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Try to cope with all the enemies of this universe. The most entertaining performance of Jobmania is Eternal Dungeon, in which you can test your hero to the fullest. To begin with, it is worth creating it, picking up specific characteristics and work. Only then go to the designated place to face the most potent enemies there—any monsters, terrifying bosses, incredible rewards, and thoughtful strategies exist. Choose combinations to win, go through more than 100 levels, and become the winner. The wonderful music of the Middle Ages, pumping skills, great graphics, and everything that will make it possible to become invincible. Deal the most decisive blows, and use unique abilities to defeat any enemy. Open valuable chests, buy new materials, and collect over 300 unique heroes.

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon MOD

Good game very interesting. Love how much the game has developed and improved over the years. If I had to complain about anything it would be that the art is a bit inconsistent at times. Update 9/10/23: Years later, I start playing again and had an account issue. The dev(s?) went out of their way, over multiple days, to help me solve it. Great company. -- Original review 10/2020: Great game. A clever rogue-like, class-based, deckbuilder with fun art and a very fair gacha system. They throw currency at you and the microtransactions are cheap, which I would encourage buying in some degree. Support this dev, they've done well and we need more games from them.. Seldom does one come across a both enjoyable and replayable game with this degree of depth....beyond - BEYOND! xD. Out of nowhere you can just be attack be over powered creatures and there's nothing you can do, ruining your run. I cleared the cache and the game can't start anymore. I am not sure the update or the cache cause this. The new interface is so lame and common. I prefer the old version..

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon APK

Interesting, but so much information, reading, details... Clicking to check options, information, details... It ruins the actual playing. Also, I've got some pop up video ads. You must register for the cloud back up... I wouldn't be able to come back. I've only started about a week ago, and for some reason the game kicks me out at random. Sometimes when I'm just looking at the store and sometimes when I'm in combat. Worse still, I was on 23F when I beat the enemy and the game closed and I lost all progress.. Amazing game, the character and class combinations lead to a ton of build possibilities. The real money currency is easy to farm in game. Very intimidating to start, but once you get into it there aren't many games on phone that can compare.. At a first glance, the UI might feel daunting, that coupled with the loads of key words blasted at you that you need to remember makes this game feel hard to enjoy. Buuuuut if you stick around long enough, you'll start to get the hang of it! This is the part where it's fun!! All of it just... *Clicks* inside of your brain, a certain taste of addiction you can't shake off! (Maybe i'm the one with the problem...). 10/10, would bang my head against Zantetsuken Odin again.

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon APK

Yes it's great game but when I saw the cardboard and the enemies attack is end of my adventure when I ended the my turn I didn't die I didn't even give him a blind or paralyzed.. Great game for roguelike deck builder fans. Edit : i send email to developer but no respond till now. Is this game already dead?. Very good game i can play it all day with no stop many options many events and the game is always updated i recommended it to my friends and they like it keep going. First some cons. The UI is pretty clunky. Some games mechanics are not clear. It's a really fun game, ads are not intrusive and you only watch them if you want something like a reroll on store items. Game is generous with the currencies you get. Biggest gripe is the UI. Worth playing though..

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon APK

I am no developer but I can imagine how difficult or impossible even to mix various game mechanics into one and this game accomplished that. After going through the tutorial, I found myself having fun in this very complex yet simple game. Even after the tutorial, there's still more that it can offer such as job crafting and gacha for monsters which I find very fun to grind. A very great game!. UI is terrible and cluttered too much but I would start a new run countless of times on boring days (edit: it became 3 stars because I've been dropping and picking up this game long before and the UI is still bad, I can't press on some buttons sometimes and the font is hard to read.). I loved this game since 2021,when I don't have any games to play I always go to this games keep me occupied. I have no problems to it. And I love the experience of combining jobs with characters and accessories ,and the only thing I wish is more jobs/characters/accessories. Keep up the good work <3. Was on lvl 3 beginner, got a dancer, didn't have the silver needed to purchase a dance, so she stole ALL my gems and gold (over 2k gems, including 300 gems I got only minutes before by recommending this STUPID game). I can't believe you'd have a monster that steals ALL your currency, and there was nothing I could do to avoid it. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME..

