NameDragon Raja
ReleaseArchosaur Games

Quality MMORPG in anime style. Dragon Raja is a well-made MMORPG in anime style for Android mobile devices. The main feature of the game is very excellent graphics. The console-level picture will not leave indifferent, even the most sophisticated gamer. The gameplay is made in the best traditions of the gaming genre. Your journey will take place in a vast open world. You will explore the universe, complete tasks, and fight monsters and real players. The whole gameplay is built on interaction with players and battles. You can fight with players only in unique arenas. And so you can go on trips together, on bosses, get equipment, trade, complete tasks. Upgrade your character, buy him the best equipment, and make him invincible.

The most advanced technology, excellent graphics, and everything that gives you the feeling of complete immersion. All players can create unique heroes and fight with their friends against rivals worldwide. Many details have come to this vast world: the time of day change and weather conditions. In addition, the game project uses a physics simulation system, motion capture, and an intelligent environment. Thanks to the graphics, you can feel like you are playing on a real computer.

Just a gigantic world to explore and find something completely original. Picturesque locations where everything starts from Siberia and reaches Tokyo. Most importantly, everything here is quite well integrated into the game plot. Excellent and very advanced real-time battle system. It will provide you with quality fights; all players can test themselves in these duels. Experience each game mode, become more experienced and professional, and come off to the fullest.

Dragon Raja MOD

It is a fun game and there are a lot of people that are really nice and the game is really interesting and bad thing the thing is about is the storage u need to do better i can't download it cuz it takes so much space. This game is very good! I don't have a single gripe about this game other than the game size is around 17 GB. I would be very happy if the game developers saw this and added the ability to delete the game files of quests that you have already completed. If they add this feature, I will change my rating of this game to 5 stars.. This game is good it just has too much space to require so I give this 2 stars just fix the space you need overall good . This is one of my top favorite games so far, even though getting money and buying an house is really hard for me, but everything else is good. Wonderful game needless to say. The graphics, combat, customization, and storyline are absolutely beautiful. If you play this game with friends, then it is much more rewarding because all of the events you can run alone and level up just repeat over and over again with rewards that are not useful after a while. All of the new events have pretty much everything revolve around money, and pvp is like placing bets in Las Vegas Casinos (fat wallet wins). Worth trying at least, but not much else..

Dragon Raja APK

I got this game on my computer. It was normal at first, but when I was playing other games, it completely crashed my computer and put a virus into it, making it unfixable.. okay so, are you guys going to fix all of the crashing and lagging or not? I wrote a review LAST YEAR about this same issue only to not get a response but to re-download the game this year and see that nothing has changed! I really love this game honestly but seriously i can't play it if it's crashing constantly! and also can yall please make the screen less crowded! there are way to many icons on the screen and you can hardly navigate because of that!. Its clean that this game has high graphics and runs smoothly but the voice acting is a real issue that needs to be fixed. I have a an annoying Issue with the game atm, but there is no where you could actually contact the support team, the only thing they do is send you an discord account where just other people are and none of the supporting team. I think the developer don't care at all if we are having a problem, I mean you can't contact them like litrly no where!.

Dragon Raja APK

This game this annoying game I try to redownload because it was wasn't working then it said I had to delete another game to really to reinstall it why is that I had enough storage for this wannabe anime game I do not recommend this to no one and I learn some more the company and going to read these now, they're getting money they don't care. There are some issues. Lack of opportunities to get outfits, prices are a little high for coupons, & there's a limit to how much EXP you earn daily. & while my server says it's full I'm finding ZERO people want to join a team or group up for battles. I have several coupons right now, holding on to them for something that catches my eye, but all I see are packs to boost pet stats or motor stats. I don't feel I'm progressing because of limitations & PAY TO WIN opportunities.. Great game and all, just its combat is kind of off like sometimes with blademaster class, you cannot actually attack unless the opponent moves or the character keeps running to a nonexistent enemy and only strikes there instead of the actual enemy. Also, the cosmetics are super expensive and hard to reach. Another thing is that the leveling is trash. It's worse than the older games' hard-earned leveling. In my opinion, it's just straight-up boring and difficult.. I love this game. The animation is Gorgeous and the storyline is Full of Mystery.It still have so much potential to Reach In Top...

