NameDragon Strike Puzzle RPG
ReleaseEmber Entertainment

Brand new epic toy. In Dragon Strike Puzzle RPG, another match 3 toy that includes the best elements of building and crazy puzzles. Test your abilities in PvP battles on a huge arena! Build your mighty empire, develop in front of everyone, and experience the crazy possibilities of the game project. If you join the fight, you can strike the dragon, make incredible combos, and get fantastic bonuses. Try to summon a large number of heroes, as well as crazy dragons. Level up your empire, dragons, and heroes.

In the big arena, you can fight against the most potent opponents worldwide, get total satisfaction from everything that happens, and participate in dynamic battles. You can create a powerful alliance, take the highest place and be the leader in the local standings. The same fantastic world awaits you, from which it will be impossible to tear yourself away. Explore it, face dangerous monsters, and find the most incredible treasures. Soon you can create this mighty army of dragons, inflict a fatal blow on a powerful enemy and win a dizzying victory.

Dragon Strike Puzzle RPG MOD

This is the first match three rpg game played great start to it. Hope it stays the same all the way through. This game is a major headache. It's constantly trying to I stall assets and if it can't do that you get to retry which will totally close out you game or else you can contact customer support in which, I have never had any really solutions from doing that.. Great turn-based attack mechanics with piece-matching variations during different types of matches. Fun gameplay & collection mechanics that let the player be as focused or as casual as they want. GALA integration is a plus, especially if you're interested in functional NFTs.. I have been playing about three months and I am giving up. I can't advance without spending money I don't have. Just too frustrating.. Just another souless pay 2 win nft cash grab from gala. Any plans to upgrade the free user experience to pleasant or fun? Honestly quit playing a few days ago. I found myself at an empass, not having fun or progressing, unwilling to flush money into a p2w cash grab game. If perhaps gameplay was fun or rewarding, instead of punitive and punishing, I might consider spending. But the world already has to many mobile games that aren't fun and expect you to buy your way out of lousy game experience..

Dragon Strike Puzzle RPG APK

Needs optimized for zfold 4 when the phone is small screen, it messes up touch and the screen is grayed out in weird portions. Other than that, great job!. A lot to learn in this cheery looking game. There's time limits to upgrading the rpg elements and entering the arena. A good casual game.. Love this game . Play E&P / Myth Wars for years and was looking for something different and I found it with this game . Would definitely recommend it and will do so. Excellent potential here! Great puzzle game on the gala blockchain. Awesome graphics and very fun. Give it a go and see for yourself..

Dragon Strike Puzzle RPG APK

Awesome game, a few moaners chatting about p2w, this isnt true. Did the tutorial in about 5 mins no different to another game. After 6 days of play got an NFT and already halfway to my next NFT.. I opened the game, was greeted with background music I don't want, wasn't given the chance to even switch off the game sounds because I was forced into a long punishing tutorial that seemed to never end. 30 minutes later, I'm still in the annoying tutorial mode where I'm not allowed to do anything other than follow the tutorial directions. Got such of it and uninstalled it without really getting to experience the game.. Never have nothing to do I've been waiting for the ads to come pressuring to buy but so far so good!!. A match 3 or more adventure/battle game with Kingdom Builder aspects. Connected to the gala network, nft characters you can actually own..

Dragon Strike Puzzle RPG APK

Good experience so far, I like the puzzle combat and the base building is staring to become funner and easier to manage as the levels progress.. This game is amazing and so time consuming as I have been playing for days n never put the game down apart from when eating. I would recommend this game to everyone who loves RPG games. Excellent thank you. Has potential. But I get to the tutorial to use a motion and I cannot click it so get stuck. I like the fact that this game has block chain and crypto currency aspects to it. When I play I am building something I can use in the real world. This is the future of gaming..

Just another mindless game designed to take people's money. Win in beginning, but then without buying stuff with real money, can't proceed. Boring. No fun. I do like the game, but when I play the game has the tendency to close out for no reason.. Not just another match-3 game. A lot of inner dynamics make it a strategy and very fun game. Ember Games did a great job, and now with Gala it'll thrive! LFG!!. Fun game to play. Adds are a choice, Click to watch & get rewarded with some gems. Pretty much a grind like similar games only with this one, you can actually own the hero cards you summon & advance. The hero cards can be sold to other players if you wanted to do that, by linking your game account to Gala. So yeah, all your work is not wasted, you actually get to own your Heroes as NFT cards to keep forever, or trade with other players..

This is a good game. Very addictive and challenging... the only game i play for a long time on phone.. This is a very fun game. Great to play when you are stressed want to relax from a hard at work.

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