limit. I love this! But why can't I have the extra energy points when I get to a new level? Fix these two minor problems and I will give 5 star rating. I've played this game for years. Best game out there. Got me through a lot of chemo treatments and hospital stays. Thanks so much.. Hey, Pretty Simple Development! I just wanted to inform that any of the apps of Criminal Case can't be connected to Facebook, and I really want it because i had a bunch of cases done so please fix it.. I usually love this game, but now I can't log in through Facebook and all my progress is gone. I won't be starting again. I hope it can be fixed. I've been playing for years..

Pacific Bay was my favorite variant of criminal case and it's incredibly infuriating that I cannot log in my Facebook I saw similar and TONS of compliants about this on the other criminal case games as well I HIGHLY URGE THAT THIS PROBLEM BE FIXED OR YOU'LL LOSE A TON OF PLAYERS. Finally I completed this game after solving 56 cases in total. I know it's just a game but still I get emotionally attached to the characters in it because I played this game for so long time. I want to thank Amy, Russel, Nathan, Hannah, Colonel Andrea, Judge Dante for the cooperation throughout the journey. And my partner Frank, RIP.. you'll be remembered .

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