NameDiablo Immortal
ReleaseBlizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Diablo Immortal is the new brainchild of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., which mobile device owners have been waiting for a long time. At one time, the Diablo II legend became a hit, spawning a massive fanbase around it. Diablo III, although not very famous, is also a relatively good game. But these are all games for more “terrible” platforms. And players who don’t need to resort to computer game portals have been waiting for a long time when they can independently run around the beautifully designed dark fantasy-style world on their mobile device. , destroy hordes of monsters. Live there and save the world from destruction.

And Diablo Immortal has become a game that allows fans to re-immerse themselves in the Sanctuary universe and immerse themselves in the intricate plot twists. The game takes place between Diablo II and Diablo III, where angels and demons once again wage a bloody war against each other for the goal of fantasy domination over the mortal world. Bare. And, along with other heroes, you can join this war.

The gameplay of this game follows the traditions of its ancestors and allows the player to plunge into the adventure that the series has come to love so much. Here you will find yourself in a beautifully designed and very atmospheric world, with simple clothes and weapons in hand, depending on the class you have chosen. Then you can explore this wild world, on the way to fight with many opponents, and gradually pump your character. You can play as standard classes like warrior, archer, or mage, killing opponents with good steel and fire, or you can become a druid or scout, calling for help from animals or undead. A mod to buy for free will let you try all the classes.

Diablo Immortal MOD

Can't see progress to next level. Too much visual focus making it for higher end devices and not enough effort put into game mechanics. Very disappointing mmo. This game crashes randomly on PC. My PC is highly capable and same with my internet network. Pay attention for PC users as well. The game crash timing is worst as well. It happens randomly and including while grinding dungeons/raid and even when doing something else or doing nothing. No error messages. Got enough RAM, GPU, and storage. It's your game problem and not my PC. Looking forward for the fix.. I've never had such a hard time trying to log into a game. Got a new device now I can't even play the game on my new device won't let me log in. This is an amazing game theirs not anything wrong with it except for the fact that the first few things I tried to put on this phone was Diablo,play store,and YouTube and it wouldn't download.its good and all,but I can't play it idk the rating,for know it's 1,if I could 5*. You guys have a gem of a game here plz keep updating and fix the pay to win stuff besides tht I play this game every single day always tons of things to do I play for hrs .

Diablo Immortal APK

It costs around $540 000 to max level your character! You can lose stuff you purchased for simply not logging in for a day!. Great job to the devs and every single soul who works on this title. Diablo holds a special place ony gaming shelf. People will always complain about the paying aspect of a free to play game no matyer the game. Diablo has always been about the slaughter!. If i keep on redownloading the maps everytime im going to uninstall the game. Imagine how much data and time i could waste just to "redownload" the maps.. nice game like old schools but new. and why am always direct to Korean battle net? I need to register in my region pls blizzard fix this. matter.

Diablo Immortal APK

It's a good game but packages not download as programmed. It downloads but after completing not shifts to another part & stays on previous part. I've reinstalled it but doesn't changed this situation.. I have loved it from day one keep bringing me more missions can't wait to play 4 thanks for bringing Diablo to people who dont have access for gaming consoles at the moment we definitely dont go anywhere without our phones. Everything was good until the update then you have to download everything again and I mean everything every level gear down to the weapon you had and now that you have to do that you pretty much have to start over the only thing that they didn't erase is my level of player. Why has this game suddenly stopped to start, it's not starting and my phone is a proper gaming phone, why the HELL IS THIS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!?????????.

Diablo Immortal APK

A slash and looter for you phone. Good story, graphics & gear. After awhile it feels like a tower defense game as you mow down hordes of enemies in a endless loop that melts your brain.. My account was closed for violating policies. I never did anything improper and I returned to playing with good intensity but from one moment to the next they close an account and do not report the reason. They just decided to close it and by email they report that it was not done lightly and that they do not respond to the appeal. So why do they have a help center?. This game beats each other arpg now in the market, there is no other better right now, they missed the chance with DH6, where they made a ridiculous brand slapped mmorpg, I just acquired a new phone and I'll stick to this one, thanks Blizzard!!!. The game is really good but I hope that you guys make the seasonal pass cosmetic or any other cosmetic a cross class cosmetic..

I waste 2GB Data for the game, but after installation this game can't play, I click on start game but game not started. Now Rpg game so bad. A lot of bad monetization, good for a couple of hours but dont play this if you plan on playing it wirhout spending anything. Stupid kiddy politics, when worlds created by adults govern by kiddos..kudos blizzard! Greedy devs also kudos blizzard, hope google allowed to 0 star review.. So I've heard you people r planning to shut this game down due to predatory ptw practice. So let me get this strait, instead of being decent and honorable and revoking these practices you are going to cancel a enjoyable game. Why, is it because people aren't happy with you raping them. Blizzard you are a good company l, don't fall to these petty squabbles. And just make the payable items more of a guarantee. And yes I know this doesn't hit with diablos rng style but it's is honorable.

Had to redo my review after new update game is glitchy a.f freeze are constantly happening hopefully the will fix it soon. downside is that it takes a lot to download after downloading it from play store after the recent update you have to download all the maps again so you lost a player I will stick with the PS4 version. After playing for more than year, when I press enter world the game crashes and shuts down, tried all the solutions fix client etc. Please help me out. games paling bodoh yang pernah aku main.. setiap masa kena download dah lah semua skali.. kalu saiz kecil tu tak apa la jgk.. buat sakit hati je..

Trash game. I feel bad for all the people spending money on this game. I wouldn't be surprised if the developers cancel the game after they profit from it. You level up fast but eventually gets boring they put you in a spot where there's nothing to do in the game but spend money. I might play again if they change how hard it is to get mats to level your gear it gets ridiculous. Please sir if u update the game please dont redownload agian sir all source sir please/ kung mag update kayo sir ulit please naman po wag na nyo ulit redownload ulit yung source wla kami wifi data charger. Graphics 5s game play 5s No Auto attack, this is the game that i was looking for, i really recommend this game. good game love the fact armor and items visually appear on your character instead of just being images with boosts.

Uninstalled because everytime game updates I have to practically download the entire game again in game after the update, no thank you.. Please make the game more less laggy. Thank you. I hope that will happen soon. Edit: we need MORE summon pets for everyone!! And also we keep getting the same things over and over but we need everything DIFFERENT and CHEAP so we can be able to get them easier so please make game MORE UNCOMPLICATED for us!! Thank you!!.

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