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Knighthood – Fantasy RPG with interesting gameplay. Before you is an excellent RPG for Android devices, in which you will go on a journey through a fantasy universe, where many exciting adventures and trials await you.

Download Knighthood for Android if you like this kind of game. During the journey, you will complete various tasks, as well as fight giant monsters and many different enemies that will try to destroy you. You will play as a recruit of an ancient order of knights. You have a huge responsibility on your shoulders. You must destroy the monsters wreaking havoc in the lands of the kingdom, as well as pass a series of tests that will help activate the powers of the magic fist. This will ultimately help you destroy the universal evil and establish peace on earth.

Before you go on a journey, you need to come up with a name for your hero and modify it a bit. Next, you will travel through dungeons with a bunch of enemies, as well as various cities where you will fight enemies with one finger. All battles take place in turn-based mode. There is no time limit, so you will have time to think about your actions. Download Knighthood for Android and start playing.

Knighthood MOD

Great game, would have given it 5 starts if the app didn't keep closing on me for no apparent reason. Please fix this. This game is a damn Joy Drainer, nothing about this is FUN, it'll only stress you out. & no matter how hard you try to convince the Dev's, the truth of it all is that they just simply don't care, WHY? well it's quite obvious if you're not blinded by your own Delusion that they might listen . If they had, don't you think they would have done something by now? Too bad you got your hopes up for a bunch of money hungry Dev's that's only obviously out to get YOU to empty your wallets.. i had an acount that had prenium i logged after several days at the account was gone....i tried contact the customer support but it sucked cause it asked so many info....i gave my money for nothing it seems. I love the grinding. But somehow you will feel that eventually, you would need to pay just for you to proceed. But it was a great concept. I like the game. Thanks anyway.. Been Playing this game for 2.5 years now. I've made some pretty awesome friends through my guild. 6 stars if I could..

Knighthood APK

Only been playing a couple of days but, this mobile game is pretty awesome, so far. Great graphics, great mechanics, good storyline. Will post a more thorough review once I've logged more game time.. Great game, it's a bit of a grind but worth it, new owners of the company so will have to see how that effects things but new heros and event already after so many years seems like it's going to be a good thing.. good at first but will force you to spend as you progress, pity it has potential to be one of the rare gems in the play store.. A lot more than I thought, good graphics, fun gameplay for a fantasy knight theme, quite versatile and I always find myself spending hours playing..

Knighthood APK

Excellent game & good graphics, with solo & guild playing options. Basic gameplay remains the same but with enough challenges to keep you interested. You can get quite far without paying, but the mid 40 levels onwards become a long grind without spending money. Downside is paid packages are ridiculously priced & not always good value for the number of items needed to progress.. Can you bring back the deluxe chest in next guild war I'm so disappointed in last war about the common chest you give... Can't even play it now. It says I have to allow storage options but there isn't any storage options to allow. I remember the Game Progressed so much, that I stopped playing, but always come when the bounty monster appeared, also here I was, I think in the beta, maybe so, Well I remember my 1st knight hood character has been put to rest, his Legendary days are over, YEYE Master yet too remains, they and the person who made YEYE inspired me to this world, 20?? to 2022 now the New Reign, and Era of HollyWood Undead, Begins! I Will Remain In This Game until the End of it's Glory, my ath has been Sealed..

Knighthood APK

overwhelmed with pop up micro transactions and the cheapest one is $10 for some crates (easily obtainable) or $40 for a weapon cosmetic item, game play is simple creatures are the same cookie cutter design type just different colors not to mention super grindy and I mean grindy been at it for 5 years and have yet to see the end story guilds are either dead or full of people who want to commit 180% of your day to the game(was woken up countless times at 3 am to fight a guild boss right then). Wow, Guild War changes really suck and punish most of the United States, but especially the West Coast who are all asleep for the rewards payouts at the end of each day. Go back to having multiple payouts each day so all parts of the world have a chance to get rewards. And, bring back the Deluxe Equipment Chests! Update: Guild Wars not even worth my time daily as a West Coaster. Also, the game crashes when you try to upgrade gear from The Rift (donating to the Lady).. I'm really enjoying it so far, hopefully it stays that way lmao Edit: nevermind I got mad bored, grind is boring, gameplay is still good but just doesn't feel worthwhile. I appreciate my time with this game.. Connection issue: Unable to login into the game when my phone is connect to wifi but no issue to play with mobile data. (I can play MOBA game with wifi at low PING).

