NameHeroes Legend

Heroes Legend Idle Battle War is a unique role-playing game that you must play. You have to take control of courageous heroes to confront various enemies. This will be a fascinating confrontation in which you can show your tactical skills and check all the intricacies of the game project. The most important thing is that you must defeat any enemy on the map, save the world from destruction and become the most powerful on this planet. Of course, it will be challenging to cope with the most vigorous opponents, but you will have a good team that will help you in the most challenging situations.

You must call on your team of the most courageous heroes of the universe. They will have unique skills, incredible abilities, and many other bonuses. Engage in confrontation with the most terrible monsters, meet powerful enemies and fight with other opponents in the most ruthless battles.

We must try to defeat everyone, upgrade our heroes, improve their skills and make them the most powerful. Buy them new and more powerful weapons, unique equipment, and much more. There are many moments when the result of numerous battles will depend on your direct participation.

Heroes Legend MOD

This game is so great and i love it!! cool graphics cool characters and skills! No need to spend money to enjoy a game!. It's okay. Slow progress, but a nice little game. There doesn't seem to be many players from the USA and the chat and guilds are mainly I languages I don't know. There is also no tier lists or whatnot, so after about a week, I got bored.. just purchase a diamond, it says that the payment is already deducted, already tried few restarts and the diamond still not appearing on my end. 1 star for now, will give 5 star if you fix it.. The game is just ok but the heroes you want to have will take time because it will not drop that very often and the the number of replicas to collect will take weeks before you can summon a hero.... Pretty decent actually, but greediness ruined this game. You'll find yourself spending more time to ads rather than playing the game. Goodluck trying to play the game without watching ads, because the bonus rewards from ads are very significant to progressing the game. Yet that's still not enough to really-really compete with other players, because you might need to spend real money too. If you got no problem with those, then this game is for you. Go download now, you've been warned however!.

Heroes Legend APK

Please fix your game! Been connecting and keep on connecting every time doing daily. What the hell man? What use if u keep on creating new server? Fix the game and do some events across the server for a start. Been bored already. The tournament sucks tho. Improve that also.. I attempted to purchase a skin for my favorite hero today, got an email that it has been paid, money gone from my account but no skin anywhere in sight over 2 hours of waiting later! I would also like to add that I have not received any of the recharge rewards either.. Looks cool but after 30min i have no stamina and arena has cooldown after every fight. Very big pay to play.. Greediest gacha game I've ever seen in my entire life. Almost unplayable without paying money. Terrible, non-existent gameplay. Incredibly low effort systems, mechanics, and art..

Heroes Legend APK

I like it so far. Nice graphics and storyline. Let me progress a little further, and then I'll come back to my review. So far the game isn't bad. It's maybe a little tighter than similar games in the fact that there's not so much freebies. Its still pretty fun for the most part.. i just wish you could update the heroes.. like nerf and buff. Because i only see the same heroes over and over and over. like it's the same heroes composition top 1 to top 20 same composition. like Cifer is really o.p. This game is really good. I was actually looking for war of crypta and then realised it is not on Android and then I found this game.

Heroes Legend APK

Don't bother!!! Game takes your stamina away but won't upgrade your stars when you win. Meaning you need 21 stars at the end of a chapter but you only earn 2 stars on level. You replay paying your stamina but even though you earn 3 stars game won't give it to you. The game is rigged so that you can't win.. I dont necessearily think its bad but it can get some improvement, why does it have to get so muh heroes , what am I guna fo with them once theyre all equipped, where am I guna go, how am I ona get soulstones . Gameplay is traditional ,I love the fast paced action feedback ... its cool you have to click to play but why not just make it instance ??. Lack of resources even on the first day of game. I just started the game and I can't win because heroes are too weak, and I don't have resources to summon more heroes. Nice . I haven't seen the idle part, if that doesn't open until later then it's useless to new players, the stamina lock kills game and since there is no other way to get resources I can't lvl up, not worth logging back on just to replay a cpl lvls and log back off.

If you looking for sumfin to spend your time in some nice and relaxing way go for this game. Moreover, you constantly getting some bonuses, a new strong heroes, etc.. Lovely grafic and fantastic heroes based on DOTA characters, one of the best idle games The only problem is bugs and some times it freezes, most of time when i use the hero "Kroos" in battles it hangs when he use his ability and the screen gets Darker and then Kroos will be the only hero in battle that moves and keeping attack and others stop moving and attacking until the timer gets ZERO! This in annoying bug and i Give 4 Stars to this game!. This game is sooo damn hard,please give us like a free 10x summon for better heroes because we been stuck with the same trash heroes since the beginning...So please don't waste your time playing this game.. Big "L" game, From graphics, character abilities, game function, events, etc.. First trash idle game I've ever played so far..

Nice game to play, but should have some guild war like dotarena last time, so would be more fun to play. The game play is pretty cool and a lot like Mobile Legends, but the graphics of the heroes don't come anywhere close to ML. .

Download ( V2.8.9 )

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