NameSwords and Sandals 2 Redux
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One of the best gladiator fighting games is back in a new guise. Literally, everything has changed: from musical design to graphics, skill upgrades, and rating tables. Take part in the arenas of Doomtrek and fight against the famous gladiators of the world! All this will become available after the user wants to download Swords and Sandals 2 Redux for Android.

Distinctive features:

  • Instant strategic combat, in which you can use over 30 battle skills;
  • Who to choose: Warrior or Wizard? Give the character a class and level it up by increasing the number of deadly attacks;
  • The hero has access to over 200 types of armor and weapons that will help him gain a reputation;
  • 20 champions are waiting for you in the arena, including John the Butcher, ace in battles Ultra Flavius, ​​and the dangerous King Pharaoh;
  • Various arenas will not let you get bored, fight in the dirt of the Fighting Pits, or show your skills at the Imperial Palace.

The developers were especially pleased with the pleasant musical voice acting. The game is available for free, but if you want to remove ads and open content as quickly as possible, then there is always the opportunity to download Swords and Sandals 2 Redux for android and use the donation.

Swords and Sandals 2 Redux MOD

Love this game i used to play it im school the only problem i have with it on my phone is it skips the story inbetween tornements if i dont read it fast enough which is annoying could u make it so it only continues when i press continue. You can miss a 99% attack chance 4 times in a row, and enemies can revive on a 4% chance 4 times in a row. Yes, this really happened and it's common. Despite chances being attached to attacks and events and those chances being influenced by skills, they are entirely random and there is no functional way to increase or decrease their chance, despite what the game tells you.. When i beat evil ninja an ad pop ups and when i press exit i get sent back to the lobby i press start game load character and the save and then it shows *tournament III*deafeted. And the screen is just stuck and i cant do anything. The percentage chances of hitting are flat out wrong and lie to you. The ability to raise defence and attack doesn't even work. Absolutely waste of time and money.. Game is fun and is a nice nostalgia trip. However, I shouldn't have to use an exploit like the taunt spam to win a basic fight on the Normal difficulty. The level scaling for enemies seems to be extremely mismatched, sometimes you'll face someone with 80 power score below you in a Hard duel, yet face someone only 4 below you in a Normal duel. Feels like everything was rushed and not looked over or polished before release. I also bought the ultimus edition, and the extra game mode is very buggy..

Swords and Sandals 2 Redux APK

Bro ples make it free to continue passed the 2 tromament I played it but now it sucks having to buy stuff to continue sucks so now 1 star. Amount of ads is unbelievably high, there are barely 3 tournaments you can play, rest is behind paywall. This is nothing more than pure money grab and a total waste of time. get a flash player and just play the originals they're infinitely better than this, the shops look so grimy and you can watch the sprites for things load in if you change environments, not a huge fan of the constant ads for the game I'm already playing either. I bought the "ULTRATUS" edition, I uninstalled the game because it was no longer starting, and now I have to buy ultratus again??? Are you for real? So I just lost my money. Wow.

Swords and Sandals 2 Redux APK

I used to play these as a kid on PC and its as fun as I remember honestly If you want good nostalgia this game is it. Scam you cant play further than litle without paying and you have already grinded enough to be a waste at that time. Have to pay for the full game and still deal with adds on a 3 tournament demo that you can do in an hour. So many adds plus they lock you out of 90% of the game don't waste your time playing this version of the game.

Swords and Sandals 2 Redux APK

Cool game. You have to pay to play after the 2nd tournament though. There's this thing where at some point enemies you face will be a lot of levels below you and all your attacks land, dealing damage to the HP only and ignoring armor. Thankfully it stops after a bit. I've had multiple game-breaking glitches happen which made me delete some gladiators. If you exit a battle just as it's about to begin there's sometimes this glitch where every enemy is treated like an arena champion and stuff.. I wish it was full game like it's not fun to play 2 champions like if your gonna make it say free game then make it a free game. After I beated the second tournament, game blocked. When I was entering in the game to play with my character there would play only "You just won the tournament" and I couldn't do anything. Then I deleted that character and made a new one. And after I won again the second tournament, the story repeats. What should I do about it? Game is cool, but that situation is frustrating.. The game is amazing but it had a proplem That you can't play the game unless you pay money why do I have to pay money for the game why isn't the app named swords and sandals 2 demo edition because I finished the entire free to play experience in half a hour.

The original is obviously dated and has its flaws but is a masterpiece in the way it allows you to combine thought and strategy to overcome hard arena challenges. This version however is different, it's severely limited in what you can do to strategize around different foes and opponents in the beginning and comes down mainly to RNG, you will either hit and be successful or you'll miss and block and won't be. The removed ability to switch between ranged and mellee weapons in a duel is absurd. Sooo many ads and some of them but and make the whole app freeze. This would be a nice game if there wasn't an ad every 2-3 fights. One of the great games of my childhood from the days of Flash olde. I really appreciate all the bug fixes and graphical overhaul.. Would be a 5 but at a certain point you have to pay to continue in the game like I said would be a 5 but pay to play please change.

A reskin and improvement of the original Swords and Sandals 2 (by the same Developer) it expands the plot and is very fun and addictive just like the original. Great but can you guys add more weapons to buy and armor I'm liking it but it needs more stuff to buy 5. Dont bother playing this game it's just a cheap cash grab. Play the game for a minute then they make you have to pay to keep playing... for a game like this seem way too audacious. I wouldn't pay a dine for somthing as measly as this. Not impressed.. 2$ is too much for f2p 10+ years old flash game. Even if it is ported on Android. Also about adds: there is too many of them..