I love this game, I played it for over a year now but my only problem is when I try to get back to my account I cant because I forgot the password and there's no way to reset it. help. I played it for well over an hour, had no bloody clue what was going on and, obviously, I couldn't get into it at all. Really bad and uninstalled. Well, I can only call it how I see it but, if it has a strong following, I'm obviously a minority opinion. Sincerely, the best of luck with it.. Simply it is too easy. I enjoy games that are challenging from the start, not constantly give out insane stuff to the point of boredom. No satisfaction at all, 0/5 if I could.. gives me alot to do when I'm laying in bed, there are a lot of different ways to play the jobs you get so new jobs are a different way of playing each time..

great game, progression is fair, graphics are adequate, UI is great, this game is stable and there is plenty to do. Also, the customization of how I tackle the dungeon is completely up to me.. Concept was very cool, having these combination you can do. though the UI is all over the place, and the tutorial is mediocre at best. need some polishment on art, a little fix on tutorial, and UI. and its probably perfect for some people like me.. Unfortunately the game has decided to use the wrong google play account for in game purchases and i cant find anywhere to select the correct account. Also i cant find anywhere in game to report such problems. Update: Your lack of understanding wont improve the rating i give. To clarify the account i downloaded this game with is not the account the game is using for payments(because i was never offered a choice in the matter, it was automatic) and i cannot find any way to fix this issue.. Now a I learned a lesson" never to rely on the so called Cloud". Now I'm going to play this game again, from scratch..

I enjoy the game for its randomness and mechanics. But at the same time I am slowly find it unfair. You either cheese the game with a good combo but then you stick to it cause you tried others that just cannot hold well. Getting to floor 60+ most bosses can one shot you the moment they have half hp. I don't expect to be done in 3 hrs but i just want other classes to have bettee utilities or bosses to be challenging but not unfair.. a mixture of roguelite, card and alchemy! You can earn items in your runs and fuse them to unlock ever stronger classes. also unlock heroes and skills by going deeper in the dungeon or earning achievements.. I "love" this game. Well, the good things. Very replayable, i love crafting and grinding for the materials to craft, i like to see what synergies are possible with the monsters and jobs, i can see what you are trying to do with combat but. The cons. The combat is repetitive and mind-numbing, you win no problem for a few floors and then die cause you have no choice, there's no tactics here, just that. Also, i hate crystals so much, i can barely make relics cause i dont have any crystals left.. you guys should add list on how to combine new jobs because I can't remember it all and I think it's the only flaw of the game and also I have strong wifi connection but it says no internet connection but anyways you guys should add list job combination and such because again it's such a hassle and takes a lot of time thank you but I'll give it 5 stars.

Left the game a few months ago and when i return i was met with only one of my 5 star heros and only one of my 5 star jobs everything was gone all my jobs and 5 star characters. I downloaded this game not to long ago and it has become one of my favorite game to play. I have a bit of problem understanding some of the mechanics of the game but I'll figure it out.. Excellent game, a good challenge overall with tons of ability combos and builds to explore. My only gripe is that materials for job crafting are on such long timers or having to gacha for them and hope. Other resources end up sitting around, unusable as you wait to craft better jobs to progress.. This is hands down my favourite game in play store, it combined my favourite game genres, Rouge-like and Cards, incredibly well. My only request is for the skills and cards to have better animation that's all. 10/10.

The gacha system doesn't say the right percentage of rates, it's a lot more common to get job material & cards then characters then it says by a lot, it claims it's 50% but it's closer to 15%. Hello good game but I encountered something terrible may I seek for your help thank you,I'm gonna change my review if it get fixed. Hellooo good game but after I delete and decided to comeback just now I can't log in and it says account doesn't registered so I need it help.. This game is so addicting and catchy so awesome but for some reason when update all my craftes awesome jobs was vanised i tried to unstall ajd reinstall but nothing happen so sad that it was all gone for a blink off eye been playingbthis for 3years.

Loved the game as always. I love to see the community grow. I hope there was a fb page for this so that I may see how other's play this game. I am looking forward also if there was a pvp to this in the future. Loved the game.. Hey aub, I was asked to ask you a favor. The job engineer ask me kindly to ask you to give him a new title, and I mean come one its SO lame, even his own brother makes fun of it. I think it's high time for a revamp of the name :). I've been playing this on and off since it came out, and I've got nothing more to say that others didn't already. The game evolved a lot since then, the art was never bad, but looks even more amazing now, the gatcha rates are fair, diamonds are easy to come by and no forced ads. And, most important of them all, the gameplay is fun and enjoyable 5/5 with no discussion, definitely one of my favorite android games.. This is probably the best mobile game, and possibly best deck-building roguelite I've ever gotten to play, game has a lot to offer. The wide variety of heroes, jobs and relics can allow for interesting and fun builds. Honestly could go on, but I only have a 500 letter limit on the review, so sadly can't get all my praise for the game out here.

