NameTaptap Heroes
ReleaseAjoy Lab Games

Real heroes live in the very center of our continent called Mystia. Taptap Heroes is the real owner of Hell. It was she who unexpectedly discovered a miraculous sword that carries a certain power. Only after that, she was going to enslave the whole world. Local knights were in castles, warriors in dark caves, magicians in forests, and sacred creatures in tombs.

Now you have to collect more than 200 heroes, and from six completely different classes, find yourself in the whirlpool of these incredible events. You will have to become a real hero in order to stop Freya by any means, and then save this whole fairy-tale world.

Enjoy an incredible game that is designed in the RPG genre. You just need to press the smartphone screen in time, only then you can act correctly in the world of events. It is necessary to prepare well in order to enter into confrontations with a real boss.

Do not be upset, because when you exit the game, your heroes continue to fight and defend their territories. You simply have to improve your heroes, make them much stronger and luckier. The future of this fabulous country depends on you.

Taptap Heroes MOD

I can't set my defense I can't even show my ce and can't even put defense to show some buttons don't work some players are toxic and hacking people. I used to play this game a few years ago, I changed phones and I can't recover my account ever since . Actually I like this game been playing for a long time, I want to have a VIP but it's super expensive, I hope theirs a dollar option. i like this game but i need you to put a 4 star tiger king (4 star rare) cuz i will play this game all day cuz i have more games so can you pls put 4 star rare tiger king :_). too much laggy for a small game also hard to level up would rate it a 4 star but some hereos are too hard to get and I've been playing for almost 3 years and I'm still level 114.

Taptap Heroes APK

This is my second review in this Game! I am addicted to this game and been playing it for like 6 hours per day, Basically I am playing this game if I am bored! This game is amazing but it takes really slow to progress the level, This need a Patience if you want to play but it was very Worth the wait. But overall, this game is pretty convincing to me! I rate this 4/5 for High detail, Heroes, Addicting, Fun.. Thank you! <33. Graphics is good,so easy to level up but the one I don't like is the required level to battle...Can you remove it because It kind a slow the player down and it get me really bored about the game. The game is good to play but when it comes to compitition with other players if you don't have money to spend then you are doomed no matter how good your playing if a person who spend more money comes to fight you the power balance will be greater so you can not win them. The ways to obtain powerfull heroes are much limited if you don't have money to spend then chances to get powerful heroes are like 1 per lakh and if you got one then if you want to upgrade them you have to wait for months.. I change my review. After playing it for a while you'll realise its a p2w game. F2w players have no chance of competing with p2w players at all. Even in the new servers p2w players can make highest level hero with few hours whereas it will take more than a month for f2w players. Either ways its fun for short term and if you are not competitive. There are many things to do and i personally like synthetic brawl.

Taptap Heroes APK

The reason why I gave you a 4 star is because you have to get to 3-15 and so boring but still a ok game. Server game in bad because.....if my friend server is 1 and I'm 2....we cannot play together in Guild.....that's why people play less.....they can't play together. I appreciate the maze fixing, but there is still a slight chance of meeting golden whale. Will add star if this mode get even better.. I am taking back my words.This game is not pay to play ....I tried it again and I did it well after some time,now my account is 103 .I don't have any complaint about events,but you should definitely work on the drop rates of golden chest and make the legendaries a little bit easier to get..cuz it's really difficult for f2p players to awaken the good heroes (legendaries).And I would also like to share one of my wishes with you that if you can possibly make some cross server chat channels pls....

Taptap Heroes APK

Honestly very nice game, it requires a lot of patience, a lot of resource management, thinking and planning ahead, it's playable even as f2p, low spender or whale, you'll always have a competitive environment, because there are always players around your level and power state. As long as you go into the game not thinking about people that spend higher amounts of $ on game that are winning you, as they should because they spend, it's not impossible for f2p to beat high spenders either, 4.6/5. :). Its a really good app addicting at first but when you get to know the game it becomes a bit boring at times. I will update my review when I cam actually play the game. I'm on level five and the game is still on guided tutorial mode. Which means all you can do is tap and follow along until the game decides to let you actually play. I'm only playing bc of an app that gives gift cards for playing games. This one just happened to be boosted so honestly I doubt I'll even really be interested in playing after. I hate long winded tutorials.. Love it, it's literally perfect for an idle rpg game, your doing great devs!! It would be dope if y'all could add some more characters / heroes tho..

