NameWorld of Kings
ReleaseArchosaur Games

Play a brand new online RPG on your smartphone! Immerse yourself in the world of a fantastic time. Now everywhere there is a bloody war and you will need to become a participant in it, or stand aside and remain neutral.

Almost 4 races lived on the same planet before the enmity began. Tribes of orcs are attacking other states, and magicians and wizards are trying to fix everything. Be who you want. Variety is on the face and there is freedom of choice. Drip in the initial stage or become the champion of the whole world.

Here you will need to pump your hero to strengthen him in front of other players. Use skill points and make the most powerful orc or use magic and become the master of the world of magic. Learn new techniques and fight other players. Challenge yourself and the rest of your allies! Hurry up to download World of Kings for Android.

The planet is also inhabited by other creatures to level up. Destroy them. Choose the features that suit you. Upgrade those abilities that you like the most. There are more than a hundred of them and there is where to choose. Try to choose a race to your liking, because it will be unusual to play a mage if you are a born warrior. Hurry up to download World of Kings for Android!

World of Kings MOD

Best app game I've ever found it's really good. Team up with people on different servers to fight in dungeons. Good graphics and races and classes. It's a really good game in my opinion. My warrior up graded to a guardian. Enjoyed thos hame heavily until it didn't let me load in. I played hours, then it randomly decided to not let me load into the game, causing me to be unable to play. It says I need to put something on in the settings even though I already have it on. I tried redownloading, still the same thing, says I need to have notifications or storage permission on, which I already do... please fix!. Best World of Warcraft alternative in mobile platform. Remarkably similar graphics and gameplay. Very intense and detailed game story. I was looking for WoW mobile alternative for years. Very glad that I found it atlast. Much better than "Order and Chaos" or any other MMORPG, i have tried a lot of games. Hope they will keep this game alive for a long time. Very well built and intelligent auto gameplay mechanics. It can be switched off also. It makes farming and other repetitive works lot easier. For one, I didn't even realize I had gotten out of the tutorial. It auto-played to the point I had no idea what the story was. One moment I'm an orc, the next I'm a giant dragon, the next I'm a turtle, it's hard to tell what's going on at all. I had countless level ups in 10 minutes of play and in the time it took me to do the upgrading, my character upgraded again. It's an idle game, and VERY obviously made for people with hentai addictions. The ones with the body pillows? Yeah. It's just bad.. I give one star because this game sucks.. theres nothing much to do besides talking to someone after someone after someone it doesn't arena...So don't waste your time downloading this game..

World of Kings APK

The game restarts in gameplay everytime I try to enter crossmatch making event dungeon and raid. The notice on screen is: Scene is Currently Inaccessible. Even though it is supposedly accessible. I am using Redmi Note 11 smartphone.. Way too confusing. It's a bad joke. You'd have to do hours of research just to figure out how to get stronger. The legendary gear is way weaker than the ordinary gear. It's no where near as good as 'king the mmorpg' was.. Yup.a very nice game for Mobile or tablet.all the stuffs is good.dungeons is nice.skills is nice alot deferent race and character to choose.have a nice character building.but.. except this idiotic auto bot system like all the others who...just you don't pvp you always fight with a bot.also in dungeons all in the group bots. Within 5min of auto everything you get max lvl gear The rest is ur usual grind. stay away from this cash grab.

World of Kings APK

Wow and wok aren't much different. Wow having less of a limit. Pvp anytime all pvp in wow. pvp duels 4 nights a week @ set times weekends need atcive pvp squad or nother. Was an amazing game when the max lvl was lvl 60 wasn't pay to win at all then but when they did the update to lvl 70 that all changed very sad because I loved this game so much and they could have made the game great it was even better then world of Warcraft but they got to money hungry and went down hill so that's why I give it a 1 star now I used to give 5 stars wish I still could maybe one day they will fix it and get back to when it was fun and not so pay to win . I started playing it only today and I wanted just say that the game is good and it feels kinda/ A bit like every other mmo rpg because of the Auto quest and so but its fine I like also the grafic it has something Idk wow vibes.. Really cool game but it's pace is S L O W and once you get to dungeons it's impossible to make a team so good luck in leveling up. Cool characters and mounts..

World of Kings APK

The game seems fun and the design is nice but appearance is based on costumes instead of the actual armor you're wearing and that's just lazy to me. Also your helmet doesn't appear unless it's apart of a costume and the character customization is almost non-existent. For that alone I won't be playing anymore.. But it is hard to get on my sever but it a fun game like play icedale but hard get thst sever it need to be fix. Replayed it, payed a little, the return was way more than you would get on any other game. This game is good, it's just dead sadly. The servers are down more often than not. Makes the game unplayable for me. Too bad. Really was enjoying it..

Nice game with good potential, but i give it 1 star cause developers are not even responding to in game issue e mails to paying customers, not to mention the game itself is a huge pay to win system, wich is sad cause it would be one of the best rpg games for android if only developers cared more about the community and not just about making sure the top up system works.. Would give it 0 stars if it was possible cause this is a shame.. To ruin games like this.... It has the idea of the MMORPG game you are looking for, but poorly optimized and the auto play option is just too much.. Its a good game and beautiful graphics. 1. I have this game 1 star because only 3 to 4 players ive seen. I think this is the end game of this game. 2. Why? the game is boring. You keep on flying with quest,less.action. Its an open world and it takes you a minute or two to accept and deliver the quest. Thats so boring because almost all quest are like that. Youre wasting our time developer.. So incredibly disappointing. Great graphics (other than the Orcs - yours are Bugbears), but autoplay + no experience from anything but quests makes extra mobs pointless. It's too linear, and there are WAY TOO MANY MENUS!! We don't need 20 different things to open before even PLAYING the game!! STOP DOING IT! EVERYONE HATES IT! Just let us play the game. 1 combined menu to check quests, dailies, events IN A LIST, not indecipherable icons, and 1 for character, inventory, skills, etc..

