NameStar Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Collect and lead your favorite characters from all eras of the Star Wars universe into battle! Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – probably, many dreamed of seeing a game on the theme of Star Wars, with the ability to create your own guilds, unite and fight with other real players. With the help of the new game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, you can independently assemble a team consisting of the main characters of the famous saga, unite them and defeat your rivals.

The game is of a strategic nature, which makes it possible to defeat your rivals not only in quantity and strength, but due to a competent approach in terms of tactics. By collecting characters, both dark and light side, you can use their strengths to win. In order to measure strength with your opponent, there are a lot of interesting locations and PVP-type maps.

Thanks to the interesting gameplay, the game quickly gained popularity and is still one of the most popular Star Wars video games on mobile devices. In addition, I would like to note that Electronic Arts undertook its development, which gives reason to believe that Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for Android will receive regular updates and a large number of innovations.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes MOD

I think i didnt play The programers are the player draging me from icon to another . And i see loading icon more than other thing so this is message to me " please do not install this game again ". If i have not played the game yet,the views of other people have shown me that the game will be nice so i am giving this game five stars.Every one who wants to try this game ,should not think twice about the game because it is a nice and gives joy to people who are sad .So all of you should this game. They need to revamp the arena since I've been stuck in the same rank for years. I've won maybe 3 arena fights since I can remember while much weaker teams crush me easily. A Few other updates would make the game better without making new characters the only updates. This game is spend spend spend.. Hate the game I lose my account and my game got gone, and I can't return or fix somehow it loops into the start. I've been an overall huge star wars fan since the beginning and finding related games to it on mobile is pretty rare, so this was the only game I ever had the pleasure of playing years ago. It was such a fun experience that I Still remember it and relive memories with it. So I thought to come back recently since I missed it, game still plays fine, and it's as engaging as I always known it to be, however one thing is clear; it's heavy on the side of p2w, though that won't ruin my 5 stars for it..

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes APK

Love the game, but would love it if they included a classic Legends Luke Galactic Legend instead of these new woke trilogy weaklings... Also, proving grounds is broken for CAT shards after the Imperial Commando rework so losing a star now.. Decent game play but the paywall and ads are getting ridiculous. Will be uninstalling the game if this continues EDIT: Uninstalled. fun game , great art and animations. long time player and over the years has become more and more pay to win. pvp almost impossible without real money. character progression used to be possible via grind but now even pve progression is almost impossible without money. UPDATE:Wow! Just when I thought you can't mess game up any worse, you completely screw up Raids with update! PRIOR REVIEW: BORING & REPETITIVE!! DO SAME STUPID THINGS EVERY DAY FOR VERY LITTLE REWARD. PICS MAKE IT LOOK BETTER THAN IT IS! You'll never progress far or fairly compete on same level as others if you don't spend $. Winning's nothing to do with skill & everything to do with how much $ you spend. Tired of being matched against people twice as strong as I am just because they spend $!!!.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes APK

It's a 4 **** because my friend Ja Ja Binks is not on star wars and why ? Place Jaja Binks then you get 5 *****. Been playing since the game was released. By far my favorite mobile game. Spending money will help you gain characters and gear faster but it certainly is not required. Just put in the time and do the work. Everything is accessible for free. The very few technical issues I've had were always addressed quickly by the support staff. Best game on mobile (IMO).. It's a good game fun to play frequent good updates but it's a little laggy every now and then but that's it. Geonosians shouldn't be the most powerful force in the entire universe. This game is stupidly unbalanced in so many PVP areas (which is a requirement to participate in). This game is a blatant, unapologetic money grab..

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes APK

Your game locked up. The "tap here" from your tutorial is fighting with a system message telling me I have slow WiFi. I have to only tap one thing, but I have two things that have to be tapped... simultaneously?. Holy $#!+ this game still sucks, even for a free game it still sux, all the best most useful characters are impossibility to unlock unless you spend way more money than this whole game is worth. Socializing with the community is great. Just be prepared to watch paint dry faster than achieving goals and collecting the needed materials. It can feel very discouraging when you get 0-2 of something you need when you spend 10x the energy because there is a CHANCE you'll get it (NOT A GUARANTEED). So like..... As someone that has a decent knowledge of Star Wars...... I'm hooked lol they have characters from movies, games, and shows! How about they added our boys Rex, Echo, Fives and Cody I'm so excited lol I keep seeing a trooper that looks like heavy you know from team domino in clones wars ( although of they been graduated) even tho they don't label him as that..Come on we all know who it is carrying that big gun lol Even Hondo and Opress are in the game omgosh and bane!! Play guys!.

