Join for fun and play EvoCreo, the best monster capture game! EvoCreo – in an excellent game project, you can get into an incredible adventure lasting about 40 exciting hours. All events will begin with the fact that you received a message about losing your daddy, and you will need to find it somehow. That is why you can go to this incredible world where there are pretty simple people and entirely mystical animals.

You will have one of these animals as your assistant, which will be able to protect you and generally help in this challenging task. At the same time, you will be able to walk along the streets of this city, visit a beautiful park, and everywhere you will meet wild Creo; it is with them that you will wage a bloody battle. To defeat them, you will need to look at the characteristics of your Creo,, which is very important in a future victory.

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I reinstalled this game because I had it on my old phone and I got a new one and I forgot about this game now I found it I'm replaying it it is still a god game. You get insulted by salty fanboys and fangirls of the person you beat after your first big win. 5 outta 5 for realism and basking in the salt. (Also it's just been very well made and fun so far.). This game is buggy and needs improvement Issues -Soft locks -Save files corrupt -Cant save in certain areas Changes needed -Actual multiplayer This game is good overall it needs a patch to iron out the bugs before I spend money on this game (Creo summons, Expansion, etc) or even play it again I put hours into it and saved my game into the cloud just for ne to come back to my save file corrupted Fix the bugs and this game will be flawless. Its pretty mid-ish; can get way too repetitive sometimes.. there's not much story (that make it intresting) the visuals are good, however some of the creo designs are also pretty questionable Overall, 3/5 :). Navigating the UI is extremely frustrating. I also don't like the fact it is a paid game yet still makes sure to push the cash shop on you in the first 5 minutes. They also make sure to put that button right under the main menu and on screen at all times so you have a chance of misclicking. Even so, this game does have some good ideas, and it's clear a lot of work and love went into it. Not a bad experience, but not something I would pay for..

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I gave 5 starts because it's one of the more older game that was awesome, it got updates and it is still able to work on low-end device. In addition it is able to play multiplayer, seriously this game is just getting the 5 stars for being just as how I remember it and not having some stupid changes that doesn't even enhance the game at all, props for that . I would suggest removing the price all together and adding more in-game purchases. The game is good.. But please lower the price some what. Also sometimes in fights the screen freezes snd we have to restart the game to play again. Fix this bug. Otherwise rest everything is ok. the game is not ready the game stop I was Playing the game the game stop playing I was sorry the game is not really.. I would rather higher because I want to get into the game, but I had played for like 3 hours and I hadn't played it in a week or two then come back and my save data (which was on the cloud save) got deleted and now I have to restart and do all the boring stuff over again. The game is stupid slow at the beginning, but I have seen other gameplay of later game stuff and it looks awesome! I am going to restart I guess but I'm not changing my review. Seems it happened after this newest update.....smh.

EvoCreo APK

plz read and plz put more updates on this game EvoCreo and for more like Creos? Hi I'm a YouTuber and I love this game and I'm playing this game two and you should add more updates like biomes area and Creos and more items two plz just keep on put more updates on this game and yeah plz consider it plz I love this game plz update this more updates yay you make a update on this Evocreo game like winter Creos and prime winter Creos and area snowy for it on the map.. Love this game I have been playing this for a long time I just wish there were more creo and places to explore. HI. DAS IST WIRKLICH EINER MEINER LIEBLINGSSPIELE. ICH FINDE NIEMAND DER MIT MIR TAUSCHEN WILL...WIESO IMMER SIND IMMER NUR ZWEI SPIELER IN DER NHE. HOFFE ICH FINDE LEUTE IN DER NHE...MEIN SPIELNAME IST MONSTER.. Love the game but reason for 3 stars is because of the game freezing way to often and save data doesn't save after every fight so I have to redo a lot of stuff as in battles and going through areas. Please fix and I'll change to 5 stars thank you..

EvoCreo APK

It's easy to play if you have a creo that have a ultimate skill one hit k.o you can level up your creo faster......I know a trick that can catch a wild creo even its level is 80 up and you can catch it even its full health. I love this game! This is the best 99 on a game :D .I only have one thing, can you make it to where you can remove a pet? I see cool pets but I can't get it because I already have 5. Probably i can is all that before 3-4 years i use to play this game a lot and still i remind how happily i played this game . Don't like the game the controls were trash and the monsters were stupid looking and didn't even look good and I would like a refund for the game.

