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Action game with exciting gameplay with RPG elements. Epic Conquest is an action game with thrilling gameplay and RPG elements in which players will participate in dynamic battles. If you like such games, then be sure to download Epic Conquest for Android. After the start, the player must choose one of the two characters presented. In the game, you can play as a girl or a guy. In addition to differences in appearance, each of them has different skills and abilities. After choosing, you will go to save the game world from destruction. Supernatural forces threaten all humanity, and you must prevent them from destroying the whole world.

You will be confronted by demons in huge numbers. Each time there will be more and more of them, and your task is to destroy them all, preventing them from capturing the world of people. As mentioned above, each of the presented heroes has skills and abilities. Use them in the battle to destroy more opponents. Each successful match will bring you coins as well as experience. Coins are needed to buy new equipment, and expertise is required to improve skills. Also, do not forget to upgrade the characteristics of the character. Download Epic Conquest for Android and join the battle.

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