NameGuild of Heroes

Now you can join the guild to destroy all the enemies around. In this game project, you find yourself in a real fantasy world filled with many adventures and subtleties.

This is where you can find your recognition and become a real hero—download Guild of Heroes for Android. Only then will your world change ultimately. You must immediately dress your hero, hone his skills, and also apply all your skills in possession of not only an iron sword but also magic. This game is made within the framework of an RPG so that you will like this exciting fantasy style. Simple controls distinguish the Guild of Heroes from other similar games.

It would be best if you did not think for a long time. You must immediately go into battle and show who is the boss in this world. The interface in the game is quite clear, and there are specific tips that will help you. But to be a hero for centuries, you will have to work hard.

First, you need to explore this large and rather colorful world. Only then will it be possible to go on an adventure in various locations. Here you can discover many secrets and mysteries, so you should not linger.

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Game play itself isn't too difficult. It's the UI that's totally confusing. For instance: I found an item that increases your experience received, and it says to equip, click on "my skins," and put in any slot. I searched all over and I could not find anywhere labeled "my skins". Gameplay seemed ok but put off by poor design issues like character always being referred to as "he" regardles of gender (binary m/f choice) and sketchy appearance customisation (you get to play a white man or woman, who is dressed for battle if male, or an incels wet dream if female).. Disappointing This game is really fun to play, I've been playing it for a couple years now and spent a lot of money in game. It just seems to crash or freeze up regularly though. I never really had a problem with it when I first started playing but here the past month it's gotten really bad. Can't even really play the game anymore. It'll work for about 5-15 minutes then crash again or freeze up again and you lose your progress. Don't bother playing, it'll just get your hopes up.. This game is now empty other than farm bots, mostly made by some LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google analytics. They put an odd word up for you to Google and grab the browser fingerprint then watch your searches. They physically stalked, and displayed info from various cloud and recruiting site analytics as well as personal health info. I guess it was supposed to look like generative AI, yet was quite formally bullying with intent to harm sincec 11/2018. Safety and security n privacy starts with not asking any1 any information, details, or anything else that is required or asked 4 by any1, safety, security, privacy or any other information is best kept 2 yourselves, locked away inside our own heads where nobody else can gain any access 2 your privacy, security, safety, and not 4getting my information is my own personal business and not any1 elses .

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Keeps crashing mid game or in home town area cannot do offering as crashes everytime no point playing till all fixed waste of time. Accidentally sold item, app crashed by buying back, so lost 4 good. Put in tech ticket, was told no refunds on sold item.. be more careful! Joke!! Dropping another star.. diamond quest given and completed.. the other game says they didn't offer through goh.. yet goon offer it. Reported with screen shots to goh.. ignored my email completely. Latest review... some patch they did started causing crashes, lock outs, couple months later... still game crashes!. Very poor performance of this game. I am facing (huge) frequent crush. Can't able to play. Lost points through out the day. Please fix it and if possible please provide me my point. When are you people going to fix the problem. It has been going on for over a week. I repeat do not install this game if you want to remain sane!.

Guild of Heroes APK

They can't fix the bug in this game. Game crashes alot. Contacting technical support is a joke. They are of no help. Just excuses on waiting for next update which does nothing to fix the problem when they do provide one. In less then 10 minutes this game crashed 4 times making me lose anything I gained before it crashed once again. Don't waste your time as you'll spend most of your time trying to get back on the game vs playing it.. The constant technical glitches really drain the fun from this game. Several times, the game stops abruptly when you are in the middle of a PvP match or at the altar, and you have to start all over again. Worse still, sometimes the glitch counts as a defeat even when you were seconds away from victory, and you lose a turn through no fault of your own. It's extremely annoying.. Oh God, where start? 1. Constantly crashes . Beyond fustrating. 2. The"tickets" we write are just fobbed off. No matter what our genuine complaints are. 2. I lost an ultimate ability. Even after sending screenshots,they denied I'd lost it. What??? I was made weaker and was disadvantaged for months 3. Cheaters everywhere. 4.In ultimate Regatta ALWAYS matched up to at least 3 Russians crews, so strong we just can't win. Pathetic. Just give us all our money back so we can leave.. I really don't like the system you guys have in place..locations say normal difficulty and I die like it's nothing and I found out that its because I have something on me that is telling the game I can handle it but I can't..that's sooo stupid..also my health and armor are in red and there is no explanation as to's all confusing..and now they are getting greedy too..there arw 2 videos to watch for extra and it gets impossible to make the millions to upgrade me just dont.