Dragon Raja APK

It is a very fun game but it takes up a lot of space and it also made me delete all of my social media apps just to install it. I like the game but I don't have enough storage to download all the resources :( so that's why I'm with dead silence and I'm also waiting for the resources to download so it can be better. Wow this game is amazing and it reminds me of the game Tower Of Fanasty! You must try this game because there is dressup and traveling and missons and ect! . It's a good game, played when it was launched and yes somethings you can simply pay to get ahead but then they game is really grindy like the careers or whatever but then it just keeps you busy. Pvp is what you expect it to be, I'm using soul dancer and you can solo teams of people 10 to 20 levels higher than you if you got the right skill setup and timing with the gear too(mostly stats that hit hard but keep you alive). The game needs some love and just some polishing.

Yes this game takes a lot of space , but it's honestly worth it. The game is really easy to understand and honestly the quality is amazing . I don't know why but I cannot post pictures in "moments" and when I go to settings the "share" is turned off. And when I want to turn it on it won't let me do so only if I download the game again. Can you please tell me what or why I having this issue? All other permissions are granted to this game. Thank you!. Hello help me iam stock in some place I can't get out of there please what should I do I will change my review on this after I get out of there . this game is obviously impressive for a mobile game but the amount of ptw is crazy plus his cluttered the phone screen get is crazy I'm not going to lie I love this game to death but the ptw over plays the free to play.

Red flag no1 No way to play with a guest account Red flag no2 cant log on with google account due to blocked access and it's the only log in option Red flag no3 shouldn't need access to photos/media. I wanted to play but can't due to too many red flags and no way to use a guest account.. Wanted to play game but after trying to downloading ingame resources package for certain point it become stuck forever or it restart at certain point. Tried to download package multiple times and I am currently stuck at 1322MB/1744MB it ain't moving.. Love this game but ever since merge the server been laggy and I crash a lot I got a new phone and everythibg. Ridiculous, I used to love this game truly. Sadly, my character that I spent a good amount of money and time on has disappeared. It's been over a week now, and customer service has not given me any updates on anything. Very aggravated..

I love the game got wonderful stories wonderful events but it's hard to buy stuff in mall store with diamonds if purchase keeps failing have been trying to get rose funeral but no luck cause of that I also lost sleep try to get the dress please fix it or compensate somehow please. This game is becoming to big to be a mobile app it takes up to much space its not enough cute outfits for players who don't want to spend money and leveling up takes forever. I'd say put this on the switch and make things a bit easier and not super pay 2 win.. I loved this game and I still do!! I had it on my old phone and was addicted, I'm glad to see now (on my current phone) to see they're adding and updating it! Might download it again, just afraid to start over. It is a wery interesting and beautiful game withe a nice open world and great avatar costemisasons but it gets boring after a wiell.

It is a very fun game but it lags quite often and sometimes glitches out. Other that that it's a very fun to play game. Becomes boring pretty quickly. The only feature that made me stay in the game for a long time is... A chat.. While chatting with my friends, I found something that you must fix immediately: the word "ISLAM" isn't allowed to write. BUT WHY?? I think it's an error and fix it as soon as possible. Thanks earlier.. Apenas perfeito, porm poderiam dar mais dias pros eventos j que em 5 dias n d pra fazer nada. Tudo no jogo bem pay2win, desde as roupas at pra mudar de classe, sem contar que depois de um certo level, no tem nada pra fazer e fica MUITO difcil uppar.

