NameInotia 4

Inotia 4 – this game is designed specifically for you, as it will allow you to spend hours here and only get satisfaction from it. You will find exciting mechanics as well as stunning locations. This will be the fourth part of this story, providing you with completely updated graphics, wholly redesigned mechanics, and unique gameplay.

An incredible story awaits you, which will surprise all fans of this project. You can get a lot of fun from all the plot twists. Most importantly, you must defeat all your opponents, develop your character significantly, and get to the end of this story.

It will be pretty challenging to move forward, but you should not stop at the difficulties, you must complete this rather complicated story. It will be interesting to see what happens next, and you will know all the facts. You must assemble a good team of warriors, get awesome weapons and reach the maximum level. Only thanks to excellent management can you confidently advance and destroy all opponents.

Inotia 4 MOD

debt default by local governments and that is the real estate. It's already at 60% and no recession has happened the only way to trick China again is thru cunning and that means superior accounting that China construction won't see it coming and more importantly it won't hurt otherwise Cinderella Cheabol despite using every resort at his disposal the bond holder recieved only 100,000 yuan for living expenses and forced to sign a document promising not to cause any further trouble it is clear tha. Cool enjoyable game to play awesome ok battle on players yippie wow.. still one of the better games ive played and has no B.S like hearth-shtone game is super rad. can you just get rid of the game auto opening to a connection idk if I'm making sense. but please just make this game playable offline. I play it many years ago..and i play it again now... Giving it 4 stars for now just started playing and it's good although i have a little problem on the controls its doable, great game by the way hope for better updates. THE GAME IS SO UNDERRATED AND STILL FUN TO PLAY! I HOPE THE DEVELOPERS RELEASE INOTIA 5. Tagal ko rin hindi nalaro to nalimutan ko na ung name ng game kaka search ko lumabas rin sawakas.. di nakaka booring laruan swak na swak pam palipas oras... best graphic and gameplay and i wish it will be an online mmorpg soon :). I played this game already and its good I am not done with this missions so i return to finish we're i started.. let's get it onnnn!! Baby!!. The game is good itself but the story ending is crapy . The hardcore memory layers are insane . There should be more levels than 105. The ending should be good. The attack power of enemy is high . Attack power of player should be higher. Improve story ending ,add more levels in hero, increase attack power . Hero should go and save channel..

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there should be a quest that you can get 5 gems but the quest is hidden npc like a hidden cave or like a house that you can Enter but the map Says you cant or a hidden road that least you to the npc. but there also a quest that only give you 1 or 2 gems but there is only one npc in every town u go but the quest should not be easy to. example: after u find a hidden npc and Talk to him then give you a quest the quest required you to fight a hidden boss with no resurrection, healing, companions.. i played this 3 years ago and i just remembered it again so i donwloaded it again it really is a good game i highly recommend assasin for new players it's so op even tho this game is old i still love it great job developers.. I Love the 2.5 d's Rpg, ang also i love all inotia stories, plot and twist, but i great recommend if you would like to give us, the continous story, we want you to give us inotia 5 but please 2.5 version only, i am not gonna play 3d inotia, that's kinda, sick you know, by the way, im happy if you would create inotia 5 . Hi im here for a request.plz create inotia 3 remaster i need it very very. if it work with old server so nice. Good RPG game.. No offline option need internet to connect to the server to play it. ( Solo player with a 3 controllable characters) (with AI assist during attacking a monster.. mines already at lvl 82. I like this game ever since from the start like zenonia it just that i can't play it in my other phone which is android 12 it says this game was made for an older version of android i like playing com2us game because it's so enjoyable. It's pretty fun to play and I like the games style as well . This game need more open, don't restrict player to go to danger area, couse I want to grinding level fast, but it's a good game. Was fun for the longest while. But now randomly i can't use health potions which is necessary to win certain fights. To bad. Game was fun while it lasted.. I like it when i first play this game year 2015 but now why you make this game in online ..

Inotia 4 APK

When is there going to be a remake of Inotia series?. I use to grind this game when I was a kid and now I'm back but when I login my account to restore the data the system said "there's no restoring data" I'm so disappointed.. The dev have abandoned this game i ve already reached max story and level n nowadays this game needs wifi to play... bring the old no wifi inotia back and add new stories there is still lot of suspence left to uncover i used to rate this game 5 star but i m giving 2 star now..cause of bugs and no development ...this game used to be my favorite game once.Also i lost all my gems even though i didnt used it i just lost them while logging in game.. This game is online for no particular reason. No multiplayer or any reason to be online. Sad to say but it become worst after update. Fun gam3. Takes me back to the old days a little. Perfect game. Nostalgic and perfect for passing time. Though requiring wifi to play, you can ignore this need (wifi) simply by turning on your data, getting to play, and turning off you data. Its still my favorite dungeon crawler after years. Totally lit.. Wow this game never dies awesome I hope there's so much update coming on this game. One of my favorite games Until now, i haven't had any problems with the game. I played it a long time ago and i re-installed it now!. Why does this game have no customization of controlls? The dpad is too small and its positioned almost on the left side my thumb is having a hard time locating it. The first ever tragic story I've been exposed to. This made me hurt so much at the end of the game, this game is just too well made and it's too bad they won't be making any continuation for the story..

I love this game since i played it in 2015... I kept reinstalling this game whenever i missed it. I hope this game don't close, cuz i want to play it for a long time. I love this game let me played this game in peace. I have a lot memories about this game cuz i'm a old players.. This gives me nostalgia for inotia 3 and happy I can play something very similar to it.. "Play this game. I recommend the warrior class. Buy some gems and then buy the warrior set that costs 73 gems. Then, level up to level 100. And then after that, have a good time." Edit: Years later, I have lost my save I bought the gear on. I contacted support but have gotten no response. Not sure what kid me spent on those gems back then but that's pretty sad that I fell for that. 4/8/23. Great game, a lot of fun also it has a story of 5 - 10 hours or more.but I hoped inotia 5 will come out someday. This Game Is The Reason Why I Like Anime And RPG Games..This Is My Childhood Game Too..I Love This Game So Much That I Repeated This Games Countless Times..I Highly Recommend This RPG Game. Looks good w/ plenty of new spells/abilities to learn & the save system is perfect for Mobil gaming. After my first enemy encounter though I noticed It just feels a bit stiff w/ out the amount of depth it originally had. It feels like a Facebook game but looks like an rpg so it just threw me off a bit. All & all its a fun little pocket game & if they can somehow give the real time combat a few more animations so it doesn't feel so tacked on I would definitely give 5 starts!. Good game. i still play it on 2019. edit: I still play it on 2023, such a nice game. So far it's a good rpg I'm not far at all but overall the movement feels good and graphics are nice. The character are good the story is good too but i think their is something missing and it is the next part.

I just started playing this game, so far I'm enjoying it to the fullest, I'll update my review when I play it more.. Why no music in the game? No ambient noise makes it a little weird.. I got forced to do this but this game is nice and cool. Very enjoyable rpg, I like the game play and good experience. Superb gaming experience! The gameplay is so nostalgic and at the same time very cool graphics and effects!. Fun game, I enjoy playing it. Update, still a fun game, and trying a new character for the first time. Update, ty Luna. Luv the game just make it so I dont need wifi. Game great and playing it a long time I hope to see new things coming and maybe a little upgrade on graphics but I wrecked the game a lot.

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