Absolute waste of a game. I wouldn't bother. Switched to Marvel Strike Force and already much better experience than this junk of an app. Messaged their customer service and been ignored for weeks now. Absolute joke. Don't waste your time or money.. Perfect game for star wars fans, character combo, gameplay, and event very accurate. Cons, micro transaction make this game broken, but I'm not surprised because it's EA. If you are looking for a game to spend all day on, this is not for you. I have been playing this game for 4-5 years on and off. I have never had the crash/freeze issues others have talked about in the reviews, the game is pay to win yes, but you most likely wont come across that until you reach the top of the leaderboard. because the offers and marketing is so bad I don't feel like its intrusive. The community complains about the devs alot but in the end its a fun game and they do fix most of it. Hope to se this characters in this game when the new update comes: Galactic Legend Jedi Master Leia and Jedi knight Leia, Bounty Hunter Assaj, All the characters from the comics jedi the high republic, comics legends theres like 40 iconic characters We are missing 50+from shows & movies bring the gungan we want Jar jar AND PLEASE UPDATE IMAGES QUALITY TO 4K we are not in the years 2000 no more look at honkai star rail new making more because of the quality expand your game do more have fun.

Ok so I have mostly positive things to say about this game. 1. I like how they no longer start u with garbage characters. 2. I like how they have plenty to switch back and forth off of. Now for the negatives. 1. The multisim system to obtain character shards is far from perfect. If i spend 98% (100+) of the energy on a mutli sim to get say anakin shards, I shouldnt be only getting single digit (1-3) amounts. 2. Change the quest system. I cant do a pit raid for awhile y get it early on.. Game has become really slow and lagy. Takes about 6 minutes to actually load into the game. Stuck on the black Disney screen for 5 minutes. Uninstalling because can't be bothered anymore.. Arena mode makes no sense; people with half my power have double my stars and can beat me instantly, but I can only beat people with like 1,000 or so above me. It takes far too long to gain stuff to level characters up. I love the fact that it blends all eras. The combos between different characters can be amazing. I like that you can send stuff to guild members when they need it.. It's the best Star Wars mobile game out there in my opinion. The new update allows new players to progress further easily..

Designed to steal money from people while giving nothing of value in return. If you like being taken advantage of definitely by all means play this game. You'll go broke, go nowhere, and wonder how did I let my love of star wars ruin my real life. The gaming industry as a whole is filled with crooks and criminals who prey upon us all while laughing at us all, on the way to their huge bank accounts. They use every mind manipulation and psychological trick in the book to grift every dime from YOU.. This game has a great user interface and I enjoy that there is no surprise PVP. You can play at your own pace. If you want to speed things up you can spend money on microtransactions to have the best team. But you can eventually get the team even if you don't pay.. Absolutely pointless zero skill game. I am now dumber for having "played" it for the past 2 hours. You can put it on auto every time.. Well level 9 relic upgrade to Vader and that's it so 40K max character so will have to buy to play to win ? As my character can't go any further ? Wasted years bye....

GEAR LITTERILY WONT DROP since its a possible chance it has to be like 0.1% chance at the current rate .I have multiple videos and screenshots of using 500 crystals on ENERGY REFRESHERS 3x50/3x50/2x100 for 1 shard of gear 12, you need 20 or 50 shards to make a whole piece, donr ever get into this game with the mentality of being 1st unless you spend 10s of thousands of dollars yes at least 1k or wait a whole year to be half the Progression,capital games is just plain greedy at this point!!. It's star wars. I have been a star wars fan for such a long time. However, I am very pleased with the Old Republic stories and I was happy to see that Darth Bane is added. I enjoy these types of games and it's fun to gather all the different characters.. Fun game with all the star wars characters. Costs a TON to buy anything so F2P is the way to go.. I've been playing this game for more than 2 years. It's a fun game with tons of characters and character modifications. No ads except for the various in-game purchases. However, it's a massive pay-to-win and pay-to-progress game. There's no direct PVP, though you can interact with other players' units. There is a chat mode, too. Disney is probably making a ton off this app. This morning the game won't open. Keeps saying that it's "Checking for Updates" while trying to start..

Great game don't get me wrong, but one day I opened it up and all my time and progress had reset, hours worth of play.. Sim tickets! Just let us auto complete levels we have already finished with 3 stars. Using crystals or money to grind an already long leveling process is cheap. Good game just tedious and boring. Making it more accessible and fast paced for free to play players doesn't hurt the players who have no patience and want to spend money. This is the 5th time in 3yrs I've tried coming back. Even maxed to 85, had a decent squad and the sim tickets ruin it everytime.. Started out very fun and had some amazing times with the guild. After a while the paywall became way too extreme.. I don't like a lot about this game, but losing my data then forcing the tutorial down my throat has me deleting it. Not worth it..

