NameCookie Run Kingdom
ReleaseDevsisters Corporation

Cookie Run: Kingdom – You will have fun playing. Your hero is a funny little man in the shape of a cookie. His mission is to build his kingdom in a country with equally great weirdos, but it’s important to remember that not all are kind. Behind the cute appearance, the bad guys often hide, waiting for the right time to harm you. Adventure game with strategy elements. Cookie Run: Kingdom is an exciting mix of role-playing and strategy games. The user must build his kingdom in a 3-D isometric format, recruit all kinds of warriors and send them to attack—Neighboring provinces, controlling them while running through terrain that archers could shoot.

Your task is to win, correctly arrange your warriors and make the most of each person’s unique ability. Think like a strategist, throwing well-equipped warriors with reliable ammunition to the enemy first, leaving shooters in the back row, but mages and healers can even be stacked In the back row. Build various buildings and walls, send soldiers to the enemy lines, and direct their actions toward the goal. See how effectively spearmen, sworders, archers, and mages are in battle. Put on great armor for your soldiers, and provide awesome weapons, amulets, and runes.

Complete control of the gameplay, convenience, and at any time to make all the settings and, most importantly, buy the most exciting units and equipment. Fight and conquer, defend your kingdom in gambling matches, and try to win tournaments in online events. Enjoy the original gameplay and an abundance of tactical options. Get a chance to fight in the campaign and single-player battles against the computer and sort things out with teammates online. Start playing Cookie Run: Kingdom and try to learn all the nuances of the gameplay and mechanics.

Initially, you will be introduced to background information and can complete pretending tasks, such as educational quests. The main objective of the game is to create and develop the city. Battles start automatically, and you cannot control their start time or duration. In addition, the user will have to defend their borders and participate in many researches and upgrades, which require some resources and in-game currency. This toy will delight fans with its beautiful graphics, amazing animations, engaging soundtracks, beautiful kingdom evolution system, massive troops, costumes, and equipment.

Cookie Run Kingdom MOD

I really really appreciate this game. The plot is really nice, the balances are well-made and the designs are really good. But there is one major issue : the game crashes for any action I make. I am obligated to uninstall every other app I have on my phone to make it working a little. This is starting to get very much frustrating and the 5 minutes that the game takes to start aren't helping. Please, make the game less demanding.. I do not agree with you not being able to have an auto clicker on your phone. I say the game should work fine as long as its not actively open.. I love this game and I really do love it but the problem is It just crashes and kicks you out and you just can't play it anymore! If you can fix that then I'm all ears to continue playing. Love this app SO MUCH. I've been playing since starting 2021 and never stopped! I've seen how much this game improved and I'm still really invested. I also have the biggest obsession with Frilled Jellyfish Cookie and all the unique cookies you all have compared to the starting point of the game are really BIG differences. Not only that but the playstyle, the adrenaline when pulling, gosh I could write lists! Keep this up, Cookie Run Kingdom!. I've been a part of this game for two years love it to death Just as a note of your playing on a Older model phone. That doesn't have a lot of storage. Not the best idea.

Cookie Run Kingdom APK

Honestly,I've been playing this since with my old phone, I got some but I miss a lot of updates so I'm coming back, best game btw. Keep up the good game or work, I like the cookie strawberry crepe, she's so cute. I rate it 3 bc if I update it I'll have to delete something even tho I deleted all my things. Love the game day too demanding in terms of datapacks and what not but thats not a big issue for me right now.. while i still think this game is good, its definitely gone down. sometimes it feels like you have to force ypurself to play and also its become more p2w for those more into the game compared to how it usrd to be a lot more f2p friendly..

Cookie Run Kingdom APK

I enjoy this game alot, a matter of fact I enjoy all dev sisters games but, I have one issue and it is that everytime I want to play arena, story mode or guild battle the game lags or it logs out. This game is to laggy when I was playing the new update, it made my device freeze screen and I couldn't do anything idk why fix the lag pls. UPDATE:Ok I saw a few other people who had the same problem so it isn't my phone, I'm shocked since I thought it was just me. I have contacted the Support team and they said to reset me phone, I did (I use my backup data btw) AND IT STILL DIDN'T WORK but it does happen but little less, like an atom less. Great game but the f-ing glitches ruin it.. It was fun and all, but because of school reasons I had to uninstall it, I came back and the loading screen(the devsisters one) has like a glitch in the bottom left of it, I tried uninstalling and installing again but it won't work, please fix this thanks.

Cookie Run Kingdom APK

It crashes so much to the point that it's basically unplayable. Most of the cutscenes don't even play. The most simple things I do cause the game to freeze, and eventually crash. I tried to turn the graphics down to see if it would help, but it hadn't. I wouldn't recommend this game to anybody, concedering you can't even play it.. GIMME.HOLLYBERRY.NOWWWWWW (nice game yall got) update: not only do I now have hollyberry, but I have dark cacao, and 2 legendaries. Okay so l am going to rate this 5 stars bc l like the picture. So this is good but if reach lvl 100 u will cry:]. My account got deleted for no reason. I only found out when I try to play again after few months of leaving the game. The customer service isnt much help either. They just told me repeatedly "you account is deleted we cannot do anything"..

