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Summoners War: Sky Arena Players will have a simple task – develop their abandoned farm. Zombies will always try to attack it, and you have to protect your property from them. The main character will need to improve their existing ability and defense. In addition to zombies, there will be other opponents in the game; there are many types – at least 400 species. Show your unique strategy to the whole world! Summoners’ War: Sky Arena is a role-playing game with a collection of over four hundred different monsters. Their main goal is to win the Arena. But you need to train for a long time, improving your skills. A vital resource for all characters in the game is manna crystals, which help not only win battles but also regenerate faster.

Each user installed on his mobile device can cancel the resulting farm. Bloodthirsty and aggressive zombies and other opponents will attack her all the time. Players need to fortify existing territories while ensuring that pets are rented because it would be impossible to win battles without them. You cannot hire more than six pets in the game; each pet will evolve – there are only six stages. And you will also have to exploit all kinds of resources; without them, it isn’t easy to develop the economy. You can get some resources after a victorious battle. For example, these are runes.

A charming bonus is the system rune. Thanks to her, the monster has additional opportunities. But the Arena is not the whole game. You can improve your monsters in different ways – by exploring the dungeon, participating in PvP battles, developing your settlement, etc. And for simple fighting with a weaker opponent, you can use the automatic mode. The game is free, but some special items can only be purchased with real money.

Each monster has its skills and abilities (belonging to the elements of Light, Fire, Water, Wind, and Darkness), which are well displayed using 3D graphics. The monster starts at level 1 of its abilities but can be upgraded to level 6 with Power-Ups, Evolutions, and Mastery bonuses. The resources collected must be spent on everything you need, for example pumping your character and developing and improving your fortune. Summoners War has one peculiarity – always maintaining a balance in the game is necessary. The developers have created both a single-user mode and a multiplayer mode.

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I've played since day one and have now stopped for good. I can't keep riding the emotional roller coaster of saving scrolls to then get nothing. I'm a day one player, and after 9 years, I still have not got an LD Nat 5. I cannot do it anymore.. Amazing for years. Thank you for making this game tick. *it is a top go to for unlocking multiple characters. *easy and fun and probably family friendly *doesn't melt your battery *graphics are...cute? *skills bring the characters to life. This game can be free to play, but rates are so low for everything. So many nat 5s for a .5% chance to get one. While bots are pulling them all the time. Not enough devilmons given that if you don't pay it will take months just to fully skill 1 nat 5. Be prepared to waste years of time to just be shredded in arena by heavy pay 2 win players. Good runes are so low be lucky if you get 1 per day with heavy farming. This game is getting closer to a 1 star.. what happen i cant enter in the game even i reinstall it..i just left it open after i woke up it starts to malfunction please help me fix this problem thank you.... I started off playing this game on my down time and loved it.. however as the game kept progressing it got more demanding to keep up with thing and expensive in terms of item cost. After playing another gotcha game they gave way higher odds on rares vs this game. Which have left me disappointed with SW. The Smn 5 and 4 star rates are so low in this game its not even funny. I been playing 5 years plus and only got a few of 5 stars vs Something like FF7 Ever Crisis which I got more in two days..

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Its honestly a very good entertaining game keeps you busy for some time love summoning new monsters and haveing to rune them can't wait to summon my first LND 5 star. A failure to balance RTA results in the 1 star review. I have played for over 8 years now and I do love the game but at times I question if it's worth the time and effort. I wish the ranking system was reworked because the matchmaker is flawed. Plus the tally system is a misplay, they could of followed other prominent games like League of legends. On top of that the balance patches take too many attempts to fix the issues. I wish they would listen to the community more.. Best game ever! But I've been playing this game since the start....I am still waiting for my first nat 5 L&D. Funny thing is, you see new players with 4 nat5 L&D as their arena defence monsters.. I've been playing this game for 4 years and can say that They've really improved the convenience of grinding dungeons, powering up runes, and leveling up monsters. There are two things I would like to see added, though. 1: A real pity system, and not just a blessing after getting a dupe. 2: An auto to toa 100 button, and not just 10. It gets quite annoying having to babysit my phone so I can restart the ten runs again. Although there are some issues with the game, I believe it's worth a shot..

