Join for fun and play EvoCreo, the best monster capture game! EvoCreo – in an excellent game project, you can get into an incredible adventure lasting about 40 exciting hours. All events will begin with the fact that you received a message about losing your daddy, and you will need to find it somehow. That is why you can go to this incredible world where there are pretty simple people and entirely mystical animals.

You will have one of these animals as your assistant, which will be able to protect you and generally help in this challenging task. At the same time, you will be able to walk along the streets of this city, visit a beautiful park, and everywhere you will meet wild Creo; it is with them that you will wage a bloody battle. To defeat them, you will need to look at the characteristics of your Creo,, which is very important in a future victory.

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This game is like pokemon Go but in a higther version of it, playing this game is and all but some of its tournament are quite hard and learning bit by bit gives a high chance of being a good trainer. I like this game but I just delete this game and I want my money back and this game not refund it. Love The Game The Concept Itself is Amazing & The Battle Moves Are Really Incredible Im Definitely Looking forward for EvoCreo 2 Thankyou nfinity keep up the Amazing Work. Bug on monster,all flying monster cannot use Fly ability to complete quest, just glide ability,please fix this ASAP. This is a great game for Pokemon lovers . Great story line makeups, creos , battle style and many more, but the pvp system sucks . At first it takes ages to connect to other player and even if it gets connected opponent takes total 150+ seconds to make a turn, may be 60 or 90 sec limitation would be better . And you can't change your user name in game . Idk what should i call it a feature ? Most worst thing about this game !.

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dont know why but i cannot take any prime gem in game or purchase the gem. overall this a good game. This is the best pocket monster game because of its storyline, Prime Creo and Creo Leuge. But please add Creos like Mewtwo and Rayquaza inside it and launch Evo Creo2 Fast.. I love this game,just want to ask,you don't want to create the next chapter of this game?? I really want to know bcs i like to play again but i already done the last task,i wait so many years for the next chapter if you have it.i hope you can make a new journey for this game,and hope you read this comment from me. Just worthit bro but I downloaded it when it was free but best.I am waiting for evocero 2 it was said to release in 2921 but.

EvoCreo APK

Good game but ther is just this one bug that is annoying it freezes the screen and I have to close and re open deleting my savefile but to those who downloaded evocreo lite it's a demo version so once you get to plantae village that's it you can't go any further btw go to koppla cave if you are lucky you can get a level 5-84 by catching it recommended level is 27. Very much enjoying the game but having problems loading up sometimes have to delete game and reinstall after I close the app. Love this game!!! Im happy it's not a full Poke' clone, its a cool mon catching game,few things may remind of it,but it's still its own game with enough diffs! My sister ended up buying it for us to enjoy and I spent a lot of time into it,evolved early my high starred mons, but hope I can get some help regarding my save file...the fault is kinda mine because of the transfer cloud/local buttons confussed me,still hope maybe it's save-able.I wrote to support,so its just wait and see... Fun game to have not gonna lie. It can also be played online and ve sure to safe your cloud data. And enjoy .

EvoCreo APK

It can be buggy at times but a very fun experience and variety with creatures story line very well designated. This is an awesome pokemon clone game it is also different in other ways to be considered it's own genre of game. I really hope Evo Creo grows more and more throughout time.. Last I played this game, the plot story about their father never got resolved. While I love this game, that is a major factor for my punctuation.. It's a good game, but it ALWAYS get stuck on battle SOMETIMES when I was talking to an NPC, IT GETS STUCK ON TALKING TEXT MODE, IT NEVER GO THROUGH, I CAN STILL PLAY BUT IT'S MESSING UP THE GAMEPLAY. (My phone is realme 10) MY PHONE IS REALLY GOOD BRO..

