NameIdle Archer Tower Defense
ReleaseNeon Play

Idle Archer Tower Defense is where you should use your archery expertise to destroy monsters in medieval occasions. You will not have the posh of utilizing advanced weapons. Idle Archer Tower Defense has enjoyable arcade fashion graphics. The completely different environments look nice, and the characters are nicely designed. The animations are straightforward, and the general impact is vivid.

Nevertheless, do not make the error of pondering that the sport is straightforward. The monsters are all able to combat. They may hit your fort onerous, and also you should be strategic in your positions to verify they do not attain your defense. You may as well use the in-game forex to purchase gadgets that aid you in battle. For instance, you should buy traps to break monsters. No matter what you do, ensure you keep one step forward of the demons.

Idle Archer Tower Defense MOD

the gameplay is good but the tutorial is asking me to click on things that AREN'T THERE on chromebook and there's no way to turn the tutorial off. if this wasn't meant for chromebook just lock it like other games not meant for chromebook please fix the resolution problems. good game need 1-2 ads per game (5-20min) no need pay anything repetitive at lvl 500 and 800 no changeing quest for bigger reward (play 5 lvl , kill 100, ..) Very bad in item balance and terible in skill balance. free chest every 2-3 days.. Great game, but not idle nor an RPG. It's more like a single tower survival rogue like game. Really fun and worth your time if you're into that kind of thing.. Hi i enjoyed the game and put a lot of time in it and now it keeps on stoping in the middle of the game please fix once its fix ill update my rating. I like the game a lot but the only thing I can change is went go to play only give you 2 options or from the beginning or the last chapter it would be better anyone can choose which chapter to star playing.

Idle Archer Tower Defense APK

I like this game, you can even grind getting gems by playing the game alone. :o The Problem is, every ad appearance will crash the game, current now Jan 14, the game puts ads not on every claim or every end of boss battle or end of the game, that makes me disappointed on the future of those ads, yesterday, I didn't receive this ad thing, yesterday's problem is, the game slows down super and lags my game, and ads crash if you ever try to do the task that consist ad reward thing, fix the game. :/. The game was fun at first but at the long run, especially when you hit above level 100 the game is getting harder to achieve. Unless you spent time on ads which is a LOT and if you have money it will be easy. If you want Upgrades just watch ads. Untill it got bored where I have to spend so much on ads and too little on the gameplay to just advamce to the next boss.. This game doesn't even have Google binding in order to save your game progress and avoid losing it, there is indeed load cloud save and cloud save synced but I tried deleting the game, re install it then my short progress were not that saved, it was meant for display feature I suppose. The game was slightly time consuming. Ads run at random. $12.99 to permanently take ads away, with no long-term playability due to characters and items locked with buying them the only way to use them. Games 2/10. not worth the time or download.

Idle Archer Tower Defense APK

After recent update, game still freezes. So frustrating after how much I already spent for this game. Never got to utilize the goblin events because of the freezing.. Talent system is meaningless. Every time you upgrade a talent in the game you get the same level of improvement, but the price increases significantly. The best way to increase your power is to always purchase the cheapest upgrade.. Bsing forced to watch an ad after almost every button press is too obnoxious and locking ad removal behind a 13$ purchase is absurd 5$ maybe but 13 is ludicrous. Very little actual substance. Basic tower defense, but with weird choices even early on. Unusually heavy on pay walls, even for a freemium game, with enormous amounts of ads and poor progression curves even early on..

Idle Archer Tower Defense APK

Love the game! I barely put the game down. I let it play pretty much all day that Im not using my phone at work. By the time I'm home at higher levels, waves are just so large, and skills like "explosive shots" are just eye candy to watch the destruction! Sure, the early game is slow.. but it's all about the higher levels with faster spawn rates, bigger waves, more gold, and xp! Increasing the base stats to start each game more powerful to see how high you can go! The discord community is fun 2!. It would be nice if they extended the levels. I've essentially beaten this game through and through....once you get to the end it just continue endlessly but there no point to playing anymore. It was fun untill then though. Current halted play at level 518. Been playing for months. Should have gone a lot further but getting gems and boosters takes too damned long. Worst of all are ads which are just too damned many. All I want is to get past this level but it's taking too long, it takes tok much time and effort to get gems and even worse are the heroes who are not even free to earn. Really would be worth it more if the game had a lot more access, a lot less adds and more available power ups.. I am the second place so i will give it 5 star. Currently, I am trying to beat the first placer. I think he is the creator of the game hehez.

Game full of ads. Will force you to watch ads without any reward. Sometime ads pop out of sudden. Waste of time playing this game. Good game, but after the new goblins update I can't play at all ! Game gets stuck after 1-2 minutes of playing, any mode. Tried re installing, clearing data and cashe, nothing works. Galaxy s20+. A somewhat functional tower defense game that lies multiple times in its own title. It isn't an idle game or an RPG; it just uses those to increase engagements and downloads. Which it needs to push ads on you. It's less direct with its ads than other games on the Play Store but you'll find advancing without watching ads to boost gold and give you extra keys for equipment and skills to be painfully slow AT BEST. It's cute enough, but like so many mobile games, lacks any real depth or care.. Fun game ruined by greed.. i used to play often.. finally re-download on new device and come to see forced ads every 20 levels.. and even get ads sometimes when claiming some "gifts".. No longer is this a true "Idle" game due to forced ads.. im ok with ads in games i understand the reasoning behind it.. but "forced" ads is a major disappointment in games.. deleted app for this reason.. unfortunate because i used to enjoy the game!.