So far so good. The gacha feels balanced, the ads are not forced, and things are generally quite fun. I would only like a way to view all resources and their uses for crafting.. Love the game, devs are very forthcoming and responsive. 5 stars easily. E: big ty to devs for explaining how to find IAP, would appreciate if ad removal could be bought without crystal bundle tied to it.. Stay away from this game. Confusing interface and un-intuitive gameplay. Many elements of the game are not explained and overall a waste of time.. Definately has a lot to offer and more is to be expected. Top game 2 years later edit : this has become my one and only game . Free to play ,no ads in your face , with tons of choices and every run is different from the previous . Definitely my top #1 game.

Wow,great and fast fix.amazing work and I'm enjoying the game a lot with so many classes and heroes the possibilities are nearly endless.great job and ty for the freebies.. Update: Never mind that, I finally fix the crashes problem by clearing the data not cache. At least I have reloading my back up cloud save . I try to download this in my old phone but don't work but now same brand it working I like the art style but need more features. It could use more organization of the monsters and abilities examples sort yellow you get more hp but it green color job.

Hello, I will wait for your updates and hopefully add a reset button like getting guided by a cute slime again. But you still have the Google account registered.. Wasn't having the best feeling about this game. Until I started playing it gotta warn you it does take a few times till it starts clicking and the job combos with the heros definitely fits right. Not too mention! No forced ads! And the diamonds are easy too get so no need to pay real money . Over all well done devs can't wait too see what more you add or what other games you guys work on.. Very enjoyable game that has seen constant improvements since downloading, well worth a try if you enjoy roguelite style games.. I have a Large amount of storage space but I can't install the game it's still says can't install. Fix this..

It's nice game but too difficult to level up I hope you fix the hero bugmania too many curses and it's very annoying it's a great game but be patient this game is a lot of time to spend. The game is good but the dev is crazily love to nerf everything. Dev be like must.let.them.suffer. He just don't want people to play this game.. I've played this probably 2 years ago. This was the best simple gacha game I've played and it made me nostalgic just by remembering the game. So here I am, playing the game with lots of content. Good Job Devs. So, yeah, all my data was deleted some time ago in a game update and I didn't follow up on the response email because I took it as a sign to quit. Well, 2 years later and I'm back and it's just as cool as I remember it so this game most definitely deserves these five stars.

Love the Game, Just fix the flickering lights that destroys the graphics and made the game unstable. Both of which due to the last update. Already tried to clear cache, uninstall then install back the game.. Still the same problem. Edit : The game is now being updated every once in a while to fix all bugs and implement events.. Thanks Dev . The game is really enjoyable. There's a lot going on at first and I keep on making mistakes but after a few run I've finally understood the mechanics and enjoyed the game.. EXCELLENT! It's great to play off and on. I enjoy collecting the characters and jobs tweaking my build. Not many last in my apps for games. This one does. Thanks for the constant updates!. It's mindless fun, what can I say? Though, with that being said it's got a surprising amount of depth to it in both roster size, abilities (cards), and jobs. I wish there was PVP though; that would be sick..

Oh, you guys changed the UI again? Why tho? I think the UI before was more polished compared to this. Especially the battle UI. Well, I've been living under a rock for the last year so I didn't notice when you changed it.. The only problem I have when watch the ads sound can't be silent force full sound is really annoying will give more star and play again after this fixed. Good game. I'm on day 2 already have a level 20- 5 star and the 3- 5 star jobs I wanted. Made it to floor 190 and retreated but now kinda feel bored. Like what's the purpose of all the other monsters and jobs. Wish it made more sense. But it was a good time waster for the last 24 hours.. I enjoyed the game in the past and found out i didnt make an account and purchased im game content, recently came back after reloading the game to find out nothing saved, messaged the team and with proof of purchase and they gave all of my purchases back with a bit of a bonus, thank you a bunch!.

It has come along way since i first played it. I feel the sense of humor the tutorial is portraying, but the funny characters really do it for me Baconbeast for example. lol. I'm glad i repicked it up. Good day to you good sir!.

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