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Real heroes live in the very center of our continent called Mystia. Taptap Heroes is the real owner of Hell. It was she who unexpectedly discovered a miraculous sword that carries a certain power. Only after that, she was going to enslave the whole world. Local knights were in castles, warriors in dark caves, magicians in forests, and sacred creatures in tombs.

Now you have to collect more than 200 heroes, and from six completely different classes, find yourself in the whirlpool of these incredible events. You will have to become a real hero in order to stop Freya by any means, and then save this whole fairy-tale world.

Enjoy an incredible game that is designed in the RPG genre. You just need to press the smartphone screen in time, only then you can act correctly in the world of events. It is necessary to prepare well in order to enter into confrontations with a real boss.

Do not be upset, because when you exit the game, your heroes continue to fight and defend their territories. You simply have to improve your heroes, make them much stronger and luckier. The future of this fabulous country depends on you.

Download ( V1.0.0322 )

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