NameFishing Paradiso

A unique game project with its storyline. Download Fishing Paradiso for Android, you will have to do a very serious job to improve your fishing skills.

Complete numerous quests, and discover new fish, of which there are more than a hundred here. But the most important thing is that fishing in heaven is significantly different from the real one. You immediately discover one boy, it was he who was awakened by some bird. He was completely lost on a tropical island. To somehow survive in this horror, you will have to kill a wide variety of fish.

This game project will be a good continuation of the game Little Bear Restaurant. It is in it that you will meet a large number of characters with whom you will communicate and perform some actions. Discover the most incredible stories that will be dedicated to big fishing.

You will meet conspiracies of angels, and unique rockets that will fly into outer space. So this adventure will not be easy at all, and we will be able to go through it to the very end. You will be able to experience unique opportunities, become a real fisherman, and survive in a completely new space.

Fishing Paradiso MOD

Have really chill time playing it. Such a beautiful game with beautiful story. Arts, story and gameplay is perfect to play with my favorite with music. . Shocked at how simple and fun this game is. Lost an hour on it today just messing around . Love the customization of the house .. it's a very wholesome game and my only complaint is the taste feature like I know why there is ads it's just I can't even see the cutscene cuz the ad won't load. I love this game it's so cute and so deep I love all the characters they are so adorable and I love learning about their lives. Absolutely fantastic game with a heartwarming story. One of the best games I've ever played. Also Bears Restaurant is also just as amazing as Fishing Paradiso. I'm in love with everything in this game, the graphics, the characters and their stories and it's never boring and not too easy..

Fishing Paradiso APK

This is a very relaxing game, something that you can just pick up and put down when you have spare time 10/10. really adorable game, got it on play pass so I don't have a bait limit, super relaxing & amazing game to play while at the airport :). Really loved playing through the whole of this game. Didn't come across a single bug, and overall a great, fun experience that gave me Golf Story vibes. . This game is super cute! Just finished up the entire story and I absolutely adore this! I highly recommend this game and recommend giving them support, best 5 bucks I may have ever spent!.

Fishing Paradiso APK

So far I haven't had any trouble with the game. It's very cute, relaxing, and with the Play Pass it goes very smoothly. it doesn't drag on for too long, and it's not too easy or too hard. Cute little game, I can't wait to show my friends. Could be relaxing But the audio is annoying as hornets in a soda can. It's there not an iron to turn off the music? The stupid bird? Just let me have the sound of the fishing and the game could be great.. Apparently, this game is a struggle for people. Well, I have the play pass, and this game is perfect. No ads, no lack of bait. Constant story and fishing.. It's a fun relaxing game that you can play whenever online/offline or while doing something else. The gameplay is simple and doesn't require much attention. It also has nice storyline which matches the games atmosphere, making you feel more apart of the game..

Fishing Paradiso APK

Feels like a slice out of an 80s/90s rpg game. The story is entertaining and funny. The mechanics are pretty straightforward. No lure selections or collectible skins for your rod. You want a low key old school fishing game to kill time with and no pressure to check in every x hours? This might be that one.. So far, it's a fun little fishing game. Earn money to upgrade your fishing skills. Get gifts from friends to decorate your house. Graphics are cute. There is quite a bit of a story/dialogs in the game between the fishing. All around pretty fun . Amazing. Graphics remind to the 16-bit era. The music while nice, can be a little repetative. It's the story that got me hooked. I like that the story ties-in with the other games the devs made. Buying the unlimited lure does make the game easier but not necesarry. Overall, a fun game that will keep you playing even after the ending.. i love this game. It's super relaxing, and honestly, when i completed it, i was sad because i thought there was more. overall, it's a very good game!!.

Worth it, it blends stardew valley, animal crossing, and other mobile touch style games perfectly, creating a nice meandering story with relaxing gameplay for snoozy sundays . Immediately addictive to the point I had to pull myself away to write this and exactly what I was looking for as a person who greatly enjoyed the fishing aspect of all farming simulator games. This game has fun mechanics, cool characters, and well-written dialogue!! I have only played for a day so I don't want to be too hasty but I'm sure this rating will go up to a 5 soon and I am considering sponsoring or getting infinite bait,at least! Edit: I did end up buying some goodies + finishing game. This game....was amazing !! I cried just a little at the ending.... If you like a good story with characters that you will care about then this fishing RPG is for you! I'm not crazy about fishing but this game made me enjoy it! There is a leveling up progress with points you delegate to 5 different aspects of fishing ability. You also get to decorate your place with new items you unlock from quests and helping your friends. I beat this game in like a month playing it off and on! LOVED IT . Honestly this game is adorable and so much fun. I have it on the play pass so I also don't have to worry about spending money on it..

