NameTaichi Panda
ReleaseSnail Games USA Inc

Freshly baked masterpiece in the field of mobile RPG games! Taichi Panda is a great game project developed in RPG style by Snail Games. This entertaining world will be able to open the gate for you at one moment, where you will have to choose your own hero.

It will turn out to be a completely clumsy panda that can hit any of its opponents. Now your task is to defeat a very evil monk, it was this monster who decided to upset the peaceful balance in the world and destroy him. From the very beginning, it seems that it will be very easy to defeat him, but this is not at all the case.

The game is simply crammed with the most interesting locations, as well as very highly intelligent villains, which will not be easy to destroy. Excellent graphics, where mysticism takes the first place and this makes it more interesting to play this game. Now you can feel like a real hero who can save this world from real evil.

Taichi Panda MOD

I've spent over $2000.00 playing this game. Top-ups and gear buys. Seen other players spend way more than that..... so not worth it. It's not even a pay to win. Its a pay to just play. . Downloaded the recent update and it deleted 3 years worth of work all my characters are gone and I gotta start from scratch when this issue is fixed I'll gladly put my rating back to 5 Stars. My partner has been logging in with facebook and when she contacted snail about the issue ( facebook logg in its broken) they ask her to proove the last 2 top ups of the account with screenshot even tho she s vip 10 First you ask me to proove im paying to fix my issue , and secon ur asking for screenshot from an account THAT CANT BE LOGGED R u bumped in the head or something ?. Game tels me to allow storage in settings yet when i go there it has no option for what is requested idk why i must do this whenbi never had the issue b4 reinstalling this game 24h b4 i delete or block this game if not fix 24 hours. I have played this game awhile ago as well as spent money on it now i cant get all my characters back as well as the game wont even load for me and this has been going on for awhile now.

Taichi Panda APK

Used to play this game a lot growing up... can't even load past the main screen without it crashing saying I have no storage. Very sad.. This app will not work for me. It keeps telling me to allow storage settings in order to make it run correctly, but when I go to the storage settings for this app, there is nothing I can do... I am unable to play it... and I should have enough internal storage to run this game, too... what am I doing wrong? Is the game just broken? Can I not play it on my tablet? FIX THIS GAME NOW. Used to be a great game, but it just continues to crash saying storage error, when everything is actually fine... I've been playing this game since 2016... big sad it's not working. UPDATE: NEW update it say allow internal storage.....I can't solve tried everything ...I can't get in the game. .....there are server issues. Not sure but looks like they merged servers and it mess up with the game and accounts. Iam NOT able to join my account. I don't want to start again from zero scratch, I paid money to my account. Solve the problem.

Taichi Panda APK

It saying allow storage in settings, click taichi panda to run normally. I keep looking for how many hours. But still the same ITS NOT RUNNING.... Can't login my is asking to give storage permission...but in app permission it doesn't have storage option...officals are giving silly excuses...change other device & we are trying to fix it in our next update...but after a month still the problem isn't fixed. It asks for storage options to be activated but there are none that i can see to activate. I was looking to do it manually but still after 30 min of trying and looking through all the settings on my phone couldn't find anything. Fix the damn game. Game is 100% broken for me. Gives a 404 error. I close out that window. Says I need to enable storage permission in settings. I go to do that and there is no storage permission to enable..

Taichi Panda APK

Love the game, but haven't been able to play for a couple months due to crashing every time I try load it, any idea on how to fix it?. Sadly, I can't give it a zero. Can't even get into the game! It keeps telling me to give it permission for my data. I turned everything on and gave it access to everything and still NOTHING. I was really looking forward to playing this.. Been playing since 2017 after 4 yrs I reinstall again I did log in for few days but after again I can't log in back and the bytes keep taking space. This was a good game long time. But today you will be transfer from server to another and you don't know your clan anymore as every time keeps changing. Seems like they don't fix problems on the players at all.Fishy. I can't recommend this game anymore. Waste of time and money.. I can't even open the game anymore Just took a one month break for my exam but now it's won't open pls do something about it.

The game is not working I can download it open but once I do it kicks me out of it !! My phone is 22 ultra. Elkezdtem, de minden jatekos leirja, hogy a jutalmazasi rendszer elavult es nem is kedvez a jatekosoknak, kizarolag penzert lehet jutalamat kapni. Ez annyira elfogadhatatlan, hogy muszaly ide is jelezni. Barmely mas jatekkoal osszehasonlitom ezt, igy nem erdemes meg belekezdeni sem! +info : -last update = DowNgrade all rewards/2 in abyss, watching Advert. before update 100dia., "update" after 25dia. Congratzt nice downgrade, Happy Xmas. Love it first time trying great graphics and story line love his drunken kung Fu moves ..also love that you fight manually but autopath when going to locations so you are involved with the game not just watching good soundtrack and scenery. I don't like it because I acedently switched the server and I lost my character edit: I love this game absolutely mint.

for the past year or so when ever i log into the game it does not svae the sever i actually have charaters on. it ranomly selects a new server everytime even after i select the one that i do. so please fix it. My radiant wings prize is missing I already sent screenshot and email to your support team still no resolution pls fix thanks 4 yewrs and still issue not fix. Ill give this game 5 stars if im able to get back on it, it kicked me off and tells me to delete anf reinstall from google play store yet it says same thing after i do it, its been this way for months. I used to play this few years ago, now that i want to play it again, It seems they reset or deleted all data. And seems there so many issues i cant change server. what the hell happened to this game? Sad.

