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What are you even doing together with your life? Fan service for days. If you are searching for a cute and attractive JRPG to cross the time, Girls X Battle 2 is the sport for you. Truthfully, the primary Women X Battle recreation is a Hero Collector/JRPG recreation. However, the sequel is a Collected/Idle Heroes recreation with JRPG components positioned on prime. Nevertheless, that does not imply it is an issue.

The sport is a turn-based JRPG that lets you utterly idle. Though, the idle time will reset after a while. You’ll be able to make the most of this technique and play wherever irrespective of the circumstances. Think about the entirely different locations you may visit or the multi-tasking choices available! When you be a part of the battle, your girls will do everything for you, whether or not your cell phone is on. What’s more, it doesn’t matter what you are doing; you may get rewards for as much as 8 hours! That is proper; you might be at school, amid a lecture, while taking part in Girls X Battle 2 idle.

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Love it. But please stop making the kids wear bikinis... And why did you change the picture of the game?. Disappointed about the new update, why this game became like this??? Please bring back the game it used to be. It's very fun gacha game. If you have a problem with a slow leveling system then this is not for you, but in my personal opinion it is a masterpiece!. The game is AWSOME and I love it the characters are so pretty I can't choose who to main and I hope you make more fun games like this in the future there's no glitches or bugs or lags so it basically one of my favourite games could you please add more skins? Cuz they're so pretty! Also I've been playing for years and I don't regret anything I said its really fun it's so addicting and exciting mostly when you get a rare Character you also ,fix the bugs and the events are just a 10/10 ,Keep going!. Editing my rate. Honestly, game isn't what it used to be anymore. Barley any new events, new characters and nothing that's worth it in the game now. Constantly just the same events and same skins in the treasures for 30$. Game crashes, and reloads if you don't touch the screen for like 3 minutes Not worth it much anymore.

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Edit 3: Still dead. Kinda fun after you leave the game and get all the rewards, but then you just feel empty. No new events, no new content. Hasn't been updated in 2 years. P2W gameplay is everywhere. One star. Girls x battle 2: Save The Dog Is A Good Game to play SirajSirtaj The HeroTheSinger Not Naming Any Name's Music Video download Mp3 Song so I Am going to Giveing It 5 STARTS . This game is the best the art is good top and the voice acting is excellent everything abt this game is just so cute and perfect. Awful customer service. I spent a lot of money on this game. When my account was stolen, I could not get any help.

Girls X Battle 2 APK

Where did Girls X Battle go? Did you guys sell it, I'm pretty sure you guys had the 1st one before... I always liked this game I've been playing it for 2 years I enjoyed it everytime but since may they didn't add a new girl or new events it's just old events keep coming back the game is SO dead rn no new updates or anything it makes me upset cuz I really love this game. I hope someday they add a new events or at least a new girl. (Giving it 3 stars cuz I hate save the dog and for the no updates but in general it's a fun game). I do think that the game is, fine. Just too many shops (real money shops), skins and rings being 20-30$, no new content since 2022, a lame Apollis-heavy meta, and nearly an entire faction of units being unviable (Human faction I'm looking at you), and a couple bugs with certain events as well. There is a very active community here and it would be a shame if the game were to die in this state. Maybe at the very least buffing a few characters so as to more characters can be viable would be great.. It used to be good. But they have stopped updating the game. No new content anymore, just repeat of the old stuff. They're milking it until the day it will shut down, which is probably soon..

Girls X Battle 2 APK

Dear developer.. I'm trying to play this game again but it keep stuck at loading screen.. I already uninstall it and download it again and it's still stuck.. please help me fix it.. because I don't want to lose my account. I have been playing this game for almost 4-5 years now. The first 3 years was fun and exciting but for the past 2 years there are no new girls, pet and the events now are redundant. Its sad to see that old players quit the game because its not fun anymore to play the events that are being released everyweek are very lacking especially the anniversary, we were hoping to be having a new girl or something new in the anniversary but sadly there is none. Its just disappointing to see the game is dead. i remember that game is about a anime girl or something like that, but now it is save the dog game???. I like to play this game but its a little boring anyways cuz can't trade any item or hero to another player if this game have trade service i think it will be fun^.