Plzz I only need one day on brixity eveny plzz I need more timeeeGIVE ME ONE MORE DAY PLZZ IM BEGGING YOUUU. Good graphic, good storyline, cute character design. This is is quite easy to earn the cash but if you really want to be good in PvP, you need to be whale. But overall is good gameplay and has many different things to do. Fix your game devsisters it's so annoying everytime i play crk it always kicks me out and the most annoying!?!?! Is the Storage everytime i play the more storage will go up. Very disappointed in this game.... It's such an amazing game but lately it's been crashing a lot. Every time I open it it says "no internet connection" even though I'm connected :( please fix this!.

This game is getting P2W, please stop releasing Super epic, legendary and other high tier rarities. I know you want to make the game alive by releasing updates and cookies, but you're wrong. There's many F2P players, quit and leaving the game because of this stupid high rarity cookies. They have to grind so much just to have the cookies,and to make a new arena team (the current arena team is so chaos and P2W). If u want to make your game alive, just do a big collab with something/someone.. Hello I have a loved this game for months but when the mermaids tail update came out I couldn't play because the game keeps kicking me out back to the home screen please fix this I really want to play again. Honestly this is one of my favorite games I love the designs the purpose the whole game but I hate how much storage it takes up that's all I love this game and all and it's my favorite but I hate the amount of GB it takes away. So nice storymode and addicting games i enjoy your game so much thanks for the nice game and pls add more characters and the enemy are cute ehhehe.

This game is super fun, I play it a lot, I'm excited for the update, but. It took forever to update. I haven't played this game in a year, and a couple of months, I decided to make a new account, come back and see how everything was. And you know what? It's even better, 5 stars. I haven't played this game for a while but when i install it and i started play the game, is when i enter the game it began glitching and it wont let me in. It wont i tried reinstall this game and still it wont me in.. This is a fun game to play. But there's a problem I'm having currently... I once played this game and then deleted it. Now I've downloaded it back to play. But somehow I always got stuck at the loading screen... Pls fix this problem asap. I want to play it so BADLY for now I will delete it, hope to be able to play it in the future..

I loved this game but it won't download onto my brothers tablet and my phones broken (edit) NEVER MID YAHOOO. Good game but can you stop updating it like I haft to delete all my other games alot for this game so if you can pls minimize the updates Thx. Bro, I love this game, I love cookies, I love fighting games, I love it ALL, I am glad devsisters had a dream of a game where cookies run around, fighting cake monsters, and so much more, so many awesome characters, and lore, and events, I cannot wait to see more!. BAD I DIDN'T GET THE GUEST COOKIE EVEN THOUGH I GOT IT FAR AND SQUARE AND THIS HAPPENED BEFORE AND STILL DIDN'T LET ME HAVE IT. FIX THIS RIGHT NOWW. PLEASE .

This game is amazing 10/10 I love how you fight but you also collect cookies and there's just so many things to do in the game I would highly recommend it. You always have something to do in this! It's so much fun and is so easy to understand. I'd definitely recommend this game to anyone Edit: I love Anakin Skywalker. I need to talk about how horrible your game is going to get if you don't stop this pay-to-win stuff. I have only gotten 1 crystal jam, and so far the only actual way to get it is paying. And even though you fixed it your special story modes are worse, not even beginners can play and complete it, which is so stupid. And the gacha? I have gotten crimson coral and I'm almost finished with all the missions, but it's so unfair to see then so unable to get cause of this. Please fix this, thanks.. Best adventuring game and ultra graphics (for me). But it has some bugs that why I'm giving 4 stars but that bugs doesn't makes any issues but bug is bug. Very well an excellent game. Edit: i downloaded this game again to play cause I was bored but it keeps crashing after 10 mins over and over again even though I have a strong wifi connection and good device please fix this problem it's a fantastic game.

I love this game and I have been playing since November 2021. However, it is really slow and crashes constantly, becoming unplayable in my 4 1/2 year old iPad. Because of this, I moved to playing on my 8 month old Chromebook, but it is very slow and crashes. Please optimize your game. MANY have been saying this since it's launch and you have not improved it.. used to play this game in 2021 and now its all acting weird i cant even play it and it wont even load and it said that i lost all my stuff? idk why even tho i didnt log in theres smth wrong with it. I remember playing this game in around 2021-2022 and I was actually really good at it. But then, it started crashing and I couldn't play it again. When I loaded in the game, it would crash and I couldn't play. And now, I'm downloading the app again to see if its still doing it.. I wanted to get the the game and deleted 4 apps but it's crashed and for some reason won't load so I can't get the game even so I deleted apps.