It feels weird to critique this game in 2023 but here goes: this game is absolutely broken, this is the type of game where it says you have 99% chance to hit and you literally never hit them, there is a certain enemy skill value that makes magic useless as in no matter what it will never hit, theres bugs and glitches thatll never be fixed since theyve been there since 2004, basically do not play this game if you have no nostalgia for it. Honestly not a bad price for a game. But you do have to pay for the game after 2 levels. So it does have a paywall instead of in app purchases. Mad respect to the guys who make this game from the past and bring back this game from the grave. But sword and sandals 2 redux is a huge disappointment, a worse version of og sword and sandals 2. Fewer weapons, fewer spells, no enchantment, fewer armour, lots of bug,.... It made me cry. Another flash game turned into a cash grab. Once again, free online and you wouldn't pay a cent. But here once you get past the second champion, you can't progress without paying. There are ad's on this and free games still make money. Therefore this isn't a poor developer, this is a greedy company. And people wonder why we hate big companies? Because you are all greedy cash grabbers. Honestly I'm so disappointed by this, if this was a restaurant I would've walked out at drinks..

After level 8 it's not working to playing , just two option exit or restore I choose restore after get block ,I exit the game ,after I came back to game and same two option i I press exit and nothing.. it wont let me enter the magic shop it says i have some kit i clicked accept and i was in the menu i went back and its still there i have tryed everything i have the ultra pack or what ever its called. The game is fun but why must the full version be like a paid dlc? The ads even show the content of the full version to make it look like the whole game is free. If you want to play this you are better of finding an apk of it.. Very well made remake of the original game. Plus adds on to it as well as a whole. But the major gripe is having to pay to play the full game when no purchases were require in the days of abdobe flash..

The game as fun as I remembered it. Would give it a higher score if it wasn't full of bugs.. Ads after every fight and you can't turn the internet off because somehow it's an online game just a cash grab don't waste your time. Absolutely abysmal, do NOT download this God awful app. Paid 4.95 dollars for the maximus package and didn't receive ANYTHING from the payment I made. It took money from my account and I would like my money back please !! This has really upset me and it has quite honestly ruined my evening. Fix your game.. Gameplay is fun, however once you beat 3 chapters the game won't let you progress without making a purchase. Definitely loved the game but it ruined itself with that one thing. Uninstall sadly..

The game is good, a nice remake of the original game, however, there are a few issues. Animations are sometimes incorrect, which is a smaller issue. Two bigger ones, however, are the camera and the "demo" of the game: during a fight, if you move far away from your enemy, you have to wait for the camera to SLOWLY move towards you, which is a bit annoying. The other issue is, the game says you can go up to the 3rd tournament like in the original PC version, but after you win the 2nd, demo:s over.. I really really enjoy the game I used to play this almost everyday when I got home from school on the computer playing it on mobile brings a huge smile to my face my girlfriend thinks it's a little cheesey but she didn't grow up with it the game practically runs like it always did with its minor bugs with health and stamina and even buggy hit percentages can't forget the updated graffics but that makes me go ahh man this game thank you devs thank you for bringing this nostalgia to me again . Do not download! Only lets you play until you beat the second boss. After that you need to buy the game. I love the game, but I'm still getting ads even after buying the full game. Like not even the optional ads when you want money or potions, after some battles it gives me ads. I reinstalled the game after buying, same thing. This is annoying enough for me to give it 2 stars, even though the nostalgic gameplay is easily worth 5..

Magic broken I rolled a magic character and I often come across enemies that "miss" my every spell until I die it's like 25+ turns till I die and can't even cast 1 successful spell... I was gonna give it five stars but really? To keep playing I have to pay?! It was fun but wow. This game is utter garbage, it forces you to buy the Maximus pack. If you dont buy it the game breaks on tournament 3 (or level 7). Absolutely revolting turning a nostalgic game to a pay to play.. Pls fix this bug if you finish evil ninja and an ad says emperor antares await pls fix it i cant play.

After tournament II, why do I have to buy that maximus armor thingy to continue my adventure? This sucks the old game isn't like this. Bought it but some oponnents are just 100% immune to spells so its impossible for me to finish the game with magicka build.. I have been playing this for a little bit but I love it it has this old style but is fun. I do dare say this one of the best mobile games I have played but I have one problem with it and that is to continue with the game you need a game pass other than that I'm good. The game makes 0 sense, the percentage chance of hitting the enemy isn't true, you will have a 70% chance of hitting and the enemy will dodge 10 times in a row. You can't level up enough or earn enough money to be able to progress and if ypu die you just lose all your money you have been saving up, absolute joke of a game and nothing like the original.

It's a great and fun game but once you reach the paywall it's just nothing but a scam it would make sense to put a paywall before the lat fight or something like that. Bombarded with ads. Full version costs money. I've failed more 90% chance to hit than succeeded. Free trial only has 2 tournaments. Only reason to play is for nostalgia and you don't even get to since it's locked and it isn't worth paying for.. so many bugs in the game cant get past tournament 5 even after purchasing the maximus and ultraus upgrades unplayable now and im very disappointed.

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