Guild of Heroes APK

Edit 8/30/23 Since the last update, this game is mostly unplayable. Constant crashing when fighting in any zone. Constant login issues. Constant issues with it not saving. Customer support is worthless. 9/14/23 Still nothing to fix the game. In fact, it's getting worse. Can't complete quests, wasting keys,banners, etc, for nothing!. I actually enjoy the game play. Problem is they want you to spend money and use deviousness to limit your playing ability. Advancement is through diamond collections but things you normally reflexively tap change and you lose your hard won gains. Add-on..... As you can see, i've played 5 + yrs. New reviewers note lots of crashes and resource losses. THIS IS VERY TRUE!! Play for 1hr +, go double gold and lose everything! Tech support says #send us a pic, cut and paste". MEH? Crashed! DUH!. Latest updates: Fubar. No network connection (error 50, error 80) even though my device is connected. I'm getting streaks and flashes across the screen. Furthermore, the damned orcs keep finding all your bugs and crashing the game. I've restarted, rebooted, blown out, re-installed. Nothing changes. Edit: Regrettably, uninstalled for the last time. Simply isn't worth the additional hassle.. I have tried everything but the game still kicks out when fighting the boss in the second challenge in the forest. Have spent money and decided not to put more on a glitched program.

This game is ridiculously unbalanced. The only way to mostly win in Regatta and arena is always fighting your opponent who is either 5-10 power levels lower than yours. What this game needs is a level cap for your power level or vice versa just the same way that you have power level caps with runes and armor. And let me not even get into rune pullers which is something that you guys were supposed to fix years ago and never did.. my game still crushing no matter where i go, for adventuring, in trials. in tower, in ilse. it keeps crushing.. For the past 2 weeks, the game is still crashing! Can't finish a location without getting kicked out of the game. I also get kicked out after fighting in the arena. They have not fixed the issue! This has gotten very frustrated!. Is a fun game with frustrating boss mechanics but it breaks and progress gets completely stopped!! For two weeks I was trying to contact the developers to fix it, but nothing. Don't waste your time on this game. It's shattering when it breaks.

Too many crashes Too much real money To many ads Impossible to build weapons once you hit 5 stars Magic ad well difficult as well Freezes all the time Just plain and simple build ups would be great. Fore an exceptional game but has gone downhill fast as the developers have made things very problematic to progress and the "TeamSuperpowers" the non Americans is all I'll say,have full control. Hint, Hint, Devs.. The game is still crashing in my tab . I did the new update but nothing changed. And I can't beat bosses of eternal bridge due to constant crashes. Pls fix it. :(. It crashes and shuts down. The game is becoming unplayable. I think the more the updates, the worse it becomes. You should have left the game the way it was..

Since the last update the game has been crashing, freeze up when upgrading the skills, kicks me off when trying to go through a higher level in the mountains. Cool game. Although since 9/2/23 the game will not load up gets stuck on what says downloading assets at 39.49% everytime seems like there is bugs everytime there is a update.. Been playing since they started.. great game... addictive gameplay and always something new. Also pretty easy to upgrade without having to spend money if you don't want to with a little patience, perseverance and luck. The only negative I have is the fact there is so much going on in the game these days... not as simple as it was with all the extra side quests and challenges to undertake on an almost daily/weekly occurrence, but still great.. Guild of Heroes can be equipped by in-house funds or real money. In-house takes time to build. It's just a matter of time and patience..

Game will not connect to the server it says. It won't even freaking open. This game has been so aggravating here lately. What the hell is going on?! This game is a joke! . Unsure how to rate this as I just lost about 6 hours worth off progress for "no Internet connection" when I clearly do.... Since the latest update, the game keeps crashing every time you're in a location or fighting in the arena! This is during a big event too, so we're losing out on a lot of rewards! Very unhappy that this isn't fixed yet. The error that I got says that the app has a glitch, and to clear the cache. I did, and it's still crashing each time I fight an opponent! A lot of players are experiencing the same issue. Paid for an event that I can't play!. Great gameplay and easy to get started. Enough variability of challenges to keep you interested and you can do it with three different hero types! There's also additional challenges that crop up where you can earn extra buffs. Still playing around 5 years in now..