Gxb2 is OK but I don't understand why they shut down gxb:Global it was way better and I had spent probably 100s of dollars on that game over the years but then it just gets deleted along with all of my accounts and progress I was level 100 and had blood awakened characters enhanced woth elemental gear and that took over a year for me to get , you could probably achieve that with the shortest time possible being 2 months so I lost progress and money for this game and didn't get the transfer rew.. The game isn't boring to me, the, the girls are pretty and I feel like it gives the newbies a good push towards success.. I love this game,when i get bored i play this game so much,i have so many powerful character,this game is one of my fav game. I honestly love this game. I've been playing it for a longer while and am lvl 101. In the early stages I admit it was really hard and you have to grind a lot if you want to Graduate cards (and be lucky), but I wouldn't say it is necessary to pay. VIP ranks up do make your game experience nicer, but I would say it is 100% needed. You get a lot of pulls F2P and if you sacrifice a lot of time you'll notice the game get way easier. (Anyway, I hate the stage of the dog game I'm at so -1 ).

I started playing this game in 2017 and now that it is almost 2024.stil love it and I will keep playing it,but can I ask does this game have a cloud setting so you can play it on another device. I played this game for a while, I enjoyed it, spent money on it, etc. It's a lovely casual game, but unfortunately it does get expensive if you do spend money on it. I ended up deleting it today as I didn't play it for many many months, but it's still a lovely game.. When are we gonna have new girls and other stuff. It's been over a year since a new girl was released. I LOVE THIS GAME .I do wish more girls would get skins though. A lot of people say there is a pay wall, but it just takes strategy and dedication. I'm not a top player so don't think that's reason for my opinion about the "pay wall". I'm doing pretty decently right now and I haven't spent a penny..

Seem like they fired all of their developers... Because it's been more than half a year with out a new girl, event or skin.... Not even now in Christmas ..... Such a shame I've been playing these game since 2019 so it's hard to say this ..... Uninstalling if there's no new event or anything new on new years .... Such dog $h|t...... I actually love this game so much. I have been playing for around 2 years. I have 3 girls that are level 330, and the others all over 250. I login ever day, and I ended up spending over $30 on it. I do not regret it in the slightest. (I am a girl, not a perv, btwww). Is it still the same game that i used to play in 2017?, i used to play this game on horizontal mode. Personal favorite game... Been playing ever for 3 years but i see that there isnt much event and it keeps repeating and there are very few people active in the game but overall i still like it. Newbie friendly ^^..

I'm giving it a one star cause when I participate in Facebook event but I don't get rewards for some reason I'm about to just quit this game. This game Still my favourite after these years love new event and the heroes but keep improve the game but I love the games so much thank you . I love this app,and I will like to rate this app. The percent of how I love this app is 99%.. So upset the devs gave up on this game, I loved it and always put a lot of money into it and it's so disappointing that it's been almost WHOLE YEAR since an update, it really sucks and I hope the game can be worked on again.

I've been playing this game for 5 years and I can say this is the best idle rpg ever! You don't have to spend money to have fun here. The graphics, loots, and the gameplay is sooo fascinating!!. So I used to play this and recently rediscovered a save the dog game? D-do I even download it? Is this even the game I had played before?. I use to absolutely love this game when I had it on a dif email. It was so amazing. But now, with the dog and drawing it to keep away the bees? I could not even get passed the tutorial level bc it kept me there and would not let me leave the victory screen. Update: still hate the save the dog mini game. I wish that there was something original and more like the game asthetics. The controls also are terrible for save the dog.. Too complicated and too much to focus on. This will never be as good as the first game, Girls X Battle 1. May it rest in peace. It did not deserve to be executed..

I am a level 256 player, played this game for over 3 years almost every day, just grinding to give my waifus the best, before I quit. I have 3 teams (6 char in each) with full lvl and 5 star limit break, highest specialise gear for each one and end game. 4 max level and skill pets. I once led my guild to be in the top 50 in rankings for the PVE events. Consistently. I am, at least, in the top 100 for every leader board. I had returned to the game, only to be dissapointed in the lack of updates.. Terrible game system that's bound to fail in the future. I'm not sure if the developers of this game are competent devs... There hasn't been a new character for almost 6 months, and nothing innovative in the past few months... It seems to be that this game company only cares about $ and not give the value they are asking to get from the players. I'm never playing from this game company again.. The game is good but it looks a bit plain overall because there is no animation the character design is amazing but they just look like they're made of paper and it looks a bit boring because of that please do something about it developers :(. Had to update my review on this basically after grinding way too much the events are the same nothing feels new, I'd have to quit game and start again after few months, i hope they make certain changes to mechanics and events which are more exploring rather than skipping "battles" Basically playing league matches is a scam you'd get either strongest opponents to fight or too low, for each level and based on their characters they should have FAIR opponent..

