NameKingdom Two Crowns
ReleaseRaw Fury

You can build your unique kingdom in the game Kingdom Two Crowns. The action takes place in Medieval Europe. Players can also explore the world of the dead or the shogunate (the archetypal realm of feudal Japan). Kingdom Two Crowns is this game that received horizontal scrolling and excellent pixel graphics. The game is made in pixel art with horizontal scrolling. The interface is discreet and straightforward. It’s easy to play. In the story, the player is the ruler of the surrounding lands. Your character moves on horseback. Fast horses and diplomacy will help you quickly establish contact with allies and gradually expand your territory.

It remains only to accept the crown, sit on a devoted ho,rse, and hit the road. Along the way, you must collect supporters and buildvastuge a kingdom. Do not forget that it is necessary to expand the boundaries, and do not forget to protect them. These hordes of Greed are only waiting to take away from you a piece of territory you have earned by overwork. If you look at the compamodelode, you must work hard here. You have only one goal: to create a kingdom and destroy all the troops of Greed. It’s time to end their attacks, which they constantly make on your borders.

But be careful in your pursuit of power. The bigger your kingdom, the greater the chance of being attacked by enemies. So, in passing to research new territories and underground bowels, constantly participating in battles will also be connected. After all, the only way to protect your land is to defeat potential invaders. Do not forget to explore all the surrounding lands, as here you can find new horses and s, and discover secrehiddenere underground. There is no need to fear anything, as you see with whom to share your burden. Now there is a co-op mode where you can deal with problems and call your friend for help: dead lands, a dark king, dom, and everytDeadlandswiallow you to build a powerful state.

In this case, it is essential not to wait for the attack but to attack first. Opponents will be everywhere and will not miss the right moment to strike. Learn how to plan your action. After all, exploring the territory and accumulating resources is also essential. The trophies received will allow you to pump horses and acquire new horses. And underground, you can find many secrets that can help with reign. Kingdom Two Crowns has a multiplayer mode; you can play it with a partner and overcome difficulty side by side on a split-screen.

Kingdom Two Crowns MOD

If you like a very relaxing time with some strategy involved, this is the game for you. I love the aethetics of the game and the overall simplicity of the game. However, the game is really lacking in term of helping player understand. An example, there is no explanation about Hermits, the effect of statues, dog, different mounts, what each buildings purpose, even the different kind of weapon/tools you buy for the recruits.. This maybe one of best game I buy in android. I just disappointed because my wife and I thought that we can play co-op in 2 different devices like in PC. If the devs make the Co-op system like in PC, I'll change my rating into 5 stars.. Great game , simple controls and an easy learning curve. Shogun is my favorite land to play in. Never had a crash, never ran into any game issues. Have lost my crown a few times. Oh this game will however consume your battery.. I like the game, but the menu kinda lame. N all those stuff kinda the same either way, maybe keep it professional. I hope i could get my refund back n buy the original one instead. Good overall, but man the builders are so dumb, why dont they retreat when greeds are around ? Please fix this.

Kingdom Two Crowns APK

Great game. Played on S22 Ultra. Game slows if you have too many loyal subjects so don't hire more than necessary. Loved every moment and the challenge.. It's so good when you get the DLCs it's like really good because you play all different pictures and they have different animals. I play this on peaceful mode and once you get your farms established its quite pleasant to ride around and explore and slowly build things up. The very first bit is kind of rough until you get your income going. This game sucks you in. Good stuff!. this game is amazing. on console and phone. Great music, great mechanics, fun gameplay, there's a option to play the game without the greed and it's just peaceful. It's just a good game and I can't wait to play norse Lands which I don't have on console. I also think that it would be fun to be able to lock the greed at a certain difficulty level where they wouldn't ramp up past that level and a mode where you can beat the greed completely. Overall great game..

