NameMiga Town: My World
ReleaseXiHe Digital (GuangZhou) Technology Co., Ltd.

Miga Town: My World – A cool simulator with elements of a role-playing game for children. Here is an excellent game application developed in the format of a simulator and role-playing game for children, in which the player can create his own personal world and interact with it in every possible way.

Download Miga Town: My World and start interesting gameplay. As you already understood, in this simulator you will create your own unique world. To do this, you can use a variety of tools that the game developer has provided. There are 70 unique locations, 140 characters, more than a hundred animals, about 700 sets of clothes and accessories, as well as a huge number of interior items and much more. And you can use all this to create your own world, your own game, where you can interact with each item separately.

This is a unique game, as it pumps logical thinking well, as well as creativity, fantasy, attentiveness, observation, and other functions. There are no rules, no bonuses, no points, and points. You are the owner here. Do whatever your imagination allows. Miga Town: My World right now and start building the world.

Miga Town: My World MOD

I love this game. its the best am pleading with you guys to download this game.i downloaded this game in happy mod and I unlocked everything what you need to do Is to on your data.. I love it so much I'm a kid the i like it I'm 8years oldso I like it I realy love it i un lock everything don't even ask how did l unlock all. it's a nice game but one annoying thing is that you have to buy every single thing that just a few locations that free and it's annoying and they're so so expensive . It's a nice game but there is barely eneything that is free even if there is an uptade it will not be free you will have to pay money and it is trying to copy Toca Boca but Toca Boca is much better. Is I love it to miga word so good it But its just a buy new animals i.m don't. To buy why im to love my toca. Boca and avatar world.

Miga Town: My World APK

To those who think Avatar World is BETTER well... it isn't avatar world is so boring plus they set holidays or any events at $580+ DOLLARS!. I really loved this app but can you guys update the phones (the ones u use to order food) with more things??? Pretty pleaseeee. I love this game but a few things that bug me are... 1 you have a cat bed no cats. 2 not a lot of unlocked places. So if you can fix that I will give you 5 stars!:). Love it I'm 14 and still play this!! Been playing since 12 but maybe make more buildings free and yeah just available for people struggling like my family.

Miga Town: My World APK

Games it's good so cool so me give game it's team 5 it's cool i love and it's free games miga play now games miga town: my world. i love this game cause its kinda fun but not bad at all so i rate it a for and i love the dress. This game is so beautiful but there are all places locked you should know about avatar world all places are unlocked. Its a very lovely game but not free for all not to be rude but toca boca is way better if yours can add free things the then it would be cool but thxxs for all your hard work you put in to make this a good game. .

Miga Town: My World APK

It's good game but I think they can make a house who is free for every one I know that there's a house but I think there will be a like we can i mean it's type of hostel like that and a furniture store. I love this game but it needs more features like airport,furnitures,buildings,dentist,etc. Just a whole bunch of updates.. I love game and so very esthetic on her game and this is so cute so much on toca boca she can do it with her husband to get a chance to get a new one and go back to the house and get go to my house. I don't like it how the game gives me such a small house and how is the child gonna dress up? and I don't have much things.

This game is great. But unless one thing. It have locked all places an characters why??? Why? Please fix this game plss. It's not good at all I wasted Money and got kicked out of the game there's a 0$ pack and well it doesn't work so please do not buy this GAME. this is really really good . I love miga very much . we can dress up charecter, vist places have. plsss downlod it. I really enjoyed it but it is very not fun cause the other places are close for high money it was really boring but it's still fun! I like it! But please fix the high money make it lower a little bit thank you .

I like this game it is different from Toca Boca but it is something I can get used to and I wanted to give it a five-star review but I play offline and I think that there are not many clothes for them and that they should unlock a few more games. I dont like miga its because all the cool places are locked then miga town you shoud play avatarworld and toca boca and sakura school simulatur i like them all bye. Why do I give you a 84 out of five because a lot of things is blocked you got to pay for it it's high and me I just as a nine year old just want to play this game is really giving because I really want to play the song I want to go to the stores the different stores. Its really boring game first a fall it takes 100000thousand min to install after that its boring noting unlocked or 1 ,2 shops its bettet we play baby bus you dont even deserve 1 star also.

if it has 0 stare so i give it i delete all my app becaues of this game plz fix it . I gave it three cause i got bored about the game there's only twelve free locations all the cool stuff are closed i want to decorate the other house and cafe but it's closed and i want to get more free girl and boys haircause the other hair sucks and when i decorate the free house it lags when i touch the furniture circle and there arent trash can for free to decorate and i hope you'll add a bed where two people can share or three and add more toddler and free new baby borns cause it's not free.. I like the game but when I get the game it loaded all day and night!and it's doing it now!. It is amazing I love it.. it passes time.. But the problem is that not too many place are open.. But it is still nice....

This game is not good theres literally issues i recommending u should add more buildings, there a lot of buildings but like u have to pay for almost everything. Its really empty but i rlly like the details. But can u atleast add some few homes ? Bcz u made everything pays. Giving a 2 star reviews, srry but i have to uninstall it. First of all it is very nice game. But I give it only 4 stars.Because of places,which are locked!.Open all places.I'll wait only for 10 days!.Fix it. Is this review helpful?.. I love this game because it has a new dress and it's so cool and you can explore this world but I'm sad because I don't have more hair and house. I give it about four stars cuz it's not that detailed and doesn't really remind me of of anything different it just makes me think this is a coffee of Toca world my favourite games Anna coffee of Avatar world but it is good the way that the houses are amazing and you get to build your own people and you don't need to pay for anything except for the rest of the buildings but the thing that annoys me the most that's in Toca life everything's for free but in this game everything is not for free but.

I like these game I Gina get better story thenk you the one how meyk these game i love u so mech.

Download ( V1.66 )

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