NameBulu Monster
ReleaseSigma Game Limited

Bulu Monster is a monster collecting game on Android. Bulu Monster – this game project is called Bulu Monster, which will give you a certain opportunity to train real monsters. The whole plot will take place on one very strange island, where these monsters settled, and there are 150 different types of them in this game.

Each of them is very well drawn, perfectly animated and in general, is a certain personality. You yourself can start this game, but in the process, you will fight off other more terrible monsters, train some of them and take advantage of their incredible power.

It will be possible to play in single-player mode, as well as in multiplayer, so do not hesitate, it will be very interesting. This game project is simply filled with a wide variety of monsters, which are quite different from their own counterparts. They are different in shape, size, and abilities that all have.

Bulu Monster MOD

My main account was 2 years old... But i decided to stop playing because i focus on my reviews but when i decided to play and comeback and when i update it it come to the hacker server....huhuhu SIGMA PLEASE help.... And it cant be open in offline.... I thought this game is offline and online? But why? It became online. Just shut down the game at this point. Played this in 6th grade and was fun but after returning for some years, progress didn't save, unclickable parts of screen, and low capture chances. Remove the limit on Monster Attacks & monster level ups with the lolipops! I don't see why you have to do that. Running out of moves costed me the championship match of my bulu monster tournament that I could have won! You put lower numbers on strong moves!? AND WHO DECIDED TO PUT THE LIMIT ON HOW MANY LILIPOPS YOU CAN USE TO 20!? IT DIDN'T USE TO BE THAT WAY! ITS THE MOST ANNOYING THING IN THIS DAMN GAME! AND GET YOUR GAME TO STOP FREEZING WHILE YOU'RE AT IT!. One you can't get the things you want to make your monsters evolve more two the pvp is paid to win plus they dont put you against anyone that is your rank they put you against 200-300 rank people so it sucks. Game was great. Until I lost all of my progress on the fourth day. Everything got deleted, I don't know why. Very frustrating. Already spent money on it..

Bulu Monster APK

Not able to view it In full screen ... It's showing in small screen My display is 6.7' but game isnt showing on full screen. Please can you fix it .... Great game but When you add your friend and dont notice it for a while you dont get your 5BuluPoints.... Please fix the bug and decrease the level of hardness and the news was so slowly get about events and decrease the costs of monster in events. This is best game But there is problem in phone When i open that is not open And i not create a new account.

Bulu Monster APK

Bro sigma, please back my account into normal server please bro fun%9aee please i didnt use any hacks that acc is gived to me by DuoBoyz, but i loved the acc cause theres a monster that i wanted to get in my first account, please sigma. Hello I would like to report a problem with my Bulu Monsters account. My date was accidentally offseted which caused in-game problems (not being able to put my fainted monsters to rest,not being able to enter sigma island,not allowing me to use my lucky draw tickets etc) so I reset my time back to its correct state but these issues won't go away. I hope to get a swift response so this problem can be resolved.. After hard work my account resource get Delete so i rage quit. Pls siggma fix same bags this our Dream game.. Its a good game with horrible help services, went so far in the game only to try and migrate my data but it didn't work and I lost all my progress. Tried contacting them but they ignored me, they have no strategy to help conserve your data so if you're playing you're playing at the risk of losing everything..

Bulu Monster APK

It's a natural games for me but always be there for me a normal bulu monster that's all thank you . Decent fun, good mechanics, but lack of tutorials for important mechanics such as type matchups and an overabundance of ads brings down the experience.. I like this app so much I have completed this almost 7 times but currently it has a lot of glitches which make it unplayable. No bug fixed this is offline role type game but i can't level up my monster while I'm turn off the internet and when monster levels update then the game stop for some time , hilarious and truly disappointed experience .

Please fixed this bug we are getting bored due to this bug i attack my opponent and my skill will stop for few minutes so please fixed this bug. I loved this game and played a lot. Well started my new ac today and after playing sometime and quitting the game when i log in all my monsters are gone. The server is so bad or there is a bug.. We can't create new characters in the version and it wipes data by transferring some random data that doesn't exist.. Hopeless and useless game full of bugs played day n night n lvl upp my all monster to 100 and lost my acc without doing anything MF Sigma community.

After this update my progress is gone and the game is unplayable with no monsters in my farm and I've played so long to finish the game. For a 10th anniversary update this is utterly disappointing.. Its pretty good but for some reason i keep getting a notification saying parse error, and it deleted my progress. Worst update ever, I updated this app today and now the game starts from starting all my progress is gone and even doesn't get today's login reword. There is a bug that deleted all my progress even all my monsters. I played it for 2 years to get it. But after a foolish 10th anniversary update made all my progress delete..

It aint pulling up what all i did and i cant get it back how can i get it all back. Worst game I have ever seen. I don't know what is this but I lose my account in this event I think that was a bug.. Dumb game. Today at 29/07/2023 all my progress was lost. Like are you for real. When I launch my game I'm stuck in a glitch saying drag Ur monters without anything on my farm. I have tried reconnecting to the internet and disconnecting and nothing works. Just nothing ggs man nice game you guys have made. Plss really fixed the bugs I played at tournament last night when I picked skipp to make it fast so that I can hurry up and start another tournament to be on top 1 and get the necrolym monster it's stucked on skip for minutes and it ain't skipping plss just fixed the bugs guys I love the game the bugs are ruining it.

Game is good and addictive. One suggestion please add more ways of login Once the game got deleted everything erased. Can't sign in with Facebook. Please consider it.. too many bug i spend mu time in arena to get item draw ticket o received it but when I'm checking my inventory the tickets was gone please fix this. It is the very good game but when loss we will be angry becase of time that monsters take to heal.. We need new maps in the game, everyone is waiting for new maps. The game without new maps has become too boring. So please include new maps..

I love this game so much.It's so good.There are some small bugs that I do not mind but whenever a big event comes,the game becomes unplayable or glitchy so l would like to request the game owners to focus on providing events with mimimum glitch.. This game is the best I like it but when I play this game online it show to much add but I love this any way. Jannatul Naim I have a few more questions for the next two months but I'm not sure what I need to do to help 4 out the process for this project and the fact that I have to be at the school for the first time in a week and then the next week I have a couple more things to do for my life in hindi new episode 2 this weekend is going to be tough and I'm not sure what I can get from the first week or two until the next week and I will not be able on Monday due for a few days so I will be unable and I. Try to migrate my game to my new phone, ended up corrupting my game so probably gonna not play again.

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