I just bought this game only about 5 minutes ago, its already crashed twice. Once while just giving myself a name in the game and again just walking around at the very beginning. This game looked awesome and the reviews looked great. But i cant even play it! Now the game wont even let me save and I completly lost all of the gems I paid for and all of the levels I grew on my creo. This game is perfect it is adventurous and has a magnificent story including hundreds of Creo to collect.There is one downside though,Is not open world if u can make it open world and add some more updates I would be very thankful although pretty solid game definitely recommend it. I love everything about this game Good graphics, lots of well designed monsters, you can even make friends with other REAL player's! I recommend this game to anyone, it's only 50.20 MB to download and its soooo worth it. Download evocreo and join the Frey or us it. Great game so far. Just wish the "Music" settings didn't affect all sound and just the music, or change the name of the setting to "Sound". Maybe it can be fixed in the next update..

Xiaomi poco x3: Keep ramdomly freeze at some point which make you play all over again from saved. Improve please.. It's a solid pokemon clone but with a laughably low catch rate on anything that isn't P2W. Backtracking on the map is tedious at best and with only one of each prime creo, they shouldn't escape, especially after only throwing one or two of the aforementioned terrible catch rates links.. Je vous remercis d'avoir mis le jeux sans argent je vous donne 5 etoiles mais j'aime pas le solo vous pouvez ajouter un compagnon un autre joueur par exemple. Very good Pokmon clone. It's better than all the competition, despite its age. Two things of note though: The store doesn't work anymore which is good, but you're still stuck with a dumb 'store' button on screen. Second, you must go in options to enable touch control for better controls..

Oh My God this Game is better than Pokemon I hope they make a Part 2 or at least release more DLC. This app is garbage, it holds true with no adds, unless it's optional, aswell as when playing you don't need any internet, buuuuuut geuss what you need to save the game, internet, since I had the autosave feature on I thought I was fine since the game auto saves after every evoker battle, well geuss what, as it turns out you also need internet to autosave aswell, after reseting because I was trying to capture a specific creo, I lost around 5-6 hours of work wich I had done over a week.. Game won't save, hours wasted. Manual save button didn't even work. Lost a lot of 7*&10* wild creos i caught. All your skills will miss half the time anyways. Not worth wasting my time.. I really enjoy this game it's fun and interesting and a great experience one piece of advice do a little grinding at the first arena.

It's old, not up to par with modern standards. I wish we could have a pokemon-esque game that matched recent versions, particularly graphically.. This is pretty horrible. The pixelization just makes it look really cheap if they added just a little bit more detail or art it would be a lot better. The way the battles are setup is a bit frustrating. And the fact that there's tons of ads that you have to wade through if you want any kind of gems or special gear just really pisses me off.. I love this game so much its amazing to evolution of creo's to the battle and Grinding system its absolutely wonderful if you want something that's similar to pokemon definitely download this game 11/10. Before I discovered how to use emulators, (which RetroSaga is easily the best one I've come across so far), I downloaded this game wanting to get the nostalgia of playing the original pokemon games on gameboy. This game completely satisfied what I was looking for. If you love the gameboy pokemon games like red and blue, silver, gold, etc., then you will enjoy this one for sure. Great game just rediscovered it after 5 years and am about to give it another playthrough..

Really love the game since 2016 although I played it from my friends phone really love the game. I'm looking forward for a sequel of evocreo. It's a really cool game......storyline and shiny odds are really good.....only one think to mention the logo of "rinse" (healing move) should be improved rather than same logo as "scratch" with green border.. It's a alright copy of pokemon but the there are some flaws like the tutorial are long and unhelpful also the leveling system is pretty useless a level 100 Creo doing less damage than a level 50 but somehow their level 100 Creo is like a god to my level 96 Creo(the creature) the good part is switching moves through the info and the riding system. I totally love! This game I'm so obsessed with it I played so many times but I'm still waiting for Evo creo 2 so keep up the good work.

Really love this game, although sometime it freeze but its a really good game, a really good story, it should update more and adding more creo or new dlc cause i already finish all the storyline and dlc and in need more new creo, really hoping the dev would update this game. What happened to my dlc I bought the dlc bc I loved the game that much when I had to switch devices I no longer seem to own the hive base with the Mewtwish mixed with Zekrom Reshiram colors looked cool AF so I bought now it's nonexistent what should I do to get my content back and I will rate perfect again since it is in a rite a flawless monster catcher rpg beatem up game. Came back to this app after a few years and most of the bugs are still there. Thought they would have been fixed by now.. My game froze when I was grinding and I lost about 2 hours of grinding.. i adore this game but i lost my game and i came far so i would like to get it back if it is possible.

