NameLightseekers RPG
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Join the crazy invasion of Tantos himself. Lightseekers in this game project you can become the coolest hero and a true legend. Try to explore the most unique and fantastic lands, meet interesting characters and save animals. Soon you will be able to discover something mysterious and new, which was lost in the distant past. Build up your power, pick up equipment and develop your unique abilities. Collect all your animals that will fight your enemies along with you. Load your weapons with the most powerful ammo, and rare elements and become the strongest dude in the world.

As your character develops, the world will change completely. You will find yourself in new lands, explore them, complete a bunch of quests and destroy more enemies. You will have to do everything possible to win this crazy confrontation, add a powerful mechanism and experience the unique features of the game project. Improve your skills, and find unique weapons and other explosive packages. Soon you will move through the levels, get unique features, and go through the game to the very end.

Lightseekers RPG MOD

The only thing is without figures u can't unlock new characters and when u get to level 15 it almost impossible to level up. Game is probably no longer online, never got to connect to the game even though I tried many times in multiple days. The game doesn't work always I try to play says checking in doesn't work also in the past he actually works. I haven't played the game, but love the game concept also I would like to know if it can be played offline.. The game is awesome the colours the world the story the characters it really do puts the lightseekers world to life.

Lightseekers RPG APK

Please make offline. I'm not sure if the server is down. My child was playing this a week ago now the connection seems impossible.Whitch is sad given I found the toys at a second hand shop. Will change review if it works again game needs to be made in an offline game if they servers are down.. I tried playing it today and a few days ago, but it failed to connect. Says 'no servers available please make sure you have the latest client and try again.' Is it shut down permanently?. Now I'm not sure if it's just me but I'm always having connection problems please fix it also for that reason I'll give it a three star. I really like this game but I want to delete my character so I can start over but I don't know how to do that..

Lightseekers RPG APK

I've been trying to play this game for the longest it's not been loading the Wi-Fi keeps on saying stuff can I be lied something. I watch fgteev do this it's good good good good is not Japanese is one that I can understand which is good so I Give It a thumbs up and a five star. Pretty cool i wish it was for Nintendo switch too. I know the card game is for Nintendo switch but i want this game for Nintendo switch also. Good game and cool graphics except I have a problem on when you press to connect to adventure mode (or any other thing that uses internet) it says connecting forever I waited for 30 mins and it still was on that same screen.

Lightseekers RPG APK

The game is perfect but once I got this bug that will make me spawn is a different area that has a fence and i can't go through the fence but I still recommend the game to others that don't have the bug. I love the story, its a good game and for the most its based on skylanders, i dont have any lightseeker figures though i would like to get some in the future, the character select screen of the game is like the portal of power for skylanders, you just put figures on it, its an awesome game though, 10/10. Ok,not TTTTHHHAAAT BBBAAADDD.Ok it's bad honestly I prefer the TCG more this this stuff-if this game wants better rating and or gameplay,they can add more control to you characters.Overall not that bad. I personally dont buy in-game mobile purchases,so dont bother wasting your money on the toy/figurines in the store.. The game is awesome but I have to play it without the figures because they are to expensive. In Sweden where I live they cost 2000 kr. Seriously????.

Can you do more stuff in stor becous I have no lightseecers and I need some to play the game. Ive been a fan for a while but with lack of updates and no release of the nature and astral order character figures gameplay has become slightly boring. So i like the gameplay and the graphics and the controlls are like a game that iv played before Nothing much. Why needed this game but is extreme expensive I can't buy this figures, there's no shop in application, Only reality to buy figures it's too far far away this why I can't buy but I'll really like this game..

Ads before I ever play. It hasn't even loaded yet and I get commercials. This is why your toys are in the thrift store.. Great game, we have Kora, Zyrus, and Jax. But my cards will scan in, activate when you scan them in, but no longer save to the deck, so I always only have one card?. It takes so long too download why does it take so long please make it shorter if you do thanks allot :). so are you done with this game no new characters? also the story line is just done like that? I mean this game was g fun while it lasted I think I t could've been a great game.

Its a very interesting game to play but its kind hard to understand and it keeps closing for it self when trying to complete a task can you fix it plays. Concept was cool. I backed it on kickstarter. Love skylanders and toys to life games. This game has cool figures but boring gameplay. Click here character moves toward objective. Auto attacks and let's you press abilities. This game would have been more fun if they gave more control over the game. Save your money on figures and play something like skylanders or lego dimensions. Your kids will thank me. I use to play this game I miss it so much but I have full wifi I waited alot please fix good job this game is greate. Too many bugs. Garbage devs? Not sure but it seems not being able to get past the main screen most of the time is a large problem on 3 different devices..

I have a problem with that game, I keep wait too long connection load. I will give 5 star if game good connection and run process after done fix.. pretty good game, i like how you can don't have to use auto quest and auto battle.. but not i can't get into the game, it just says "connecting" when i click adventure, it just sits there loading forever. After playing for a few days I constantly get a server disconnect when starting the game which has persisted for over a month. My device and wifi works perfectly fine with other games and apps.. your game is great I love it all, but after one day of using it, it stopped working. it would just show the loading page with no end, I left it for 20 minutes or more with full bars and it still did not work..

Can't connect! I successfully played once. the gameplay was fun. since then it won't connect. Just get a "Connecting" with a perpetual loading screen. Tried on Galaxy S7 as well as on a Fire HD8. Tried home wifi as well as mobile 4g data. same result: perpetual "Connecting".. Abandoned by developer in favour of greed and mtx in their card game, no point downloading and playing...and I was a KS Backer!. my fav chacter is jax he's super cool to play as him I recommend to play as him and buy hes figure. It used to be a fun game but the app is no longer playable and has been abandoned by the developer. Don't waste your time downloading..

my son loves this game and the figures even more. He has collected all of them with their accessories to match! We were disappointed to find out no more figures will be released, but he's been having a blast connecting them and playing the game.. I really love the card game and I've been wanting to play this but it won't ever connect, no matter how good my internet is or anything. I would love to know how to fix this issue.. thanks to the UK. I will not be able to make sure 9th of may, at a later date of birth, I have been a long way to the right to buy in the next 2$^6 the best, but I am not sure how much you want. Cant continue the story where mikhan and exus followed the commander...... Zzzzzz stupid logician game, plz tell me where exactly i find it plz.

Have had a bug on one of my figures that I PAID FOR, reported multiple times over the past year, ignored, still unfixed, no communication, game has been abandoned in favor of the card game. Disappointed with how they have treated the rpg and its players. Would not recommend anymore..

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