The game was good, nice graphics and a strategy game, while customized my knight. But a big problem on day 2 of playing this game is that it can't connect to the se Server. When can you fix it?. Difficulty feels fake. You will be winning and out of nowhere the enemy will do a move that takes 90% of your shields and health. Literally go from winning to dying the next turn.. The game is pretty good no lagging but it gets kind of boring and it's kind of a little tooooo hard so I stopped plating and just deleted the game. pls make it possible to remove weapons I've put on the lady of the lake mythic weapon place I put weapons on I didn't want to.

Additive! Lot's of stuff to do in the game, nice progression playing for free although a bit slow after lv60 still one of the best rpg games I've played. Exceptional! I wait before I review a game, Devs like to put a pay wall well into a game before you encounter it. That is not the case here! Seems like the Dev has focused greatly on player experience, amazingly. Sure there is a grind, and it's a GRIND, but it's also made enjoyable. I make purchases to support and enjoy not because I feel forced! 5* UPDATE: three years and still playing.. I play this on my dad's phone and I really want it and I love it I'm going to make my own character and it's going to be fun I love this game so bad I am going to have it I think my character is going to be cute I love this game and I hope you don't think bad thoughts about this game because it's amazing and I love all the texture love all the clothes and it's really cool I love it I . Graphics are really cool The game loop is fun. If you are a grinder you will certainly get what you're looking for, if you are a casual the game stays there for you without the need of constantly log in.

Fun. Looks great. Been playing for almost a week. Easy to complete daily quests. Don't run out of energy too often.. A bit grindy but a whole lotta fun. New player experience is lacking though, why would you tell me to dismantle things when the surplus equipment is necessary for crafting? Which by the way, the game takes a good while to get to since it's progression locked. Blunders like that just slow down the player's growth and just makes them less likely to keep playing.. Is a good mobile rpg that is engaging and fun. Has kept my attention over most of my other mobile games and easily in my top 5. Really love the game a lot to do and cool graphics and storyline! Almost done with the story and still haveing fun!.

The game gets stuck after every pvp arena game ... And when i restart the game i lose the arena match i even wait 5 or 10 minutes but it doesnt go to the results screen pls fix it i cant play like this. I have played this game before and really enjoyed it but got a new phone and now it's asking for storage permissions that I can't even find in my phone to enable try and fix the game so I can enjoy it again please and thank you. This is the best free game I've ever played. The fact that they don't have forced ads is enough to give it 5 stars alone and there's actually developers that listen to their fans and help keep the game fresh while not completely overwhelming new players. I started playing this game a year ago and I've played it almost every single day since. Highly recommend and I hope this game never gets old.. The game is really fun, but can be grindy sometimes and stamina is really annoying, the biggest problem is when I play this my phone starts to heat up, like how? I play starrail and it doesn't heat it up at all, y'all need to like optimize your game or something..

Game is pretty fun, I'm level 32 outta sixty. You can pay to advance quickly or to get stuff to deck your character out visually, or you can just grind slowly. I just got something cool from a chest right before I wrote this review. Overall pleasant time killer before bed. Give it a try. After I wrote this review the Dev's emailed me to say thanks for my review. So they are paying attention to posts from users which is a good thing.. Once you get to Level 30 it's grind to get materials to rank up armor and weapons which gets annoying, cause they want you to spend money. The artwork is fun and new. Gameplay is straightforward single tap. Overall so far game is fun but will see at higher levels.. It's a great game adventurous,fun,easy to enjoy. Not a p2p game but as with all games you will advance faster so my suggestion is download it and enjoy.

