NameHybrid Warrior
ReleaseCat Lab

Fight the strongest monsters in the dungeons. Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord will give you the opportunity to become the ruler of the world, take part in crazy confrontations and fight strong enemies.

Develop all the best blows, and you can endure any enemy with one of them. But the most interesting thing is that only bones remain from the enemy. Defeat any monster, pick up goblin weapons and increase your attack speed. If you find orc legs, they will strengthen the hero’s attack and help in any battle. The more unusual your weapon is, the stronger the hero becomes. It remains only to show everyone what a cool hero you have and what he can do in the future. Fight other characters, overcome the strongest opponents and mark yourself in a heroic pose. You will constantly meet strong monsters that you need to defeat somehow.

Hybrid Warrior MOD

So far, this game is awesome. The storyline is the stupid I like. I love how it's an anime to me it just makes it cringe, and I love cringe, love the pacing so far keep it up and don't let the pacing drag this game could make money from actual purchases if they get people to keep playing by just maintaining a solid game structure . Only been playing for maybe day. So far no problems love it, good game great work. Till there's issues, I give it a 5/5. I use to play it and i liked it but now when i download it it starts and after 5 to 10 seconds it shuts down and takes me back to my home page i have tried unstalling and reinstalling but noting works. This is fun! It holds my attention (which is saying a lot considering my ADHD brain) and I love the story it tells!. Amazing app has tons to do not very many forced ads gameplay is great not pay to win overall just a great game.

Hybrid Warrior APK

I think it's the best ofline game i ever played there is no complain for this game only I want an update in which we can defeat bosses with friends by the way it is a good game. The concept of building a character with the flesh of fallen enemies is very intriguing. The main gameplay loop however is so monotonous and boring that it ruins it.. This is a great game but I have got to floor 70 and it says green ork but no red ork or blue ork or any other color works also cut down on the frost goblins I'm going insane but other then those this is a great game I think that it deserves a reward for being the best clicking and fighting game in almost forever I hope for more updates because more updates= me being more happy if that's possible . Decent game. Pretty interesting how you build your dude with different body parts of the creatures you fight. Other than that it's your bog standard incremental progress based tap along rpg. There's nothing too special about, but nothing too bad either. It will pass the time for awhile..

Hybrid Warrior APK

Update: after spending some time in game I realize you get so few resources it isn't worth playing unless you plan on spending a lot of cash.. couldn't resist for more than 10 minutes it's so boring... it's prob not my kind of game but whatever try and give it a try maybe you'll like it!. Slow and boring. Makes you watch your lil character fight and it takes agessssss and there isnt a speed up.. Would be a good game but it's way too buggy I have to click whatever I'm trying to do multiple times to get it to go through my phone is perfectly fine and not broken so I know it's not just me only game it has done this to I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to uninstall it until you guys fix it let me know send me a email if you fix it because its a cool idea of a game I can easily figure it out .

Hybrid Warrior APK

There's a lot of glitches and it won't let me in the app it says hybrid Warrior has stopped one star. Good RPG, with nice idle gameplay, or a slightly improved tap ability that makes it more interactive. Not perfect yet, but it looks like it has a lot of potential.. Its very fun i havent found anything wrong with it so ur basically ok its very fun and also good to pass by time to. Please update the game it won't even let me in the game it kicks me out after showing a black screen then says the game is not responding.

I can not play this game on my Mi max 2 phone. Its just hang on black screen and out when I open the game. Please help me fix it.. Decent "idler". Some unique aspects help it stand out. Unfortunately freezes frequently and inventory space is far too limited as you really need to keep a full set of each type. Would rate higher if not for those two significant drawbacks.. It has so many things to upgrade your character and my best one to get armor is to kill other monters in the game plus you can craft a armor level six and my best thing to get sword and shield is to watch some ads well its good to me. Im having problems with the game a liapp error appears and then kicks me out i dont use cheats so id like some help.

WONDERFUL, I love it, however, can we have customization for the flesh? (I'd send coffee but we are broke lol.). The game is good but the fact that we have to watch a ad to draw a common weapon and stuff is baffling to me please change it to we can spend game money or make it a higher chance to get above a uncommon. This is a wonderful and fun game but some of the gear or flesh is ugly and I want to make myself look fully uparupa or something else like idk a lizardman Or something close to an argonian And yes I play argonian in elder scrolls deal with it If anyone that works for the company reads this I would appreciate you considering adding a feature like this in the game tysm for your time spent reading this . I really love this game, but I rate it 4 stars because there's no way to actually idle the game. If the devs can make a way to idle the floors and get body parts offline, I will rate it 5 stars..

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