NameMasha and the Bear: Dentist
ReleaseHippo Kids Games

Another adventure of our cartoon characters. Download Masha and the Bear: Dentist for android, this time our heroes will do more serious things, and this is dental treatment. They will try to cure the teeth of every animal in the local forest. Quite an exciting adventure, from which you will definitely get incredible pleasure. Cool and very entertaining educational toy for children.

If you have been looking for such an exciting project for a long time, then you must like it. By the way, never before in my life has dental treatment been so incredibly fun. An excellent simulator of a little dentist who must do his job well.

Let’s play a real doctor, and examine the teeth of each animal in this fabulous forest. These forest dwellers need to be tested, so your work is just beginning. Masha and Misha are ready to do a very hard job so that all the kids can eat a variety of sweets.

It is a professional dentist who can help in such a difficult situation. Your kid will help any animal, check his teeth and cure them all. Beautiful graphics, the most amazing adventures of cartoon characters, as well as many opportunities to treat your teeth.

Masha and the Bear: Dentist MOD

Masha and the bear: dentist not for kids. Masha and the bear: dentist is bad not for kids. Not good. I don't like Masha and the bear. Is not fun. Bloodnot for kids this game is rated tv ma and rated-r Masha and the bear is only adults.. This game is cool even it has expensive surgery too. Even the game has unique features and has everything to take care of sick animals.. Total cartoon game my favourite and very good and nice and masha and the bear my very very very favourite games. I really love this game, it's really good for kids, especially because Masha and Bear are one of the most watched kids cartons! Great job creator/s!. if you are your plans change the other hand the rest are you still want to do the needful at your earliest the other side and if I can do it again and the black sea and sky is the rest is history tomorrow and I will have the .

Masha and the Bear: Dentist APK

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Masha and the Bear: Dentist APK

I think Masha and the Bear is great but sometimes it does not come for me to play I gave it four star's because.

Download ( V1.6.9 )

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