Been playing for a few years now and still am entertained. I do wish they would add more incentives for the guild wars. It's the most fun part,for me, but is hard to find matching guilds for wars. Still, a great game with new challenges added often.. Entertaining af, today 22.032023 game error, game needs to be updated, i have the latest version, but cannot play anymore, it says that new version is neede when accessing the loading screen. Tried reinstalling and it.s nit working !!. This game is perfectly addictive. I love playing the game, and chatting with my guild mates. Please keep the challenges coming! I'd give it 5 stars if they would fix the semi random crashing issues!. This game lot problem lately i always being kick out from game while in dungeon and tower..please fix it..!!.

I actually must complain! After recent up grade Red Wind portal closes whole the game. Incomplete down load apparently. But I am not receiving parts of the game on my tablet. I'm enjoy this game. FIX IT. OR I will delete. Which means no more money for you. I am very angry and disappointed in you all. I have been a loyal spender on this game. PLEASE FIX. :~{(. Game good, but after a week doesn't load. I enjoyed what I got to play, but it won't load. Uninstalled, but no matter what, I still can't play. Shame because the game play was interesting. Levelling up was not difficult. I would have happily continued. However, loading glitches seem to abound.. As of today, I can't get into the game. I've been trying for 12 hrs! It gives me an error that says it's an unknown error. I tried to install the game on my tablet, but it doesn't allow me to log in. It wants to start me as a new player. I'm really frustrated!. Two accounts did nothing wrong, but was banned twice. Game keeps crashing. I uninstaller the game but it is not installing..

Well started to play again. Now it just stopped working. Stuck on assets download...won't go any further. Very disappointed. Any help here would be great. After downloading and playing again I've got back to my previous level but ther is an issue when watching adds after the add is finished the game crashes and it doesn't give the reward for the adds its like you didn't even watch it plz fix this after the fix will rate 5 stars. How this game has received any good reviews is beyond me. From the moment you log in you're spammed with microtransactions. Then you realize you're intentionally given a limited bag space to force you to pay money to buy gems in order to expand them. You can get the gems by playing but it gives so little that paying $20 could save you literally days of playing. &You have to buy the battle pass because it gives you weapons and gear that you would otherwise not reach even within weeks of playing... This game needs an update to fix its problems. In this game, it happened to me that the automatic skill was not used correctly, there were cases where the enemies did not come due to a bug, and I had to exit the map and enter again to fix this problem. It's not easy to join in this game and in this game, I haven't seen the option to invite people to alliance yet. These problems must be solved..

Most boring game ever, drops are so poor that you are not able to upgrade your gear to get to the next level in the game.. This game is a money pit. The inventory space they give you at the start is like 6 spots then you have to use game currency to upgrade, storage chest does not open til level 9, so you end up having to recharge to get more inventory slots. And even the storage chest is 5slots. The devs want to make money, I don't mind recharging a game to support it, but this is pathetic.. Enjoying the game but like all net games they want you to open your wallet still its a good game despite all of the constant gimme gimme of money. Played for around 2 hours before I was bored. There's too many pay walls, systems for paying, ads, etc. The image shown while loading into the game isn't even of characters in the game. It feels like a store more than it feels like a game. Sorry but this project was created for greed and not to provide a fun experience..

Hi admin and game master pleas fix trade in game and invite guild close baan time for leave or kick guild tnx pleas check my comment. Too many bad reviews, too many bugs , I played for two hrs and had these same issues that r in the other bad reviews , note: the black screen is super aggravating after ads stop , having to restart the game after it closes cause I checked out an ad I was interested in is not giving this over hyped game any positive points. I recommend you save your time and device use n NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME . Cash grab for sure . . This game is a unique throw-back to older RPG games, incorporating the best parts of several, while making the gameplay smoother. It would rate 5 stars IF it would layoff the "pay to play" aspect.. There should be no reason that this game requires so many permissions when setting it up. SMS permissions shouldn't have anything to do with an RPG.

So far, so good! It's really great that I don't have to pay-to-win...I'm more than happy to just slog along, battling monsters & collecting stuff as I progress....

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