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A chic zombie-themed survival game in an open world. A mobile toy for Android devices, which is a survival simulator in a post-apocalyptic world. If you like such games, then LifeAfter and start an exciting game. As in similar projects, everything is tied to a virus that unexpectedly wiped out most of the population. Most of the affected have turned into bloodthirsty monsters that now roam the area in search of fresh meat. Not everyone managed to survive.

The main character was lucky because he survived, but he was very tired. Now he will have to survive with the zombies. Danger lurks at every step and no one knows what lies ahead. Only thanks to your efforts, the main character will be able to survive this nightmare. In addition to zombies, your enemies are hunger, thirst, and disease. You need to travel the world in search of food, water, medicines, and other survivors who will help you survive in this vast world. You will have to learn how to hunt and gather. All this is needed to survive in this vast world. Management is tied to pressing and swiping. Download LifeAfter for Android and start playing.

LifeAfter MOD

Even now after you said that u fix the weeklys and fo its still so much hard for our lvl and the game crashe every time after the weeklys the crusade mod is sooo much hard i was doing spider nest solo before and its for lvl125 now i cant do lvl 113 you need to make it like before ... The players start to hate that update. They are indifferent to the emotions of common players. You can only play this game more readily by krypton gold it. I was still able to deal some damage to the creatures prior to the change. I can't do any damage to monsters the last update. The main issue is that Stuck and can't get out of it , such being caught in one spot , which may have led to my death from a fall. My equipment's durability has drastically decreased as a result. This game is just garbage and repulsive. Thank. Thank you for the feedback from players' complaints. I never meet the developer who gives some compensation for the update troubleshooting. I've been playing this game for 3 years. And I'm still loving it . It's a good game but hard to get certain things because you need to purchase it in the trade center but i guess not a lot of people play in the server i am on or something because stuff that i need to upgrade my manor or for making better weapons anf armor are not being sold and if they are then the price is so high that i can't affored it gold bars aren't that hard to get but you can't get a lot of them per day unless you pay for them even selling items is hard if there's no one to buy them. Use almost 7k feds in event for lss gun but got nothing lost money time everything but not good reward...

LifeAfter APK

Why did you change the miska reward from 9000 to 2100?That's the free player source to find goldbar. I'm very disappointed. just fix bug at weekly i need 3 times to relog.I am very disappointed with this update. As new player i think i should be starting in new server not in servers are 1 or 2 years old im not playing the game and many friend of mine untill we get new server. Very good game. But if you devs dont work on fixing bugs and issues the game is going to die. If its not already dead. Fix the bug and issues with area op and world farm then adjust the infected and the damage system and alll the other useless outfits. This game sckz, its getting worst. Every update, bug/glitch added. Developers dont even fix. Nightmare game experience. Trash game.

LifeAfter APK

Boring story, endless tutorial that can't be skipped, and zero dialog options, not to mention the dialog is incredibly dull. Lol after the zombie playable character update i lost my account even my clothes where i spend a money with. When did this game launched? I never experienced so much bugs, stutters, lag, invisible zombies in my life it's like a combination of Assassin's Creed unity and cyberpunk during their launch combined.. Can't complete mission if zombies are invisible I can't even shoot them but can hurt me and I have to clear the area.

LifeAfter APK

17th Nov update is the worst update of all time, the number of Operation Area attempts is drastically reduced, all Missions become very difficult even at low levels, the rewards given from Missions are very inappropriate. PLEASE GIVE BACK THE AREA OPERATIONS AND WEEKLIES SYSTEM AS IT WAS BEFORE, DEVS!. Its fun alrght but there is some broblems it takes to much space and its very slow when downloading it but everything is fine and atleast im having fun playing this game. I installed this game yesterday, it's interfaces and themes are good. But there is a very big lag , most of zombies I can't see but they hitting me. I thought I will make videos on this and will share to my friends. I don't what is this kind of lag. Because I have 12Ram and 256ROM mobile. If you can help me in this I will definitely update my review to positive. Thanks. Your prologue is buggy the zombie is not visible I can't shoot them either and yet they can kill me.fix this game.

