NameJudge 3D
ReleaseCrazyLabs LTD

An interesting role-playing simulator with simple mechanics. Judge 3D is a role-playing simulator for mobile devices with Android, where you have to get used to the role of a professional judge who has to make different decisions, thereby determining the fate of people.

You play as a city court judge. Today is your chance to do justice. A variety of cases will fall on your table, which you must first carefully consider, and then pass a fair verdict. You will have your own courtroom in which you will interrogate witnesses, study evidence and clues, analyze the information received, read reports, and, well, pass sentences. Suspects will try to bribe you, and numerous acquaintances will want to take advantage of your kindness, but you must be impartial and honest in any situation.

Judge 3D MOD

I like this game and I will be able to play this weekend so let me play this game I will be able to happy. I am not one to complain about ads on a free game but this is very different after every set of questions wich is about 3 to 4 short questions u get an ad it's literally half and half half game play half ads its terrible 30 seconds of game play 30 seconds of ads. I can't even get to the first case as the game gets stuck when you are asked fur judge's signature.. forced ads always get 1 star. I'd love to give you 0 stars for no option to pay to get rid of them.. Can't even test the game to see if it is right for you due to the ridiculous amount of ads.

Judge 3D APK

I think it isjudge game but girl assistant want bad things it is not good for child it have bad suggestions. not really worth downloading. full of ads. the animations are really bad an alot of the responses require gems. sigh. You are lucky that l gave you a star when you need an ad for gameplay it says no ad available after skipping it gives you an ad worst game l have ever play total waste of timelike for real improve your game l beg the star was for downloading the game 92mb wastedvery disappointed with your game. 3 questions then an ad. Another 3 questions and another ad. The ads are 20sec long after that u close the ad and u have 2 wait another 5 seconds. This means only 6 questions per minute 2 play. I've never met a more worst umh (game?) app than this 1. Big time waster. Rating 1 star is over rated. Developers should be ashame to allow this app in the playstore. O, also read other players comments. U should remove this immediately from the net..

Judge 3D APK

Enjoyable, the way I play it, in this game one doesn't have to be fair with the characters. If the judge wants to give the death penalty like me go for it. And, I as judge shoot many characters in my court room; hahaha So Yes, Play it. Strange thing though? So far all the accursed/defendants are MALES. No FEMALES, not One. Where's the justice in that?! Ohh well, still fun that is if you shoot them dead. The ads are not that much of a problem if you have a ad blocking app that prevents ads from annoying the game.. STAY AWAY - MORE ADS THAN GAMEPLAY. There is literally an ad after every action you take and the ads are longer than the action you choose and then there are some longer ads you must watch to continue or if you choose to skip that action you are still stuck watching another ad but shorter. The game has broken English and is very glitchy. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.. too many ads also this is made for toddlers, the advert for this game was okay but all u do is press the green button most of the time..

Judge 3D APK

Way too many ads, every 15 to 30 seconds it's a ad. I understand with free game you get ads but this is a little excessive.. Holy ads, can we even play a whole level without having ads every 2 seconds. Really, this game is horrible if I could give it a -1000 stars.. this game is too serious for where I'm at mentally. A clear rating is a must here. and I would've limited it so the funny in this isn't taken out of control. I live in California. limitation regarding this apps content would be a recommended must! or ask if this app is within the proper agreement with where it should matter. kinda funny is that's called cold calling. and I'm scaring myself? also I'd ask myself if you cold called me.. should we .. oh you already know ;} mmGeeekeeey. i like the game with new laws, such as gore, making a company and calling it Pokmon, copyright infringement, and many more laws in reality like meowing and putting cats in your videos, those are laws of the future into this game today..

I love this game. The one problem I have is that there are too many ads. I would give 5 stars if the dev's could reduce the ad amount.. Honestly, it's pretty good. Only downside I have is the ads. There are too many and they show up in the middle of cases and just interrupt everything. I turn on airplaneode to get rid of them but it's no use because I want to get the special cases. If you see this devs then please change it. Keep up the work though! . This game is funny. I like that the homeless person picked the worst lawyer possible to represent him. Anyway, I would rate this higher, if it isn't for two things. The stock models that you chose are absolutely the most terrifying thing ever. Like they look like the human version of table scraps. The other thing I despise in this game is the amount of ADS. JESUS CHRIST THERE ATE TOO MANY. Anyway, that is all. This is a pretty solid game.. There is a lot of ads it is like I will turn my head and there is another one but the game is fun.

Fun but one problem. when I installed it I joined the software and it restared me But other than that no problem. Could be fun, but way to many ads. After every decision you get a ad, you can say skip but you still get an ad! Deleting it!!!!. What the what,how are you supposed to play the game anyway.It gets the very " first" case & all it says is "hello billy"then doesn't do anything,smh.. It's such shame that this game has to many adds so I had to unstall this game like having adds is the most anoying thing ever maybe you can fix it with adds shorter than longer.

I just literally started this game 10 minutes ago. That is not enough time to give a good review. I'll give an updated review after I have played this for three weeks or more.. This game has potential, it's kinda dumb lol anyways it's bombarded with ads! Too much, it's a waste of time ,. Every move ends up having to watch ads. No skipping. Literally a 10 sec move results in a ad between moves. Not worth the time. If you like 20 seconds worth of game play then 60 seconds worth of ads...this is the game for you. Forget the wifi and airplane mode stuff, this is unacceptable. They get paid for ads and every time someone downloads it, that reinforces this garbage.

This game plays for less than one minute and won't let me past signing the paper in the game so I can take it to court. There's no instructions to help. It's frustrating. Not fun. Why?.

Download ( V1.9.2.9 )

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