Kingdom Two Crowns APK

I really like this game, haven't played it in a while but when I came back to it it wouldn't open and would crash immediately after trying to get past the loading screen. A bit disappointing, don't really want to uninstall it because I've bought the expansion pack for it. Hope it gets fixed soon.. I rate it 10/10 the game is very good and the controls are fine but the controls for the activation of the mounts power has no direction... And all over all it's great game. But if it's possible can u guys put a button to the mounts that has powers?. Ein Tolles Spiel Herzlichen Dank an die Entwickler Wird konstant verbessert Zoom bleibt bei 2x hngen, bitte ermglichen auf 1x raus zu zoomen. Words cannot describe how fun this game is. The premise is simple: The greed will come to take your crown at night, so you will need to earn coins to build walls and hire troops to fend them off. But once you get to playing, you can get lost in the atmosphere and music, the many different mounts and ambience as a whole. This game has a whole lot to offer and is one of the best that Raw Fury released imo. The only reason I'm not playing right now is because my phone can't handle it lol..

Kingdom Two Crowns APK

I love this game, my previous experience coming from playing on the Xbox.. just bought it thinking I could play online with friends and I was completely wrong. Playing this split screen on an android device is almost useless as a co-op feature. Please fix this. Make it so I can play with my kid on his device.. i like the game but i was dissappointed since it doesnt have controll support for solo play but does have for 2 players, apparently it only has controller support for solo play in ios devices so i was really dissapoonted about that.. Please make this available for online co-op! My wife and I love this game. It would be really awesome when we have to travel for work if there was an online co-op option so we can still play together.. Yeah definitely one of the best games on phone. Amazing soundtracks, very chill to manage, and one hand control. The problem is that the land is a bit too wide, so traveling is really time consuming and become annoying. Any plans for new dlc????? With more choices to what we can build, like kingdom rush + online multiplayer! I probably won't play anything else anymore if this happens.. This is probably my favorite game till now on mobile..

I paid real money for this game.. and I tried all the troubleshooting already, but it still will not let me download it, it's not a storage problem either, I'm actually had the same problem with other but I paid real money for this, if I don't get at least this game then I refuse to use Google play anymore.. please fix!. One of my favorite games ever, not just on mobile, but favorite period. So simple, yet complex. Learning what all of the "totems" are for, and finding all the different mounts, etc. The game is amazing. Great job. Absolutely worth the money. NORSELANDS HAVE BUGS WHEN CYCLING THROUGH THE MAPS...PRESS ARROWS AND MAPS WIPE OFF SCREEN AND A BLANK NOTHING APPEARS...WHY I ASK WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN PLEASE MOMMY DADDY PROGRAMMERS FIX!!!. I was looking at the background and on a background ruin it looks like a truck. Is this secretly a post apocalyptic game? But other than that great game no big issues as far as I can tell..

Thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay. It's a lot of fun building your kingdom. The soundtrack is amazing. Perfect for the phone. Pros: Great game, great gameplay, superb music, surprising lore depth, strategic, base building tower defence type. Cons: very difficult after a point, frustrating sometimes, many end-game mechanics are difficult to figure out. For those confused between Kingdom new lands & two crowns The first one has a sense of emergency, you have to gtfo each island before winter hits, or you're going to be wiped out, second one has more stuff, and allows you to hold out a bit. This is a great game but I a cannot get local co-op to work with PS4 controllers, makign it very difficult to have a good experience with the Co-op. So much fun! I have never been one to spend money on apps (save for minecraft), but this was on sale, so i went for it. Absolutely totally worth it! Simple controls but surprisingly addictive. The only thing keeping me from giving 5 is the stagnancy you reach during 'winter'. it seriously diminishes productivity and im left going afk for long periods of time. I wish there were some level of offline gain. I also experience a glitch with the guide ghost thing..

Gather coins around the map to see the next event. Riding on a horse that will stop to rest in between.. Really love this game. Picked up a copy for it on Xbox One and mate, I love it. Only issue I have is how easy it is, it's so easy to be able to get everything up and going. I have to set my game to cursed all the time because at least then I have to be careful with my coins. With the right people you're able to speed through a single island in at least 30 minutes. And another issue I have is that you can't upgrade to the modern world, like cars and nukes etc.. The best side swip game ever however a really cool feature would be if you dropped a coin for the dog just to sit there for around 1 night so they don't get dognapped just saying even though a very low chance for any devs to see this that would be cool and I'm sure alotta people would like it . Such a unique way to integrate lite strategy into 2D side scroller. The hands off approach to your villagers and warriors reminds me the Majesty series of games, which works wonderful when dealing with the handicap of playing on a phone. The only thing I don't like is the ramping up wave difficulties across all islands. You can clear the spawn points on an island, but it'll rebuild and the enemy will eventually wipe out the town if you don't pop back in often enough..