Changing my review, and hesitating to even give it higher than 2 stars. There has been no new content added to the game, so playing went from fun to a chore. Once you've done everything, you're just stuck repeating the same exact daily chores every single day. It was fun before, but now it just isn't anymore.. I have a problem on the line-up example trying to reverse a girl and couldn't do it because of the line-up setting it says this girl is the last remaining girl in the line up. i tried removing the girl from all line-up in league and preset line-up but it's still can't remove it...... I know I just wrote a review but I just wanted to say thank you for offering discounts on paypal for when I love supporting this game! Let's keep it up and make 6 years and up and strong! also I'd recommend making Black Friday Sales! I'd be in to that but they have to be better than our regular deals!. I have been playing this game for a long time. I just feel like there is a need for a big update. Add something or create better/ more useful events. I also get very upset at the fact that there have been events that you can't complete unless you pay money. It is very discouraging and makes me lack faith in the future of this game. This game really needs a glow up, or a lot of the longtime players are going to start leaving. Also, you guys just ignore our feedback. Do better....

The game is amazing, the only problem is how hard it is to get angel/demon faction girls, you almost never get them. Plus, the game sometimes freezes on the loading screen. The save the dog mini game is repetitive and boring :/. I LOVED Girlsxbattle 2. I really did. I had it since 2019. But even then it kept lagging and crashing. There's barely any new events, the game doesn't give you a tutorial on how to level up so you're stuck on the same stage, and prices are WAY too high. It was enjoyable, but now it's becoming a pay to win and that sucks because I really liked this game. Also, new characters are too hard to get and are barely worth it.. Fun little idle game, it's nice and simple enough, but with some complexity to the mechanics. Really wish the devs would start adding more skins again, or maybe some new kinds of content. I have definitely had my fill of saving the doggo.... I had played this game for three years and it's very interesting because it contains all fantasy and fantastic characters and also a lot of awesome skins character too. Plus, you just need to constantly complete tasks assigned to you everyday to become stronger and that makes me to this level now, level 229. I'm still hoping if there will be a collaboration with any anime like Quintessential Quintuplets or something else?GXB2 the best!!!.

I love this game its super fun and addicting . But one thing I think they could add is an easier way to level up or something. AMAZING Game supper fun and it's honestly amazing.I love it but some of the characters that look like children are dressed very inappropriately and it makes me very uncomfortable.Im pretty sure the characters aren't kids but they look like them so please make the characters not so overly sexulized.Its very concerning and the physics in the game are to just highlight women's chest in certain characters and it's very weird so please fix this if you can because it's a very amazing game.. Used to be good back then, obv p2w as every gacha game but u could get to top 20 in ur serv as a f2p (done multiple times). Rn it's just a cash grab for the devs, they won't come back to this and it's just abandoned, no meta anymore, no nothing. No point in playing at all, spend your time and money somewhere else.. Its a good game not really suited for kids since the outfits are very revealing ive seen alot of kids play this game and uhm i just wanna say that the outfits are too revealing i know u wont change the outfits but i just wanna say that there are kids playing this game.

Add new stuff to the game already instead of doing the same things every week We need new skins and new items. nice game, perfect I dunno what should I say just that new edit: i actually play this game since it first launch. i changed to a new phone but idk why i can't use my old account so i make a new one and i have to restart again but that's fine my new account has far more powerful girls i love this game so much and sorry bad english. I give this game an5 stars . One of the games I play almost on a daily basis and there is always something to do. The only thing I would suggest to do is to make the loading pages a bit faster but, over like I said great game.. It's a really fun game I used to play it and I redownloaded it and it's just as fun as I remember.

It was good. Then it became bad because it has been a long time since an update came. No more new girls, new events, new features etc. The game is now stale..

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