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Fashion Nation: Style & Fame is a leading app that allows you to meet different designers and chat with them about fashion. In-game items are always available in large quantities. Players love trial purchases. When decorations appear on the shelf, they can be used. Heroes can be changed at any time. If you enable the setting, there are controls for body parts. That is, models can be full or thin. Hair color and skin color are selected separately.

As for the mini-games, they offer the opportunity to accumulate total experience points. Players complete simple tasks. For example, you can add numbers or collect items. Players in Fashion Nation: Style & Fame can also apply for competitions. Only the most iconic models win. Judges are easy to bribe with unique items. The judges immediately noticed the new blouse or shorts. Naturally, they cost a lot of money in the catalog. To get these, you need to complete a large number of mini-games. There was a desire to simplify the process, so a mod was made to earn a lot of money. Once activated, select a store. All those are already there by default. Separately, you can go to the category of hats or underwear. Jewelry is still relevant.

The player is looking at decorations for the hands and feet. For some people, the modest type is also suitable, but the combination with clothes needs to be kept in mind. Make-up is given special attention. Cosmetologists suggest looking at top creams and paints. With their help, you can emphasize the definition of a body part. Sometimes there is not enough contrast, so it is better to add color. Combinations of popular shades also work well. Give preference to velvet or below.

Fashion Nation Style & Fame MOD

Ever since the last update, this app will n9t load Had to reinstall on new tablet. Cash and diamonds transferred but all purchases have been lost Love this game. Sadly, it quit working. A star is missing just because of the diamonda and those rupees 'cause all of them got use so fast....and if we left these 2 things out then the overall game is good . This game is so nice...and for me useful too because I can get a better fashion sense...thanks to this game. Fun to play, but crashes all the time. And the clothing and stuff is really expensive and it's so hard to get gems.. 10/10 love this game a lot better than covet-fashion, download you won't be disappointed please implement an already owned sub-category when filtering thru the clothes/ dresses categories it would apply to every category in the game, as would an "unworn" subcategory as well just an idea to consider .

Fashion Nation Style & Fame APK

It takes too long to get voted in order to continue playing. The hair styles are not good at all. Please find someone that can fix the hairstyles. I'm debating on quitting because other sites offer so many mored and better styles. I'm still figuring this game out and it's fun except the hair and the waiting for votes to play.. I bought a new phone, and I lost all I had earned. So I then had to update the game I once enjoyed. No more free cash or free diamonds. I refuse to pay my hard earned money to play this game. If that's the case, I'll go to the casino. SO DISAPPOINTED in updated version.. Try to play it second time but where to save my progress?..and how to link this game to fb or email..i cant spending my money if my progress cant be saved in my phone....this game doesn't not have new update... Fashion nation give me a chance to practice on my fashion dreams in real life. This game is just like a real job !.

Fashion Nation Style & Fame APK

Great game. The home page challenges haven't changed for a year, except for the seasonal. New wardrobe would be nice to make challenges more fun. I see new items are being added now. Thank you! Do the challenges change once I collect all rewards? If so, could the ads for diamonds and cash come back? It's hard to win without getting new or trending items at once, even if I wanted to renew an item I already have. Thanks!. Terrible. They make you spend money for progress, game constantly crashes, plus they say you're promised item drops after 5 tries but that's a lie. They do not give item drops after five tries. Waste of time, money and storage space.. The competition is rigged to win based on new items purchased and no relevance to the theme set. Just a money grab. This is the best fashion game but it takes much time to give the results . This game also has many rewards..

Fashion Nation Style & Fame APK

Changing my review from 1 star as the issue I had has been resolved and the app support person that resolved it was professional and responded to emails very quickly. Thank you . I had issues with the previous Glam up games that I was playing but this is the best no issues so far... Love it!!! I'm giving it 4star cause i just started. I enjoy this game...but the "runway" challenges never change, which makes it very boring after a while. It's nothing like they advertise. and the training aspect of the game doesn't even make sense. you slap on a bunch of different things that have nothing to do with the objective of the challenge itself. Not to mention you barely win them in the end. I've spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of diamonds trying to win a game so that I can move on and nothing. it doesn't make any sense.. When I first downloaded the game it was awesome I love it,but later on when I wanted to try on the dresses before I purchase it doesn't work or I can't purchase almost all of the outfits and also I would like to kindly ask u to atleast try to do something about somebody submitting a person without anything only the inner wear and earns a top runway look.

Um sorry please is this an online game? Please can u tell me quickly can i play it when offline. I have played this for years and have acquired a huge wardrobe. Unfortunately, I switched from an iPhone to an Android and lost my data. How can I recover my original membership?. Very nice game with beautiful graphics and many options to choose from. It is less costly than other games similar in nature and the ads make it easier to get more diamonds. Some things can be costly, but I haven't had to top up with actual money yet, so I'm optimistic about the long run.. Its very good has a very good quality I like the fact that there arent much ads added into this game.

