NameSelfie Queen Social Star
ReleaseCoco Play By TabTale

There is no point in straining, and you just need to capture your image from the outside. Download Selfie Queen – Social Star for Android. Very soon, you will become a mega-popular model on social networks and a real selfie queen.

Post your incredible photos in amazing outfits, get yourself a lot of followers, and become famous. Have you ever dreamed of becoming so popular and on the top social networks?

This project will be a real opportunity for you. You can take a selfie, show yourself in all its glory, and be remembered for a long time at any moment convenient for you.

Wear the most extraordinary outfits that just have to be in your photo. Don’t forget about cool accessories and win the most incredible contests. Your fantastic apartment will become a great backdrop for future images. Only there can you do everything you need for future selfies.

You can pose, do a professional session and add a particular picture. Experiment with a wide variety of images that will surprise everyone with their beauty. Only a stylist can help you in this complicated matter. Post your pictures on social networks and show everyone how beautiful you are.

Selfie Queen Social Star MOD

This is a good game it has a beautiful clothes and their makeup there are no ads here it is really keeping you entertained . It's an okay game I wish that there were more outfits though. Till then it was a pretty good game.... Lovely game i liked that is my first game very interesting it be have not sleep at home in the best.. This game is good but this is boring to post that picture it should be good if it was a contest not these game is good but not interesting . Can't change hair you have to keep the piss yellow blonde option I understand charging for the game but at least give a few selections for hair and charge for others.

Selfie Queen Social Star APK

This game is so fabulous..I love it but plzz unlock the hair saloon for me..its my request plzz..apart from this ,its quite a good n better game I think..thank u for the game. Awesome game the only thing that sucks is you have to pay for the hair I'm still the #1 top player . A 2 this game has many bugs! And you can access the stylist every few hours, And they don't ask you if u like long or short hair baddie grudge, or softie Clothing Lines, Also not like other games you have to pay to you her hair, Also if you get locked out your phone, You can't get your payments back!! So newbie to CocoPlay, I do not recommend this game!!!. I will give this 5 Star but i try many many times to download it but it won't download please fix it .

Selfie Queen Social Star APK

This is a good game . But in this game The hairstyle is not open but here the stickers are open. Very well, it's stuck when I finished downloading and trying to get in for the first time, I tried 6 times and then it can! I love their clothes and my character is very cool than I thought I am the most popular and selfie queen in there...I enjoy soo much but I have a problems that they are so many adds and most of them have to buy in real money that's my problem I wish you would fix this..And most of people who play this 100%95 may rate 5 stars, and if you didn't maybe 100%23 will rate 5 stars. This game is kind Little bit Boring but it's Cool actually for the first time I've been Playing that game before Then I said"this game is so boring I deleted that game and it Feels like Oh my god I need that game Cause all my Life you've been Faithful o God Because this game is kind of doing selfie Queen I am in I want to take a picture Ching Ching Ching you see now that I am Listening my music with my sister's Earphones. This is a excellent game but some shop are close please request hair shop is closed please open hair shop.

Selfie Queen Social Star APK

This very special game I love it but of course I have a Problem when I go to the game the game started it slow please fix it. This game is awesome . I like the game do you like this game What do you think??????I think this is a great game . This game is awesome ,but it gets boring quickly. It's also to simple to win ,I love games that are hard ,a lot of items are locked , mostly for buying and the ones for coins are much too. Please make it more intresting and open more items.. The following eight e my ieowye iwpe toy episode is a great time in my life I have a great time and consideration when the next week to get to see if I can be a good time to time by paying a fee to my email is intended only a small amount you ew a great time with the first one I sent you regarding your question my best re my name and address of your w I have to go with a lot of fun night at our office t my w a great time and consideration in advance and I love it if I love the opportunity and wo.

It's not a game it's my favorite idol but I hope I can eran enough money but it's my favorite . Mishba ghanchi Njavgiw. Fisbtiwv to Kasi ha I love it I miss you so Rahi you want me tayyaba kae to Kasi Williams Sonoma state of emergency in a while but I miss my family is ko patha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha thake nahi jay gey you have any idea to get the kids to bed now but I will try my family and I miss the kids and my. I like the game cause of this game is amazing...... I reallly love this game , have different shops , different dressses ....... And cause of taking pictures or selfie ....... This game is very good game ,But only promise u send me a letter writing a letter to my brother Rayan I am not coming to School because I am a girl and I have completed the notes so I am not sure if the answer is the same with out of stones.

I don't like it well the Outfits and the others yeah I like it but the ads keep popping up every 1m And I'm seriously getting tried of it so I decided to delete the game so can you PLEASE stop making the ads 1m it's seriously Giving me a headche you're other games are awesome but not this one so please stop making this for 1m. I like this game but it takes lots of time and my data will expi today andand it is slow but i got to wait a long time and i will cry and you should love it sfun,funny ,cool awsome,and i rate for ir. I like the game but l l can not play it if l play it it will not work tomorrow all the coco games.

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