Fun game, a bit grindy in the mid game, but lately wildly unstable and crashes fairly regularly. Any game that relies on time recharged stamina and resources then crashes causing you to waste those resources becomes quickly unplayable.. Edited my review from 5 stars to 2. I quit playing due to a major pay wall aspect at level 40. I'd play every day and not make progress on leveling gear, advancing rarities, heroes, story missions, etc. I was stuck. It's obvious the devs want you to spend a good amount of money to advance. Sad because the game was amazing up to that point. Edit: the dev comment is hilarious. By "training" they mean buying power. The game heavily relies on microtransactions to advance once you hit a wall.. Nice game, lots to do but also their in app purchases are kinda predatory popping up randomly and always trying to draw attention and cluttering the screen. I wish i could turn that off.. Brilliant award winning game that has something for everyone and keeps delivering. You don't have to spend a single penny (although it helps) and there are the no adverts (only when opening a certain chest or reward). Good community and friendly guilds. There is a certain level of grinding, but the satisfaction of completion and the varied ways in which to do so outweigh this. Lots of events and updates. I do hope that they add a new area; the map possibly hints as such. They'd be crazy not to..

Gets unfair pretty fast in order to steer players to the Cash-Shop. Additionally, stamina depletion becomes an issue early on, also as an incentive to spend money. Best of all, the pricing is very steep for such a generic game. Uninstalled.. Awesome game, really loving the style, gameplay and the possibilities, but once you hit level 20 and so on it gets tough as nails to grind up your levels, armor, weapons and heroes. It pushes spending gems a lot. And in a sense the game has a slight pay to win feature since you can buy blue gear off the bat with the promotional stuff and you can buy all resources, gold, etc with gems. Love the game still, but the fence sized paywall is a bit offputting in late game.. The game is great and you progress fairly quickly, it just gets slower very quickly as you have to wait a week to be able to get more materials to upgrade armor. Otherwise an amazing game. I am not lying, this game is awesome, but my phone is too weak to play the game, so I will get a new one or make the phone reset to play it again, btw this game deserves to get 100million downloads, keep up the good work and make a new game, I really wanna see your talents.

Honestly all round amazing! GRAPHICS ON POINT! GAMEPLAY ON POINT! OBTAINING ITEMS AND GEAR, ON POINT! STORY could be overwhelming but if you really enjoy it as I do, you know it's all necessary for maxing the opportunity for leveling up. OVERALL, ON POINT!. If you like action rpgs you have to try this game. Tons of customization and very free to play friendly. You never run out of things to do, as you progress you just unlock more challenges. This game just gets better as time goes on. The guild war was my only gripe but they rebalanced it and it is much more approachable. The new event season with brand new characters is so exciting and there's nonbinary representation, which makes me feel seen and more connected with the in game world.. It would be nice if there was a money exchange system so you can help players who need some help.. This game comes with a significant financial risk, they have a track record of taking your money and in cases where you encounter difficulties claiming your purchased items, they will discount their customers, and pretty much say stiff biscuits, their response was "thats how the mechanics work" . My advice Don't pay for a thing in this game, because when it comes to the service, they will take your money even if you don't get what you paid for because of a mechanical choice. Beware..

Fun to pick up and play for a little or a long time. Pretty generous with in game currency. It does get pretty grindy later in the game but I still feel it's pay to enhance game play as opposed to pay to win. There is no need to spend money in order to enjoy the game.. Very good, even with a few loading bugs. This game starts slow with little choice but quickly escalates into a great game with great animation and style.. It's a fun game but slams you at about level 20 with grinds and stuff to stay relevant to the area otherwise it's quite fun.

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