NameBad 2 Bad: Extinction

An excellent continuation of the famous shooter. Download BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION for android, a crazy RPG where you have to fight terrible zombies. Our brave Delta team is back in business, so they’re ready for another top-secret mission. Our main character will face various problems, horrific creatures, and other obstacles.

You must shoot at enemies, throw grenades and complete the task at any cost. From the very beginning, you have only one primary mission that must be completed. Navigate locations, find essential items, and complete exciting quests.

Each type of enemy has its bells and whistles and behavior. That is why you have to choose specific tactics, upgrade your soldiers and enter into confrontations with stronger creatures. Take advantage of additional skills to use your weapons properly.

Get the full advantage over your opponents, work quickly and accurately, then you can complete more laborious tasks. Dozens of weapons, many fantastic heroes, and good armor will help you get through this game. Unique style of survival, completely open world, and everything else that will help you have a great time.

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction MOD

B2B was a blast for me to play. I had way more progress before I got a new phone. It allows you to spend as much time on it as you want without limiting you. It's also good to pick up and play while waiting for the bus. I appreciate all the customization as well. Your squad really feels like your squad. The only reason I'm not giving it five stars is because it can be a little rough around the edges. Especially in menus. But that doesn't make it unplayable. I'm glad to put time into this game.. all i can say is, it's the best offline game I've ever installed and it's currently my favorite game,the challenges in each quest,and the music it's all good and I'm going to give this 5stars. for the staff, designer,and b2b's whole crew. goodjob guys and thanks for making this game!. I wish the players wersnt needed to be bought by real money and that maybe we could get more money and gems looting. And also a money magnet plz. Other than that i love this game though i wish i couldve started out as the wolf.

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction APK

I know Apocalypse is out now, but There should be more ways to get Tailless legion items. (RAR, RSR, RHG, RMG, TSD,) Right now you can only get them from buying characters. Which means you can only have 1 RMG, 1 RHG, 1 RSR, 1 TSD, and 2 RARs Shop, Merchant, Tailless legion weapon drops, It doesn't matter How I get them. I want them. I will pay money if I have to get more. I just want a second RHG and TSD for my squad. Please consider it Dawinstone. And keep being awesome. I would've given this game 5 Stars, but there's one problem: The game needs a manual purchase restore option. I got back into this game on a new device and even though the game had auto-restored my old character purchases when I started on the new device, when I loaded my old progress back, it forgotten about my restored purchases and re-locked the characters and wants me to buy them again. Either the auto-restore needs to be tweaked or a manual restore purchase option needs to be added..

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction APK

Although the fighting mechanic is pretty much done auto, it still turns out to be a pretty fun mechanic for gameplay. Building and customizing your squad, in theory, seems pretty cool, but its a bit grindy because you never end up getting the gear you want exactly. Profit/gear upgrades come at a pretty slow pace. Also pretty random as well. Most cash will come from watching the 3 ads after each round. All that said, the gameplay and team building is fun enough to help you overlook the pace.. Such a Addicted Game but it has lot of bugs which it can see clearly... one of them is my teammates was always stuck in top wall and suddenly get teleported, the flashlight in HG while holding a shield was pointing in top which is pain in eyes. Also the Survivor was annoying they always get near in crossfire. if there was some kind of command/order my teammates to do something rather than just shooting anywhere and also it needs Ceasefire button so my Squad don't shoot when they spot an enemies..

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction APK

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