I love this game. But the only issue is by phone. 2oo much overheating and almost every update I'd have 2 either re-install or delete other apps important just 2 have enough space. This game would be amazing on consoles.. This is by far my first favorite game on mobile or chrome everything about this game rules and we almost don't deserve such a beautiful game thank you for making it.. About 3 years later and it's still complete gutter trash. Can't customize, can't play the game because it's not downloaded completely, not that it ever will, the graphics are really bad.. Very fun game to play, stunning visuals, really top notch stuff. The real problem is it's a heavy pay to win base game and can have a lot of bugs depending on the updates. If you can enjoy the game for what it is, you'll enjoy yourself, but overall it may not be worth your time in the long run if don't have a disposable income..

Best game ever but pure p2w and once the new classes are unlocked the sound one just ruins pvp. I wish you would update everything. The graphics are kind of dated now in comparison to other games using unreal engine5 etc raja is falling behind. Needs a massive revamp to make it the best mmorg again like it used to be no1. It's a good game. Great graphics, great character customization, and a ok story. But what brings me down is leveling, the combat, and the pay wall. It gets boring trying to level up doing the same quests just to get less the 1% of xp to level up. I think having ragdoll physics would be better than an death animation, it just feels like I'm not doing nothing fighting them. And a lot of the cosmetics that the game has are just unobtainable or are behind a expensive pay wall.. This game is so fun when I get bored of it I delete it then after a while I remember it and redownload it and it is always fun it is worth the wait. I don't recommend topping up from the Dr app I'd you have android, you will be accused and punished of purchasing from a third party and/or refunding which they would put your coupon count in the negatives! Good luck if you're gonna be f2p..

I like mmos but not theses Asian anime type mmos. Everything is different like the mobs, the story, the style. If you're a child this could be great but for a man like me I get more out of other mmos with more violence and less child like story lines. Two stars for me.. The game stinks story is terrible and the characters are terrible one character is named literally fingers game is boring fighting is boring animation is good but overall its boring nothing to do hard to level up. This game was PEAK when I was younger and I loved it. I kept on having to start over because my device keeps on breaking but this game is great! Five stars . Overall this game is good but i cant get it to work on my chrombook it keeps closeing on its own when i try to pick a class.

Update made me lose my character..and all my hard work is now gone . Wish I could give more stars. Beautiful game, amazing graffics, lovely story line and awesome open world maps.... but 120% a pay to play. Unless you plan to drop over a grand, you'll never hold your ground.. Giving this a 1 star rating because it's too big a game to be a mobile game now. I was wondering if you could put this and all your other games on the switch such as Noah's heart. Also if we could have more side quest to help us level up and more beautiful maps. The game gets boring after a while and many of my friends have left because of the Pay to win, boring level up time, and the censory and community. Its lots of arrogant people but if it was more stuff to do in game things would be great.. Too many cheating auto bot clicker users remain in game still and for real one hair in treasure of time for $20... uh you've gotta be kidding me? Would be lovely if only this game was more fair with rewards....

This game has beautiful graphics but is a little heavy on the storyline and has alot of cutscenes. Unfortunately I prefer games that are more action than this but if you are a fan of slow paced games then I highly recommend this as it is visually stunning and has lots of. characters to choose from. Credit to the artists. Can you fix the game bc when I turn to level 50 or something I tried to change my class but it say you have to reach your level but I did can some one tell me how. i played this game two years ago and i wanted to download it again, but the download stops at %85 on the app store and it says that the game is ready to play, but when i click on the game icon it's stops loading. it's been like that for 3 days =(. Love the game. The animated parts are entertaining as well. My only problem is storage. 17gb of storage, to be exact. I do get it, but sizing it down should be a focus..

I really love this game it's my top game but its not letting me download it idk why but can u please fix that I did download it lots of time but the next day it deleted by itself and I don't know what's wrong plz fix that for me plz I want to play this I really love and support his games so much that is why I want you to try to fix this problem for me please game devs and so on please help me with this problem thank you so much for seeing this report for me!!!. It looks amazing, and i would love to play it but every single server is full and I cannot play at all because of it.. This is one of my favorite games to play. There are a few issues, but nothing to make me quit playing.. I think the game is really good, but I think the hair options are a bit limited if there were more that would be great.

