NameRAID Shadow Legends
ReleasePlarium Global Ltd

Try to assemble a powerful team for yourself to save this incredible world. RAID: Shadow Legends will have to unite all the heroes of darkness and light to engage in crazy battles on one of the sides. At this moment, you will have excellent chances of winning; in this case, you can experience the most incredible sensations. Here you will unravel many secrets; they will help you achieve some success.

As soon as you start this project, you find yourself in a natural and quite fantastic world called Teleria. Something unimaginable is happening here now as strange and evil forces attack this world. They are trying to destroy all life; whoever disagrees with them will be destroyed in one moment.

A lot of creatures live here, there are good ones, and there are evil ones. But it was at this moment that they united against a single enemy. It’s time to destroy it and save this planet from destruction. Many heroes and 16 unique factions await your orders. We must assemble a strong team for ourselves to enter into confrontations with the most powerful enemies in the future. You will also face bosses trying to destroy anyone who stands up against them.

RAID Shadow Legends MOD

Played the game for a week, now the game hasn't been able to log me in for a full day. Tried using their in-game ticket system, but it wouldn't load.. I have lost all ambition to play this game ..what y'all are doing with primal shards are a massive slap in the face to long time players like me ..took me years to 2 key UNM and I can't even get primal shards from it ..just super pay to win stuff like hydra and platinum arena ..the greed in this game is absolutely insane...over the top prices and making everything almost impossible to get has sucked the soul right out of this game .. takes 17 years to hit mercy on primals for f2p. trash game.. at first seems good but then turns into a cash cow. avoid this game people. until they fix there reward system and tournaments and events scoring system then stay clear. this game forces you to pay to play or else its a waste of time. the response to this review says it all, the system is terrible and is a pay to play game, the tournaments use all tour energy and you cannot even get the rewards, the game is set up to make you spend or waste all your time playing for nothing.. The game is very pay to win, especially with the introduction of primal shards and mythical champions. I get it, nobody works for free, but you can still make lots of money without being so overly greedy and making your game so financially predatory, losing your middle class financial supporters in the process. I'm only giving it , instead of , because of how cool the lore and aesthetics are. You can thank your creative team for that (writers, artists, designers, etc). very fun games no doubt soon as I started playing yesterday I'm instantly in love with this game the game owners must be proud.

RAID Shadow Legends APK

love the game, just once in a while I'll have to reload the game. But the game is still amazing game to play.. 15 straight matches and 19 out of 20 matches earned me nothing but blue accessories on hard spider level 6, which is absolutely unbelievable. It's not RNG, it's just fixed.. Not fun anymore, gets repetitive and it's the same thing over and over again, had to stop playing because the new mythical shards are trash, absolutely will not play ever again, I'm so disappointed. I love it but I wish it was more easy to get the legendary characters because iam tired of waiting a long time to get the yellow shards and some of them have more then one or two legendary character. And iam thinking of just delete me game and never play again.

RAID Shadow Legends APK

Game is good until you run out of energy and u just have to wait to fill it and still not be able to exhaust the free daily automatic runs and also the 2x speed feels like a 1x meanwhile the 1x feels like im playing it in slow motion. Well, the question that I had in mind was if Sun Wukong Vs. Baron In A 1v1 Who would win? Also they'll both fully maxed out!. This game just took away one of my best characters Would not recommend Oh and that's the only problem I have with this game so far. My experience has been great up until 4 or 5 days ago. Don't know what is going on but I can't log in and I can't make a ticket for support thinking about uninstalling to see if that will help.. But other than that I love the game I've played it for 110+ straight days...

RAID Shadow Legends APK

Like the concept but a little to greedy as far as paying to get shards to only get rare heroes which are seeming not that good wasted money. Very good game that give you many free items and can be played with no high investment, but like many similar games you need to have very high luck to get good heroes.. Here we are in 2023 where the power creep in this game has made it impossible for even existing players to keep up (at least in arena). Hydra clash is dominated by specific champions and arena is not viable for veteran players let alone new players. With the introduction of certain gears sets, blessings, and empowering champions, the gap continues to grow. Ah, let's not forget about the constant pop ups to but their stuff or their new Prism Crystal where they bait F2P into thinking they can use. I love the game, but I had to get a new phone and lost my game. While customer service did respond quickly and try for days to resolve the situation, Plarium refused my every attempt to sign in, so I'd have to start over at level 1, if I decide to play the game again..

The primal shards should not have had rare champs in them. They should've been epic and higher. Disappointing. Update. Thanks for the response. But it leaves me feeling less than optimistic that anything will change. Either way, I won't be using those shards again.. I really like raid Shadow Legends but they want too much money for their crystal shards without the shards you won't be able to get anywhere in the game. The game is good but I have 3 things I didn't like first: to increase the gear level there's a high chance you will fail depend on the gear itself which will be a waste of money second: when you want to remove it you must also spend money third: The spider boss is way too difficult even in the first stage no matter how high my level.. lower the difficulty and remove the money thing from the gears and the game will be much better. Got recommended by mrspanda1517 on twitch she was sponsored by raid and I mean I really enjoy the game happy she shouted it out.

this game is diverse and has great graphics straight forward gameplay and endless options and bonuses, I'm really surprised and feel sad I didn't download it sooner. lol. Played raid with Google account. Spent hundreds of dollars. No we don't have Google login option. All my time, effort and MONEY is lost.. Everything are fine, just one thing: Sunwukong when he changes enemy to become goat please don't change enemy power to half because sometimes their power is less than half already, that means you increase their power instead of reduce it. Ok,granted, I just got this for a mission on the app WEBTOON,and I got to level 10 with the 24-hour mark, and it didn't work? But aside from that, I think this game is really good. I love how you don't have to pay to win with a lot of games that are this type of concept. It's really good,I enjoy it. I was planning on doing the quest, then delete it, but I'm not gonna do that because this is more fun than I thought. Edit: I was wrong, I have to do all, but good game! I liked it, so 4 star..