Randomly Connot click but game is not freeze I don't know if my phone or the game but the game in over all is good. Absolutely fantastic, I have pretty much finished the game and have enjoyed it throughout. The Creo design is great and the whole feel of the game is polished. Looking forward to the second one.. Enjoyable game if you can look past all of the flaws. The status ailments aren't evenly balanced. You can do your Creo super move and get a critical hit but won't inflict any ailment what so ever but the AI do a simple attack and suddenly you're paralyzed? What!? Level scaling is moronic. Evokers 15 levels below you do more damage to you than you do to them. Other way around, they mop the floor with you. Game could be so much better.. Changed from 5* to 3* only due to the fact I've bought both DCL stories and I haven't got yet! Otherwise it's a good game overall, just want what I payed for!.

it would be fun if the multiplayer option could give the players a chance to visit other players in their world and roam the map of zenith together. they could also trade items with them and capture pictures in some places around zenith. Could you zoom the camera angle out or have an option to, so I can see more of the map, so I won't only get lost and confused.. This game is very fun, and it's story may be simple, it does bring fun traveling across the map by foot. The designs are fun and unique for the creo, especially the prime creo. My only gripe is that to prestige or mutate, it requires prime gemma (if it was the gemma that correspond to their type instead, it would make more sense). Other than that, this game is a must have for an enjoyable experience.. Randomly after using a move in battle, it stops promting. It does not freeze, but a new dialogue is not comming up( next attack for example) Very annoying, because a restart is needed to fix this..

Cool, but it's not fun when you play for ages and have to start again cause the game froze. And not even 5mins later it freezes again.. I love games like this, brings me back to playing the old pokemon games on the Gameboy. Only problem I have is that sometimes it won't save your progress when you tell it to. I've lost over 20 hours worth of play time so far. If not for this, it wold be 5 star.. Has potential to be a fun game. I couldn't tell you much more because as soon as I paid for the full version my character got blocked in the woods by a NPC and I couldn't move. I had to start the entire game from scratch. The second time this happened I uninstalled the game. Save yourself much frustration and look elsewhere for entrtainment.. Really does that classic Pokemon game feel but with twists and new creatures. Love that they're unique and it feels familiar but new.

A Decent Game Im Into In This Kind Of Game.however.. Theres so many bugs happend to me while playing. i suggest the devs fix the bugs that kept bothering the players i read the feedbacks of the game and saw many players experiencing this type of bug. 1 When The Game Get froze while Talking To An Npc Or In Battle its frustrating when its happen. Because I Have To Start The Process All Over Again. Im Hoping The Devs Fix This bug:)). The game was fun, but if i play online i couldn't be save and offline play cannot connect to any acount, Like it really got on my nerves owner fixed your game. I love this game, however when I reach The Mantle town It stopped saving the game I lost too much . I love this game but i only have 1 problem and that is doing in-app purchases. If i try to buy the dlc's it always say purchase error. Idk why but can you fix this?.

It's really a good game, but it ALWAYS get stuck on battle SOMETIMES when I were talking to a NPC, IT GETS STUCK ON TALKING TEXT MODE, IT NEVER GO THROUGH, I CAN STILL PLAY BUT IT'S MESSING UP THE GAMEPLAY. (My phone is realme 10) MY PHONE IS REALLY GOOD BRO.. I like it a lot. It is a monster catching game so it has similarities to pokemon, but this game does an excellent job at differentiating itself from pokemon. The battle style is unique and very interesting. 4* is because personally I felt the story to be lacking, and on occasion it seemed like the fighting wasn't entirely balanced. Definitely worth checking out though.. I like the game brings me back to my childhood it was worth the 99 cents can't wait to keep playing and learning more. Nostalgia, is what you feel when you play this but it has plenty of pros and cons but I've been playing it for a couple hours now and it's been worth it.

I love the game but I don't know why it keeps saying there is a problem with the currency when I try to open shop even though it's connected to the internet. I really do like this game but not only did I lose my cloud save progress, I also lost my story DLC purchase. I already emailed ilmfinity, but they still have not replied.. Please fix the bug, it's annoying that it freeze often, also, LET ME EVOLVE MY NAJA PLEASE, FOR THE GOD'S SAKE. This is an amazing game, and I love it. I recommend you download it if you want to play a nice pocket monster game..

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