NameMagic Rampage
ReleaseAsantee Games

A brand new platform game that perfectly combines RPG and unique action. Magic Rampage can customize your character and get various weapons and magical components. You can find bonus levels, an incredible spirit of the nineties classic, and unique game mechanics. Meet amiable characters, have the most challenging boss fights, and win every battle.

The game project enlivens the same style to which we are already accustomed. You do not need modern developments if you are bored with platforming 16-bit projects. This fantastic game will surprise you, and you can enjoy it.

You will experience fast controls, more real confrontations,s, and many exciting subtleties. Do you want to try this project, get access to earlier versions, and take full advantage of the intricacies of this game. It is only necessary to warn that the project recommends a good-performance smartphone to enjoy all the splendor fully. It remains only to decide where exactly to start and how to act in the future.

Magic Rampage MOD

where is update you post new update on 10/1/24 lam waiting for update 6.1.5 please update this version in this month dear Elvish thank you. On my third playthrough because I keep remembering how fun it is. Plenty of things to do/add/upgrade without being too much to manage. Levels are fun and challenging enough to keep going. Overall great game.. Edit: in future updates,bosses in rampage mode should have more attacks,because some look like they were reused,e.g. 4-10 warlock/Cyclops/blue giant/slime copying one attack,they should get even more attacks,because 90% of your bosses have no more than 2 attacks,lowering the replay value P.S. 5-5 can be slowed down,for a better boss as well. -by someone who did 102% twice and also got 1000 kills in survival mode. One of the best games I have ever seen the weapons are awesome the levels are great but I do not like the fact that premium players get four times the rewards than normal players what if you are a kid who is playing the game of course you won't have the money. O MY GOD THIS GAME IS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT! There's 300+ unique items and op wepons and there's a lot of fun and exciting event! And also a lot of element that you can used Great game I wish they add more elements that player can used.

Magic Rampage APK

This is one of the best game I have ever played . This game have a really good story line . Expecting a update as soon as possible to play further level in future. LOL.. The best game ever Can you put a potion in the tavern that gives extra armor, like +20% or +30%.. I'll be extremely grateful, thanks. I have played this game once 2 years ago ... downloading it again to play it ... take my word for it and install it. I love it, It's installed On my TV OMGGG ON MY TV GUYS AND I LOVE IT!! IT HAS ACTION, BLOOD, AND I JUST LOVE IT!!!.

Magic Rampage APK

It's one of those games that you love for a month, like for a week, don't play for a year, and eventually repeat, 5/5 stars, love this game. H Di f u djfhgf"me in the middle of the night I miss you so much more than you want me to miss your birthday and I love and I love you love me so much love love you baby . Super super good hai to wo bhi nahi hota hai sir house hai sir house hai na to be good morning sir house location of your family are all set hai sir house location of the day of the day hai na tu morning sir please to wo you can see you soon regards win over Sri Lanka and morning to the day of my day of your your family u have time to the world I will u come back uy of your y I good morning I u up to y I good morning sir location in Google pay you for your your family u t. This game is AMAZING. I love it. The only criticism I have though is that the game is not yet finished, if only the creator of the game completed the game before releasing it. But good to know it's still updating.

Magic Rampage APK

Was a good game until they put ads in every dam tap of the button!!!(EVERY DAM(N) BUTTON TAP).....Yes(Devs) "some' monetization is expected however you went from no ads to ads every screen change. Sooo therefore.....2 star rating. It's a really really good game but I wish you can trade with other players. Edit I am still waiting for the next chapter I am sure it will be amazing if it takes 8 months. Love the game, so many weapons, armor and other things to find and equip throughout the game to get better.. This game is very good but the reason for quick death is wrong and its 30 level is very boring There is a potion that turns one to 3, but it also has no effects. 30 levels is too much, man..

Im gonna give a 5 star because I had an amazing lore and graphics for a 2d game a I like the game play I also become a global rank player in my of account 5 months ago these game is EZ. So beautiful so alicate this looking the like a vow magic Rampage wow Subscribe My channel Mukesh Gamer India 100k Subscribe completed please . Its so my favorate game but may I suggest can you update it quickly so we can unlock the new chapter;. I love games with no ads. Why? Ads break immersion. I know they need a way to make money. There are plenty of other ways to do it. Can become challenging, but I enjoy this game's aesthetic. I'd recommend this game to anyone who values high-quality games from the Google Play Store..

The gameplay is okay, the cutscenes are absolutely horrible, they are long,unskipable and boring, ingame item prices are not great, they're really expensive Overall the gameplay is okay but is not worth it to sit through cutscenes. To be honest this is the best game I ever played the controls are really easy and I love the fact you can use magic and upgrade your weapons I even love the fact you can level up your character,the wide varieties of choosing a character is the best,I might be a 16 year old child but I must say this is a really good game,so to the creator of this game I TIP MY HAT TO YOU amd i hope you create more games like this. my bast game of magic rampage of soper game bat games is can is hacks is ababal so the games is not hack please please please help me for Vai Sathe the soper game bat is . Dear team, It's my bestest game I had ever weapons and suits.very interesting graphics and enemy's.and please make new suits for game I was a youtuber and I maked shorts for magic rampage players.i hope you will read my comment..

The game is full of fun. I have really enjoy this game. And the puzzle for secret areas are awesome . But unfortunately my progress in ranks are not saved properly. Over all it's better. Love it.. This game is one of the best games I have ever played, I can never get bored from this. Everytime there's something new to play and achieve. The achievements , competitive matches , weekly dungeon, special abilities everything is so good! The graphics are also good. I love this game!!! It's awesome. But I have given one less star coz I want one update and that's that you can chat with your friends at tavern it would be so awesome. Overall it's a nice game. Hi devs, can you add like a melee attack or a melee animation but deals twice the damage than throwing the weapon (swords, daggers, axes, blunt weapons). Except for staves, they're meant to throw magical orbs. If you the devs see this message, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!. It's a good game but i had lost some of the old progress i hade, since i played this game before but uninstalled it without saving but in overall it's a good game ..

Well, this game ia very much amazing. It's graphics are wonderful. Even its good that without our permission, it doesn't produce ads. But one thing is that currently I'm waiting for dungeon level 45. Please update it very soonish. I love this game but I think that you should make mor levels and 45th level is no opening and I want to say that can you please some more games in which adventure, very good story line,guns with sword,back pack,in which we came carry more things and some charecters should be more realistic, extra ordanery with good hair style,shoes,clothes and open world with some vehicles and missions with mor than 50 levels with more strong bose,with a good class.During update make more class..

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