Great game concept - doing runs and upgrading your character with gold. Unfortunately my game crashes now and then after an ad.. It's a complete ad farm. If you want to make a not so significant progress for the day, you're looking at 11 ads before playing, then an additional 2 ads per round if you want to make a drop of gold. The upgrades are highly insignificant as well. Plus, if you don't want to sit through the slog and wait, you can pay to make things faster, which won't make a difference once you hit level 420. It's a complete ad farm unless you want to pay to remove them. An ad farm, all it is.. Editing my review, after the last update my game wont start anymore, I've tried contact support, but just got ignored.. Great game but you need to spend to level up unless you want to wait for weeks to level up or grind...

This game is a great way to kill some time, I really like the gold caravan challenge, I was wondering if you could implement a similar challenge, but for gems instead. Game is boring. From 690 to 2650 and when it ends be going back to 690. Time consuming. Updates are slow. No new map. No new events. Daily and weekly are the same. Bores me a lot. Also game called idle archer tower defense. And why the skill cant be auto. Useless name, useless game. Game is trash dont download it. Not really an idle game. Enjoyable, but everything is almost reliant on gems which costs money and hard to farm even with ads.. Decent, but leveling up is so unbalanced and complicated. You have to do a play through 30-40 times to have enough gold to upgrade 3 or 4 things one time..

Every boss you defeat is another ads for ya, gameplay too slow cause for a single game i play it for like an hour and its on 2x speed, pay to win. Overall a meh, i will just uninstall it again. I enjoy this game but it's frustrating that almost everytime I watch an add it freezes my game and I have to reset it. Downloaded this game and played it quite a bit... now that you are forcing ads, you've ruined the game... another game I'll be Uninstalling now due to forced ads.... It's fun for a while but it gets tiresome after a while. The timer for when you can use the vagon is buggy. You have to kill the app and relaunch it to get the game to update the timer correctly. All in all a mediocre kind of game. Edit: dev has added WAY more ads to the game in a recent update. Dont waste your time with devs like this..

Pretty good. Ads are for powerups between runs; borderline required since many are direct power. Enemies were barely giving any exp around wave 45, and this was never explained in-game. Meta unlocks and grinding are required to progress, as this is not really a skill-based game.. Playing the game gets tedious at later stages because you're hammering upgrade buttons for a few minutes before you even start playing. Add an option that lets you buy 10 or 20 levels at a time or allows you to hit a button and buy all upgrades up to a certain level/exp amount.. Doesn't save my history if delete and re-install. Can't forward 4x (at least) and make the maps faster when I'm powerful enough to go through the 19 maps waiting for me. Had some fun, but habe to wait too much for nothing. 2 stars for that.. Nice easy-going game, you may stop whenever you want and continue where you left it as it saves your progress ..

Rubbish game after the developer forced you to watch ads after a boss fight. Delete, uninstall, go and play other games instead.. Was a fun game untill the new update or whatever they did to it now ur not allowed to pass any bosses it freezes everytime now can't even play the game. Sucks. i liked and enjoy this game, until suddenly it started enforcing ads poping up on themselves. that is NOT the way to go. ads should never interfere with gameplay, and especially popping up without any ingame purpose is criminal behavior and should be reported as abuse. therefore, one star from me, althogh i would have give this game a better report if it didnt show its real face like this, letting me get involved in the game, and then start spamming with ads. uninstalled and blacklisted.. I'd give 5 stars, but the damn Skeletal Magus mobs are BROKEN and even if you MAX range, they easily obliterate you if ANY other mobs are on the screen. Reduce their F@#$ing Range for crying out loud..

Was great! Would have been 5 starts, but with the latest update we now have ads forced on you in the middle of playing a level. Would have been better to implement an energy system like Mighty Doom has.. Everything great except offline rewards. Its too little to do anything. Its ONLY 7.65K FOR 6 HOURS while I can just continue at my current chapter 8 for 265k + 1.5xads = more than 400K per run. What with "super critical multiplier"? Is there any more hidden upgrades? Attack speed MAX still couldnt keep up with incoming enemies even when 1 shot them. Those dark wizard shoot as soon as they enter ring circle, so range upgrade kinda backfires a bit.. I love this game too much it's really awesome and fun so go and install the game and play for your self and have fun. All the stats you pay to increase get reset each time you dont pay extra to keep them. Each time start a game you have to pay. That sucks. You lose the gold. You don't keep the stats. It basically makes the game pointless because your investments disappear. What a waste. I uninstalled it..

2 star only it made me boring the game, beacause i already claim all the achievement and reach max the RANGE, DAMAGE/METER, CRITICAL CHANCE, CRITICAL MULTIPLIER.. and also i ready reach level 351, Then still 351 level is too very hard to kill, even thu those 4 pannel has reach the max level. I think this game need to expand or add more level for the damage and range , critical. Also add more daily and weekly quest and the achievement. Thats all.

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