Summoners War APK

Tarded af, if youre looking for an unbalanced game with 0 chances to get something good unless you pay a lot of money on it, then this is a game for you, p2w or else you'll only get trash units, time waste, it's a bad game.. Dont bother with this game. Accounts are stolen from within their employee base and sold off. There are many forums of players losing their accounts that they have spent thousands on and come2us had failed them on getting their accounts back. The game is fun to play but unfortunately if your account is taken from you the chances of you getting it back after next to none.. give all monster voice when in combat and when select and view them,change UI to view monster much better with details,and increase graphic the graphic is a bit outdated,increasing graphics will help the game alot,. Why does it keep crashing? Like I've uninstalled and reinstalled and same thing. I have been playing since 2017 and have had no issue until now. I know it's not my phone I have a brand new pixel. Please answer.

Summoners War APK

Latest update broke the game, I cannot pass the loading screen because the game is crashing, it is not a loading problem, but some type of crash. I was pretty excited to see what was next, overall I love the game, please, help to resolve the crash. Pixel 7 with Android 14. Thanks. Edit: 1 so maybe I can get some attention into the problem, it's been like 3-4 days that I haven't been able to open the game.. Dear Summoners War, as a long time summoner for 7 years and still going on I love this game but there is only one issue. It is the rate of summoning 4 - 5 star Light and Dark monsters. I've spent thousands of money just for a chance to summon them and my current record of 5 star L&D monsters are 3. That is incredibly low. Please update the efficiency to pull a 4-5 star L&D monster so summoners such as myself who have a limited income wouldn't have to sacrifice a lot just to be let down.. You had years to fix the RTA problem. Now you are continuously losing and lost many players. You will continue to lose them since you don't want to listen to the community. No LD nat 5 pity system, broken violent rune rules. Useless updates, and terrible matchmaking and A.I monsters. Good luck with the last year's you have left. Jewbagel left and I am now leaving as well.. Ok used to play this exclusively before dropping it years ago, I got a random email saying my email was changed in a language I didn't understand, long story short someone hacked my account and customer support didnt do anything about it and now I cant access the account granted I didnt spend money I did spend at least 2 or 3 years minimum on the game.

Get rid of those stupid support units for world arena and I might come back to play if people can't do rta they shouldn't be doing rta the only reason you have the support units is because you don't want to do a pitty system for ld scrolls but everything else is pretty good. I've been playing this game for almost 3 years now and it never gets boring plus no ADS! And u can get xp on your monster for being offline.. Trash... sadly disappointed. Rates have gotten soo bad since I stopped wasting money to support this game and also when it come to prediction events it doesn't tell you to check it before it ends but it'll spam ads to get you to spend money. Get lost game.... I dont really know what to say if im being honest. The game is just fun the amount of events and things that are being given by the creators is so often sometimes you cant catch up. The amount of things you can do in this game is so big that i cant count it all. The game does get a little boring after a while but when you come back it feels like a complete diffrent game. All and all i really recommend and hope you have fun..

Com2Us I've been playing Summoners war for about 7 years now and never had any problems, but now for the past 2 weeks I'm having troubles entering the game. Almost every time I try to enter i get a message "Failed to connect to the network. Please try again later", but my network connection works just fine with everything else. I've tries everything from clearing cache, rebooting my device and even reinstalling the game. Please if you know how to fix it tell me as soon as possible. Thank you.. Used to love the game but I'm tired of summoning the same damn monsters over and over again...all the money I've spent since I started playing this game months ago and I can't get any new monsters...that ish is wack...I'm running out of skill levels for the ones I already have on power ups cuz they be the same damn monsters...all the's always +15 energy on the daily wish, summoning sub par duplicate monsters with scrolls...etc...just play Raid Shadow's way better.... The rune system is incorrectly implemented. Pvp is unbalanced. The entire game is not friendly for new players. Rewards for events are not worth the effort and the game progression is not worth the time investment. Developers are so focused on milking the existing player base that they are not focused on new player acquisition. It shouldn't take 3-7 years to be able to play this game at a competitive level. Stay away from this and the developer's other games.. Thanks for give me nothing after a hundred scroll i open. Very enjoyfull games. Makes you want to kill yourself.

