NameAirport Manager
ReleaseTap Happy

Airport Manager will help you feel like a professional manager who will take control of a real airport. Build your airline, and manage all possible planes and crews. Soon your airport should be the best in the world, which means that for this you will have to do very hard work. Check each of the passengers, luggage, and more with X-rays. The most important thing is that you should not let prohibited items on board the aircraft.

Check visas, stamps, and more to ensure you don’t break the law. If the planes break down, then you will have to repair them in the hangar. Offers its services to each passenger during the flight. Find your lost luggage if you are suddenly approached by disgruntled passengers. Ultimately, you will be a professional manager who does an excellent job.

Airport Manager MOD

I don't mind playing the mini games but I should be able to get the item I need without playing them multiple times. Hi im soofia wen i use the pump that pumps the third wheel it doesnt reach the third wheel at all thanks from soofia. Aeroplane nahin sahi ho raha hai tyre sahi ho gaya but 3 wala nahin ho raha hai kyunki pipe vahan Tak nahin ja rahi hai. Nice game but there is nothing much to go through you need to pay for almast every thing i download this 5 jan and deleted5 jan today its not that fun i would recommend to have more intersting things you need to play the same game more than3 times to unlock other levles i would rate this 1 and a half out of 5 stars. This game is so intresting and great my little siblings like it soo much and i also like it so much ,this is the most better game that i ever seen for kids ,and the people who said that is boring game so please go and install another games dont waste your time for sending bad feedbacks. thnk u..

Airport Manager APK

Bahut bakwas game hai yai easy games bachoon Kai leaye bhi Nahin Hoti aap logon nai you had hi kardi or han agar aap rating ki BAAT kartay ho tou is massage par dakho is lye rating mainay apnay massage kee di hai0. I didn't play this yet but,,,i"ll be sure this will be good.. but dont mind if i gaved Just 1 and i hope this is one of my favorite game too because I Dreamed about to be a flight attendant. When cleaning up the plane, I found out that the pumper;that pumps the wheels is not long enough to pump the third wheel. Thank you for listening.. I will give you 5stars but the game is boring I have deleted the game because it is boring so sorry to say that plz don't ever add any games on play store plz.

Airport Manager APK

What is this stopped game? When I download it and I opened the game, I started my game you should buy them! When you want to earn coins , you have to play. It's has 3 games to earn money. And then I closed the game. I hate this game. Bye . Super game very very very smart game this is kids r kids very favourite game this is very very super game fantastic. it is very bad because in starting do again and again and areophone level to do play 3 game again again i am . Worst game ever i had in my life its so boring and i tried a lot to reach 3 rd tyre and i wasn't able to do that I won't Suggest anyone to download and play this game Terrible one more thing if we have to Unlock some of the product the we have to play that boring games you should increase your Games so that it cauld be fun to play that games highly Disappointed .

Airport Manager APK

Good after noon outstanding game class 2B Bidya Bharati School Mominpur I am 7 years old I stay in New Alipore Kolkata my home address is 2/ C s.n.roy road B.H kolkata 38 my name is Soma Mondal and Mona Mondal last word bye bye.. I used to play this game when I was small, but now it's so boring, they should add more mini games and I CAN'T PUMP THE BACK TYRES it's so annoying. please don't waiste your wifi/data downloading this you will be very disappointed. And I am not a very different player to me but I think we are going through the man who has a new album this will show us all. Airport games are the best game ever i love flying gamesvbut i hate the ads of the game but it's nice and i love the levels.

Great should be more ways to earn your tools or turn the planes around to reach everything that needs fixed.. I just downloaded the game and it was no letting me reach the third tyre I was trying to go to another section but it wasn't letting me do that. It's a good game for kids but the helper in the starting game is kinda helpful but it does not let u do anything u want to do. Plz fix the tyre bug then maybe I will add one more star.. The reason I gave 4 stars because you have to unlock stuff by playing mini games but I do love this game .

Download ( V6.6.5093 )

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