NameLegendary Heroes
ReleaseSolaris Mobile

Each war will have its heroes. Legendary Heroes Moba, only some of them can become absolute legends. This terrible war began not so long ago but has already caused a lot of trouble and misfortune. Many heroes died on the battlefield, but some survived and showed their full strength. They became legendary, and now they have to prove whose team can become the best in general—aIt is A unique dynamic strategy that will provide you with everything in real-time.

You will experience the most intense action and a unique touch. They had pretty short fights, incredible tension, and the strongest heroes of this time. All heroes will have special abilities, and each has four of them, and each will develop in its way.

The level of each of your characters will be constantly saved, and you will be able to develop a wide variety of heroes. You can spend a lot of time in the company, and here you will find 30 different maps, and you can go from beginner to veteran. You can play for free, spend all your time here and get incredible pleasure.

Legendary Heroes MOD

Great idea. But very clunky. One main criticism is that you must stand completely still to attack and stay still until you finish your attack. Which is fine, but moving slightly cancels your attack and the attack animation is extremely slow. This is fun game and I like it but it's boring because the hero just 12 please add some heroes please and one I wish it add some mode. I wish you update this to a new version that new hero has arrived and new map and an event please and fix bugs cause when your level is high your game is bugging please and I will install this and I will invite my friend to download this games thank you.... please notice me.... This game is the oldest Android MOBA game I found in Play Store, this game is very OLD, its not very smooth and a bit laggy, make the game look like Mobile Legends . This game is very good because it is offline but please make more characters like monkey king etc . And improve the graphics . The graphics is not good but I will give 5 star because it is offline please make the graphics better.

Legendary Heroes APK

It's a great game with great potentials one tincy wincy problem you made warriors very difficult to purchase so please fix this and the game will be perfect.. I enjoy this game but when I wanna buy the premium offer, my transaction always got rejected even though my connection is good. Is there any solution for this problem?. I'm trying out all the Android LoL type moba games I can find rn. I'm giving this three stars because it's functional. Out of the functional games I have tried out though, this one is the most underwhelming. The sounds of your attacks, the skill animations, the graphics, the character designs. Everything just feels sub par. Runescape had better graphics back in 08......... 15 years ago.. Can you doing many hero and fix bug .....doing this game like mlbb.....and i love this game because offline... please have recall....

Legendary Heroes APK

I love this game and this is gonna be enjoyable game like your making of your time for fun of this playing,when I played this game my stress of my body is going lost,this game is not goin to be bored you everytime you play this game, I love this so much thanks for this app, I hope there's a heroes add for more. All Online-Only games such as Mobile Legends, Genshin Impact, Warzone, Apex Legends, CODM, PUBGM (including those "offline" games that need online authentication at start to play such as CarX Drift Racing 2 and Static Shift Racing) will eventually DIE when their servers shut down BUT all Offline games LAST FOREVER. All Offline games DON'T DIE. This game is ULTRA GREAT because it is 100% playable offline!!! So please stop playing Online-Only games and support this game instead!!! 9/5. This is my favorite game but when i click the arena it started to lag and i can't go back pls fix this it is my favorite pls fix bugs everything pls. After downloading the app on my other phone, I thought it will be a multiplayer game but it's only me vs the Computer Grrrrrrrrrrrr I hate this , I actually was naive enough to try out this game. So I will give you 2 star rating.

Legendary Heroes APK

Its like dota 1 but in mobile i love this game but 1 problem there is no map and custom mode if you can add it.

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