NameSword Master Story
ReleaseSuper Planet

Fascinating role-playing story. In the game project Sword Master Story, you can face and defeat the most vigorous opponents. Become the most incredible shooter in the world of swords and magic. A colorful story in which you can show all your skills to destroy any enemy. Try to break all the boundaries of the heroes, test their abilities, and the subtleties of destroying opponents. You can use the Perfect Stone, after which the magic resistance increases noticeably—constant strengthening of skills, a wide variety of heroes, unique abilities, and entertaining battles. You can play the master of swords, fight for peace and restore the Empire. Find allies for yourself; they will help you unite and participate in battles—the craziest attacks, incredible skills, and much more give a double blade. Enjoy a great action game that you definitely won’t get bored of, and can play it all the time.

Sword Master Story MOD

It's really good, the only probleme is when you sweep exp dungeon let's say, you can't sweep other dungeons, atleast makie it that if we use 20 sweeps on 1 dungeon we still can sweep 5 times on each other dungeon because it's annoying to have to auto repeat over and over, but other than that it's an amazing game. i love the game but cab you add a little adjustment to sophia and ceres?because theyre both dark elves like rosie plz make them a 5 star. You are so bad. Banned my account for no reason... Im not cheater and play this game almost 2 years... My serial number: 3114826. Please justice for my account. I play from Game Launcher official by samsung. No cheat, only use fps monitor, why you banned me? Or you really hate samsung? Korea hate korea? What a country.... I've only played for a bit at the start now, literally only have 3 characters, but so far I'm engaged and looks promising. It doesn't drown you with lore, doesn't throw a multitude of information on how to play. The interface is rather simple and easy to understand, the art is quite nice, obviously having some fanservice here and there. I may change my review to be more specific when I've played longer, but for starters it's engaging and fun!. Game plays at a decent pace and gives a good amount of crystals.....until you hit a paywall in the story and cant progress anymore past a certain point without spending hundreds of dollars on pointless trash to be able to continue on doing....nothing..

Sword Master Story APK

The game is good and all but I wish that they add a feature where you can just type what level you desire when upgrading. I think we all know why I rated this game a 5. Meaning the Konosuba Collaboration Event not what you weirdos are guessing because you're wrong!. A good game with very sexy characters...a full body/360 viewing option of characters would be nice. My one complaint is that you are completely roadblocked at campaign lvl 800 unless you can put together a full stunlock team with max cd reductions and everything....granted u probably won't get stuck again after that but it's easier said than done for sure.. Game and graphics are great. Player costume and unique and hope they don't go away. But besides that I feel stuck. I upgrade my character but still can't get farther into the story. I also don't understand the pvp rankings..

Sword Master Story APK

I don't get how people rate this game so high. You reach max power 2 days in and for you to get more you literally have to farm for weeks just for one unit. Currency is extremely stingy, no real tangible way for you to get gems. But the most horrible thing about this game is it's translation and art. It's lazy.. Good game but I wish they can let you pick any 5 star hero for you to enjoy then the rest you try to unlock them. Game has potential. Just restart the game if it bricks. Annoying but meh? M rated? I have no idea what that is about. No lewds outta the gate. I'm up to lvl 50+. Nah see through bubbles puzzle game is way more lewd but that's all. Gatcha seems fairish. For me it was. Stages are easy. Yeah. Pay to win. At some point. This game should get a rated T and a 3 star from me. Needs more player engagement then just smack a button whenever or autobattle. Animations are cool. Spriting is clean.. The game is bugged for me, after the loading screen the game starts jittering. My phone model is samsung j4+. Can you please fix..

Sword Master Story APK

This game is incredible! The only thing I would love for the game is to get the Japanese voice over, and still be able to keep the text in English. Other than that, overall gameplay, characters and arts are amazing! 10/10!. Love the gameplay style classic hack and slash. The character skills and abilities are well done. Packs and rubies are expensive but it is made up for with the amount of codes released. It does need more accessibility to the basic reinforcement scrolls. Honestly this game is very good and im not even saying this cuz of boobies, Story is very good and levels are nice and easy to clear (i started two days ago) and i like it good job devs. Not much play you push a button every once in awhile my 2 5 star tickets I guess I earned for pushing a button more than once were the same boring character which is pretty lame devs might want to beef up your rng any way played for 4 days now my trial is 7 but I don't have any hopes of the game getting anymore entertaining.

No bad a game to spend time the gameplay is no so bad and is very easy to get into him. The dialogue and story is horrible and lazy, everything is oversexualized and the only reason anyone would rate this above 5 starts is because their pps are hard. The gameplay is mid.. I have played this game for about 1 and a half years now. I had rated it 4 stars before only issue being the bosses and the impossibility of beating it every once in a while, the reason my rating had gone down was all for a sudden the game would'nt open. So I had thought "oh I should just redownload it" But once i has redownloaded it, it had restarted me all the way from the beginning and lost everything I had. And couldnt find a way to retrieve my account even logging in through facebook.. It's not bad for an auto slasher. Packages are way too expensive to buy for what you get, I can not connect to the game by using 5G full bars cell connection, I must be on wifi to play at all..

The only idle game I play. Love the animations and art style. Engaging character stats that really make you think about your builds. Good fun. Each new character seems to go up a letter or 5 in bra size to the point where the newest addition has their bust ends where their waist begins. I fully expect the next character to be toting her chest around in a wheelbarrow. The KO animations are also getting super pervy. -1 star for blatant disregard for subtly.. Your apk text has became Hangul even though this is the global version LOL Also the roullette has a bug only rolling and not show ads... Is it just me or after patch it's became much slower and laggy?! o.o Hope you fix this soon Best regards to you and cheers Thank you for your hard work dev *bow*. This game is awesome and it's designed very well I like anime games and this one has been the best 1 I've played but can u make a way to make a pvp thing (I don't know what to call it) but it would be great to pvp players also I would like to say I love the afk part so much. I've been enjoying how casual and simple the game is making it perfect for casual gaming with limited time. The game does provide the option for greater difficulty with the pvp battles but those are entirely optional.

I download the game and I sign in and after a second it says no data constantly and does nothing else but do that and I have uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times, please fix, I just wanted to play a game. Pretty Decent Game With Not Gonna Lie It's Quite Good I Like The New User Gifts And So Whatever I Could Give A Piece Of Advise To Update The UI Menu If That'll Be Possible I Will Be Glad And Try To Update Or Add New Features I Guess That's All, I Like The Game To Be Honest. FLAG THIS!!! bad attempt at plagiarized art from the sword art online and azure lane art ur getting flagged fir that alone Crazy fujo is a paid review its blatantly obvious the redhead is Honolulu from azure lane same for purple haired girl who is a British ship from.same game and the blonde knight from ragnarock online, I mean at least be less less lazy and steal less obvious artwork ffs the lack of effort on your plagiarism alone is telling of how the game will be! AVOID DOWNLO. You know the tower thing if we can do like go to the next level right after you beat the level it will be a lot better because you will have to took some time to load out and in again just add a button to the next level and I love the game the charcter have a anime version of it and you guys actually took time to draw the character with the weapon that they equipped I love that feature but that just amazing you guys create the game well some character look really cute btw I try spend all letter..

I like it a lot but it's not a lot of the time you get a chance to get a new character but it's a good game .

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