Update: Okay, I just got back and return to playing this after 6 months being away cuz I miss playing this and Brixity reminded me about it. They gave me a welcome back event which is awesome and I really appreciate it, but on the other hand, The new event "Mermaid's Tale" was so laggy that my game forced closed itself I don't know why. Gameplay mechanics we're better but there's still the problem of being way too much lag.. This game is truly magnificent, one of the most Eye catching and good game! The only problem I have... Ks the super epics... Ever since stardust was released the super epic gacha change for the worse.... And also not to mention it is gettng laggier and laggier each update but overall this game is 9.5/10 for me!! MAN I LOVE THIS GAME. I gave this a 1 star cuz this game loves to bully me and now it gets 1 star it dont even give me something good and lm upset now i genuinly HATE this game. The download isn't working? I'm trying it update it but it just resetting like it doesn't update or anything please help idk what to do I have a 2021 or 2022 version of my device so I don't understand the problem with updating.

This game used to be one of my main's, however, after playing for a while and even spending a bit I found it to become very p2w in terms of how fast the meta changes and the difficulty of new updates. You CANT win without the new meta. EVER. And a new cookie is released every 2-3weeks. An example is the latest cookie, Frilled Jellyfish Cookie. She is a new support unit who heals and shields her allies. We have received 5 new supports in the span of 2-3 months and each one had to be in use to win. I love this game but the power creep in pvp and pve has gotten impossible, it's so frustrating. In pve you can have the maximum level, you can have the best cookies, you can use the right strategies, but it still won't work cuz "Eh, 75% heal reduction, your whole teams dead". The pvp is just as bad, just as you get the latest broken s+ character levelled up a new one rolls around and makes everyone else useless. It's a fun game too, it just really sucks how you don't get to play half the time :(. very fun game, good story. Very diverse and inclusive. I love the wishing and how easy it is to get characters without having to spend money.. THE CRAB BOSS IN THE SPECIAL EPISODE WHEN WHITE PEARL COOKIE TURNED INTO BLACK PEARL COOKIE IS SO HARD AND I HAVE THE BEST COOKIES IN THE GAME AND WHY IS IT SO HARD?!?! MOST OF MY SKILLS GETS IMMUNED. PLEASE MAKE IT EASIER GOD DAMN PLAYERS LIKE ME ARE FINDING HARD TO HAVE FUN IN THIS GAME EVER SINCE YOU DEVELOPERS MADE EVERYTHING SO HARD..

The game is fun at first, but don't let that fool you. All this game has become is pay to play. Almost everything in the game is at least 5 dollars. And after playing for a while,you realize that you're doing the same thing every day. Log in,pull for new characters,get nothing,claim rewards, and log out.. Can you add Golden Cheese cookie or White lily cookie next update.Also can u do a Frost queen update sometime in the future?. My screen is very lag and it kepts backing and in stuck at the opening screen and at the bottom of my phone has a glitch please fix it. i used to love this game, but now i cant even play it its so laggy and if i try to press a button the screen freezes and starts shaking i wish i could give it a higher rating but its really laggy and i cant even play it.

it's a good game, but my phone heats up to much while playing which isn't healthy for a battery. and you can't do rematches to people you lose to in arena is stupid, especially when the opponent is way stronger than you in the list it gives to fight, that you have to wait 10 minutes to refresh for others, which usually ends up giving more people that we still can't beat. Update: lost a star, cuz arena battles are rigged, dmg/outcome doesn't change if the battle was reset by accidently close app. The only good thing about this game is the amazing visuals and voice acting. The core gameplay itself is so bad. Very pay2win. Rampant powercreep. Unrealisticly high pity system. Awful grinding. Needy gameplay (having to claim resources every 4 hours). Not fun at all. Don't be fooled by the frequency of free stuff they gave you from the mail, they only do it because they know that those free pulls/resources are insignificant to improve your account.. I had been playing this on when it was popular and it was a very good game with a story line and great graphics, which is VERY rare for mobile games. I used to log in everyday but then it started getting so laggy to where it ruined my whole phone and I couldn't even close the app, I was really disappointed because of how I put a lot of work into it and it just stopped working. The events were fun but the amount of lag it has is awful.. hey, dev i just wanted to say that i really want to play your game but it is not downloadable in huawei phone i and now i cant even play in my computer because my computer broke. i have nothing to play on, so please allow this game at huawei i really want to go back to crk its my joy. ill get so depress if i missed the mermaid update ive seen black pearls skin in tiktok and i fell inlove with it pls i just want to play crk :(.

Overall the game is pretty good but the problem is that i feel like you can't always play the game sometimes I need to make a specific material and without any time boosters it feels like you can't progress. Another problem is that most of the time I get stuck in this loop of trying to get enough power to be able to get some crystals and then it gets really hard to progress with no strong cookies. But If you're looking for a game that is not always playeble then this game is really good. This game amazes me! I love adventures, fantasy, story mode, fun games, rewards and even more about this game! I have like a billion coins in game without purchases!. great game, but if the P2W part of the game could be more F2P friendly, it would be better. I love this game its not to hard but its not to easy there are so many cookies to collect and the costumes are fun the enemy's get stronger as you progress a 5/5 game.

Hi guys this last update has a bug in Alliance battle runs, it makes phone restart everytime, check for bugs here..

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