Please fix the server issues, and when I finish any areas, the game gets stuck every time. Fix that issue, too.. Why can't I login and play? I had account I spent money on. Everytime I try play it says I changed server when I Try use my account. It tries make me create new account. I want use my account I spent money on. I wish I could play :(. I can finally say this in detail. When I installed the game and logged-in onto my previous account, it suddenly kicked me out of the game, then when I went back to the game, the loading screen where it says "this doesn't consume data" freezes at 27%. Even if I installed it back. It constantly repeat the problem, it's irritating!!!. Thise game only has 3.8 gb ram and another download inside the game pls ensure you remove the download in the game .thank you..

Amazing story's with amazing graphics. Who's are hating this game they don't have a good phone or they don't have enough gaming skill to play a my experience this is the most high graphics game in google play store. love the game very much. The game is like a draw back, nothing seems alright with this game every thing in it bugs and lagging, can't enjoy smooth game play. i played this game about 1 year above and now i uninstalled. It's pay to win and selling outfit game. No metter what you do you can't beat pay to win player in same lvl. This is not a game, this is Business. Every event comes ther's alway outfit and other things which can make your dmg up. People are selling their acc in social group cuz they know this is not a game.This is business app. Don't wasted your time guy. There's no place for free to play.(passion of gamers)? Nahh just a business app.. Tonight, Sept.16,2020, Invasion. The lag was so horrying during the invasion of the town. You can not see the infected. Characters jammed and were massacred by the zombies. All barricades were destroyed because of the lag issue..

It's verry large game, this is not helpful i download it 3.5 GB. When i open it i found an update 5 GB. This is crazy . It's is taking more the 30 minutes just to check files in the game about to quit playing and play a different game like it instead. Just give it the movement like undawn plzz i begging you the movement make rolling usable with no wepon plzz i am beegin. Its a great game paid to wine but with a little free things here and there,the game has so little solo content it force you to play with 4 player teams,so most of your progression will be hinder by that. There is no main story quest, player shop is expensive even for me who at level 97,things like weapon, armor and other. At level 97 up u need weapon that deal 120-140 damage, but their expensive like 150k to 500k.Its still a good game even after playing for the past two years..

I encourage everyone to play "Undawn" instead. That game has a better apocalyptic experience than "Life After". Life After has fallen in quality over the years.. Bu o'yin yaxshi ishlangan.Grafikasi zo'r ishlangan.O'yinni yuklashdan oldin telefonizni tekshirib yuklab oling telefon kuchli bo'lishi kerak.Grafikasi realni ishlangan.O'yin yaratuvchilariga kattakon raxmat.Bu o'yinni do'stlariz bilan ulanib o'ynasa bo'ladi.O'yin mukammal ishlangan.Pubgdan yaxshiroq ishlangan.. This game used to be good I feel bad for new players. When it was new all maps were together and you could compete to spend the longest alive in the wilderness! Then farstar crashed and the beautiful map was no more. Now fall forest is so new looking. It used to look like it came out of the mountains of a movie. Please bring back the old fall forest and bring back the old currency system! This game looks like every other mobile game now, before it was like minecraft but much much more detailed. Watched a bunch of YouTube videos on this game and I think it's pretty cool but can't download enough storage on my phone update Got a new phone with bigger storage download just got to the safe place the game randomly closed I've been told this is an issue with the phone multiple times I have previous issues with part of the reason why I got a new phone other games I've noticed that does it on games over that take1.50gb might be a ram issue.

NetEase Games 5/5 Gamers ... If you want to play and experience a Well rounded game with plots, thrills, quest, Guns/ Militia etc .. then this is the . Constant Updates .. Never the same experience. DL NOW. This game is good really good I love the fact that you can be a male or female fun game but it's kinda glitchy when I try to get in the heli that's thanks for reading. This game is amazing But the big content is too large too explore it make game the game pooring I wish to make less maps with more rewords for explore to make the game more fun and events for free customs that would the game great + more useful rewards for spending more time in game that would make the game a live and add pvp events with top rewards be great. Horse race is bs ,why do we have 2 race against the p2w horses ,dont add races if it not gonna be fair you guys are ruining the game..

this game is only for pay to win i pkayed this for so many years but it is all the same. great game but I hope they add controller support and put more work on little details also it will be much better if they put the game on steam but even thought still a great game :D. I played this game for while and it's been horrible so hard to get formula shards u can give people more outfits for free because every player not gonna purchase the game MOST USELESS GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED!!!. Every time I try loading the game it closes it's self and I won't lie it is pissing me off so plz fix this problem.