The game is so glitchy. I feel like it's purposely messing me over on a title I was working towards. It keeps kicking me out of the game when I try to get into the instance. I don't think they do any maintenance to this game but they sure do take your money.. Can someone please help me on this game cause its about to pi** me the fu** off. All it says it network err please check your network and my phone has good enough data and all my other games are doing just fine so whats up with this one. I also played this game for years and i love it i also even spent credit on it so if it ends up starting all over again like it did the last 4 times im gonna start getting pis**d of wanting a refund but if i could get back into it and play that would be better.. Can someone help me I delete taichi panda it is keep saying install it and download it back to get your login pls help. HIT was Nexons best game and has been gone for some time darkness rises has grown to big and in favor of paying players and the last mmoprg i think is named V is trash. AxE is okay but failed everybodies expectations Nexon used to be my favorite company but it seems Netmarble has taken that place.

I do love the game. But i no longer play it so i was hoping to get a refund. And hopefully someday i will rejoin this game. So all i ask is for a refund. I can't change the server, it connects automatically when I try to change for old server to find my ald acc. Login game is tricky for snail acc,gmail is fine,u got directly to your server.use some trick to go to my server for snail acc.great game so far. Excellent I really enjoy the game I wish there were many many more games at this one man fast movie wild you know I'm so excited I'll be playing it all night long sometime I don't even get to sleep till the next day I'm so into it thank you for this game please get more games like this looking forward to it.

I can't change servers. I have characters on other servers and now I can't get to them. Also some areas in the chapters instantly crash the game, which makes them impossible to complete.. as someone who has been playing this game since 2015, i can safely say that this game goes from a fun action rpg with mid pvp to a menu simulator as alot of the good gear you'll be getting in the game is from menus and is the ultimate reason why i quit playing since the game is just no longer engaging and the story is pointless like most mobile mmo's.. Recent update has merged AU server and EU. Thus this renders the AU players screwed as the ping is bad, we now run off EU time ie 14 hours behind which basically if any AU players wanna play BR expect to play from 1am onwards. This merge would've been good if the connectivity to the server wasn't as bad but this really defeats the purpose of playing now. Maybe this was snails ultimate goal, to sacrifice AU and capitilise on player loss.. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. It was a really good game....but I reinstalled and came to find out that all my progress was on a server that I can't join. 4 years of progress are gone because I'm forced to restart in stasis server EVERY SINGLE TIME. Do yourself a favor, don't play this game unless it's your entire life. As soon as you log off or reinstall game or change phones, it's all gone..

Make Premium game , After reaching 5/10 level you can't upgrade so you need money to buy stuf so ok uninstall time but i love this game. 5 years playing and not a single map added. This game is dead, only a pay to play pvp game. Very disappointed and no fun anymore.. Honestly the devs should really come back to this game, it is shining like it never has before, the game can be P2W at times but as F2P it's really enjoyable as well, there are lots of events in which you should save up for to get the most of, and I really love those types of games, it's fun doing all of the fun stuff like Battle Royale and Mega Boss as an early game player but I will definitely be playing this more and it has been occupying my time for a while now, still not bored, love this.. This game is amazing I love the characters loot progression and the grind aspect of the game however it seems the servers and any bug fixes have become non existent and I'm always having server issues from simply replaying a level or upgrading (it'll take forever trying to connect to the server or will completely force close the app) and it sucks because I love this game that I've even bought a few in app purchases overall HIGHLY RECOMMEND it's an amazing game.

I spent $4.99 for the top up. It automatically deducted to my card. But I didn't received anything. Can you fix this? It's just like I just bought nothing.. This is the only game I have tried today that actually works on my potato phone. I will continue to play this game because it is very fun and has alot of options. I definetly recommend this game. Unfortunately didnt save my character from a few years ago good game all n all but i dont wanna start over. It's cool but I think the spin wheel is a little rigged cuz my lil brother got wings from daily spin and I never get em.

TERRIBLE. It level locks you from levels and what if I want to progress without being the required level? This game has not gotten any better in 4 years and still hasn't fixed the outfits.. Everything's fine in this game but how i am supposed to play hell mode when i click on "enter" button and nothing happens?? Like just nothing i can go back to normal mode and play normal but hell mode nope so idk.

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