Pretty cool little game actually, at first my thoughts were iffy, but next thing I know I've been playing the game an hour and a half. So must be pretty good. This is a fantastic game with a beautiful story. I hope a sequel is made some day. Thanks for all the effort you guys put into this.. Sumpah, aku cinta banget sama game game buatan odencat, semuanya udah pernah ku coba, sekarang aku gasabar banget nungguin game barunya, semoga game barunya odencat cepet dirilis ya. I love this game so much, for develop pls do more updates, add more story and quest cuz i ady finished this game 10 times.

Great story and game mechanics. Even though I've upgraded my rod a bunch at the beginning it still feels terrible to reel in fish so only 4 stars today I'm afraid but all in all good game.. super plesent and fun, can feel repetitive but the music makes up for any repetitive effects, otherwise this is a beautiful game and very relaxing.. This game is awesome! The story line !WARNING! Spoilers ahead If your still here. play through the storyline + Post game story line Okay here we go It's a amazing fishing game with deeper meanings then expected it has emotional and heartwarming moments such as the reuniting of cat and nighty :'). I liked everything and as a note to odencat please don't have the ads or a smidge smaller amount of them if you want to play it in the most enjoyable way just put off WiFi. Best mobile fishing game!. It's a fun game with cute graphics. I like the story and it's got good music. I also found it really easy to grasp the mechanics and controls. OH HELL I didn't realize this was the same studio that did Zelle! That was an AMAZING game, no wonder I liked this one so much!.

I love the characters and am so mad on their behalf when difficulty is put in front of them the difficulty curve is fair and fun honestly, and I love doing side missions because they're for my friends. ( I am using play pass so I don't have adds or in-app purchases). A very cute and simple fishing game. There are many cutscenes, since this is a story driven game, but theyre all fairly short and worth viewing, I think. I completed this game in about two days, having viewed/made/collected everything, and am leaving very satisfied. The only real nitpick I have is that the pronouns used on the player character switch often, from originally being they to shuffling between he and she. Not that bad, and likely just a translation issue. It sucks, didnt work at all. I installed the game and nothing happens when I start it. I paid for a blank screen and some ads.. Good game! The fishing mechanic is very simple, so collecting fish for all the various missions was a breeze as long as your stats were leveled. The story is really where this games shines though. Short and sweet. Loved it! Thank you devs!.

I love this game! Even bought the bronze sponsership! Small problem tho, i had bought the japanese set too before starting the game but after getting the house and looking at my interior it didnt show up? And when i checked the shop the buy option came up again like i had never bought it in the first place is there any way to fix this? I even got the bill and everything in my gmail but my purchase didnt show up other than that love the game! Please reach out to this message as soon as possible. Nice chill fishing game. No interruptions, cute story, relaxing bgm. Great way to spend a few hours. Doesn't overstay its welcome at all.. What a great story! Really enjoying this game. Fair cash and ads system. I've bought the unlocks because I'm enjoying it so much and wanted to support the devs. Best mobile game I've played in ages!. I was considering this on Steam or Switch for a while then saw it on mobile. It was really fun on mobile! After finishing the game can say I really enjoyed it & recommend.

Very Fun! Eventho The fishing kinda trouble for me cause i'm nub, but overall it's easy catch and fun to plaayy. Gotta looooveee ittt . By far the best Mobile game I have ever played. 500 out of 10. It has fishing and a great storyline. Keep the games coming and I have no doubt that you will be one of the great gaming companies of this era. You should make your own Nintendo game.. Not responding on my tablet. I couldn't click any dialogue options and there are no problems with my tablet because I was able to write this review. Very disappointed In response to the developer: it was a newly installed game and it was the first dialogue after the opening cutscene.. Truly unique experience. A game that is relaxing, but keeps you on the edge of your seat. A true master craft by an obviously passionate developer..

Love this Game! Very calming, relaxing and peaceful. Great game and way to pass the time when not doing much. Love it!. This game is my current addiction. Cute little game where friendships are built and catching fish is actually fun. You can also decorate your house with gifts received from helping friends out.. just awesome great story, with great characters and mostly wholesome I just love the game I hope you make guys make more of this.. A fun little fishing game. Don't normally play games solely based around fishing, but have always enjoyed the fishing mini-games or classes in MMOs. This scratches that itch, and even adds some story to it. You get to customize a little beach house too. Great art, great music, and great mechanics. All around great game..

It is relaxing with an intriguing story. My first game was deleted randomly though and it occasionally shuts down, but it is a great way to relax without being bored.. A very simple game. Very enjoyable and the ads is not aggressive. Although the gameplay is straightforward, I do enjoy the story and the mystery it holds.. Love this game. The text bubble is glitchy towards the end of the game story but its a good fishing game. Demasiado bueno, el mejor juego que he jugado hasta ahora. La historia es genial, te atrapa y me hizo muy feliz..

There is a one line of text at the one of the game "hope that this game left something inside you..." or something like that. And I think that it really did, this game was something more than just fun game about fishing, it's way to underrated. I hope to see more games like that. Good concept, enjoyable gameplay, and such an amazing story with message that strong that you can't just describe in one comment, but you need to play it yourself. It really was worth every second of my life. Thank you.

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