I love the atmosphere of the game (especially the pixel art), it's casual, relaxing at times, I hope they bring out more content for this game as I always finding myself reinstalling it and playing it again. A very fun game worth your money. Simple to play yet deceptively deep, and can be made difficult or easy. It boats beautiful pixel graphics and excellent music (which has been playing rent free in my head for days now), the gameplay is both simple in design but gets deeper than I would have expected for the spare control scheme. In addition, their customer service is excellent. I had an issue sharing the game and they were quite helpful in helping to resolve it. Five stars!. It's just great. The gameplay is phenomenal, a blast. Visually the screen shots don't make this game justice, probably the best implementation of parallax and water to date. It's just very smooth and blends in so nice. I really like the gameplay and the fact that there is no hand holding and you just figure things out on your own.. It's easy to pick up and it's a truly beautiful game. I especially love the music and atmosphere of the Norse lands (that's what I came to play in the first place and it is absolutely stunning). Once you pay, you play - no subscriptions..

Why the hell does my ship break apart everytime I build it and travel to a new and/or previous location? There's even a port at the boat locations.. for what? Damn my dog disappeared, I think the monsters either killed or stole it... Why! Lol geez. Boring! Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Build your walls during the day only to have them knocked down at night. Rinse repeat, and nauseam. Again BORING!. Alas I finally bought the game. This game deserve my support for it making me enjoy the game like super. Also the graphics are fireee and I hope we got a lot of contents.. Dangerously addictive. Beautiful in the way only truly great pixel art can be. A few gripes here and there. It encourages you to have as many villagers as possible with no real disadvantage to having tons, but because they are seemingly always loaded the game tends to chug pretty hard in the latter part of a stage. It's also a bit annoying how slow you are, the fact that the mounts get tired doesn't affect gameplay much other than adding tedium. But Ive played 10 hours straight so... clearly nbd.

I can't say no to 5 stars, It's a lovely game, each aspect of it is truly enjoyable. I only wish this mobile version have the online two player rather than just the split screen, Can't have 2 people holding a small touch screen to play it. Though I am sure a tablet would work just fine. Maybe one day it'll have that feature but as it is now, it's still a wonderful game.. Mediocre game play. Nice art though. Gets really boring and repetitive quickly. Not worth the money or time to play as the game can take a minute to progress.. The game is great but I can't play due to aspect ratio and lack of zoom function. The zoom feature is stuck at 2x or above I am unable to zoom out and see the whole game on my device.. I am only giving this a one-star review because I cannot launch the app on my mobile device (Samsung S21 Ultra). I have been able to install it on my pc and tablet just fine. It keeps giving me a "This app has a bug" message and that I have to wait for the developers to provide an update for the fix. I will change my review once it has been patched..

One of the best games ive ever played simply because i like pixelated games with such a chill atmosfere so much.. Yeah not bad at all. For 10 bucks this was well worth it. Good 50+ hours of gameplay before i got bored ect. The different versions you get change it up enough that it doesnt feel lile replaying things if you restart either. More plz. Gamesir X2 BT controller in XINPUT MODE works flawlessly. Most controllers don't work as they use HID drivers. So unless you use an Xinput controller forget playing with one. Game itself is good, sad to see no expansion on controller compatibility.. I absolutely adore this game!! The music, the sound and environment design are amazing and the difficulty scales with your kingdom, which keeps the game challenging without making it impossible to win. I can only recommend playing this :).