The amount of contents one must do every day is really insane. They keep adding more and more to the point where you must dedicate your entire life to even catch up. They make you do more for less rewards with the events.. After the recent update, when i was playing at the arena or replaying rta replays, sometimes my game crashes, it never happened before the update. Useless company won't do anything to help get back the account i lost and they keep giving the website that doesn't work. Previously, i left a feedback regarding ld lightning rates, although the rates has increased slightly, another frustrating experience is the farming in sw. Farming can be made so much better if the monsters ai is better. Eg if galleon or lyn uses their 2nd or 3rd skills when they have it rather than using their first skill. This now becomes the winning and losing factor in the battle when it shouldnt even be failing in the first place. Pls fix the ai com2us .

This game peaked on 2018 and now it is just am empty shell of one of the greatest mobile games i have played ever. The updates are disappointing, the game modes are either rage indulcing or boring, there is no pity system (yeah, 2023 and no pity system), a new player will never catch up to older players. TL;DR.: Do not bother downloading this.. New gripe (I delete and save my previous gripes from here, separately); I had 4 gig free space, but Summoners War would not allow an update until I deleted a further 1.07 gig. I deleted the required 1.07 gig and updated Summoners War. Only to find that I now have 5 gig free...why, because I obviously didn't need to delete anything in order to update. Now I've lost data/apps for nothing.. I do really love the game I've been playing since 2018 now,I really like the monster and wish there was trading of monster for good content so it would last long this game just a thought!. Constantly game cuts out when ever doing arena or lab. So annoying everytime I restart the game it does it again...and another update a other time it says unable to load game...

Overall amazing game, It gets better the longer you play it with great units, a great equipment system and cool overall design. With options to manual play, Auto play or auto run 10 or so in the background at once. My main issue with the game lies in the new player experience, Dialogue doesn't autoplay and is unskippable, Meaning the majority of your gameplay experience until you complete the main map is a clicking simulator to pass by dialogue. 4+ stars if autoplay dialogue.. oh my god i forgot about this game from forever ago but i swear it's my world on and off since middle school - delightful turn-based rpg. Not a bad game... but, the the random number generator for summon rates is too low and the price scale for stuff is way to high with such a low rng. I have officially quit this game. What a horrible update it has been following with nonsense new content. Good run tho..

Genuine review for potential players. Before you even start, this game it P2W and is VERY bad at it so straght up note that. GOOD - great graphics - lots of monsters to chose from - lots of updates (for better or worse) BAD - p2w i cannot stress this enough, you cannot and will not get to *high ranked* gameplay unless you spend thousands (yes thousands) - drop rates for "ideal" runes is VERY low and one of the main reason people quit (alsp the target for a lot of buy options) - no ld5s for ftw. Fix the balancing in the world arena its terrible I've put a bit of money into this game and now it's terribly unbalanced. Been a player of this game for over 7 years and have finally deleted because of procs I'm sure you will lose many many more before you fix it.... please do not lie as you can't fix the issues with procs even now if you play it feels like I never get a proc or land a despair... I also have multiple max acc and max res yet never land my skills or resist anything either. One of the biggest content creator of this game is quitting on the 10th year anniversary, and i can't blame him since this game is always a let doen even their reloaded update is a big flop. There are so many things that they can add to the game to give QOL to the players but no tbey are busy making new packa feo the whales to buy, not even giving a damn to the majority of their players. So yeah i will be quitting the game on it's 10 anniversary, and yeah thanks for the wasted 10 years..

I can't log in, it says, failed to connect with the network . It's really sad that i have been playing this game for many years and still dont see any improvements that make you keep playing. I would appreciate it if the problem with my account got fixed.. New update isn't working It installs to 100% but d doesn't resume to the play option. I have restarted my phone and cleared extra storage space. After playing games like raid shadow legends/Epic seven/This game has the best value with regards to new players and spending.. Fun and active game for all users. I like the collection of characters that you can summon. I would like to see a little bit more anime characters. But otherwise, it's still a great game..