Export doesn't work Auto is locked behind advertisements that never load not that it should be locked. it's really a shame that there's no more updates on Facebook or anything from the developer I know they're still making money off of it and they're still loads of bugs. Another issue is purchased the starter pack I did not get the currency only the items I mean seriously the issues with this game is crazy and they are making money. And let's not talk about Auto being locked behind advertising.. The game itself is all right. But it stop working after 2 days. I am now stuck on the loading screen.. It's been great all around besides the fact none of the movement factors are working I can't ride my creos I can't fly so I can't even get to the next tournament I love the games besides that and the first four moves a creo learns are the max it'll let me use my creo volcadon has kindle still even tho it's lvl 47 but besides those two things this game is great fix that and we have a 5 star game until these are fixed I can't give this game five stars. Paid and bugged Give me my money back, i purchased the full verseion and guess what, the game bugged, it stuck after battle end, and it was quite often, trash game.

More than 10 hours of game play wasted due to failure to save. Made about 100 attempts to save in different locations, but nothing changed. Reloaded the game only to see that literally a full day of my time was lost. Never playing this again. May be fun, but that is unacceptable for a paid game.. Have been playing this game forever! Definitely worth putting your time into! Full game with story DLC purchasable for a reasonable price. $8CAD total for both story DLC!! The gameplay is great the story is good!! I'm surprised this game isn't well known it's just under the radar of being one of the best mobile games out there!!!! Definitely happy with all of my purchases and I'm going to continue to play along as I have can!!. Nah actually the dev(s) for this game should off themselves. An affront to god devoid of intelligent design, balancing, or talent. Monster designs are mid, glitchy, buggy, just plain miserable.. All over great game but when my starter was evolving it glitched and soft locked me from playing and only way I could play again was reseting.

you need to change it that the player base can be happy without purchasing again after purchasing the game itself it should be all totally free . like for example Monster hunter stories after purchasing it everything inside the game itself should be for free even the stories . ill rate you 5 stars if you make the whole stories free.. Such a fun pokemon esk game. I love how they did the evolving system to be once they have mastered a certain type. Then they evolve. The only thing I have a bit of a problem with is the leveling system. It goes by fast but so do the npcs. I'm already needing to be level 30 and I'm only gym 2. Other than that, this game is really fun.. No paywall, no ads, the game is cheap and affordable for just about anyone. Had nights where I wouldn't sleep and I would be busy building up my team, this game feels more special than pokemon- statistics are a thing and not hiding majority of important stuff like attack speed which can result in the outcome of a match. Great game worth every single penny as it's the only game that makes me enjoy mobile gaming when I look at my phone.. Its one of my favorite Pokemon fan game to play. There's even shinies in it that makes it so much more like pokemon. 10/10 would recommend.

I love this game but i completed this game 2 times but both of times my game restart and idk why this happened i played for 100 hours. I have always rated this game but i have Paid money and never received what was paid for will change if refunded or received but till then very bad. A very amazing game, the storyline without any DLC isn't reaaly hitting the sweet spot but maybe it's just my opinion but the gameplay itself is good and also a tiered moveset with the ability to change moveset up to needs, relentlessly to say such an amazing game and whould hope to see another version of this.. Perfect copy of pokemon no originality, Paid game that freezes often, and has commercial videos.... the DLC are expensive and vague. The graphics are bad and the map in the game is useless..

HEYYY WHAT HAPPENED ON THIS GAME?? I PAID FOR MY 2ND GAME WORTH DOLLAR 2.99 AND WON't SHOW THE NEW GAME WHAT PLEASEE. UPDATE MY GAMES NOW BEFORE I REPORT THIS GAME !!!!!. I love this game it is the best mobile game where I can catch monsters and no it is not a rip off Pokmon it is a unique pixel art game where you can battle, explore and catch monsters and you can customise your starter monster and you can pick their skills and traits and they can evolve and it costs under one dollar so I highly recommend it.You can play it anywhere without internet right in your pocket. The gameplay and story are gorgeous, but no matter how many updates this game gets it's still prompt to bugs like creo moving to a different location from the evoker and random teleportations, and possible glitches like double healing moves. The game is nice and all but when I got to the the 2nd to last battle from the final gym the game froze and that's why I'm giving this game a 4 star rating..