This game should be five stars. But there a million awful decisions that make it a tedious f*ing slog. Build the wrong thing because the mobile control are wonky? Oops there goes half your kingdom. Hermits or dog mindlessly wander passed the wall? Oops goodbye forever. Mount walking to slow in the final boss cave? Sorry guess we'll kill you and halve your progress. This is one of the worst games I've ever played, made so because it should have been one of the best. Just bought the game because i got intrigued to the reviews and gameplays of it. But after buying it, i couldn't play on it at all... All are black, always being stucked on a floating king in a horse in the middle of black background. (Yes, i have a low spec phone since i thought that it's mobile and compatible to my device, i can somehow play it. But it's clearly NOT.) Please fix this and i might look my review, thanks. P.S. it got fixed by the new update, great game, thanks dev for optimizing!. 10/10, I'm still at the start, but the visuals are gorgeous, gameplay is simple but challenging and the management of your little fort can be a little mind boggling but very rewarding if done correctly. Must buy even with the DLC. Super fun, the art is stunning, its a fun challenge thats not easy to master, and i can just go on and get lost for hours on end playing..

I really enjoy this game, but I don't enjoy complicated strategy. When playing at a slow pace, there are times in which a mega wave of enemies will spawn and I have to start back at the first island. There should be game modes that allow players to chose so that some can play at a faster pace/harder difficulty or a slower pace/no random waves of enemies for staying in the beginning islands for too long.. I have a love/hate relationship with this game. I've played it a thousand times but I can't find any game that comes close to replacing it. I try but good Lord there's a bunch of cookie cutter games out there that play YOU rather than the other way around. I really wish I could find another game as good as this to play.. Love the game. No problem with controls for me. For some reason though, this is the only game that tends to heat my phone and drains my battery like crazy. Not sure why.. The game is beautiful, and the mechanics have been very thoughtfully executed. But I'm playing this on a phone without a standard form factor. This normally wouldn't be an issue but in this game the coin pouch is literally unusable because you can only see a pixel of it on the screen. New lands didn't have this issue, it's a shame because a simple setting to move HUD elements or to resize the screen would go a long way. Please!!!.

The game is ok in terms of killing time. However, I've given it a few hours so far, and it's not exactly picking up in terms of action. Right now it feels pretty repetitive, but if it picks up, I'll update this review.. I hate everytime I open the game my bag always stuck with my diamond causing I have loss my money. The game is very good. Captivating with its beautiful artstyle and fun gameplay mechanics. At some point you get overpowered though and using the bomb doesn't really pose a challenge. I would like to see a more elaborate end game.. This is a perfect example of a relaxing empire building game. What i found quite the best feature is that you can't lose people, like they don't die, wich makes this 100 times less stressing than other games in the same genre. For short it is worth buying, not only has one of the best pixel quality graphics but also really well made gameplay and mechanics. Overall if you want to feel like a king/queen ruling over some empire build on money and recruting homeless people, this is the game for ye.

This. Game. Is. Amazing. The art is beautiful, so is the music and the sound effects. The game is bleeding atmosphere, even on a small smartphone screen. It plays perfectly well on mobile, you can even play it with just one hand. And still the mechanics are satisfyingly deep. Even after hours of play I still discover new facets of this game. Do yourself a favor and don't read any guides. Discover the game by yourself. It's all part of the journey. Oh, and just to be clear: no microtransactions. Fun game, would give a 5 but it wastes your time so much! Losing your crown is way too easy, especially when your character freezes up after being knocked, or because of unknown obscure gameplay that you need to Google what to do because the game really doesnt explain much. Winter in the game is absolutely awful and you can be stuck for a very long time (why hunters don't gather in winter is crazy - also, wish I knew about winter when I started). Graphics are nice though, it gets fun eventually. I was hesitant to buy it since everyone is saying that the controls are bad but I have no problem with mine. I was planning to buy it on Steam but I am not a pc person and too much pc time hurts my eye so I bought it on mobile and I don't regret it one bit. It's very entertaining and kept me occupied and there's so much to do honestly most especially if you're the type of person who wants to keep your kingdom clean... This game Is absolutely amazing but it needs online co op or a private match you can make so you can invite your friend to play with you. I really wish the developers would add that to the phones and it'll be so much better..

Looked very good, playing the game well that's not so good. You start on a horse as a queen all you do is run right or left, to do anything you swipe up or down to interact with shops, tree's, or to build items... That's it... There is no interface to see how many people you have, no health bar, noway to see your gold amount but for a pouch top right but that tells you nothing. It could have been good, but it's very bad...

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