This is an awesome game but there's a point in this game where there is very repetitive and slow progress and paying into this game is impossible if you compare what you have to pay to what you actually get. To get further, either level up your VIP, which would include paying or just set a timer and collect your XP for the rest of your life. So what the developers could do if you would either reduce some of the pricings a bit or increase the idle timer because 8 hours isn't enough to continue.. Best game ever but I do have one idea that should be in the game that can help save space. The idea is after u summon any hero u should add a button to be able to put them back into the bag and to save more space in the backpack. Sadly Using your Help center not Even help me but Make me more stress with ur busy,a useless bot Or Just say it simple Took Our money but u dont even care abt the player Im just Dumb Waste alot time upgrade my acc While Its just gonna gone like that. Huge money grab. Rewards are low. They say there's many ways of obtaining what you need to progress, but that's not true..

I will give 3 star but one i can give u 5 star but u have to add some more golds for players love you devlopers respect to you that you made great game :). Have been playing for a while now, but all of a sudden when I get bigger amount of coins, they don't come into my bank, I just watch where I awakon a 6 star hero. Which in turn gives you 2.4 million coins, I accepted from my mail and watched my coins NOT go into my bank. I love this game soo much its like the idle hero but i think this is much better i rate this 5 stars!. For replying (+1*). Review (Played for 2+years: Completely P2W game my friends (If u wanna make it to Top). u won't be able to compete with ppl who pay n get items/heroes. At start u will feel like you're making good progress, then after few weeks/months u will feel that you have almost caught up with top players. But.. Sadly u won't be able to. Update n events will be dropped each month n payers will spend n get strong n stronger. This cycle repeats. Had fun(+1*)playing though NGL. Addictive..

Please fixed the drop rate ..and bring some monthly content for F2P ....give us some opportunities to get rare champ.... this is way to pay wall sir..... This game is good but fix a lot of bugs. when i last logged in the game froze and i restarted it again but it doesn't work too.. I would like to play but idk if it because I'm on android 13 or my wifi bad it just says unstable network and I can't play is there a fix. I have been enjoying playing this game but suddenly it stopped working, its stuck on the "connecting to the server" screen for hours and hours I have done everything to fix it, I've uninstall and reset my phone but its just stuck on the "connecting to the server" screen. Sadly i have to stop playing this because i cannot fix it..

This game is such a waste of time can't do half the stuff or participate in anything because I don't get enough summons to get a team halfway built sure the first 7 days they give you a ton of stuff to progress after that you basically get nothing and have to wait for idle resources which is horrible drop rate and if can't participate in events you are even more limited like have certain heros for events it just keeps getting worse the more I play. Its a good game its just pay to win but that's not a big issue tbh. Its really addicting and it doesn't get boring, i wouldn't say its better than afk arena or other afk games but its definitely up there.. If you're able to skip regular battles and not boss battles then maybe add another speed or don't throw 5 boss battles in a row kinda makes the skip redundant smh. This game is really addictive! It's one of the best idle games on the market and is very friendly to the player. If you like idle games definitely download this game..

Good game but should reduce the pay to win lil bit I always rate 5 but can't here bcuz of the pay to win don't take off pay to win completely just balance the game lil bit. So good I love this game I started yesterday and I'm already super high up on the damage ranks easy 5 stars . Rate Perfect Stars Because This Game is Can You Afk But Im So Lucky Im Always Getting 5 Stars Heroes and All Is Legendary Thank you And What is Next Your Updates i need New Events From Coins And Gems and What is A New Code For A Newest Items?! Normally i want A VIP In game. Kinda fun? Very overwhelming. Lots of buy this spam. Also super misleading with the 100 summons, says you can claim it then only gives you 10 at a time. Seems like rates are pretty trash as well..

Love the game but recently it has stopped loading on my mobile data and will not let me play despite having 4 to 5 bars of service.. I tried to download it and I waited for almost 30 minutes but it doesn't work, it's just a loading screen. Good strategy game I am still playing this game I stared a few months ago and i am one of the top 50 player in my server And I havent spend a single money on this. Was fine for the first hour pr so. And now i cant load it up because it shows no connection. Even though i clearly do to post this right now..

Yeah i guess there is a little pay to win here but it still isnt like there isnt any progress without pay, i got to level 150 without a single penny spent and am not even a bit envious of the players who pay serious amounts of money on the game . 10/10 would definitely recommend :). Great game lots to do I don't like the fact that you have to wait to unlock higher stages but I still give 5 star because it's fun.. The game is good and it's fair and the most important thing they reply fast if you express your problem. This game is extremely egregious with its pay system Greedy greedy greedy I gave it my all summoned a bunch of heroes just to find out that the 5 star here that you get from summoning so many Is locked until you get a VIP 5 or level 100 There are no good idle games anymore. Ps. The game intentionally blocks you from content From leveling up for powering your characters and they can be Lily put paywalls in your way intentionally to get you to spend money The reply from the company is bogus.

I don't know if you guys have the same feeling but I don't like to continue my last progress before i deleted the game. I want to start a new game but that's not possible. :(.

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