THE COMPANY THAT MAKEZ THIS GAME, ARE THE SAME COMPANY THAT MANAGES GAMES IN REAL CASINO. YOU DO THE MATH YES OFCOZ ITS F2P IN THIS CASE IS FOOLED 2 PAY!. If you enjoy spending a lot of money and having very little quality of life for gamers this is your game. Otherwise the visuals are pretty good and not too cartoony.. The game was great until now because I can not get any of the 7 day login every day I check it never gives me the reward. Before I realized it ... spent a couple of hundred bucks on it (was stalled at a level - unless I did) and got addicted to the ad's and shortcuts.

Why the referral links dont work ive invited bunch of new friends with new devices and none of them work, ive contacted support and still nothing. Please respond. Predatory p2w, boring, bland, bad. Only positive is goodish graphics, but that comes at the cost of horrific performance.. Redpwnloaded the game after a few years mf wanna limit everyone to one promo code only 1/6 and blocking ads does. not work.. Latest update is not happening,..will cost me my 90 day run,..the game is fun,..but Fix the issue with latest update,.. All is well but will not give better stars just because it takes forever anda shard to get mythical legendary or epic unless one forks out federal reserve bank notes or whatever central bankster tender in any specific country, I mean corporation one is a resident in, like the game though,.. Time to go level up my dudes,...

Concept is alright with the champions and building items. Execution is very poor. The odds of getting a high tier champion is about 0.5% mythic. The legendary (sacred) shard 6% for a legendary and increses by 2%. You can get very few of these as a F2P. Whales and Krakens are running rampant in the arena. You have more energy to spend but you have to replay the same battles to get what you need. You can only have 30 auto battles which you can only buy more with irl money. Very unfair game for F2P. My progress in soul summon chase not showing up for the last 2days and I'm not the only one having these issues. Rules for this game. 1. Don't spend $ on it. 2. Everything takes time and energy, so planning is key. 3. Advertising is constantly wasting time. 4. Process is best one characters at a time.. Boring p2w and lies in sponserships. I'm tired of seeing ads. I played two days and will never play again, leave me tf alone.

This game is amazing but it gets very tricky when you get passed the dragon I have been getting the best characters and I'm happy but you get the same one all the time is the worst. Brand new primal shards! Get your mythic hero! Here is the thing. There are 5 myth heroes, I think. Hundreds of others that can be pulled from all other shards. Myth shards are approximately $10 usd a piece.... You'd have to spend literally thousands and still not be guaranteed a myth champ. Plarium is nothing but a greed pit. Boycott the store. Buy nothing. Show them its no longer okay to abuse its players. EA junior is what they are. Disgusting and greedy.. Pros - An OK game for a mobile. Great variety of characters. Many events to try and do. Has PvE and PvP Cons - MANY ADS to purchase in game content. All purchases are way overpriced for what you get. Obviously P2W in most cases (most events and pvp). Most events to get somewhere requires purchases. Supporting/playing the game is not enough for this company to get somewhere as much as pay to progress.. Ridiculous overpriced cash grabbing pay2win game. Before the change in management, the game was somewhat f2p friendly but even then their gacha pull rates are trash and even worse than Genshin impact rates. Even the pitty system is a literally "not even worth it" trash gimmick. I don't know who is responsible for their analytics but that is a huge "L"! Game graphics and overall game play is worth a 5* rating but the rest is just a plarium dumb idea, even whales n krakens are leaving smh!.

There was a recent or there is actually still going on right now. And event 40 void you get a free seer. There was no heads up or early notification to save these. I'm tired of playing this game and I'm losing out every time. It's the simplest characters that are too hard to get . We end up getting sucked in to one hole after another. I'm tired. I've spent a lot of money on this game and I can't get the characters that I want with something free.. I absolutely Love this game. I just wish it wasnt so difficult for players who dont make much money to advance and enjoy more. It is way too difficult to earn anything higher than a lesser potion. You have to leave it to your "miltipliers" to earn anything, but it doesnt give you the satisfaction of playing the game and you can't do anything else with your phone while they fight for you. There are definitely some points for improvement. Other than that, I am stuck with it because it's still fun. I'd just increase the drop rate a little for the legendary and mythical class to kinda even out the pay to win and those that play for free. Dont let them win cause they paid , still required them to be good at the game. Primal shards = 65% rare, final straw. Way to ruin your hands Plarium. I'll not be going down with the ship tho..

Why do these red ancient shards cost so much? Please bring back the old rewards to tournament. A red ancient as a top tier reward is garbage. Might as well be a 3 star chicken.. 2 or 3 updates ago the game stopped opening. I've cleared cash, cleared data, reinstalled and restarted my phone. Nothing, I keep getting a pop-up to re-login support cancel. I'm unable to open a support ticket, and no matter what I do can't load or start a new game.. Just wasted 30$ on 20 rares I already had I'm personally done wasting money on this game..10x ancient shards and can't even get a guaranteed epic drop. Trash. This reply is moronic..platinum isnt about their players having fun. They are about our money and only our money.. I am so angry I lost my account because I accidentally disconnected my Facebook from it and literally have no way back in even after I went to the support and gave them my nickname on there and my clan name and a screenshot from the account of one of my legendary champions (R.I.P. Nehon426) also I did email back like they asked in their reply to my review and I got no respond.

This game is really good but there is a problem it is that the enemy get 4 turns and in that same time I get 1 turn also why do you need to use coins to change or remove gear from a character that's ridiculous that the equivalent of having to use coins to put on gear.

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