Pay to win mess! Prices are super expensive for what you get. If you don't spend, you'll be left so far behind that you will never catch up. Older characters cannot compete with the new ones and in order to get the new ones...$$$. Now you kick me out of the game multiple times a day and when I open it it's a new player?? This game is getting so much more irritating every month. The game is more fun starting from new than continuing on to the end game grind, the gear grind makes the continued play as F2P once you've maxed level boring. 1 year to get a top end character that is then beat by all the other people paying to win.. Slight improvement. There's the occasional pay packs with great value. Decent new toons. But certain game modes like territory wars and pve are getting stale. Need to revamp these aspects..

Game is rigged. The AI's turn meter NEVER runs out just because you lost half your rooster. Previously winnable fights are now impossible.. Had a lot of money in this game then got a new tablet. reinstalled the game and everything was gone. no way to talk to anyone to get it back.. This game should be great but there are a few issues that shouldn't exist... The game overlays events causing you to not be able to make selections and miss/skip things you're trying to do... The game doesn't want to play unless you have a WiFi connection, I have unlimited data but the game simply won't accept I don't have WiFi and am happy to play on mobile data connection. If you're easily frustrated don't bother playing, if you have a lot of patience then work through the annoying menu.. I've finally reached level 85, the top level in the game, and there are still modes I can't access. Inactive players in guilds mean you never get to participate in territory wars. Certain fights seem like devs gave villains buffs without play testing the battle (we get it, you think Thrawn is "cool"). Certain characters have heal bonuses that lead to stalemates (not a loss, and endless fight you have to concede to end). IDK what they are trying to do with ships. I'm really just here for my guild.

Mobile games need to go back to selling a game that is fun, not trying to sell fun for your "free" game.. The Graphics and Characters are cool. But it would be even better if the Jedi Temple Guard is put to be the playable character.. P2w nonsense, killing an IP? Yes please. Reskins locked behind 100's of dollars? Sure thing! No content or additional lore so like... actually no point in playing this unless u hate money and yourself.. Typical pay to win game. Unless you're willing to drop a couple hundred dollars each month on "premium currency" don't waste your time. You'll also find even if you exceed the "recommended" character power for their "journey" characters, you won't be able to complete them unless you're well over the "recommended" power level. It used to be a fun game where you could actually get somewhere and make reasonable progress before the addition of relics so they could force you into buying crystals..

predatory, & it's a grind. p2w. shards are at a premium & if you're not Obi-Wan himself you will die. there's a variety of gamemodes that gradually unlock as u level. love hate mobile game. graphics & sounds, theres fun to be had. thankfully there's auto x4. youre going to need it.. I've grinded 5 years and I still feel like I'm not that far. I've spent almost a year now trying to get the executor and am realizing to get the relic level 8 characters required for it is literally impossible unless you drop a ton of money or save up a ridiculous amount of crystals. Would not recommend it unless you sell alot of time. Everyday. For years. If you don't mind though, this game is perfect for you. Proving grounds event is total bull, doesn't matter how good your teams are either.. Used to be good game. Now it's just a disgrace to the ip They have completely given up on the creative side The PVE has gone down the tubes currently their idea of a challenge is to show a opposing team as low gear to make it SEEM accessible to more players when in reality they turn up their Stats to 10 so that all teams are 20x stronger then they appear They craft one or two global rules to counter all your teams stats so your forced to pay to play and even have a chance Just a big money grab. Poor, only play if you plan on spending money or plan on making a life commitment to the game and even then whats the point. Reccomended for only those that wish to collect characters and aren't playing competatively. Note: this was written after failing PG malgus event for 3 hours upon realising whats the point..

Slow and classic RPG turn based game. Haven't even scratched the surface after several hours of play. Much to explore with many characters, mission types, upgrades, etc.. Conquest is a repetitive chore with the only challenge being roster depth. Datacrons are required and yet you lose 90% of your investment every set rotation. Newest raid is awful and boring. Guild and Player PvP suffer from roster bloat making defense less meaningful and more focused on the newest power creep. Ships remain an afterthought. No vehicle combat to be seen. Still better than LotR or MSF tho. DEVELOPER STOLE MY MONEY. PurchaseD a packet on Jan 26th and didn't get the items. Submitted a complaint to the help department and after providing all the proof of purchase, I was never replied to, Google Play won't refund my money. 9 years playing and I want to quit so bad. .

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