9 years, no pity, still flat runes for 2 4 and 6 slots. 751 ld scrolls and not 1 LD5* ? Instead of fixing violent runes, the broken nature of extra turns, they introduced a new set to farm that may have a chance to block/stop it? (Stupid idea) they want this game to e-sport but think broken extra turns with no skill value help people want to play the game. P.s. art team, your amazing and only reason for 2 stars and for me staying this long.. Everytime i want to update there's an alert to delete some of my application even tho my storage still have many empty space, please fix it.. Great game been playing it for years just wish the chance to summon the new monsters when they come out rates would be up more. The Game is good, no problem with grinding with runes or some other stuff but the only problem is just the energy cost, there are so many dungeon and raid to do, we need to levelup some new evolved monster but it takes so much time to regenerate the energy, can't play more time with this.

Match making is the biggest issue besides astounding pay to win. Still the same but I will give them some credit for trying to fix some of the issues.. Doesn't appreciate your time in the game. Worthless grinds , fruitless ld summons. Only those who spend money can survive in the end game.. You new update made splitscreen not supported in phone, .you expect me to do toan and toah while staring at auto combat...bring back splitscreen. Stressful game! The Accuracy and Resistance stats doesnt work properly. WHY? because of RNG. You can build a monster WITHOUT Accuracy but will still land every debuff on the monster that have 100% Resistance. This is how this game works PLUS there is this rune called Violent rune that gives you a chance to have additional turn for 22% chance(gets lower every additional turn). Most of the games your enemy will have many additional turns but you? NONE! Dont play this game if you want to relax..

Edited. I love this game, but it consumes over 6 gigs of storage on my phone. This is completely unacceptable. If I didn't enjoy the game itself so much I would rate lower.. The process of withdrawing membership is taking too long.. .. i just wanted to start over but now i can't use my account..please help. the problem is this game is tooooo much flat stats drop.. even the power up is terribly like you should farm infinitely.. when the times come you will get bored!!! too much no guarantee. Okay 5* now because i get good nat 5 Currently saving up 11/100 LnD scroll Gonna put 1* if i didnt get any LD5 Hope you understand xD.

I have issues logging in using my main device... it says connection issues. my connection is perfectly fine by the way, I've been playing for 8 years... still no LD5... guess it's time for me to find a new game . I hate this game!! I deleted this game and download it back for 3 time. I spend time so much. Don't try this game if you think time is important for your life. T-T. Terribly broken game. Very poor balancing. Poor multiplayer. Avoid. Multiplayer systems are unbalanced and don't provide proper matchmaking for new players. The rune system also a major failure and is not taken into account when matchmaking, leading to poor multiplayer experiences. This game is a grind fest that is not worth anyone's time or effort. This game is programmed to be deceptive as summon rates for good monsters are higher within the first few days of joining, never is this stated.. This GACHA game without pity system allowing BOTS FARMING LND5* yet most of us regulars over 3000days playing dont even have one. ABSURD!!.

Acc got hacked after 8 years. Only way possible is from someone working for summoners war leaked my data. Tried to recover gave insane amounts of proof and money receipts ect. Just for them to let the hackers win. Fk u com 2 us. Hello, My fb account got hacked a few months ago and my sw account was bounded with it, and is it still possible to get my sw account even if i couldn't remembers its hive id?,. I've been a dedicated, daily player for over EIGHT years. It's been a good way to waste downtime & that's it. There are so many issues with this game. I have some pretty great mons that I've worked years to build BUT it's NEVER ENOUGH. Unless you dump thousands into this app, you can forget about getting any decent runes & just forget about the ever-elusive 5 Light & Dark mons! Lol! Eight years & I've pulled TWO. Two 5 L&D mons that are useful in very limited areas of the game. Ridiculous. . You couldn't make necropolis worse than what it is rn,it's literally one of the worst boss designs of all time,you couldn't make it worse.

I played hours of it and decided to play it on my other phone because it can hold more data. Unfortunately I have no idea what my password or username was! I tried recovering my account and all I know are 2 possible emails I use! I want my account back! I don't want to start all over again!. Great game. Been playing since 2017. New abyss dungeons can be done away with and google play platinum point bonus boosts could be put back into place. Haven't seen summoners war on that special rates list in quite some time.

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