NameMinion Shooter
Size50.95 Mb
ReleaseCreative Logics*

Great and very fun toy. Minion Shooter is a unique opportunity to protect your coffee plantation from alien attacks.

With the help of cool fruit weapons, you will take them out, disassemble them for parts and just enjoy the colorful story. Try to collect more coins, the most incredible power-ups, and fight monsters in such a colorful world.

Here you will find quite fascinating content, a lot of interesting moments, and an entertaining story about saving the crop. It remains only to fasten your seat belts, and then meet with very entertaining gameplay.

One hundred of the most interesting levels are waiting for you, where the weather, the change of day and, of course, much more will be exactly combined. Here you will face ten powerful bosses, they have their own skills and super weapons. You are given three game modes, where there is a time limit, bosses, and unreal music.

You will get a unique gaming experience, look at the beautiful design and enjoy the cool graphics. Monsters will climb from all sides, so you will have to work hard to fight off these creatures. No one can protect the harvest, as you will.

Minion Shooter MOD

Good concept and quality of the game and doesn't contain that much adds.I like how the game is a little unique to other games because it's about protecting a plant from minion and for spoilers the last boss is a black man who has duarfsindrum i don't get how is he related to the minions. Please give an update for the game i wanna venture more in the game.. It would appear Minion Shooter suffered the same problem with both RunFishRun/Choopy Fish game. I cannot enter it as soon as I click it. I hope you can fix this 3 games soon before you guys disappear again for a while.. The game has really nice graphics and is also really easy to play and it really grows on you. Awesome game. At first it's going well but in day 2 I can't even play anymore there's so many bugs and too hard!. This game is veryyy awsomee play now i promise your not wasting your time from the creaters of this game i have a suggestion make more of the bugs.

Minion Shooter APK

This game is best! I play game when i 4 year old now i'm 10 year old i not found it in 10 year now i finally found it.. mobile hunting. minions has gone monsters. it's now ready to rehunt. hunt all minions. mobile acces. like the game. enjoy this game. name game: smash anarchy. animation game. already to hunt!.. Hi Dev, sorry to ask but when i maxed out most of my fruits, it suddenly divert all cost to 1000 and disabled my cherry usage. Besides, all the upgrade bar fixed to 5 points without knowing where was my progress. kindly fix the bugs. thanks. A very addictive game, and easy to play at first. Of course, it gets more challenging. My only complaint would be the amount of ads you're forced to watch unless you pay the $2.99..

Minion Shooter APK

When ever I achive Google points, and restart the game or come some time later my achievements from Google play resets why? I tried to rest my game three four times but it didn't work. Good game but I am giving two star because I am not able to play it . This game is crashing often. I love this game but I was able to stumble across a glitch I found. Whenever you want to press the bomb it doesn't and it even randomly triggers the bomb without me touching it. Please fix this please. I think the app is great but please add a improvement for the machine where in it can last longer for use. Also please update new levels. I have been waiting for so long now. Also it seems that the coffee bean plants isn't growing, please show improvement on that as if the plant is growing..

Minion Shooter APK

i think that its a great game with awsome minions.. and super weapons and more.. reached the last level... waiting for the endless mode to open soon.... I like the game.. but controls keep disappearing half way through level. I buy explosives and the button is black and the explosives are not there. I've wasted so many coins buying them. Not happy!!!!!! I've also bought a starter pack purchased explosives and can't use them as it keeps glitching.. Simply shoot the hell out of the thieves. Upgrading makes your fruit of choice stronger lol! Kind of addicted right now haha. Very nice game. Keep it up. Want it as an endless game. But try to improve the graphics little more. Overall it's a perfect and one of the best games...

Download ( V1.1.9 )

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