Extremely frustrating game....its not about who can design the best outfit but how much you spend. Very glitchy too and too slow, spend most of your time waiting for votes and all the models are the same shape, what about including some different shapes and sizes, like in the real world. Uninstalled app.. This is, by far, the best fashion game out there. SO much better than Covet. The graphics are excellent. As are the choices of clothing, accessories, and makeup. Entering into challenges are easy and the training is really fun, and sometimes challenging, as you have to match the feel of the outfit to the feel of wherever you go. 5 out of 5 stars. Excellent.. 12/18/23 ANOTHER BUG! Dont play this game. My cell wont open this games if it detects a BUG! Started playing 12/11 ended 12/18. 11/14/23 BUG!!!!!! THIS GAME HAS A BUG!!!!! My cell indicated this 2 me and it's not opening the app. PLS FIX UR BUG!!!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED CAUSE IM ON LEVEL 40!!!. Love the graphics and concept compared to all the other fashion games but it's totally rigged to make you spend tons of money and the challenges are a joke bc you only seem to win when you spend more money and mo one follows the rules. For an update, this game cheats you from your points, I have attempted their lame "contact" option but no response from the company. So frustrating.!!.

This app have been the best better app in the world u can't find like this app please please install this app please . It's fun. The only thing is that duels don't really pay attention to the theme. It's just who is wearing more of the required items.. Pretty interesting game, especially if you like styling. They have themes and challenges that you dress the models for. Lots of item choices for creating a look that you love.. It's a fun game BUT the clothing and everything is else is SOOIO EXPENSIVE !!!! About the ONLY way to get stuff is to buy it from your own money there's no video or anything to watch to get extra money and/or diamonds NOTHING !! Just about everything costs diamonds heck I can't even buy a pair of glasses or gloves for $1000.00... so instead of giving this game 5 stars I moved it down to 2 and I've left 2-3 messages and still haven't heard anything back from anyone...

This version of all the similiar games such as covet, is much lighter and easy to figure everything out without lots of confusion. So far I really ejoy. Great rewards, nice fashion and so far cheaper than others . Update, still love it just wish they would change the runway challenges and wardrobe more. It becomes very repetitive and eventually boring. The training part of the game is impossible . It's so fun but I constantly lose and buy stuff and still lose I'm always out of diamonds it's frustrating . Update- Thank you developers for actually listening to us and finally fixing the few complaints we had! Really the only adjustment needed now in my opinion is to make the hair and makeup looks more obtainable. At least ensure 1 hair style or makeup look with ever star coin pack that's purchased. I use coins all the time too purchase packs faster and I only ever get a hair or MU look maybe 1/5 packs that I buy, which is is huge huge bummer, given the cost. Fix that & the games really perfect!.

I liked this game when first started playing 2 months ago, liked it so much I was willing to pay for the monthly upgrade..this will be my last month doing that. I began to notice that all the cool clothes can only be bought with gems cash is easy to earn but gems are NOT!!! even with paying for the monthly upgrade. Its almost impossible to win a round unless you purchase items on that round..and alot of rounds are paired with others that have clothes styles I have never seen... This is the best fashion game out there. 1 star missing because it's Harder to get good results in game, sometimes very ugly outfits win because they are new players and all their clothing items are just purchased. I don't play to win, but I would like to get better rewards, sometimes I spend 15-30 minutes putting together one outfit. PLEASE, give us less people in every outfit voting and better rewards! Also, the monthly pass is 18, which is crazy, I would pay 3 for it.. This is a fun and addictive game, but it's so frustrating that the further you get and the more players you have in your network, the lower your scores get. It's so dumb, especially since they give you more network players as "prizes," as if it's a good thing. Also, the training challenges are ridiculous - it's not about putting together a good outfit, it's about choosing items with the right keywords. You either put together a truly hideous outfit or you lose. But, that said, I do enjoy it.. I do really love this game! But the problem is that it keeps kicking me out of the game and it made me very mad. And very laggy it won't stop doing the frozen screen. But I still like this game but I just don't want does to happen again (even tho it won't.).

Really wish there was more affordable clothing and accessories/hats/ shoes/ ..really lil more of everything that's more affordable points / winnings wise with out having to pay premium. Some of us enjoy the game but honestly can't afford $14.99/mo when trying to keep head above water being single mom. Housing / food /insurance/ everything kids need! .. I don't know just a thought. Cause I really enjoy playing when I can save up enough in game to obtain trending and unworn things .. Thanks so much for the wonderful fashion stylist! I love how they ship for me and plan my wardrobe! Thanks . Edit: Idk what people are talking about like not everything is expensive on this game and plus u can vote to get more diamonds and cash and playing helps with diamonds and cash this is actually the first dress up game that I didn't hate and I haven't lost yet other dress up games likes ugly outfits over cute ones like Makeup Show does but this dress up game is the best . Game very enjoyable but experiencing problems with getting diamond credits after purchasing packages. Judging in submitted styles for competitions and voting categories is questionable. Winners often do not meet the requirements or match the categories being judged. I still recommend trying the game..

I can't play since last month. There is a bug with the game, and there is no update. Battery issue error..

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