NameHero Factory

A kind of RPG with elements of a clicker and a match-3 puzzle. Hero Factory is an entertaining mobile game for Android devices, made in the format of a role-playing project with details of a clicker and a match-3 mystery.

In this RPG game, you will create heroes and fight different monsters. The game world was overwhelmed by a wave of monsters. They appeared out of nowhere and began to terrorize the local population. It would be best if you made a conveyor to create original heroes who fight monsters. Moreover, you need to create heroes monitor their performance, improve, and and develop. Fighting ordinary monsters and real giant bosses with increased damage would be best. Each enemy you kill will receive a reward, which is spent here on purchasing improvements, equipment, and so on. The graphics are hand-drawn, and the control is carried out with the help of simple clicks.

Hero Factory MOD

I wanted to re start fresh so I deleted but now it wont load stuck on 91% again I've had to dealete the game it just will never load no matter what I try. I like this game but the only problem is the money. you need to change it to actual money and one more is the bosses they are upgrading super fast at stage 100 it was 29c . But at the 200th one the boss it is ,999d and there is a timer so you need to remove the timer making it a lot nicer . At the vacation the stages will reset . My account just got deleted so make my account come back if you had fixed your problems then only I'll rate a 5 star. I love playing this game it it fun to play this game on long trips the bosses are super fun and it is a fun game to play while going places. The non pvp aspect is great. But going to only get a 1 star for the pvp. It's pay to win. Always putting you in matches were the other player has the complete advantage. Even when you have the element advantage. They have their heros at over 1mil hp? Compare to you only having a few thousand. Then you get a few straight lost and ask if you want to "buy" better equipment. I did spend a small bit just for the pass. But won't get far unless you pay your way up. I like the game it has a very fast and easy explanation about every menu in the game and a goofy character design.

Hero Factory APK

This game is really fun I love it. But before, I played this game and when I was saving up my gems and I was buying chest and I was getting like good loot but when I unstalled the game and then installed it again I had restart right but when I kept opening chests I was getting horrible loot. I can't blame the owner but it got me frustrated and I right now I just don't feel like playing the game. From love to hate because you guys clearly don't care. I used to loved this game, but it's a source of frustration. You only can get all enchant stones if you buy the last three tiers with diamonds at store if you're lucky to find any. I'm lvl 77 and done waiting for more stone space, which stopped painfully ago. The PvP matchmaking is a joke. Too easy or impossible, extremely rarely balanced. Packs ridiculously expensive. You watch ads and don't get the reward because of some bug. I'm done.. This game. or if it is.its grate. - it's addictivenes is what you like . repetitiveness.on going mission to the pop .. Game is fun. Seems GM's have stopped updating as upon reading other reviews I seem that many like myself are stuck at level 99. No way to progress even though it shows you could earn more skill points at level 100.

Hero Factory APK

Its a fun game with quick progression and I havent had to spend a dime yet. Its also a great time killer. It is one of the best games that is on mobile I like it how it's like bosses get gems and money.. Im not playing until they give me the item I payed for. I PAYED 6 DOLLARS FOR A ITEM AND I DIDN'T RECEIVE IT, PLEASE FIX IT NOW. This game is Amazing I can grind any money or upgrade swash base This is my Favourite game Forever This is the best game.

Hero Factory APK

i dont care what others think about this game because if they think its a bad game then i tottely disagree this game is really really fun keep it up. This game is very fun it is one of the best games i,ve ever had you must download this game now it is the best game in the world. Fun but hard at the same time it's just hard to decide if it's a good game or not that good of a game. Changed from 4* to 1*. Absolutelyno effort to add anything new. A game thats very limited despite wanting you to buy but in the long run you still just get to certain levels and its eat sleep play repeat. Nothing satisfying, lack of instruction, lack of clarity on items etc. Its a decent game but offers little in return. Oh and a new update. Dont bother updating skills because you get so many but tells you that level 100 is required. Theres no level 100. 99 is max..

This is the best! I started playing hero factory and it was nuts! I got so much money especially from time thingy anyways thanks for whoever made this game because it's so perfect!!! Keep it up developer!.

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