Please help the game constantly is crashing I've tried restarting,clearing cache, etc I can't get past the loading screen after u hit start. I think I would really enjoy this game if this was fixed .. Look devs good job but you need to improve this game like come on,this app says could not install app when I have literally 8 gb left of storage bro.Now when I first heard about this game it was from caylus a gave it a 2 star because it has insane graphics but devs do better. The visuals and combat are the only nice thing about it. The main issues: 1. The very messy main story without consistency/very chaotic. And our MC didn't matter in the story anymore. 2. Very bad English dub and grammatical translation errors. 3. Heavy P2W. No limit for whales. 4. Need to download all story chapters for some reason even though you already did them. (when reinstalling) Had lovely ideas and really great character customisation, but that's about it.. Best game i have ever played.. been playing since it came out and it has not dissapointed me. The fact that is have everything from guilds, pvp, war, marriage, kids, and all the classes to choose from, I def give ut a 5 star! Will continue playing for years to come!.

I love the game but what I didn't like was that it took a long time to get to the next level and on the quests you have to get to the next level but it would take long and I mean long I just think maybe don't make it so hard to complete the quests.. ALRIGHT, I ABSOLUTLY HATE YOU PPL, I WAS PLANNING TO PLAY THIS GAME AND WAS SUPER EXCITED TO TRY IT, BUT CANT SINCE GRAPHICS ARE TOO GOOD,I EVEN CONTACTED ARCHOSAUR GAMES ON E MAIL, AND THEY DIDNT EVEN ANSWER, AT LEAST CARE ABOUT WHAT I SENT TO YOU !!!!!!!. Game doesn't work, after installing it doesn't want to download more resources and it keeps consuming your data and storage. It's literally a cash grab app. Don't download it.. Can't even download game I have plenty of space and a brand new phone no reason why it should install.

tired of them referring to me as a man knowing DAMN well im a WOMAN. tue subtitles don't match, and the voice acting keeps on glitching, sometimes its there, sometimes its not. there's also typos in yhe subtitles. get this fixed y'all!. It's a fun game it's nice to play there is just to many buttons on the screen, the buttons takes up half the screen but overall it's really cool.. Has some one who has played and made it to level 105 it is so hard to level up but the game looks amazing and I made a lot of friends that I still talk to after 3 years I have not played the game since 2019 but the story did not finish when I played but all the sound effects and voices were worked then. Updated; I would rate it 5 Stars if it didn't close out due lack of space I had tried over and over again too free up space got so far and to now be hit with an error message well guess what keep your game I'm uninstalling ..

A long time ago I used tou play this but my phone shut down and I couldn't find it anywhere in love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love anime when I played it I put my player as the girl on the game I made it to the highest level I also played in as different characters people asked why are you so good at it I replied as it's because I really enjoy it it's graphic is amazing and the sound effects brings it all together it's.amazing! You worked so hard I appreciate it!!!. I'm so furious, I already downloaded this thing twice with real data, that's 4GB of my data wasted for nothing and it still won't install if anyone is thinking of downloading this thing I advise you not to. Don't waste your data and time it's practically a scam, A cash grab app. Download at your own risk.. Used to play this game back in the day. The story mode was a long, tedious, and annoying to play through. After they deleted my account, I wasn't going to go through that hellhole again.. Would be a damn near perfect game if not for the constant crashing and disconnecting by the servers...for hours on end....can't hardly play a solid 5 minutes before crashing and being booted from playing..

Just started but I'm really impressed. I see why it takes a lot of storage but it's totally worth it. Amazing graphics too. Awesome storyline. Just wonderful. I hope I don't meet any disappointments soon tho. I love the character customization and the classes and all the different complexities you can do within those classes, 2 things i would say they can do better on, 1. Make the F2P players have a little bit more rating giving items than the ones they can earn(i'm what they call a whale in the game, so yeah, me saying this means alot, at least to the player base) 2. Your customer service line needs some fixing, I sent an email about 2 months ago, no human reply or even a bot reply, just nothing. I saw the ad of this game. It looks wonderful!! But it isn't allowing me to download it... I really was excited to play if :(.

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