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Save people from destruction. In Deadstate: Zombie Survival RPG, you simply have to save humanity from the invasion of the ghouls.

This huge city is just filled with terrible zombies, which are located absolutely everywhere. You will have to lead the local population, which was still able to survive and revive the human race. Summon the most powerful heroes to your side, put on cool outfits, and challenge hungry creatures. In the near future, you will collect a large collection of strong heroes.

Train their skills, and upgrade their characteristics and their unique abilities. Upgrade their equipment, and gather the strongest team to protect the remaining population. Build new buildings, set up defenses, strengthen defenses and get ready for the most important battle. You can team up with other players, join alliances, and survive together.

Deadstate MOD

Game won't load up now can't play game has failed to load at all no support either ,I lost my game. Played for almost 2 weeks then the game stopped working it wouldn't load kept getting error message. Tried reinstalling it on multiple devices and playing on multiple networks still wouldn't load. Was fun while it lasted.. Suddenly stop working. Critical error. Support page disabled. No good I played for a year or so. But if you are going to takedown the game. Remove from the store. Disappointed . I was enjoying it until it stopped working. Thought maybe there was an update but nope. Just doesn't launch anymore. I imagine it might be because it's a Russian development company or something. Lot of stuff doesn't work except the core game.. It's ok. More of a manager simulator. Also, you can tell that this was made by 1 of 2 (or both) type of person. Either some left wing simp who appeases the 5% who believe WAAAAmen are just as strong as men (Sorry but not sorry, science says they aren't. Why do you think weak male losers transition to female and turn out to be gold medalists smashing all the real females?), OOOR it was made by a feminazi. 3/5.

Deadstate APK

I just can't stand this type of "game" it's more of a management thing than anything. I was thinking it's a true survival game where I have to choose wood and make things to survive . Not just click butting to watch my people go battle . Some like this type but not for me.. LMAO I tried checking the game again, nothing has changed, worse I think it's dead now, they replied to my first comment about me leaving, saying they're sorry that I'm one of the "few" who disliked the game. They were so sure that "majority" liked it, I guess when you're too cocky and don't listen to critics then your bound to fall apart. The game is useless. You don't even control the battles. You just start them and there are literally no controls. It just plays through walking from room to room of "your" players fighting. Nothing you click on does anything... Literally. It's just a pay for play "game" I guess if that's what you want to call it. It doesn't make any since and is obviously just a massively confusing mask over system where you just buy stuff with real money. Honestly, I don't think this classifies as a game. Not sure about most of the game, but watching your heroes fight without being able to interact or guide them during the fight is UNBEARABLY BORING!!!.

Deadstate APK

Fun game so far. To the Developer response - lack of communication about server being down (even though it's beta, communication is helpful and appreciated), and the expedition takes too long to complete and difficulty is too hard for the rewards.. The developers overpriced this game. 13 days for level 19. Prices are crazy. If you like the game show more patience. Got to wait a month what should take a couple of days. DOOMSDAY last survivors is way better. Don't waste your money. . Stuck at 13% loading with a pop-up saying, quote "Connection with server cannot be restored. Please, check your connection and relaunch the game." My connection is purrrrrfect. Relaunched more than 100 times, same pop-up. Oh well,... Can you take a look-see real quick, devs?!! Appreciated 4* give another after fixed.. Game is just a money grab. It has potential to be something good, but after looking into the company you will see how sketchy everything is surrounding this title. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this game. UPDATE 8-15-2022 (GAME IS DEAD).

Deadstate APK

Horribly Pay2Win. Game has exorbitantly priced microtransactions, seriously, 8000 INR just for a single character and some items. You can buy two full priced PS4/Xbox 1 games for that much money. This game is ridiculous, it's not even that good. The art-style is uninspired and the game's UI/base map looks bad. This is just a cash grab from the devs, it's nothing but a scam.. At first the game is decent but I feel I can't progress anymore. Food and ammo is hard to come by so can't level up survivors. A training facility should be added to open slots to add other survivors, bring them up to the level of your lowest levelled team member. Character design is awesome on this game so it seems wasteful never being able to use most of them due to scarce levelling up material. This would also help on Expedition which is also to tough for my survivors level.. Why still beta in this game... lazy kru team production or what... the people need new hero melle from Solidarity.... Just started playing this game last night and was way to overtired to know what to make out of the game,So I just been playing now for about 45 minutes or so and got to say the game and progress comes along nicely the Graphics and Game play are top notch.So download and play today!.

I like the game but it's a bit slow if you decide not to buy anything, has great potentional if somethings speed up such as collecting from farms and ammo. we should be able to do more things to collect more resources. So far so good. Game play is easy but the only thing I don't like is have to clear away all the "Deals" every time I log on. Yes, I know everyone needs to eat but if this is beta, as the game says, what is it going to be like when beta is finished?. Game is solid, the game difficulty scales exponentially after the expedition becomes unlocked. Following up on daily and weekly missions will replenish gold. Spending your gold wisely will help avoid spending money on getting more gold, as well avoid spending money for new survivor heroes. I cannot give the game 5 stars due to the difficulty exponentially scaling at an unprecedented rate, and that it is still in beta and growing. Who knows what could come next - hopefully it's good!. Graphics 5/5 Gameplay Simple yet elegant. Would recomend game to play for a week or so. Could it be better hmm well Yea, quicker resources from farms etc..

Fun game. Says it's still in "beta" so hopefully they add more quality of life updates when it's ready. Only giving it 3 stars for now because the monetization is horrendous -- even the simplest things cost a fortune, so it's basically a lot of wait timers. Only strategy is team building, as the rest plays itself.. The biggest issue is that, at level 8, it slows to a complete stand-still unless you buy WAAAAAY overpriced items. Otherwise it's just okay.. I am still an old woman. Devs got back with me very fast when I had some questions. And oh, it makes more sense now. I hesitate to give 5 stars because, really, nothing is perfect. I do enjoy watching the battles, but sometimes, I think I would like to give it a go myself or maybe allowing a player to at least target an enemy would be nice. Anyway, so far its all good especially if you enjoy seeing what people can come up with in characters and animation... which I do. Very nice game! Was really looking for a game like this! Those that say it's pay to win are clearly not knowing what they're doing....

Perfect formatted in every way I dreamed of. Unity is a key to zombies...weird. lol. Great job guys. Likes. Another awful auto battler where you just watch the battles happen with even the abilities being automated. More over to add more mtx s to the mix, you have base building as well. So a gacha and base building mtxs. Extremely poor first impressions, it's not fun since u don't have to do anything, base building is just collecting resources and clicking on buildings. Where is the actual gameplay one might ask? It has none. This is something that is made with monetization first in mind.. boring after u log in all u need to do is collect resources then log out or if you have enough recourses for upgrade then 1 tap upgrade then log out. Boring. So tired of games like these where it's main focus is always about building and upgrading buildings like almost all mobile games..

Pretty good game. Needs better resource help specially in the beginning. Not exactly easy to level up your characters. Also maybe more chances to summon new characters? At least towards the beginning.. Wow so over priced for what you get, this is the type of game that you get so far bored then just uninstall and forget..

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