The game is PERFECT but it needs some storage optimization fr i mean the game is around 20 GB...thats alot. Life After is very awesome zombie survival game best zombie life After Best game in play store My youtube channel live after has new playlist my channel name M.J.M world Check out my channel ok byeeeee . Finally after 1205 days I played Lifeafter, finally I retired today 06 Nov 2023, I had to make this decision because the developer is incompetent and doesn't care about the game or player complaints, for example Bugs, Lag, Content that is not updated, content that has been recycled for years and many more, Boring events, the same events every update, and only focus on Gacha, Gacha Content, everything just focuses on Gacha. Such a good game but a rubbish developer. I do uninstall and reinstall the game allot I do like the game the new controller heal and roll need to be fixed I would appreciate floating move joystick instead of shooting but optional the fact that you added you added a custom control element means it's a core element that can't be a universal fix I like the game I use new controller with custom for roll and heal add rustic rusting guns there are no running factory elements in the game be a apocalypse dweb I like the initial bike better.

Hy!i think this game is one of the best game but i have a problem my game is quite laggy because of this game size almost around 4GB plz i advise you plz give us options where we can download internally i hope you understand i can't Offord new device and i love this game(Appeal GAME SIZE PROBLEM SO MUCH HEAVY). Spent over 30 and I linked my account but when i signed back in it made me restart from the beginning. What happened to my save character and purchase items? Even worse i contacted support and got NO RESPONCE.. I haven't played a second of this game but I saw that the graphics of maps and animations are very smooth and realistic , I have also watched my friend playing this game and thought it wouod be a good idea to play this. My problem is logging in just like other reviews, but my location isn't in Japan, European countries or China. Eventhought I'm not in those countries it still tells me that I need to change the location , I tried changing but I got problems with changing the location too.. Everything is ok. But you need to fix your server issues. Its a great game and has great potential. But many palyers are quiting because of your server issues. Please fix this issues asap.

Sometimes in trades some armor and weapon are sold out, maybe try to merge trade with another server would be a good Idea?. The game is good but I have some major issue, when I was on settings changing my graphics a group of wolf attack me but how the f can I defend myself when the change graphics takes too damn long,do me a favor whenever we are in menu/settings time pause the game! And when we're are in a safe zone don't let our characters die when we quit the game. Cause it's very very very very annoying and makes me angry like I'm in a safe zone A safe zone! Then I still die! come on do better!. Otherwise game is good to play, but only problem is lack of good story and complex game mechanics which are causing players to leave the game. Please make the game simpler to use and understand.. Because is im died died in life after me bde 2ntour 3 hours for play one game No no im died died died died.

The game is good actually cause we can do a lot of thing in this game..not just the battle or build a house..its quite fun cause you're not boring while playing this game... it is good but it is more likely a pay to win game but in the other hand it is fun and I do wish they would add more stuff and let it be cheap like who is going to buy somthing for 189000 gold when it is normally 700 like come on other wise it is a good game. thank you for the advice I have tried it last 2 week and now it's better but there is still some lag. hope your game get better. and I only saw it and not really played much.. I've been playing this game since first release and still my favorite survival open world game. Hope this game gets better and better after more updates..

I think you should change the name of profession of the characters to be much more attractive like ark night that sounds cool (this is just my opinion but if you do, thank you.). The game is amazing but it's bit difficult to remember all of it I mean... like if u know u know if u don't that's not my problem:) I like the game and that's enough... Well if I ever delete this game I don't think so that I will not download it again coz now am addicted to this game thanks for developing this amazing game :] Am really saying this from the bottom of my heart . The game play is great but forced to join a gild to advance isn't cool. I'm a solo player. A working weapon shop in the 101 would be a good idea. Don't you think.. I like this but it's to late to open first time and it have a cool gracias and it's animation is very nice.

This game would be a lot better and I would probably play again if they had a option to use a controller such as ps4, ps5, Xbox. Good game i played this back then but when i turned into a revenant i couldn't punch and my shotgun was gone.

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