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An interesting adventure at a local school. Download Quarterback Boy – High School for android, our main character will be a boy named Kim. He couldn’t resist the girl in his class.

The guy decided to take care of her, then she will definitely pay attention to him. Despite the fact that she has a boyfriend, our main character will seek her love in a variety of ways. After a local rugby match, he decides to confess his love to her, but is very nervous, since this is his first time. He’s not so sure she’ll agree, but he still has to try. That is why he called her to a match to win the final duel. Maybe after such a victory, she will not be able to resist him.

Kim needs to be in great shape, so before the game he needs to eat well, replenish his energy and prepare for a difficult match. Much in his life will depend on the result of the duel. The girl should also be beautifully dressed, with good makeup and other subtleties. There will be a date soon, which means you need to carefully prepare for it. Beautiful graphics, a rather fascinating story and everything that happens for the first time in their young lives.

Download ( Vv8.1.12 )

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