Cant delete characters once you make them, need to completely remove auto combat and auto move and this game would blow up. Literally th only things wrong besides that none of my characters are there anymore even after restoring my binded social media account.. Great game, very fun and intriguing. Though, it takes up alot of memory space I mean ALOT!But a fun game overall.. whenever I tried to launch the game and install it,it crashed on me at the last part when it's initializing the game,I even reinstalled it to see if that would work, but it still continuously crashed on me.. Love the game, but.. I just returned after a couple years to find a ton of changes. I do enjoy them, however the purchasing system seems brken.. I bought the Lush Mountains pack, and received none of the items from it.. I'd appreciate a response please:).

It's a good game reminds me of world of warcraft the thing I don't like is the auto quest auto battle. Hi yes I was wondering if anybody can help me I recently changed phones and didn't have my character save to a Google account cuz I thought I was saved to my Google account so I was wondering if anybody knew how to get my character back that I had previously on my other phone on my new phone when I downloaded the game. PLEASE HELP. The game is awesome, and I really want to play more, but the auto feature is abysmal. I hate it. If someone can please give me some insight on how to turn it off completely, I would very much appreciate it. Otherwise, an auto play game is a dead game in my eyes.. In all seriousness this is the best mobile mmorpg to date. Autoplay is nice to grind right up to good content. Straight up more lore and voice acting! than world of warcraft. This game has been out awhile, I played early. Lost my original account and came back anyway to play again. 11/10 for top tier mobile game that does not get enough love/hype. PS: good community overall too..

Saw a gameplay review on YouTube so I'll give it 5stars so far. Please keep updating this game further .why does it have such low ratings?. I don't understand what's happening when I go to install the app it says I don't have enough room but I've got more then enough space on my phone where can I find a fix?. It seems like the game just plays itself. I wish it didn't keep trying to play for me. Watched some videos and and it looks like I'm not the only one.. I played this game when it was released and to be honest this could have been one of the best mmorpg games on the phone. This game is the closest replica of WoW on a phone but I think the devs were not able to capitalise on its sheer potential. Even now, if they tweak the game, I would gladly say that it would easily be one of the best mmorpg on phone platform..

The game had a lot of promise. The graphics were top-notch, the gameplay was engaging, and there were plenty of features that could have made it a hit among players. However, the developers' greed got the better of them, and they decided to monetize the game in a way that ruined the entire experience. The worst part is that even if you do decide to spend money on the game, you're still at a disadvantage compared to whales who are willing to spend even more. Look elsewhere for a good game.. This a auto play game it not worth spend ur time we need a game like diablo this game do everthing for you !!!. Update: I long since deleted Aurcus Online and I'm glad I did! Dying Guilds, and Tons of Solo play and after the very last quest in the last Region, 0 update on Any New Quests!. another auto path game.. but just one of the better auto path games. I'll play it even though I am not a fan of auto path...

The game is okish just the store and other stuff are harder to understand it feels like the game it's self is lagging. The graphics are real beautiful.. Dungeons never pop. I queue up and can go up to 2 hours with no dungeon popping. It gets to the point where you cannot get anymore xp or level up because you run out of quests and it says to run dungeons to get further level but when you queue no dungeon ever happens. Looks and feels like a WoW clone. Vast majority of abilities are the same as WoW. UI was so bogged down with red pips to get tons of loot that your bag can't hold, and you can't use. Easily got overwhelmed. Uninstalled.. NOW 2023 MORE UPDATE MORE UGRADE GUYS TO THE GAME BEST GAME EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE QUEST IM NOT STOPING PLAYING MORE IMPROVE GUYSSS 2023.

This is World of Warcraft but on MOBILE I LOVE IT!! Keep up the good work keep doing updates and adding content and making the level cap even bigger one of the best Mobile mmorpg games! 10/10. Damn, this was the closest to experience WoW, I played the first launched and it was the most beautiful thing it happened in my life no cap :'( good times man good times. This game could be the best. But you get freebies up to max level you honestly dont even play. I can understand the auto-play its a phone mmo, but the 100000 random items you get by the time youre level 5 up to max level is completely overwhelming and retarded.. Fun WoW like game had issue and got fast friendly help from them to resolve my issue and find my account..

Love the game controls and graphics. Lots to do and explore. Huge amount to learn as you go. Overall it's a fun game even with the autoplay which is easy to stop. The only big issue I have is doing team dungeons, which is a huge part of this game is darn near impossible. Near impossible to get a team for the dungeon needed for your quests to advance. This game needs AI bots to fill in team spots.. This game is a lot like WoW so if you're looking for a quality MMO look no further. I really liked how they did the customization part, no classes were locked to genders, anybody could be anything. That's not something you see in a lot of MMOs these days and I thought that was really cool.. This game is excellent and fun as he'll but I've spent over 100.00 on my account went into the hospital was In acoma for quite some time now I'm out and back and I re-download my game and bam I have no account none of my 3 characters which I had worked tirelessly grinding them towards their max potential are there either so what I'm just out all my hard work on those 3 characters and the money it took to get them there????? W.T.F????. Banned for robot0909 when all I did was played on multiple phones to get a bit richer and traded myself and played a decent amount I enjoyed the game and no way to ask for my account back -100.

This would absolutely be a 5 star game if it weren't for the auto play......that ruins it. Otherwise its near perfect. But auto play/combat is awful. Please update a scaling dungeon to make it balance for players who have low pb and the higher bp. F2p player dont enjoy games and it is very much hard to surpass current scale.

Download ( V1.3.18 )

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