Love the game but I'm stuck in fortune city when I exit the game. I make a lot of progress even I saved the game many times. Plx fix this... Thanks. I have enjoyed playing this game off and on for a while now. Is there any ETA on when EvoCreo 2 is going to be released? I've been looking for it in the app store for two years now.. There is some issue with backup, most of the time cloud and backup file does not match. All my progress got lost. Just starting and so far so good will writ another review when I have finished the game in it entirety.

Extremely addictive game with tones of things you can do, I just woshed their were a bigger extension to the game.. Was a great game but some post-game stuff and extra gear require money other than that A really fun game, great mechanics, good story and diversity in choice of monsters. I give 5 stars cuz this game was a child hood memory and I loved this game thank y'all for blessing this game to me years ago . Absolutely love this game! Before you say this is a ripoff of pokemon, this game is hardly comparable to pokemon besides catching them because of all the unique features like the abilities, Traits, and affinities, allowing you to customize your Creo at any time. The best part is that this isn't even very expensive at all, under 1$! for a game this good is an easy buy! I adore the pixelated art styles and storyline of the game that is all accessible from my pocket with no internet..

The battle system in this game is a step up from Pokemon. The typings are confusing though. It would help if there was a type chart in the tutorial book! The set of different moves (Ultra/3 normal/Healing) is a nice touch. There isn't much use of splitting attack into physical and special when the defense isn't split into those two categories. I suggest either splitting defense into physical and special or getting rid of physical and special altogether. The traits and abilities are also great.. Would be 5 stars if it ain't keep freezing so I have to leave mid fight sometimes and redo a good amount of things I alr done but it's still a very fun and enjoyable game. Great Game not alot of creo to get but still pretty good i like the story i like the design of the creo and the area.. good game but too many bugs inside it affected my game experience .for example the text suddenly lagging in the battle and the whole game lagged while I was just less a last hit to win the match .it was so ridiculous and made me angry.

This is very bad game. I have stegopod of 88 lvl and now my all data lost and I have restart the journey . Fun game but wish it had unique battle themes. The controls are seamless and once you learn the type chart battles become simple.. very well made and thought out game, great controls and very good design and graphics. The game progression is a bit slow but worth it as the story itself is long and worth it. battles are challenging and pacing is slow but steady. overall a really well thought out and executed game.. It's a great game, and i appreciate the product, but i can't seem to purchase any any gems or packs. I need help resolving this issue. If i could get some help, I'd appreciate it.

I reinstalled this game because I had it on my old phone and I got a new one and I forgot about this game now I found it I'm replaying it it is still a god game. You get insulted by salty fanboys and fangirls of the person you beat after your first big win. 5 outta 5 for realism and basking in the salt. (Also it's just been very well made and fun so far.). This game is buggy and needs improvement Issues -Soft locks -Save files corrupt -Cant save in certain areas Changes needed -Actual multiplayer This game is good overall it needs a patch to iron out the bugs before I spend money on this game (Creo summons, Expansion, etc) or even play it again I put hours into it and saved my game into the cloud just for ne to come back to my save file corrupted Fix the bugs and this game will be flawless. Navigating the UI is extremely frustrating. I also don't like the fact it is a paid game yet still makes sure to push the cash shop on you in the first 5 minutes. They also make sure to put that button right under the main menu and on screen at all times so you have a chance of misclicking. Even so, this game does have some good ideas, and it's clear a lot of work and love went into it. Not a bad experience, but not something I would pay for..

I gave 5 starts because it's one of the more older game that was awesome, it got updates and it is still able to work on low-end device. In addition it is able to play multiplayer, seriously this game is just getting the 5 stars for being just as how I remember it and not having some stupid changes that doesn't even enhance the game at all, props for that . I would suggest removing the price all together and adding more in-game purchases.

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